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New Palm devices headed for Sprint? 162

by Derek Kessler Wed, 02 Feb 2011 11:52 pm EST

Keep your saltshakers handy folks, but we’re liking the way this sounds (and so may you). We’ve now heard from independent sources on opposite ends of the country that Sprint is reaching out to their corporate customers to let them know that the pin drop network will indeed be carrying new Palm devices in the future. Yes, devices. One will be a new Palm phone, though whether that will be the Palm Pre 2 or another as-of-yet unannounced webOS smartphone is unclear. Also said to be coming to Sprint: the PalmPad.

Now before you go all clamoring for a timeline, we’ve heard that even Sprint’s people don’t know it all just yet, and they’re waiting just like us for February 9th. With February 9th less than a week away now, it won’t be long before we finally have our answers. But all of you on Sprint, things seem to be looking a touch brighter.


FIRST - to say YES!!!!!!! GO SPRINT!!!

Sprint or T-Mobile or I walk. AT&T and Verizon are price gougers.

I agree. I'm mostly rooting for Sprint though since I have 8 lines with them on my family plan so I get a really good deal. I would love to see a high end Palm phone on Sprint again. Also, I hope HP releases a wifi only tablet; I'm not willing to pay another wireless bill just for convenience.

Please let this be true!

One could only hope, I was begining to contemplate a change in networks. But this may just keep both my webOS & Sprint loves together. Awe to dream.

Make it a NEW webOS phone, and please let it be true!

Only on my 2nd pre-, but cracking screen, questionable slider, power button is toast - need a new phone on Sprint. Please let it really only be "weeks" after 2/9.

I'm in the same boat, but with a launch day pre. Crack from the usb port is spreading to my screen, gap between two halves looks unnervingly large. Need a new phone soon, hoping for the "weeks" or better yet, "days"

Yes, "days" because really "weeks" could just be the same as "months" put another way...

Mine is showing it's age as well (June 6th 2008 and counting...) I dropped it the other day and the slider didn't slide all the way up anymore and i panicked... Fortunately jiggling it for a while got it to go all the way up again. But i still can't use the external speakers cause it thinks the mic is permanently in...:( But i'm still holding out and holding on... With all my Android and iOS peers pointing at me and shaking there head sadly at the man who wouldn't let go...

I think the June you are looking for is 2009. I was married on the day the Pre was released, and unless I'm REALLY in trouble, we haven't had our second anniversary yet.

Congrats, and I hope SHE has better build quality. ;-)


try plugging in a set of headphones and opening your music app. play some music for a second or 2 then close the music app let your phone sit for at least 10 seconds then remove your headphones. everything should go back to normal

Wow, my year old Pre must be made of some experimental super material. I have no mechanical problems, no software problems, and no build problems. Got mine in January of 2010, still on my first one. No refurbs, no returns, no Dr. visits, nothing. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only one.

You must be the only one. I'm already on my 4th phone since launch day.

He's not the only one.
I got mine in October 09 (german launch day) - made out of the same experimental super material as jaybees - no cracks, no oreo, no problems. Never doctored it (running preware kernel at 720, 800 and then 1000 MHz since shortly after they became available).

I believe that the Pre had higher than usual return rates - but people have to understand that the minority with the problems writes the most messages. People don't usually start threads over how they don't have problems.

If a cool new phone becomes available in march or so - fine - I'll consider it. But I can easily see myself still being a satisfied Pre(-) user in 2011.

Baby hands!

I'm on my 1st Pre Minus from August 2009 - no problems. Had to doctor a few times to clean up ghost apps/patches that wouldn't go away, but still works great. Looking forward to faster hardware (currently O/C'd @ 800) with a more solid feel though.

I think we got lucky. My wife's has been replaced 3 times, although I blame that on her dropping it all the time.

im also on my first pre from dec 09. i never understood how so many people had to get refurbs...granted there are defective products out there but that's the case with all kinds of phones..

People had to get refurbs because their phones were defective, silly.

yes.. Now if we can PRE order (no pun inteded).... :)

My contract is up in June, so I'm really hoping for something new on Sprint by then.

Since a ROW-GSM version wouldnt compete with US sales I hope they release such a version soonish.

I wonder if Sprint's Feb 7th event will shed some light. Think about how honeycomb was really exposed by others at CES before google even presented it.


+1 with the music in the background.

Sprint is having a "See What Sprint Has Up Its Sleeve" bash on February 7. There is hope?

I'm all boned up!!!

