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New Palm models finally creeping out? P102UNA / P102EWW (Updated) 111

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 27 Sep 2010 9:21 am EDT


Perk up your ears, webOS faithful: we may have the first whiff of new Palm smartphones since the Pixi Plus and Pre Plus landed on AT&T (if you can call that new, even). TUV Rheinland, which has blessed us with early information before, is listing two new models: the P102UNA and the P102EWW in their certification databases.  The standards group granted some approval related to OSHA/SCC standards unto the devices back on August 3rd.

The P101UNA / P101EWW is the Pre Plus in both GSM and CDMA flavors. We'd worry that going from 101 to 102 might mean another small spec bump, but given that the Pixi Plus is the P121UNA / P121EWW.

If we had to guess, we'd say we have a Palm Pre successor finally in the wings and about time too. We'll let you know when we hear more.

Update: a new Touchstone also seems to have appears at TUV

Source: TUV Rheinland; via @webosinternals and rwhitby in our forums



woohoo, can't wait...

One with physical keyboard, one without?

WebOS 2.0 is going to be demoed in October and phones released in November?

One is GSM, one is CDMA. Same naming convention used the entire time.

Geez, August 3rd. That kinda meshes with the timing I'd heard and shared here. How long will it take to wipe out the remaining inventory. I'm more interested in knowing how many weeks/months they have left on the shelf than knowing when the next gen will release. Unsold inventory has been a bigger factor than developing new hardware and completing WebOS.

That would be an excellent guess. I've said it before, they need to release the new stuff right before the holidays to make the most out of their sales and marketing. I should be a HP/Palm exec with some of the stuff I've said in the last year, lol! Maybe I am and I'm just not fessing up?

To me the most important this is what you touch on in your second point: if new hardware is imminent, then so is webOS 2.0, and that means (or at least _should_ mean) a big upgrade for all of us. Bring it on!


Time to Party. Or at least think about partying....

If anybody is bringing suzinoo as their date for the party, make sure he's had her shots. Palm never releasing new hardware wasn't just a guess on her part, she made it a lifestyle and spiritual choice.

since the article doesn't say, what exactly does it mean, showing up on this Rheinland? Could it be a concept? Or that the device is ready for testing? Basically, what is the significance of showing up on that?

It means that you'll be able to travel through Canada with your CDMA (P102EWW) or GSM (P102UNA/UEU) phone. It also means if you live in Canada, you will be able to use/buy a CDMA or GSM Palm/HP phone.

Cool, looking forward to a new Freisprecheinrichtung! Apparently that means phone...

according to google translate it means handsfree

haha... you are correct!

oh, so this only has to do with Canada? Bummer...I hope there's an announcement of a new device soon

either way it is something new! Besides I really doubt they will release a plus plus version haha. This is welcome news, I can't wait to hear more.

Wouldn't a phone that is undergoing safety testing mean that it is beyond prototype and almost ready for large scale production? I am talking hardware only. Wouldn't any change to the hardware require new certification? I would appreciate anyone who understands this stuff to chime in and bring some clarification.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Kind of makes me think this phone is A LOT closer to production than they've led us to believe. And if this is the case, we might start to see leaks from Mr. Blurry the assembly line photographer soon! YAY!

The fact that Mr. Blurry hasn't made an appearance yet is the strongest evidence possible that a new phone isn't imminent. There's at least a couple month lead time for these things, so end of November is probably the earliest we'll be seeing anything.

I'm still thinking approximately Black Friday (

I wonder what Rahul Sood's definition of "not soon" is. Is late November late enough?

I hope the new HP webOS device has an integrated bluetooth headset like this It would also be awesome if HP had a bluetooth watch that could interact with the phone (caller-ID, reject/snooze calls, event reminders, multimedia controls, etc; example:

EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!!! Man about freaking time! let the flood gates burst open!! =D

I'm callin b.s.
Palm Inc. is the card holder? Shouldn't that say HP?

This was from a fully official government body in Canada. This is the real deal.

The certification was granted on August 3rd. HP officially completed the purchase of Palm on July 1st ( It's not totally impossible to think that the certification process takes longer than a month, so they might have submitted it while still operating as Palm, Inc.

Palm is a wholly owned subsidiary. They can do what they want in regulatory capacities.

new touchstone is encouraging...if the new phone isn't a slider, if it is a slate with virtual keyboard, then most likely the current, rounded touchstone won't work...

The "new touchstone" was sent to the Canadians in early May, thus rendering it unlikely that it is a redesign for a slate phone.

It is most likely just a refined touchstone that they started selling earlier in the year.

