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New To Palm Pre HomeBrew: Way Too Much to Fit in This Title 46

by Jason Robitaille Sat, 19 Sep 2009 8:36 pm EDT

Homebrew apps on the Pre just keep getting better, more numerous, and easier to install. There are a ton of apps in the gallery (139 as of this posting).  You can go straight here to see a listing of the most recent.  We have a real file browser with Internalz, the beginning of a real facebook app with FriendsFlow,  a super-fun word game in Word Whirl, and plenty more. If you're not amazed by the prolific creativity coming out of Palm Pre developers right now, well, it's time to start paying attention.

A few housekeeping notes before we get to some nitty gritty: We'll be adding new features to the gallery next week. Stay tuned for sorting by download count, recently popular, and a fully open ipkg standard feed for installers.  We also hear that the fileCoaster installer has a big update coming very, very soon.

Speaking of hearing things, we hear that many of the developers who have apps in our Gallery have been contacted by Palm and will be getting their apps into the official App Catalog! When that happens, some apps will continue in Homebrew as Beta versions so you can test their future updates, some will be 'Graduates' where you can see them in the Gallery but download them from the official App Catalog. Congrats developers!

On the install front, WebOS Quick Install was updated to v2.01 yesterday and with it came many new features that will help the average user do things that previously required rooting. WebOS Quick Install is available on our forums and we'll leave the setup information to there, getting straight into the crunchy new features after the break!


The first new thing you'll notice is a new icon on the main view of the program.  Just below the "+" and "-" icons is this new one. Clicking it brings up the new Ipkg Repository Viewer. The default ipkg feed is our very own PreCentral Homebrew Gallery feed, which means access to the current 139 homebrew apps there. In addition, there are feeds available for PimpMyPre's PreLoad feed and WebOS-Internals' own feeds.

Next up, in WebOS Quick Install's menu, in Tools->Tweak is the new Tweaks panel. Here is a bunch of hand system hacks that get applied with a simply click of a checkbox.  A full tweaks guide can be found here, but suffice to say, this provides a simple, safe way for the average person to tweak their device to get more out of it. Just be sure to plug in and uncheck the tweaks before you apply any webOS updates!

Most importantly, this new update to WebOS Quick Install provides support for postinst and prerm scripts in ipk files. For developers, this is huge, but what does this mean to the average user?

In a nutshell, no more "rooting required" apps! All those commands users would have to enter via linux access can be put into those scripts and put into the ipk file. WebOS Quick Install will be able install and uninstall those apps like any other, at the click of a button.

Of course the existing "rooting required" app developers will need to be the ones to add the scripts, but already it has seen adoption by many developers including myself. WebOS-Internals' Preware app, PreGame's Flashlight app, and my recent app, Internalz, all now include these scripts and will install like any other app through WebOS Quick Install. The developer of AutoCorrect Edit has also openly stated an upcoming version will support the scripts.

The homebrew community keeps growing day by day. One can only one what amazing apps will be released now that the "rooting required" wall has come down.



so does this mean that I will be able to change my number of pages, etc like the screen shot above on my Pre through homebrew?

I am reading through this quickly I am at work...

Yes, that is correct. The system mods section (Top section of tweaks screenshot) can be done just by a checkmark. The styling mods will need a step or two more but it's also very easy.

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I wonder, could the WebOs Quick Install Developer come up with a way to quickly install themes?

All we have to do is have the theme we make to be the same physical size and also the same name as the file it replaces, then have WebOs Quick Install copy them where they belong. You may have to have a folder for each group of images and title it accordingly to the name of the application you are changing; i.e. and then Quick Install would just route to the proper directory! I'm not a developer or a programmer, but sometime soon I think I may take a class on it, so I could do this kinda thing!

Keep Brewing All Ye Homebrew Underground!

Oh, homebrew....... I love you.

Congratulations to all the Homebrewers!

This is amazing, amazing work. I'm continually impressed with the advances in homebrew. So happy I got a Pre. Keep up the good work.

just want to say thanks to you guys at precentral and the homebrew folks. without ya i don't know what i would have done.

hats off to you folks

Sweet. Can't wait til I'm home

I love the homebrew stuff that I have right now, but GOD do i wish I could figure out how to enable rooting. I've tried and get lost immediately. all the stuff you can do with rooting looks so cool.

This article allows you to use WebOS Quick install for certain features that previously required rooting. Not ALL root apps can be applied in this manner but the ones listed in the screen captures above (styling mods and system mods) can be done quick and easily. Just follow the steps in the quick install thread. No more cmd prompts/putty or copy/paste code etc. Give it a read.

FYI, ALL app, with the exception of MyTether, WILL support the new scripts.

how do i update my WebOs Quick Install to v2.01

Same way you got the initial WebOS, just download it from the Quick Install thread. Replace your previous version with the new one. Make sure you place it in the same folder with WebDr. You don't need to dl WebDr again.