That's sick...but funny. Reminds me of a SNL song, "Jizzed in my Pants".

Please Be True!!!!

I'm gonna need a towel.

My guess is we will get webOS 2.0 in late February or early March....and then a new device in June (to mark the 2 yr anniversary of the original Pre).

I bet webOS 2.x is released to coincide with the event (like they did with PDK games at CES 2010) and new devices in late Feb/early March.

Didn't he say that the devices were going to be available very soon after the announcement? I thought I read that somewhere.

June's too late. It'd be dumb for them to wait that long. If they wait that long they're going to fail hard (if they're not going to fail because of the competition already; which I really hope they don't).

A June release means you're competing with
1) iPhone4 on Verizon (coming out in a week)
2) Influx of new super buff Android phones; for example the Atrix coming out in early March (dual core, 1gb RAM!)
3) iPhone5 likely announced and released in June.
4) I'm sure RIM's putting something out there too
5) I believe WinPho7 is coming out with a huge update before June too.

HP needs to jump on it NOW and they better have awesome specs. If it's anything like the Pre2 fiasco then they'll fail massively (ie releasing a device that's considered low end when all the buzz is about high end devices). My guess is the devices will be available mid to late Feb.

I believe Leo said the new hardware is ready to go or will be ready to go by the 9th. He also said HP would have new stuff available within weeks of announcements. Now, the trick is how many weeks it will take. But it's a good sign that they're already building the things in China. Speaking of which, how are there no blurry cam shots if the thing is already being built?

He did say they would coincide with the announcement on the 9th... he did not say where things would be released though (which carrier). The original HP leaks Engadget had only mentioned Verizon and ATT... there wasn't mention of Sprint... that is why I think we will have to wait a couple months after the announcement. I do agree though, it is ridiculous if HP does wait until June. My original Pre is in desperate need of replacement... I'm not so sure it will be able to hold out until June if that is the case... I would despise having to go to a different OS... but I have to have a phone.

Thank the lord... I am soooo ready... Home6rew get it 2gether ladies and gentlemen.. I hope PALM gives you'll everything you'll need to make sure we have the flexi6ility wit patches,themes, etc then that we have now through and preware... Cause I STILL can do a LOT of things wit My GRANDADDY PRE THAT PEOPLE CANT DO WIT THERE NEW (smartphones).. :-) :-) nothing 6ut smiles right now.. Palm is doin the right thing.. SPRINT STARTED THE CRAZE OVER THE Palm Pre so it's only right we get di6s on the NEW DEVICE.. I KNOW IT's GOIN TO 6e nice... HP IS THE KING OF THE MOUNTAIN AND PALM JUST GOT A SIDE SEAT TO THE THRONE... 2011 Is really lookin up...

Ok are you posting without a "B" button because that's really annoying.

Reading this lucid and elegantly phrased commentary, I'm sure Sprint and the Homebrew folks will get right on it.


I got two and a half lines in and your typing gave me a headache. not all of the people in here are 14 and most can not read how you type.

I feel you were trying to say something intelligent and I want to see what it was but I am sorry I can no.

I hope they bring it or they have fully lost me to Android & I love WebOs but already not looking good to me no camera flash=fail already I hope it has one they cant afford to leave anything out!

Please be the phone in that video!!!
I pray it is not the pre 2... But we'll see I guess.

I'm on my 3rd pre and pre is the only reason I'm with sprint I had to replace both because the speaker went out. 1st was under warranty the second only cost $35 bucks. But if sprint isn't getting the new webos phones I'll switch to whomever has them plain and simple hopefully not at&t lol.


Color me excited lol

Make it happin' Cap'n! My 2009 Sprint Pre is ready for retirement!

Fantastic news!

Good move Sprint! I too was thinking about a carrier change if Sprint didn't have the new phones.

Let's hope that "in the future" means in the first wave of releases, not 4-6 months.

I've got a Sprint and AT&T phone so whoever get it first, I'll go with.
I am a little nervous tho the March announcement may reveal even something different after I already bought the first device.

March is more of a future presentation, not a product announcement. You know, like memristors, flexible displays, etc.

Oh yeah baby - Papa's going shopping!!

hugging my dog at the moment...someone pinch me....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should hope so. HP needs webOS devices on all the major carriers if it wants to have a chance to succeed. news I have heard in a year.

I'll be happy if there's a form factor other than what's being teased. I've done the Pre- for a year and a half now and I want a different style of device. If all they have is something that looks similar to the Pre, I'm out. I'll come back later when there's more to choose from and webOS has taken off.

