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New promo videos show off TouchPad, webOS 3.0, Touchstone, and more [video] 114

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Jun 2011 7:26 am EDT

HP’s launching an all-out assault on the YouTubes with the TouchPad. No, it hasn’t taken over the YouTube front page (yet), but several new TouchPad videos have been released, including a well-made TouchPad overview that encapsulates practically everything a prospective customer needs to know about the TouchPad in less than three minutes. The video touches on Touchstone, Citrix Receiver, Flash, Beats Audio, 3D gaming, the Qualcomm APQ8060 processor, and Touch-to-Share, plus webOS 3.0 standards like multitasking, Synergy, and Just Type search. The entire thing is narrated by HP’s Director of TouchPad Product Management, Jonathan Oakes.

That video has been broken down into at least two smaller videos, one focusing on the Touchstone charging dock, the other on Touch-to-Share. Both smartly focus on hardware features not available on other devices (yet). Additionally, HP UK has put out a colorful overview video of the TouchPad, though we’re not going to give it too much attention because it’s clear all the screens are computer generated (if not most of the rest of the video), whereas the others are clearly filmed, complete with shallow depths of field and everything. They're well-made, and we hope they're indivative of some of the advertising that's bound to happen for the TouchPad.

Check out all four videos after the break.

Source: YouTube (TouchPad overview, Touchstone, Touch-to-Share, HP UK); Via: WebOS Internals (Twitter); Thanks to brum and jonpel for the tips!


nice. a few I have yet to see.

This is fantasic. I moved to iOS about six months ago and have been happier than with my Pre Plus but I'm still a member on this site because I always want to keep my love for webos. All these videos make it easy to want to come back. I think HP has some real potential here...

Oh man, I am just so freakin' excited about the Touchpad launch!

Great videos! Hope to see some of these commercials on TV soon!

Same, back in february I was like meh but having tried android and wp7 since I can't wait for Pre 3 and Touchpad

I also have left webOS for Android about 6 months back. I couldn't wait anymore and my original Pre was dying :( Its videos like this that keep me on the fence between coming back to webOS..Touchpad and Pre 3 look awesome.

~scouring couch and other wallets for money~ Must find monies for this tablet!!!!!!

Nah seriously great promo video and something HP should keep up on and shorten into a commercial if they can.

So is there going to be a launch event for the TouchPad? Any announcements on launch partners and battery life. Is document editing editing going to be available out of the box (or in the app catalog) at launch?

Does it matter when we know that it's running WebOS?

yes it does matter. the os plays a big part, but if there are no useful apps, then it's useless. what's the point if u can multitask between ur calendar, email and browser, if u can't edit docs, etc.

Forgot my sarcasm tag. :-)

Good stuff. Too bad there is nothing new and unexpected in these videos. Hopefully, there will be more.

The videos are a great plus for the TP. That being said I did notice something that still worries me. We get to see the apps in action great. Prob is they are already open. As has been mentioned as of yesterday. How long do those apps take to open. The true achilles heel of WebOS has been this same issue. Why the heck can't they get it optimized.

I await the Flames to come.

I spoke to my doctor about this. He said leave those apps open.

I'm not sure what you mean by Achilles heel. With my over-clocked Pre-, I have no problems opening apps and all of the newer phones (Pre+, Pre 2, Veer) have much faster processors. I don't remember hearing complaints about the speed, or lack thereof, of opening apps.

Awesome videos... only adds to my anticipation and excitement!

they need to work out that UI lag problem. If a promotional video has it, imagine how much the actual product suffers from it (first video at 0:44 with the contacts list or even more noticeable at 1:23, browsing through the book titles)

yeah, Yikes, I noticed that too. Like i've said before... Great Potential and I want it Super Bad! but!!! I have to see the reviews before i make any decisions. I gotta here what the reviewers say and here if HP has any comeback for any of the issues they may experience. I am looking forward to this though. I've honestly been holding off and saving money specifically for this since it was rumored.

Yeah...scrolling/window movement/physics will always be a pain point with this platform. I've accepted that. For whatever reason, this will always look choppy compared to Apple and Windows Phone 7. Not even WebOS 3.0 running on a dual-core super Snapdragon can help.

Unfortunately, the Flash playback of that Kung Fu Panda 2 trailer was a little choppy too.

WebOS will always have that lag, no idea why, but you are right about that. I wish it would go away.

Perhpas that's not the case, the "Entertainment" video is newer and has Books scrolling without lag, silky smooth:

Yeah, i dont know if they can address this so that it totally disappears. keep in mind that webos is running interpreted web code, so its basically come up with it as you go. i think as long as they are using the same framework, you will still see the stutters as the scrolling slows down. it annoys me as well and i know many people have hoped and hoped that with this new iteration of webos, they would make some progress in alleviating that, but we will have to wait and see.

what is concerning is that everyone knows that as you add data to your device and use it for a couple months, it does slow down a bit in basic operation. if the touchpad is this laggy out of the box, where does that leave in a few months from now when it's actually broken in?