This is incredible... Thank you guys Soooo much for working so Hard! You guys are Great! Thank you Everyone!


Is the link to the tweak guide correct?

Yep. I just clicked on it and it went straight to the tweaks guide page. If you cant see it, just go to the WebOS Quick Install thread (do a search) and it will be post#677.

I'm officially in love with my Pre all over again. iPhone who? All the tweaks I wanted are in the program (except forwarding text messages)! Good stuff.

Will this work with Bell Palm Pre?

Most likely yes. There might be a few tweaks required for the hacks to the actual OS files. I would be that a query for "style" of Pre will have to be added to Quick Install.

my pre is like the best thing that ever happen to me thank you to anonymous that gave me this:

"Same way you got the initial WebOS, just download it from the Quick Install thread. Replace your previous version with the new one. Make sure you place it in the same folder with WebDr. You don't need to dl WebDr again."

Soon as i get off of work im going home getting that done ASAP

if you can add a roam only fix, id be greatly appreciative!

I tried out the new version of the WebOS Quick Install yesterday, and it is indeed awesome. Thanks to Jason for all his hard work!!!!

For others please put the "Post #677" with the Tweaks link. I see why the others asked now. Great stuff! Thanks,D.

It would be a real step back to delete apps from the HomeBrew catalogs once the are available on the official Palm cat.

They need to stay in both places

Great News & Thanks for keeping us all up to date on the ease of Home Brewed.

Could someone please create a homebrew app that teaches people how to write and forces them to proof read their writing?


Thank you soooo Much! Just Made everything much more user friendly!! I hope their plans to add more tweaks in the near future.. Thank you sooo Much! Lovin' My Pre!

Too all posters above, just keep up with the WebOS quick install thread. Jason has already mentioned the possibility of adding more tweaks in the future. Also, other users have been helping the ppl that have been having problems getting quick install on their PC's. It's a community effort.

If you have questions with the install, please follow the format on page 1 that Jason has included for asking questions (there is also a troubleshooting guide in that first post of the Quick Install thread). It helps the process of getting you answers w/o having to cover the basic questions. Saves everyone lots of time. :)

Will I be able to download my tether without rooting

No, unfortunately tethering still requires rooting your Pre thru linux prompts. Sorry.

Thanks, It all looks awesome!! My Internet is down today and it was all done via "my tether". I am very pleased with my pre!!

Now, let me see if I understand - Is "Terminal" able to be installed via WebOS Quick Install? The article seems to imply that, but I just tried it and when I run terminal all I get is a black screen, no connection. ???

To install Terminal, you also need to install the Terminal Service Plugin. The Terminal application specifies this as a Depends: line in it's metadata, but WebOS Quick Install does not yet read and act upon that information. Hopefully that will be in a future version (I've already advised Jason how it can be easily done).

As for themes, and the virtual keyboard, I'm working on a method so that these can be installed and uninstalled just like any other application using ipkgs. Stay tuned to @webosinternals on twitter for news about that.

When I try to install the Terminal Service Plugin from the webosinternal feed (Pre) I get:

ERROR: An error occurred while attempting to install org.webosinternals.termplugin_0.2.0_armv17.ipk (err4)


The article states that we have to "uncheck" the tweaks before installing Palm updates.

Will the additional launcher pages stay on if we do this? If not, what will happen to the software we have on the "extra" launcher pages?

Thank you!

Where is the flashlight app

I uploaded the new WebOS Quick Install today and put a check on the nascar app to go away. That worked but when I did it again for the add pages laucher, I still get edit,list apps,help on the launcher but no add or delete pages. I'm I doing this wrong? Can you help me to get more pages please. Thanks!

How about a HomeBrew app to get MSN messenger working! :)

This is awesome. I am fairly new to this stuff but having seen what you guys can do I'm really interested in getting some of this stuff on my phone, without going as far as rooting. Can someone tell me if the hack to fwd txt messages still requires rooting? If not can you point me to the link that has the instructions. The forum has become pretty extensive so some of the most recent instructions are difficult to find. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Yes, text forwarding still requires rooting. Quick install cannot enable this function, yet.

This is super awesome. I'm very excited about the homebrew scene.

Great job with all of information and updates. I have only added games, but the idea of having options is a boost of excitment-I love my Pre!

Can you still download v2.01? I want 5x4 launcher mode and cannot figure out??? Thanks.

Dont want to sound like too much of an idiot but where is the link to download WEBOS quick install

The link to download WEBOS QuickInstall is on the page with the following url:

It is halfway down the page, after the changelogs under the heading: "Attached files"

It runs via Javascript so you have to have the most recent version, but this is all described on the same page with the above url.