I'm with you on that. 4.3 in and no keyboard. Dream webOS device.

Thank you, Baby Jesus!


Sprint knows that it can't sell just one OS when AT&T and Verizon now have 3.

webOS IS Sprint!! It would be just plain dumb for Hessy & the Board Members not to know this.

Seriously, do you really think the BOD get's involved in such mundane & day-to-day decisions as what handsets to carry? Unless one of them has a particular "pet" project, I just don't see it.

That said, I think Sprint will launch a new WebOS device. Probably not imminent though. I hope I'm wrong. But, I think it'll be a4G device, sometime around mid-year. Just a guess, though.

Sometimes they will for certain lines. You can bet that the Board of Directors for Verizon was advised of the iPhone possibilities long before any contract was signed, and would have had significant influence based on cost, reputation, network status, and market influence. They may have had an opportunity before while AT&T's network was beginning to flounder under the load and chose to hold off to avoid alienating their customers. Or maybe Apple wanted too big a cut.

Verizon may have balked at the amount of control Apple demanded to have over the device. Several years later, one or both must have been willing to compromise.

My inside source that is a good source but also one that want's to keep his/her job; won't say what is coming but confirmed a while ago that Sprint is NOT going with the Pre2.

I think everyone already knows that. This sounds like a totally different device.

Unless they come out with something that can top the HTC EVO or Samsung Epic, I am out.

I want a well built phone that will last me. I have gone through 4 Pre's I got mine on Sprint's launch day.

WebOS is great, but the backing is lacking. I thought once HP bought Palm they would be kicking butt, I am still waiting for the butt kicking to begin.

Don't be so sure about the Epic being a high build quality device. I replaced my first one because of a speaker issue and my current Epic has slider issues. I'm pretty sure I will never get a phone with a slider again.

My thoughts exactly. Slider phones leave too many chances of something going wrong. It's bad enough we have to worry about screens cracking or scratching. Now we gotta deal with tiny keyboards,janky sliders and just sub-par build quality. It's obvious that a slab type device is what will sell leaps and bounds above any type of slider. Especially the portrait kind the pre is rocking. Too many sacrifices with sliders. They will always be thick is one sacrifice im not willing to make anymore.

just finished calling Sprint Customer Service to thank anyone that was listening....Least i can do....

with the sprint premiere plan changing in april I hope a webos phone is released some I been holding on to my upgrade since july

This is good news for me, since I would love to stay with webOS, but have no intention of changing carriers. Sprint has been good to me for 8+ years, not going to go somewhere else just for the device.

Dark Vader phone!!! That Yellow Sprint logo looks very nice there.

Have you seen the Volkswagen Darth Vader commercial?!!

I don't see a source for this "story". That image is photoshopped, right? I need definitive news that Sprint is going to have new webOS devices and SOON!

Also, if Sprint WERE to announce anything on the 7th I think it could only be the Pre2 and then 2 days later we hear about new devices!

I don't know what is coming for Sprint but I do know 100% that it's not going to get the Pre2. Sprint was underwhelmed with the incremental improvements but was still interested in a brand new device from Palm; but something that takes a bigger step forward than the Pre2.

What do you mean by soon? March? April? That's the soonest these new devices will come out.

We are the source.

And yes, photoshopped.

Mr. Kessler....I'm gonna ask this, and be as nice as I can about this. Okay? If it sounds rude, I didn't mean it as such (just for clarification purposes).

"WHY THE H*LL WOULD YOU DO THAT TO US?! That ain't right! Taking advantage of people who have been waiting PATIENTLY (OVERLY patient at that) for Sprint to get new Palm devices, and you do THIS?! WHY?! WHY would you do that?! How can you sleep at night?!"

Okay folks...I guess its a joke. We can now go back to our torches and pitchforks. It's over.

Come on Sprint! Show us some Palm! Come on 9th Feb! 6 days and counting....

PLEASE let this be true! I really don't want an inferior phone and leaving Sprint after so long just won't happen. Still on my first Pre from second week of release and still LOVING my phone!

