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A new TouchPad apps six-pack: Big Boss, Camera, Rio, Quell, Pennant, and Flight Predictor 111

by Derek Kessler Mon, 29 Aug 2011 11:46 am EDT

A good many of you missed out on last week’s six-pack of promo codes from HP. Fear not, for the apps are back. Well, sort of – the six pack is back, but HP’s mixed in a different set of apps this time. Now up for grabs: Big Boss ($1.99, by Fair Play Labs), Camera for TouchPad ($0.99, by Keen Studios), Angry Birds Rio HD ($1.99, by Rovio Mobile), Quell HD ($1.99, by Fallen Tree Games), Pennant (historical baseball statistics, $4.99), and FlightPredictor HD ($1.99, by gregstoll.com).

Like last time, quantities are expected to be limited and the developers will get paid for these downloads of their apps (a practice that stands in stark contrast to the Amazon App Store just giving away Android apps with no help to the developer). So grab ‘em now while you still can, because we doubt these app codes are going to be around forever.


Yes! Missed out last time, but got in quick this time around.

I grabbed em all but most looked lame besides Angry Birds.

I already had Rio and Camera but wanted Big Boss and Quell. I took a look at Pennant and FlightPredictor, but I've no use for them so passed.

Big Boss is actually fun (got it in the last round).

Flight Predictor is a great app!!!


I missed out on the first, now the second set... Are there a limited number of promo codes, or that many TP users? If that limited then there should either be a lottery or give folks an advance notice on when the codes will be available.. Better yet maybe limit one promo code per user do that others who might be working at the time of release can at least plan to have a chance to get one..

Please consider a method to allow more users to have a chance at this..

I need to start bringing my Pad to work! lol

Same here, my touchpad is at home and I am at work... Why is there no way to buy the app online? This sh*t is ridiculous lol


You and me both. :-/

I guess I picked a bad day to carry my iPad to work instead of my TouchPad.

I guess it really doesn't matter in my case since I'm in Canada, and we don't get to take advantage of the promo codes :(

left mine at home this morning as well. Sad thing is, I came in to work late today and could have picked these up before I came in to work. =(

wifes TouchPad should show up at the house today.

That's what she said.

I missed out last time and I don't really need any of these so I'll let someone else have it.

Love that HP is doing this though, would have loved to have had glimpse.

Woot! Saw this via Twitter, and was able to get in. Glad I brought my TouchPad to work!

Dang still waiting on mine :( sure these will be gone once I get mine

Yay! I already had 3 of these. I don't need FlightPredictor but I downloaded anyway to show developer support.

You know when you do that, you're taking away a code from someone who might've actually wanted the app, right? :)

Yeah, I thought about that after I grabbed it. I'll be a little less greedy next time.

Already had the camera app but was able to get the rest for free!

I can't even find the camera app IN the catalog!! Anyone else missing it????

update webOS to 3.0.2

I'm on 3.0.2 and the camera app wasn't to be found on the store last time or now... Or on prepared.

Dammit! Why can't they do these in the evening when I am not at work and can't get a wifi signal?!

I am sure they will all be gone before I get home.


Is there a way to change the region for the app catalogue. I've set mine to UK, but I'd like to switch to US (not just because of these promotions, which will probably come to UK as well, but because I'm moving to US soon). I don't mind if it involves 'flushing' the whole OS etc

if you don't mind wiping the device AND creating a new profile, you can set it to whatever you want.

if you want your existing profile changed you have to contact palm tech support, convince them your touchpad is really in a different country than your profile says, and then get elevated to level3 support.

my USA touchpad for some reason thinks it's in canada. I've been waiting since last thursday for level 3 support to fix it.

so, yet again I miss out on these promo codes.

Correction: Big Boss is only $1.99, not $199!

is europe included also ? Or just usa ?

No, Europe is excluded, we are discriminated again in this webOS scene ... Bummer....

Sweet! Thanks!

HP keep the apps coming, these are great for showcasing the touchpad to friends and family. Every person i've shown the HPTP says, wow i really like how webOS does 'this' or 'that'. it's a solid OS and if the ecosystem keeps growing plenty of hardware vendors (HTC, Samsung) will be in a hurry to lease your OS.

$199.00 for Big Boss? Sounds reasonable...