Originally I thought it's just some rendering problem, but then saw videos like the one Topolsky did on the Veer ( and it seems to be something else going on here. Maybe thread/process partitioning issue? Having the same thread for data-model updates and graphics lists/items population?

Normally, I would consider these trivial to fix (and a rookie mistake), but we are at 3.0 now and they are still here...

Now this is just whining and knit-picking, i don't notice any noticeable lag or problem.

"It's like magic!" Where have I heard that before? Hmmm....

I cringed a little when I heard him say that. :-/

NICE!! Its looking good, brilliant even I really want one, its such a nicer UI than iOS. Just get a few more well known apps on it, to sell it. In the UK, an official TFL, IPlayer, National Rail and some of the top news pappers on board.

We could also do with proper photo editing and music creation apps, I doubt maybe people use them but they seem to sell a good chunk!

I'm still surprised they aren't releasing the Pre3 along with it. They keep touting the dual functionality of the two, it would be a great marketing blitz.

Expecting me to to buy this, then wait around for a unconfirmed date for release of the phone that makes its touchstone functionality (the reason I am buying) work?

They WILL release it very soon. Otherwise I will have to kill the guys at the shop where I pre-ordered my Pre 3 and where they told me that they are going to have it on June the 17th in their stock :P

This video was made between 2 and 3 months ago. The OS is completely re-optimized. I don't think HP is doing this deliberately, but any user testing a physical device in store will be surprised at how much snappier it is than these demo videos.

Doesn't seem like they had anything newer to demo at the Discover event this week, tho, so I'm wondering how effective "re-optimizing" the OS has been.

The answer is ALWAYS "demo videos are running unoptimized software." The same was said about the Pre during its tour in demoland. Even in these videos where you can clearly see the enhancement cuts (tap a button, cut to the launched app, etc.), people still believe the real product will be faster. And what is "re-optimize" anyway? Does the optimization degrade over time and need to be re-applied?

Yeah, HP is the worst "demo-ing" company in the history of ever because apparently they always make the product look worse than it actually is.

You should never believe your eyes around here, but definitely believe WebOS fans who got to touch it at an event. They would never lead you astray.

By the way, I feel the need to clarify "enhancement cuts" so people don't get the wrong impression. I'm not saying that HP is trying to fool you into thinking things are faster by cutting out delays. Delays are usually edited out so that the overall video is shorter. This is especially important if you are making a TV spot were every second costs serious money.

They all do this. You can see the same thing in the iPhone commercials where the disembodied hand is opening the latest "app for that". What is harder to edit out are things like scrolling lists, video game play, etc. So if you see lag there you better believe you'll see it on the real device.

Point: These devices, ALL OF THEM, run slower than they appear to in these videos.

Note: The trick used with scrolling list is to do more of a "tap-and-drag" rather than a "flick".

i am still skeptical of this 'optimization' talk as well. when you have the hardware and processors in place, you have to make tweaks to the software in order to benefit the experience. but i have to say, in almost every video 'demo' we've seen of the touchpad (whether official or not) we are still being treated to the same stutters and jerkiness. it would be wise, as a demo, that they 'optimize' it to the very core, so that it looks great for promotional/marketing material.

but like i said, optimize usually means improve, and we havent seen visual evidence of this yet.

wishful thinking?

i don't understand code or writing an OS at all, but it seems somehow endemic to webOS, no matter the processor speed

I hope I'm wrong?


Thanks Derrick, these are great videos.

I think I just saw something, but, maybe I'm just misintepretting...

Does it appear that the profile edges of the back of the TP are smoother (longer curves - less "boxy") than the original hardware we saw in February?


I think the edges look smoother too, at least in the US version. In the UK video, they look like the feb hardware.

Pre3 requires carrier agreements and other arrangements. It will be released some time between July 4th and Labor Day.

Presumably, they took this into account while giving vague "Summer" launch windows for both devices, no?

I'm down for two TouchPads. If perfection was a must I would be single with no job and living in a cave. Little lag, no launch party...boohoo. Who cares, get it enjoy it and see the positive that Web Os is. Its like the best buy employee trying to talk my friend out buying a Veer this week. Constructive criticizing is OK., but I get bored with people picking it apart before is even out.

OK, but where would you plug it in to recharge in your cave???

well said!

I would talk someone out of buying a veer too. Maybe a pre 3, but the veers screen is too small to be productive.

Minus me please!

No problem.


You made a small mistake.

Let me fix this for you:

"I would talk someone out of buying a veer too. Maybe a pre 3, but the veers screen is too small *for me* to be productive."