Yes! I must agree that as a Spring Palm Pre user who has purchased his phone before they came to Verizon, it would nice to see the loyalty rewarded! Time to start saving money


Priority and a discount for first day Pre purchasers!


good luck with that lol

okay.... Well we know that Flash was delayed because of Adobe, so don't blame Palm. Another thing is Palm just got out of major surgery, give them a few months to recover. I'm sure they'll deliver the goods soon enough.

honestly... the pre- probably just cant handle running flash well. im sure thats the reason for its delay

If I am not mistaken, when Palm was first talking about releasing the product Adobe announced they were going to release Flash 10.0 for the WebOS first because they liked the product so much. Of course, that went no where.


lol, so next year you'll switch?

Can we stop using the lame "in the coming months" line? It's no longer funny and it makes you look foolish. HP's CEO has stated that they will no longer make announcements about upcoming hardware if they weren't soon available for launch. So please stop, we heard it from the horse's mouth. NO more "coming months" okay??

Decaf, j/s.

IF you are going to switch to another manufacturer I would strongly recommend you avoid Samsung. They are treating their customers just like Palm has with updates. I have a $550 phone/computer (Epic 4G) and they will not push the newest update to it. This phone is one of the best selling phones in their line up. HOWEVER they are already coming out with the second phase of this style phone so it has been reported that they will not do an update so it makes you want to buy the newer version that will have the newest update. It is crap. Samsung said they would have the update MONTHS ago.

get an HTC.

I read somewhere that the update bricked about half of the devices during testing. Have you seen the class action law suit someone has created?

Like Samsung and other Android device manufacturers not releasing Froyo yet?

A reason to hope. Thanks Derek, Deiter and All at Pre Central for your hard work and breaking news.




I have a friend of mine who works at Sprint; he's a corporate-level account sales rep. I asked him last week if he had heard something. What he had told me was that they had a meeting last week in which they were told about 12 or so new devices hitting Sprint this year. He said Palm was mentioned, but did not have much info on it. He said he was going to verify this week; I should be seeing him tomorrow night.

I didn't want to say anything to stoke the rumor mill, but it looks like his info jibes with what P/C is reporting.

I'm pretty sure we're all going to find out VERY soon. Lets say, February 7th.

How will it affect everyone if they do release different models on all the carriers? To me, as long as they keep it fair like the Galaxy S line all across the carriers. Even, though I'm on Sprint I wouldn't want us to have a better phone than anyone else. I want webOS to succeed!

I feel like they'd release the same "super" webOS phone at the same time on Verizon, Sprint and AT&T (and maybe T-Mobile) (except for the different radios inside).

I talked to a local Sprint salesdrone last week (so take this with a few grains of salt). He described three Palm phones for Sprint. They were a Top Slider (ala Pre2 or the new phone that HP is teasing), a Side Slider, and one that he described as 'Like the 755' so a Pixi replacement in my book.

He also said that each of the four carriers is going to get one exclusive HPalm phone (the Side Slider is Sprints).

f that! Side sliders SUCK!

Just because they don't work for you doesn't mean that they are inherently bad. They're better for games and easier to type on. For document editing, it will be much easier to see and enter the data in a side-slide format.

i really hope that is not the case, i hate slide out keyboards.

YES!! As impatient as I currently feel about the new hardware, I'm happy that my Sprint contract is up in October, which gives ample time for HP to patch any issues that may crop up in the first months after the release of the new phones/tablets

Yay! From your keyboard to God's computer.

I have the pre plus on verizon. Since they've done away with the new any 2, i'm ready to jump ship, most likely to sprint, and I was happy with the pre plus. I still have quite a few months left on my Vz contract, but lets see what sprint has to offer.

it's good news but I'll have an ultimatum for Sprint since I get zero reception in my house: free airave or I'm off to Verizon.

In the past, they've given free airave to subscribers that have signal issues in their homes. So, assuming that haven't changed policy, I don't think you'll get too much push back on your ultimatum.


I'd like to use my 1-year upgrade before they take it away from me.

My Sprint rep always told me the PalmPad was coming to Sprint, but I want a new phone (though my Launch Day Pre is still working good = Thanks Homebrew) with hopefully video chat (PLEASE!!!) and a bigger screen. These are things we did not have before, but now that you see other phones using them you just want to be able to take advantage of these features...Come on HP, DO IT!!!

I actually had a dream LAST NIGHT that I sat down with Dan Hesse in a casual meeting. We discussed HP/Palm. He said there were 3 devices being released soon. In my dream there was a PalmPad, some phone, and some round thing (watch??).

I's silly, but it happened! Dan Hesse is Freddy Krueger!

and WebOS 2.0 is coming to the original Sprint Palm Pre "in the coming months". Sounds like we have more vaporware joining Sprints current lineup of vapor.