I didn't know what it was, but figured it would go fast so it was my 1st download. :-)

Grabbed the Angry Birds Rio HD game. I've never played it and what better platform to start then on the TouchPad.

Hoping to see more deals on some business and productivity apps in future 6-pack freebies.

I love that HP is doing this but limiting it to just the US is a real disappointment.

now u know how we feel about the pre 3.

but both you have no idea how it feels to be Canada

I'm in Canada.

How do you get them? I'm clicking on the links, and it's bringing up the game in the app catalog, but I don't see a code.

the codes are the text next to the prices right after the link

Where do you find the codes?

on the blog next to the prices copy that and paste it I the promompart

Got them! Thanks.

The blog post has the code for each one in the parentheses after the link.

not a big baseball fan.. Don't travel too much... Got the others, I wish I had my touchpad when sparkle was on sale I heard great things about it...

Can't they make bundles for phones either? I'm quite disappointed, it's already the second one for the TP but there's not a single good app available for free here in Germany.

I can't get Quell or Flight Predictor HD to work. I get an "Invalid code" message.

Must have missed the boat?

Nevermind. tried again and both went through. I hope they figure out all the bugs in the app catalog soon. It seems so buggy.

Thanks for the awesome apps HP!

keep trying.. My failed a few times too. Might be the trafic

This is killing me. I can't even get HP to answer the phone or reply to an email to tell me when the Touchpads I ordered will be shipped. I guess when (if?) they arrive I really will just have a web device.

next to the prices on the blog... Just read 3 posts up...

next to the prices on the blog... Just read 3 posts up...

next to the prices on the blog... Just read 3 posts up...

I found the promo codes but have no idea where to put them, sorry im new to the site and the touchpad.

click on the buy button. it will ask you to login and then there is a promo code button...

I guess im screwed, it says i need to setup a payment method before i can use the promo code.

Thanks for the quick reply

Just input your Credit Card info and you will have your payment method setup. then you can use the promo codes.

I'm at work (without my TP), but I got the first round of promo codes so I won't feel too bad if they are all gone when I get home.

Going to grab these on my lunch break, hope it's not too late! Thanks alot guys.

I got all but the camera app as I got it in the last 6 pack. Checked and NO money taken from my account ($50 credit). I had nothing taken last time either, but I know others said they did...

Yes! I already had two of the Apps (Angry Birds Rio and Pennant), but I just got the rest! so glad I got an opportunity to get these since I missed out last time!

Too bad my TouchPad won't ship till Sept 12...

Quell is a relaxing up game. I love the background music. Grab them while you can!

what sucks is that i just used my $50 credit on angry birds rio and big boss. but at least i go the URL method to work!

Got it now! "l t r n s" are the first letters! Thanks!

agh, Got them this time around! :) Was so angry I couldn't get em last time..

R we ever going to have a FTP client app? or hulu app?

I am not finding the Camera for Touchpad app! I can't use the "Send to Phone" option since it seemingly needs a webOS phone -it does no good when it's for a TOUCHPAD with no ph#! ...any help???

1 more day and I might have had a chance, my touchpad is being delivered tomorrow.

Drat, Angry Birds Rio says the code is all used up!

Wow, I downloaded them all except for Pennant and Flight Predictor around 2:15 or 2:20 p.m. EDT on Monday with no hitch. I must have got to Angry Birds just before the codes ran out. Although I DID take the last mozz. stick from the appetizer basket at my fantasy football draft on Sunday, I usually hate to take the last of anything from the plate when there might be others who want some... Sorry rastephens.

Can I use the promo codes on my Pre and then it'll be saved in my Palm Profile so when I get home to my Touchpad, I can just download them?

Angry birds code done! grrrrr

Sweet, since the TouchPad is a portable device, I always take it with me. Downloaded 4 of the 6 apps via FreeTether, kewl.

WOOT! Got them all this time around! Skipped the Penant one. Thanks for the heads up P|C!!! :D

Does this work in Canada? The 1st round didn't.

Angry Birds and Quell are already gone, but I did manage to get the rest.

only got big boss angry birds long gone

darnit, my Touchpad comes later today...and I sure they will all be gone by then...maybe next week.