Now it's a valid opinion instead of a silly remark.

Others have bought the Veer and are happy with it - so obviously the compromises work for them.

I just talked 3 people into buying a veer. They love how small it is and the battery life lasts 2 days on a charge compared to a brick that dies in 2 hours. Why do you need a big phone when we will all have tablets soon anyway.

All other phones now feel big and dirty too me. I picked up an android phone and it felt like a POS VCR from the 80s

Well I said "Lauch Event" not "Lauch Party"...big difference. Big promises were made about webOS the first time around so I don't see anything un-constructive about asking if such an event will happen to provide information on what's going to be included in the platform (apps and otherwise).

Also "a little lag" has been the bane of webOS' existence since July 6, 2009. You may be OK sweeping that under the rug but many are not.

The nerves of these people asking about lag, battery life and apps. /smh

and that's ok...So, I voice my opinion just like you and many others. Now you said it yours twice, good. I like many others want to hear the positives, and If I was that unhappy with any product, friend, wife, etc. BAM!!! I move on to something I enjoy like WebOs. Short and simple.

Sometimes my kid, being a kid and all, gets on my last nerves. BAM!! Time to move on? Pulling your leg. :-)

In all seriousness, since people tend to sign 2-year contracts (heck 3 years in Canada) with these things, it may not be so "short and simple".

good point. (you didn't really shoot the kid?)

No lag in books here @0:40:

As HP keep showing the Pre3 in these videos, surely HP should launch the Pre3 at the same time.

Also for us over the pond in the UK, any idea when the Veer or the Pre3 are likely to make it here? I was in the US a couple of weeks ago & tried a Veer in a Best Buy. Really nice phone, shame it won't work in the UK, otherwise I would have bought one.

The Touchpad looks really good, at least we have a date for that in the UK, it all depends on UK pricing.

Veers do work in the UK

Currently a lot of people I ask say, "What's WebOS?"
Can't wait to see some commercials to help educate people on the potential.

Hopefully they will air commercials to help educate people on the "practical". The potential has been played to death already.

Really looks awesome! It's obvious WebOS has iOS and Android beat, hands down.

One major issue left to overcome... Richard Kerris where are the APPS? I keep waiting for the announcement about launch partners and getting real apps that people want on here.

With great apps touchpad can compete, without, it's a Blackberry playbook.

Does "Touch to Share" only work from TouchPad to phone, or is it bi-directional?

How does it know which way to send something?

I can see myself looking at a webpage on the phone and then wanting to see it bigger on the touchpad, more often than the reverse.

Both ways I think.

My problem with the sharing is that touchpad will only allows texts and calls to share from one device. So if both myself and my wife have a pre3, only one of our devices could communicate with calls and texts to the touchpad. I think...

I would like to see a multiple users feature to address this. I am not going to buy two of these things.

apple products [and im sure others] are the same way. they want you to buy more of their products. out of my wife and i who share usage of a ipad 2, i can only sync the calendar with one of our mobileme accounts. its frustrating that there is no overlapping in account management. same with the touchpad and pre3/veer. from a security standpoint, it's actually a good thing that both devices need to have the same profile in order to talk to each other. but as we know in this complicated world, especially within couples, there needs to be more solutions to the way we run our day to day with these devices incorporated into all of it.

I have a veer and a pre2 and I would love to share at least the same profile. It sucks losing all your apps on one device.

I believe Itunes cloud has touch to share beat. It was/is a gimmick. Even Opera unite has this beat.
Tricks are for kids...silly rabbit.

Not the same thing. Cloud and touch to share that is.
The TouchPad and HP have cloud as well.......silly rabbit.

I think you link up one phone at a time, like Bluetooth. I think it would be annoying to be using a Touchpad and keep seeing my wife's texts pop up.

That would be the point of multiple users. Just switch profiles and all of your stuff pops up while you are using it. Then your wife switches users and her prefs/apps/texts/calls come up.

Who the heck is going to login to a specific profile when they pick up a tablet? The purpose of using a tablet is to just pick it up and get what you want - not to log in to your specific profile.

It goes both ways.

Touch to share is a trick and tricks are for kids.
I think itunes cloud has this beat. Heck even Opera had this beat a couple of years ago with their sync feature.

why don't you run off and go fix your broken record.

Every time I watch this, I can't help but think of Donald Trump when that line "The Detail is simply Amazing!" comes up. haha

"Voice service requires separately purchased service contract"

Does this mean answering an incoming call on the Pre3 or Veer on the TouchPad is only possible if you have a voice contract on a 3G/4G model? It makes sense if that's the way it works.

Personally I'm just getting the wifi only model. I don't need to take or make phone calls on it. Would be sweet if I could though!

that's actually an interesting point, i never really thought to ask that. does the touchpad need to be a 3g/4g (not a wifi onnly) model in order to receive the benefits of incoming calls/texts? if the wifi only model is not able to do this, that would be severly disappointing.