I am so ready for this. Now I know I don't have to buy the htc evo, which is a phone I didn't really want. I"m going to sit back and wait until the new HP/Palm phone comes out and I am getting the Touch. WebOS Rules.

I literally almost threw my Pre Minus across the room yesterday. This can't happen fast enough.

I just put a sledge hammer on my Pre in complete response to this great article!!!!! If it isn't true, I just lost my only Palm product.

Pictures or it didn't happen...

Everybody.... Spam February 9th in Engadget/Gizmodo/Insert Blog here, comments

Alright! We might still have to hold our breaths, but atleast w/ this news we can losen our belts and take a deeper breath. Let's go Sprint, and let's go Palm! And, I too would like a WiFi only PalmPad.

Just called 1800sprint1 and asked about the new PALM PRE . I showed him the precentral web site and all. He said they haven't had any updates YET on the pre or palm . But the only update he has is that they are getting the IPhone 4.

I am going to assume that pritty much all phones that come out from now on are all going to be 4G WiMax. Sprint don't make an ass out of U and me.

I asked a Sprint store rep if they knew anything and he of corce said no. But I asked him about the Feb. 7th event and he didn't even know about it. lol

all I want is a bb torch form factor with a decent cpu/ram and webos

on sprint.


the pres screen just needs to be made wider.

I actually like the 'palm' type keyboards as you can feel the keys better than standard plastic keys.

vertical keyboard slider with 4inch screen please...i hate horizontal keyboards.

I'm going to laugh if they annouce the pre2 on sprint.


If this is true, I'm elated with the alliance/alignment of HP and Sprint. I work for a company that's a years-long customer of both HP and Sprint. HP is well-managed, it's innovative and its products and people are rock solid. Sprint has been underrated - our company has had nothing but exceptional service and value from Sprint, whether we're talking customer service or service coverage. I've used the Sprint Pre since June 2009, and having had that positive experience, I'm eager to know the next innovative offering/solution from both companies.

Please, PLEASE, a WebOS, 4G SuperSmartPhone on Sprint.

My Pre Minus is due for retirement...

Yay I don't have to leave Sprint

Let's not forget to ship the new hardware to Canada as well, ASAP when available

If Sprint does not get a WebOS phone, I really would consider moving to other carrier. I have quite a few apps on my Pre and I don't see how I can stand the chaos in Android market and strict usage model of iPhone (Apple way or no way, how hard would it be to make iPhone just an USB drive and put music wherever I want?)

Effin YES!! I've been sitting on my upgrade for just such a reason!!

def bad timing... IF there is something impressive about the new ipad this could take the wind out of the proverbial sail. I dont expect apple to do anything terribly exciting other than the friggin missing camera for facetime. Some under the hood changes probably..This will be an iterative update and as long as hp\palm made a product for 2011 and not the 2010 market it should be fine.

I can not wait. I had to get the Epic 4G and hate it, i hate samsung because of it. though i do like the screen quite a bit, best i have ever had. but NO support what so ever from them or Sprint on this device.

I was going to wait to come back until after the first wave in case they need to get some issues worked out first, but i think i will be one of the first in line.

"in the future" I hope this means within weeks and not months or years!

Does anyone else thing this new forum is messed up? It's telling me there are 12 comments in the forum but there's over 50!

Ive noticed that too altho perhaps its something cached in the browser...

Yes, I've been having loads of problems of that sort lately; glad I'm not the only one, and hopefully they fix it soon, it's to the point where it's becoming less fun to browse P|C on my phone lately...

Give it to me HP!! Ahaa Ahaa!!!
And all the ladies say I'm lookin grown with my SMARTPHONE!!

I'm on my 8th Pre and it's slowly turning into a clam shell phone (1/4" side gap with barely any tugging) and a headphone jack that doesn't work anymore.

Really hoping this comes back around to Sprint and soon - we deserve it!

More than that, I finally want a WebOS phone I can feel good about recommending to family and friends.

Bring on the new devices. My Pre is now manifesting hardware issues. On and off button when depressed neither turns the screen on or off. Dropped this Pre once has a crack at the bottom left corner of screen. No other problems until. Was a replacement device from Asurion. Bring my webOS device like now.

Awesome photoshop job on the pic BTW!