I wonder if this is helping developers decide to stay around for a bit and see how it all shakes out....or if they just see it as a last ditch effort for relevance?

well rio is gone already

Are these six-pack events random? It would be nice to know when to bring my Touchpad to work. :)

angry birds and quell were gone in less than 2 hours. GTFO my way, internet...

Would be nice if HP would actually ship my firesale TP so I could take advantage of these...

Wow, most of those went really fast, I just sAw the announcement and most of them are already gone...

These went faster than the first bunch...

First batch got announced around 9pm (I logged on around midnight and they were all gone.)

These went at pretty much the same speed. I missed out on Sparkle from the first batch, but glad I snagged Big Boss this time around.

just got the touchpad [Android user but webOS fan thus far] and have to say that this is a joke that HP is giving away like 30 copies of these games. Take your money and invest it in making proper apps for Google applications like Google+ OR work on integrating Google Picasa Web Albums into the photo viewer accounts. OR a million other delinquent applications. [huge plus was the PTPP VPN protocol that they just released, I really needed that] Something to make this tab more usable than a Kindle. I had no idea how far behind the webOS ecosystem is and I do hope some of these things speed up with the hundreds of thousands of new users. I don't mean to sound like I'm hating on webOS, I think there's huge potential here if the devs want to stick it out. [I love cards]

I noticed that your wishlist is primarily Google apps, and as your phone is Android, that makes sense. And I'm not going to deny that WebOS could benefit from A LOT more apps. But I'd rather use QuickOffice than Google Docs, and SnapFish or Shutterfly than Picasa... just because I still get the creeps from Google's privacy policies.

Google pays for app development by collecting information about the app users and then selling that information. That's not such a big deal if it means that I get ads about sports equipment and my wife gets ads about shopping centers. But what if Google sells lookup information to insurance providers, and I can't get health insurance because I have been performing searches on renal cancer, or my car insurance rates go up because my GPS chip shows Google that I've been speeding through residential areas? What if I was looking up renal cancer because a celebrity I like was dealing with it, or I was a passenger in the vehicle that was speeding? Now Google's being paid by companies so they can unfairly penalize me based on bad assumptions. But hey, there's some nice features in Google Mail... and it's free!

Sigh no UK codes, no UK $50 app refund, no UK refunds at all, no UK kindle..... seeing a trend much?

Wish glimpse was one of the free apps again.. Guess I'll just go ahead and pay for it

to change the app catalog country for installing free apps from another countrys catalog search for "impostah" on the forums. It's NOT for promocodes and NOT for paid apps.

all gone,yet again :( ****

That was irritating. Race home to download, and all sold out! Less than 6 hours?? How many of each I wonder?

only working code was pennant! at 6:24 EST I missed out again!

dang, why even say the codes last a month. More like a few hours.

ran out so quickly :\ and i'm usually on top of everything webOS! :|

grrrr i missed out again!!

seriously-are there even 50 copies of these made available?

I think its great that hp is doing these promos despite the fact that I have not gotten any of them yet.

this sucks, HP is making a ridiculously low number of codes available.

Yeah really? All the codes gone already? Come on, that is ridiculous. Put them on in the evening when "most" people can get them. A little difficult to do when your conducting business all day! Sheesh. But good gesture anyway.

Got them earlier today, kudos to HP, I miss them the first time around. I hope they continue working in restoring the developers confidence and keeping us users happy, for whatever time this will last.

This is BS, all the codes are used up!!!

hey my TP is still in the mail (should be here shortly, HP SMB takes forever to ship haha) .. can i somehow "reserve" these apps thru my palm profile or something?

This is BS anyway. All the codes are expired. I will never believed in it in the first place.

I got all 6 the first go round and one the second so I can assure you it is real.

wow, seeing this article makes the whole hp touchpad app giveaway such a tease

This offer, like the last one, seems to be targeted at no one other than the eBay scalpers without jobs. They really should enough codes to outlast a mere few hours. That way, those of us who aren't able to have our TouchPad with us at all times, could at least half-way take advantage.

Does the app store accept any other payment besides visa and mc? Until they do guess I will miss out every time. :(

Codes being used up so fast is nearly as frustrating as trying to find a second Touchpad! Another "Great deal" like this from HP, and they'll start to be classed with BB as a great come-on: "At least 2 units per store for this promotion"

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