Why not? The touchstone coil is on the back of the phone adjacent to the battery.


this is good stuff.

one thing: "We'd worry that going from 101 to 102 might mean another small spec bump, but given that the Pixi Plus is the P121UNA / P121EWW." seems like the author forgot to finish this thought. Probably just too excited to post it, though. Hah.

not sure how reliable but i was at the sprint store today and one of the tech support guys told me that sprint will have some new palm phones before the end of the year and that that palm is going to announce them some time this upcoming month. i guess this kinda fits with that.

He probably reads the same rumors we do and spews them back out for the public, but thanks for sharing. =)

The Sprint rep I talk to yesterday when I went to exchange Pre #3 said pretty much the opposite. He said the Palm rep came in and said there wasn't going to be anything new for a year. However he did say the Plus is coming to Sprint. I hope your guy is right because while I would gladly take a Plus at this point I really want a new phone. The biggest problem is that I can no longer wholeheartedly recommend the Pre at this point due to its age. It looks like crap next to all the new 1GHz phones with their front facing cameras nice big screens and other features.

>>The Sprint rep I talk to yesterday when I went to exchange Pre #3 said pretty much the opposite. He said the Palm rep came in and said there wasn't going to be anything new for a year.

Again I'm just telling you what he said, I'm not claiming it's true. In fact I hope it's not, except for the Plus part if there isn't new hardware. Also this was at a big Sprint store (as in one with a repair center) in Boston.

Rule of thumb regarding wireless carriers: Nametags in the stores, voices on the hotlines, and even the carrier's regional sales managers are not likely to have Palm inside info sooner than especially if HP is keeping stuff under wraps. When was the last time the guy handing fries out the drive through window at McD's had inside details on an upcoming menu debut before the public announcement?

And the only time I'd ever expect to see a "Palm Rep" in a carrier retail store would be on a major launch event at a really big company-owned store (Boston prolly has a few). I dont think they make field visits for tech concerns or training, I'm sure that's handled by a hotline, website or webinars.

Makes sense with the recent price drops which lead me to become a WebOS user. :)

Why are you happy about this? It means you just bought an obsolete phone that's about to get replaced. Glad to have you on our side anyway. The Pre/Pre Plus/Pixi Plus are still great phones.

1.) Because I got it for free and 2.) Because of what you said in your last sentence pretty much. I don't usually get upset at the value of today's throw away electronics anyways. Whether its 6months ahead, 3 months, a year I mean at some point you just have to give up and be happy with what you have and just upgrade when it's a good time to do so. It's a strange stigma but in the grand scheme of things I'd be a lot more miserable trying to strike that perfect value with product releases than not having what the guy has next to me for the same price.

I hope they come out soon... :S

I just hope the release them on ALL carriers. For sure on Sprint. I already paid one carrier cancelation fees to get Pre's on Sprint, won't do it again. ....Well I might..... But probably not, can't afford that OR Verizon prices.

I would be incredibly surprised if these new phones wind up as a carrier exclusive for any long period of time. I'm sure at this point both HP and Palm want to push WebOS as hard as possible. They can't really afford to be a carrier exclusive for this phone.

I'm guessing it'll be at least among the big 3.

Time to party like it's 2009......again.

I simply can't afford to leave Sprint. If Palm doesn't launch on Sprint I will be devastated.

highly agreed.. would be a huge letdown if they don't :/

I think that since it follows the same device id coding, it'll have the same form factor as the current pre. It might have more memory, better gps, screen, etc... But it'll still be a pre. Just my thought.

woohoo!!! We have one of four pre's that's fallen part, been screwed (both halves) back together. It's blind (it's camera doesn't work), it can't speak (front phone speaker doesn't work) and the power button doesn't work. No love from sprint since past 1 year and out of warranty.

Bring on a new phone, anything quick, but make it feature rich!!!!

Can't wait to pay the ETF to drop Verizon and their outrageously high fees. Headed straight to sprint store once this is announced. I am close to doing this anyway, but a new Palm phone would make it all the sweeter. ecstatic cheer from the crowd.

hell ya november drop, can't wait to make iphone4 look lik crap

I think any phone that can actually make calls make the iPhone 4 look like crap.

and my upgrade is in November WOOT this is really exciting news i have been waiting for any information like this forever


hell ya november drop, can't wait to make iphone4 look lik crap

hell ya november drop, can't wait to make iphone4 look lik crap

There are new screen shots on Engadget. Something tells me this thing is getting really close.

Not gonna get excited till it gets the FCC approval. Then you know new hardware is droppin soon!


