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New Palm phones in Sprint inventory: P120 and C40 73

by Derek Kessler Sun, 30 Aug 2009 6:14 pm EDT

Following up on the word of Palm devices appearing in Verizon’s database, we’ve been sent the above screenshot of a Sprint inventory management system, showing not one, not two, but three plot-thickening Palm devices. The first is the 100 we already know - the Palm Pre at $549.99. But after that are two more models we haven’t seen: the 120 and C40. Interestingly, the 120 is quite similar to P121VZW we saw in the Verizon screens (like the P100 for Sprint mirrors the P101VZW for Verizon). Both the 120 and C40 have placeholder prices of $1.

So now the question we have to ask is what’s what? If the P100 is the Pre, perhaps we should reason that the P1XX series is going to be the Pre and its derivatives, which could mean that the P121 and P120 are a variation on the Pre, perhaps one with more memory (an easy change to make), or possibly a no-camera version. Going with that hardcore logic, the C40 would be an entirely different model, presumably the Eos, which we have heard will land on Sprint. If true, this would mean that the Verizon inventory screen indicates that they will be receiving two versions of the Pre and not the Eos, at least not right away.

Thanks to our awesome - and anonymous - tipster!



cue the early adopters cries of anguish in 3...2....1....

C40 is Eos - C is for candybar. Like others have said 120 is the higher capacity Pre 16GB I reckon, a bit late but better late than never.

If C stands for Candybar, what does P stand for? Last time I checked Slider starts with a S... and P100 is definitely a slider.

Interesting... Maybe Palm is keeping the Centro name. If P stands for Pre, C could stand for Centro. What's the Treo called?

Centros are internally badged as Treo 685 and 690.

Treos are just called.. er.. Treo.

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cue the early adopters cries of anguish in 3...2....1....

You Newbie. Early adopter take pride in paying a premium to be first on the block. Music nuts that want to load their Pre with 3000 songs might blow a fuse. But right now, I don't know anybody really pushing the flash memory limits with any concern. Pre was not expensive. If you paid $600 for an iphone 4Gig with 2G, and the 3G came along for $400, then you cry, but you were a retard on Day 1 for buying a 2G for $600 and no apps available and much powerful phones selling for $100. Nobody will cry over this.

LOL. If anyone's the newb, it must be you. Anyone who's been around this industry for very long know people will be screaming about this. Look just a few posts down to see that you're already wrong.

Care to cite any examples? Nobody crying for a rebate on the new machine. Nobody threatning to return their P100. A few people saying they might delay their purchase a few weeks. And to date, nobody even knows what the 120 is. In fact, I do see a poster (with a name) or two, willing to pony up big bucks if there is even a minor upgrade in the form of more memory. If the sky is falling where you are, put on a helmet.

i dont hav a prob getting a new one, if a 16 gb comes out

cue the "I was going to buy a Pre next week... but maybe now I'll wait it out" post.

I was going to buy a Pre next week... but maybe now I'll wait it out.

Wasn't the Eos supposed to be a GSM/ATT device from the beginning? I was surprised to see it mentioned for Verizon, and I guess having a 16GB or 32GB Pre makes more sense than an Eos.

I would be more excited about a price cut and a battery bump than an increase in storage. Actually, I would rather have one with 0GB and an SDXC card slot more than anything else.

I wonder if one is a ReadyLink/PTT version? Probably not but if they're going with a GSM version sometime, why not an iDEN version or something?

Because iDEN is dead for all but prepaid lately and they don't want something as data-intensive as the Pre sucking up all that Boost Mobile profit.

The Verizon Pre models are probably a Pre with and without a camera. Big V is pretty adamant about providing a non-camera option for their high profile devices because of the large number of enterprise and government accounts. I think that makes the most sense.

I Like that $1.00 sign next to it though!!

I swear, if the 120 turns out to be a 2nd gen Pre, not 6 months in, I'm gonna scream!! Palm and Sprint will get some VERY nasty letters from a LONG time user..
I might even consider migrating to, God do I have to say it,,, ATT..
Geez, I'm hyperventilating.

Relax, new models are the price of progress. If there's any sort of changes, it could simply be more memory or dropping the camera.

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Ya, get an iPhone, where apple dropped the price by $200 a few months after release, and only after endless complaining did htey send the early adopters a $100 gift card.

They did it quickly - not a few months. And at least they did this. They didn't have to.

Good to see the Pre is going to soon be at the right price point. LOL .. I may go back and try one out for $1.00 ;)

No need to freak out...that is what we get for being early adopters...when the early iPhoners complained did Apple/AT&T do anything for them? **edit - somebody answered before I asked, sorry** That's an honest question...I can't remember.

More memory is probably the most distictive change, we all knew Pre was a little light on memory from day one, especially without an msd slot.

A Treo like form factor would be nice, but I'm sure that would carry a different designator. If the new phone was the P200, that would prossibly be a "new gen". This will just be memory and maybe a minor feature or two (video? deeper battery?).

p120 is eos, c40 is a slightly newer centro

The Eos is the new Centro, in that the Centro is dead.

the anonymous tipster aka sprint! jus wait till u guys see the c40 blackberry killer

If it's a Pre with a better clock speed and/or RAM, I'm totally down.

However, I only use 3-4GB of storage space.