The wifi-only TP does take calls and texts. Taking calls on the TP via Veer or Pre3 works over bluetooth I believe. If not then it is via wifi. But you can definitely do this with all models of TP.

As a matter of fact, since the devs already have webos 2.1 up and running great on "legacy" hardware and will probably do the same for 3.0, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to pair take calls from your Pre Plus, Minus, or maybe (long shot here) even your PIXI! (is webos 2.1 running on Pixis yet?)

Isn't it going to be just like pairing aany bluetooth device?

it can't be just like pairing any bluetooth device because you'll be able to take video calls and SMS messages. there is currently no bluetooth standard for passing SMS messages (that I know of).

finally some good ads.. lets hope they get their TV ads to be good too

The touchpad looks great, but ultimately I can't purchase a tablet running an OS that doesn't have serious app support. Maybe in the future when this happens, but not now.

Great stuff, I'm surprised they didn't brand "Just Type" as "HP Just Type". With HP Synergy they seem to be going branding crazy! LOL

I'm sure this is already out there but I was watching a video tweeted out by @Palm and found that he have added the swipe up back in. So you just swipe up to get out of an app, as well as the button press.

i think tht was good when i saw it.. sweet..

I like the Ipad and IOS just fine, but the true Multitasking of WebOS keeps me using it. I wonder if there will be a way to connect a monitor or projector to the Touchpad? Probably not... That is something some of my clients are interested in, though.

Will the touch & share be available on the Pre2 as an update, or only on the Veer & Pre3?

I know there aren't many of us who have a Pre2, but it would be good if HP didn't forget us like the Pre-!

I think it is a hardware thing, but I could be wrong...

HP, please use a variation of these for your TV ads. These really do blow away the ipad in lots of ways.

Has android and iOS beat? In what department? That my friend is just not true and I like webos

Well, the poster used the words "hands-down" that means that the statement it refers to is unquestionably true so you can't dispute its veracity.

Winning!!! #1+

Has iOS beat clearly when it comes to surfing the web. Not even close.

Web surfing, multi-tasking, touch to share.....

One word, "Apps". Without them, this fails.


Sooooo laggy.

No lag here @0:40:

These are great and everything.. But I wanna see some TV ads

Awesome! I was hoping to pick one up before I head to spain for a month, but it looks like I might just have to buy one while I'm there!

Schwing.....sorry but I could't help it...I almost touched to I need a smoke after watching that geek **** !! Can't wait to get one!!!

Jesus, they're even ripping off Apple's promo videos now.

How's that?

Exact same format, very similar camera angles, identical tone...

Although...rewatching the iPad video makes me realize HP didn't manage to imitate the same sense of wonder and fun. Let's hope they do a better job of copying with the actual product.

You do realize that Apple did not invent the promo video and I bet I could find video's very similar to what Apple released that pre-dates the apple video.


Don't worry, HP will simply remind people that Apple didn't invent "magic".

when i got home from work today i was excited to see promo TB vids , a few seconds into it i got disappointed, i guess the way they build webos makes it impossible to smooth out the scolling.

I hadn't seen the swiping away of single events from multiple notifications before. This is something so simple but a really nice addition that is long overdue.

I wouldn't say the browser is better on webos than on iOS. I say there about even. Webos has flash and I think scrolling options and different windows make it better. But iOS plays back video pretty well and the copy and paste is great. Only issue I'm having with the touchpad is that doesn't bring a better experience than iOS. It's about the same with a lil more lag it seems and less apps

"touchpad is that doesn't bring a better experience than iOS." have you ever managed to use any? webOS 3.0 is not totally the same with 2.0 or 1.4.5.

I feel like I'm laggin when it comes to posting on this site. I really feel like the TouchPad can be very successful. It will take time, but webOS is just simply unmatched.

Is there any reason they are so quiet on battery life???

Why are so quiet about the battery life? Does flash shorten battery life?

why are they so quiet about battery life?

I really like WebOS but the touchpad keeps seeming to lag once in awhile. I got to play with a windows 8 tablet and I loved how smooth it was and how it worked. Now I can't decide to get the TP or wait to windows 8.

No lag here @0:40:

No lag here @0:40:

Just like others I went to Android when I could no longer get a decent replacement for my first day original Pre. I'd been with Palm (10+ yrs) so long it was like losing a friend. I hate the fact that I can no longer multi-task and I can't believe that I have an IPAD2 that doesn't do flash. I look forward to coming home to web OS as soon as they bring the Pre3. I specifically purchased my IPAD from Best Buy so I could trade it in for the TP. I want it but I need the Pre 3. Come on HP, make it happen.