If they make it a slider, here's hoping it's similar build quality to the Tourch. Was looking that that the other day and it really seems like a solid device from a physical build stand point.

can I get one plz! Whichever got the 4 inch screen =D

And I'll take the little one please. No pocket brick for me!

can I get one plz! Whichever got the 4 inch screen =D

Guessing by the much similar prefix, could that just (and only) mean a Pre plus "plus" (32GB)?

BTW, the news broke first on the @webosinternals twitter account, before I posted it in the forums.

Engadget conveniently omitted that as well saying "now that we've found" (referring to themselves) instead of "now that WebOS Internals (@webosinternals on Twitter) found" ...

-- Rod

Looks like they've realized the error of their ways. The article now states:

Hence, the interwebs are paying pretty close attention this evening now that we've found US and Canadian certifications for Palm models P102UNA and P102EWW (first unearthed by homebrew hub WebOS Internals)

Im really curious on HP's strategy with the next gen WebOS devices.

Old Users:
The Pre was disappointing enough that many of the "PalmOS/WebOS faithful who supported the product felt a bit disappointed with how things turned out. So will the current Pre users really sign away another 2 years to a device with such a poor legacy?

New Users:
This is where I think HP should focus. People who know HP but know nothing about the Pre (or it's negative history). HP has so much leverage that they can use to push the Pre out to new customers that they shouldn't even bother keeping whiners like me happy. Go after new customers because they have nothing to compare Pre2 to.

On paper, I really do like WebOS and even the Pre itself. But in reality then I'm just riding out my contract and once I'm free I doubt I'd get a WebOS phone again (tablets are another story).

Guessing from the much similar prefix, could that just (and only) mean a Pre plus "plus" (32GB)? Possibly with a fix for the touchstone "charging dance" issue...

hell ya november drop, can't wait to make iphone4 look lik crap

hell ya november drop, can't wait to make iphone4 look lik crap

now thats what i call great news to start the day


am so happy am about to explode

now thats what i call great news to start the day


am so happy am about to explode

now thats what i call great news to start the day


am so happy am about to explode

Haha, I KNEW as soon as I bit the bullet and bought myself a Pre that they would announce new hardware. YOU'RE WELCOME.


Well Pixi Plus was named more correctly "Telecom Equipment (Phone)" instead of "Freisprecheinrichtung (Phone)"

Certified Product: Telecom Equipment (Phone)
Model designation:
P120EWW, P121EWW, P121UNA

if they filed in aug that means the form factor would probably look like the pre with a bigger screen its going to be a 1ghz for sure. Anyway i have a feeling hp will b releaseing something again early next year as well now that dual core cpu is coming. My contract doesn't run out until apr nxt yr. Nevertheless this is great news soon, can't wait for a image leak now

I'm with gizmo - this seems to be NOT a new phone. I'm German and can assure you that a Freisprecheinrichtung is something very concrete. It is probably a headset or an external speaker for a phone, literally a "device to speak freely". Nobody (least a respected entity like the TUV, which does almost all the testing in Germany) would mistakenly name a phone like that. A phone is a phone, a Freisprecheinrichtung is a Freisprecheinrichtung.

Very good points made by Gizmo and PeerBr. Over 90% of the comments here still are not grasping the German word for 'hands free'. If it does turn out to be some sort of headset or external speaker, first off, really?? Why?? And secondly, this new touchstone model is perhaps also compatible with this 'Freisprecheinrichtung' and behind it. All speculation on my part. I'm very interested to learn more about this 'device'.

Whatever it turns out to be, it will be a well needed breath of fresh air.

Make us proud HP/Palm

speculations...and more speculations....Steve Jobs doesn't do this to his apple followers lol.

P102UNA and the P102EWW... Hmm I know those are just the temp model designations now but would anyone be surprised if the phones are named Una and Eww? I wouldn't be surprised. I hope the guy who came up with the names pre and pixi didn't survive the aquisition of Palm.

If it look like a pre I hope it's thinner and bigger with a bigger keyboard..

Ok, so this may turn into a break down of the use of Freisprecheinrichtung for some. While I understand it may be important, I think the model number is as well and if it's a simple hands-free device of some type I think the model numbers would not match up so well with the Pre numbers.

that is exciting. It will be gr8

TAt this rate my epic may see the shelf of best buy in 25 days. If not I guess I will do the palmpad. I just need some specs.

For those who are looking at the german word and using its interpretation as "hands free" to believe this is not a phone, look again. The word "phone" is written in english.

I suggest you all read the dedicated thread in the PreCentral Future Device forum here on PreCentral started by Rod Whitby of WebOSinternals, where he clearly shows the facts of his discovery in the very first post of that thread, with live links.