The 120 is just a 16gb version

I sure hope you're right. I had set October 9 as my date to get the Pre and, if this is in fact a 16GB version, then I'm ecstatic that I waited this long. It just sucks that the next month is going to go by so excruciatingly slow.

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Would rather see some useful webOS updated.

I second that emotion

C has to stand for Centro refresh, which would be the EOS/Pixie.

What would be funny is that if the Eos does end up getting branded as a Centro...

Well, it certainly looks like a Centro, just skinnier and with a chock full of awesome webOS stuff thrown in.

I like this article. I find the information I need. I think I can find more useful information here, thanks.
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I agree, I was going to buy my PRE next week also. If there's a 16gb then I can wait another few weeks...

This is all cool, and I understand that P makes their money by moving hardware. I just hope and pray that this isn't a distraction from work on the o.s. We need the o.s. Improvements to keep coming to make any future webos devices relevant.

In a company the size of Palm - even at its current small size - the OS developers and the hardware engineers are completely separate need to worry, the work on the OS is sill progressing.

And, fwiw, I would expect to see the eos/pixie to more closely resemble the treopro than the centro, just in terms of the scalability to the business user. 20 months for my wifes centro has just about done it in.

Should we make anything of the fact the PALM100 is described as "PALM 100 SMART DEVICE HAND..." whereas the PALM120 and PALMC40 are described as "PALM 120 SMARTPHONE HAND..." and "PALM C40 SMARTPHONE HAND..." ???

Also, if we are shortening Palm 100 to "P100" and Palm 120 to "P120", shouldn't the Palm C40 be shortened to "PC40" ???

The P120 is a slightly tweaked palm pre so that Verizon can lock some stuff down on it. (this is a guess but i bet I'm correct) Maybe it will have 16gigs but who cares if Verizon locks it down like taking out wifi or making homebrew proof.

Besides I got my pre for $99 bucks (best buy oops) My bill is as much as $50 cheaper also. If a new one at 16 gig comes out its not so bad. I mean we have a data plan where we can listen or retrieve our files off our computers anytime. Is it really that big of deal?

FYI... it takes three programs open at one time just so I can add unlock her Verizon phone to add ringtones to my friends phone for her (vu204). Now this is why i hate Verizon and it would be a miracle if the Pre Verizon isn't locked down also.

Honestly, not really possible to lock down the Pre. Even if they take out the easy Dev mode access, you could easily make a modified webOS Doctor as a custom flash.

I would hope that they would make a Pre available with a wimax radio onboard, especially since they are rolling that service out to the market that Im in by the eoy.

If wimax drains the battery faster than EVDO, be careful what you wish for.

Maybe it could be a pre without a keyboard.

Thanks for sharing this...


Please Palm tell us that the P120 is the 16GB!!!

This is just TOO funny. Speculation is one thing, and those who are guessing have the right, of course. But I can't get over those who "know" exactly what these models are. Hey buddy, unless you work for Palm, or for Sprint at a much higher level than the store, you don't know any more than I do about what these models are. (And I don't know squat.)

Forget the Palm screen shots... when is Sprint going to start selling the HTC Hero? I want to add that device to my collection....

What if the 121 is actually a horizontal slider version of the Pre?

Maybe the Pre will finally have decent hardware instead of that horrible keyboard and plasticky handset.

Go figure another "SmackTard"!!!

Better hardware is actually what I'm hoping for . . . perhaps even more than the increase capacity (16GB).

I'm an early adopter that had less than 600 megs left on my device.

If a new device launches I won't be upset, just bummed a little but after a few months I will be able to upgrade again.

So, leaving aside the question of what they are for the moment, what about when? As in, when can we expect them to come out? I saw a reference in an earlier comment to October, and I understand that that's a rumored release date for the EOS. Is that the reason for thinking that one of these will be coming out in October? Does the fact that these two mystery codes have shown up in Sprint's inventory at presumably the same time suggest that they'll release at the same time?

Is there a historical precedent for these inventory screen leaks that suggests a likely lead time (as in, "oh, usually when it shows up in the inventory system, the phone'll be out within x months")?

Nah, this Sprint Inventory stuff rarely pans out. The screen shot looks like MS. Access, so it could be made to say nearly anything.

Is it a possibility that the P120/P121 is a quad band phone since we already know that Palm has implemented GSM?? I don't think there is anything in the fact that P100 says SMART DEVICE and the others say SMARTPHONE DEVICE. I've seen clerical errors like that before which is simply someone else updating the inventory without any sort of naming convention.

C40 is a move in chess game, Where 2 pawns black and white are face to face, but the white pawn has to it side a horse, that will take next the black pawn.

The white pawn with the horse is a Palm device,and the black pawn represents the competitors.

IMO, C40 will bring up more horse power to it device Just for metioning it, with 2 strong features :more storage (16GB) with slot sd card maybe ? and a new processor,faster than the actual one, video recording and a better camera 3 or 5 mpxles.

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seems to be smart device, anyway still don't need that kind of stuff. iphone is enough for me.
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I like the look of this phone, hadn't yet chance to test it myself although from what I see it's a very spohisticated peace of device. Kitchens London

the phone is so good to have. I am with sprint and just love them. They are the best.
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This is all cool, and I understand that P makes their money by moving hardware.

very cute, i m going to buy this for my wife. How much does it cost, Any idea
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