Still have my 1st Pre from day 1 with Sprint. It's still holding on but please let it be true. :)

as a relatively new web os user (Aug2010) I am excited to finally see a web os device with the processing power to compliment the style and ease of the OS!!! As a proud owner of a Palm Pixi (Sprint) I fell in love with web os from day one!!! Prior to my Pixi I owned an HTC Hero and I.M.H.O. Web os blows the android os out of the water! I just always felt the app catalog was lacking since I had spent a few months courting the "creeky green robot"...but the overall user interface/experience is worth going without a few less apps!(Google Goggles is pretty sweet though...) Now if HP/Palm can provide us with a 4g device with at least a 1.4GHz processor, 1056MB RAM, Adobe Flash 10, Front facing camera for video chat, and a rear facing 8MP with flash and auto-focus we may actually get some respect from iPhone4 and Evo4g owners when we show off our OS!!!!

Feb 9th can't get here fast enough for me!!!!

I hope something is coming to Sprint. But what bothers me is that HP has to release pictures. If there was really a new phone coming don't you think analysts and rumor mongers what have gotten their hands on pictures or written details about the new phones?

Ok now here is what needs to happen with this device. I have a pre, (Had) HTC EVO, (Had) iPhone, and a BB at prior to the pre. Oh and testing a Mesmerize. I am the technology manager for my company so I get to test and use all these devices prior to deployment and integration to our network. I am currently on a Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S Android 2.1) and it is a decent phone and a decent operating system but the pre works far better and considerably easier then an Android phone. Android is sloppy with task management as well as memory management, slows down significantly with too much stuff running and lacks major notification options as the pre does. I am not a fan of having an app for core function. For example on the android you need an app for Yahoo mail...pre no...neither the iphone. You need a seperate app for IMing as well...because all android does is GoogleTalk. Pre does far more and integrates it in one simple spot! Email functions far easier on the pre, swipe to delete is quick and easy. Gestures are very convenience and easy. The task management perfect! However there are massive holes in Webos. Here is what it is missing and what it needs. Precentral are you a post on the thinks webos needs in its next release...most of the HP/Palm webos guys read this forum!!! So here they are (most we already know should be in the next release):

1) Flash apple doesnt have it and 2.1 android doesnt...palm can significantly
2) Visual Voicemail
3) Voice Commands/Dial/Search
4) Better app marketplace...faster deployment
5) Significantly faster processor...bleeding edge is better!
6) Lithium Polymer battery that is at least 1500mAh
7) Gorilla glass
8) Navigation system that is more on par with Google Navigation
9) Barcode friendly camera...why because api for camera use is endless in terms of barcode app for corp ERP systems, POS, inventory, etc!
10) better brighter, higher rez screen
11) dual camera.
12) Secure messenger with video!!!!
13) Slide out as well as an onscreen keyboard! Both hor/vert
14) Better locking system like the pattern design on android but also a better method of unlocking for in call locking is terrible in android!
15) Easier Extension dialing...aka what BB has!
16) Hotspot!
17) Wireless Storage Device!!!! Phone becomes a wireless nas and media center!
18) AirPrint!
19) Tablet big bro!
20) Active Widgets with power management!

These are the minimums in this competitive phone market today. Failure to launch anything missing above will put a head stone behind this platform. This market is crowd and the massive lack of apps is going to take sometime to get up.

Oh and a slightly better screen wont hurt...3.7" Still pocket-able but bigger to accommodate more media and easier to read web experience.

wow long ways down to add a note. For all you cracked pre owners. I was told if the crack from the usb door or anywhere on the side top or bottom has not reached the actual screen it is a "known manufacturers defect" and will be replaced at no charge. I have replaced my phone several times with this exact issue, at no cost to me, some with no questions asked, and some with a bit of a fight, but all at no charge and quite a few. I'm taking the 5th on how many incase they're reading this and come to collect. I again did this last week. I was afraid they didn't even have replacments at this point. And I will say sprints service has been great. This pre will be given to a fam member once I get my new webos phone. I'm a release day pre owner, #6 sale at my store. Good luck. Ps I used precentral as a tool to point out to a rep the "known issue" one time

I had a blown speaker, and I was thinking they would replace the entire phone when I went into a Sprint Store yesterday. They said they could fix it; something that was never offered to me in the past.

While they were fixing it, I mentioned that there was a crunching sound whenever I opened the slider. She said "No problem" and replaced the entire assembly. My phone (which was a refurb) feels better than the refurbs I had gotten in the past.

you say that Omar was a stoolie because sosa said so.....thats my Scarface pre minus talking...he doesn't want no stinking new WebOs phone from sprint but I can't wait