Thank you LCGuy.... appears no one is paying close attention to the documents at hand

They found new Touchstones too, our old ones had better work with new phones, those things are overpriced as it is.

As someone else mentioned, if the phone is larger, then the touchstone wouldn't work so well because of the angle, thus a necessary redesign. Bad news for me & my 4 touchstones. But can't wait for the new hardware!

Yeah, I've got 3 touchstones. (Home, Car, Work) and I love them. I don't want to have to re-invest in new ones. That's kind of a "fail" in my book.
Of course, to HP/Palm, it's a Win, because they know I'll be crazy enough to buy 3 more not long after I buy my new phone. Especially if the new phone is really great.

It will have to be better than this:


and this:

and run better apps than these:

and these:

I very much doubt it which is a great waste of a great OS. It will also have to have the appeal of HTC and Apple phones which again i doubt HP can do and again, what a waste of a great OS.

Meh, call me when we get a leaked picture or video.


Ok, let me tell HPalm how to make the perfect phone.

IPhone screen and form (with internal antennas)+ mem card slot + Epic Keyboard (with virtual keyboard ability also) + WebOS 2.0

Perfect phone achieved

PS - VOICE DIALING would be awfully handy. Seems to be useful with headsets!

How soon till we hear complaing from the yahoos when this alleged phone(s) don't arrive in November? They'll be blaming Sprint, Palm, HP (or possibly Santa?) for being late on the release based on BS gossip/rumors.

Nope, heard for sure from a reliable Sprint tech that the new phone is dropping on November 15th. Ain't now way Santa is going to get blamed for blowing this!!!!

(BTW, yes indeed that is sarcasm.)

well it from the naming scheme it clearly seems to be a phone (UNA means GSM, EWW means CDMA)

And it seems they just don't have a "phone", "mobile phone" catagory at t

I hope this is true. It would make sense to release a new phone or phones alongside webOS 2.0.

Hey, there's new screen shots at Engadget, too: (sorry if I'm the last one to notice).

After over a year of Palms first release of the pre and the fans that they have gained, do you think the announcement of the new phone will make the crowd go crazy like apple fan boys? lol

Seriously, the Pre has only been out for a year and three months. It's not even a year since the Pixi came out. Why all the freaking out for a new phone? Have Apple fanboys really taught all of us to get bored of a phone after barely a year of owning it? Have Apple fanboys really taught all of us to go crazy for a new phone every year or so? I bought my Pre on a two-year service agreement and I intend on using it for those two years, darn it! WebOS 2.0 is all I need.

If you didn't already own a Pre would you buy one now considering it's age, frailty and the competition? I want them to keep selling webOS phones in the future, which means we need a lot more webOS users. This ancient hardware isn't brining in anymore new users. Also with such low market share there are very few developers willing to invest in webOS. It doesn't matter if it technically superior if no one uses it or developers. I fear webOS could go the way of OS/2, BeOS and AmigaOS. I don't want webOS to die.

It's not ancient, it's not frail. I didn't own a Pre a couple of weeks ago and I bought one. I'm a completely new Pre/Palm user. What attracted me was the screen (display quality and multitouch capabilities) and the ease of use (multitasking, gestures). The biggest plus was how cheap it was. So, yes, I will buy one, and would've been more convinced if it was loaded with webOS 2.0.

I want to believe!

Me too. The Pre is getting really old.

I don't want to get my hopes up but I am starting to be convinced that this is the first shred of evidence on a new phone. Thank you Palm :D

P101EWW and P101UNA got T

to all the dumbos who are not german native speakers a freisprecheinrichtung is not a phone...
the only thing the tuv tested was a art of bluetooth for a palm phone... It has no clues to a new phone... Palm is good in tricking people they did it with tricking us to buy a palm with the promise of flash coming soon hahaha
and now with authors who don't investigate at all saying a bluetooth jawbone is a new phone...

And to dumbos who can't figure out that the original Pre Plus and Pixi Plus were listed under the same "freisprecheinrichtung" listing with "Phone" in English next to yourself a favor and buy a clue.

How many friggin' times does this issue need to be addressed? Click on the forum thread in the article's post above and see the links, direct to the TUV website and you will see that, while not the best language to use in categorizing a phone, it's what they use, and it is for a PHONE!!

Stop with this *BEEP* already!

Irrespective of the incorrect translation of the category name, the certification is clearly for a phone.

Go look at the site yourself before making the mistake of which you accuse others.

-- Rod

Someone is trying to impress us they know German and failing in an EPIC way.

LOL these guys have a major plant/HQ 2 blocks from my job!


I heard its coming in October. Like the Pre but glassy.