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A new webOS phone on Sprint doesn't look likely. What's a Sprint Pre owner to do? [poll] 216

by Derek Kessler Wed, 20 Jul 2011 9:40 pm EDT

So there’s a question you have to ask about that Sprint Pre sitting in your hand: what do you do when it finally dies? With webOS not looking likely for any time soon on Sprint, your options are limited: find a used replacement, pick up a Sprint Pixi, switch to a different platform on Sprint, or switch to a different carrier that has webOS. There’s no happy ground where you can have a new webOS phone and be on Sprint, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anymore.

But there are greener pastures. Android and Windows Phone 7 on Sprint are doing well, and frankly Sprint’s all-in on Android after the sales bust that was the original Pre. There’s also BlackBerry on Sprint (don’t laugh – seriously, they might hear you at CrackBerry). Or you can dump Sprint and switch to Verizon with the Palm Pre 2 or AT&T with the HP Veer – and both of them look to be getting the HP Pre3 sometime soon.

So what’s a Sprint Pre owner to do? That’s the question we’re asking.



Umm, how about the #1 option and that is to get up on the frankenpre bandwagon. It's easy and you get the best of both worlds. Whats not to like?

i was looking for the Sprint Pre2 option also. i will se my Pre2 on sprint until the Pre3 comes out then i'll switch to Verizon on my friends family plan.

I know... I was like, Frankenpre+/2 Where's the homebrew love??? come on P|C, get with the program. You of all people Derek! This poll isn't valid until you add that option IMO!

I'm actually thinking about waiting until the Franken-Pre3.

I'm not making a choice until I can go to the Pre3 or PreSlab.

Franken pre 3 would be ideal.

The screen for the pre2 is just too small for me and I really want an auto focus camera.

I don't want to switch carriers because Sprint offers the best plans at the best prices.

I spoke with Verizon and AT&T today. It would cost $20-$30 more per month, with a lesser plan if i go with Verizon or AT&T.

To me it's just not worth paying $240-$360 more a month to have WebOS. Hopefully the Iphone5 will come to Sprint. If it does not I've been hearing really good things about the Samsung Galaxy phone and the HTC EVO 3D.

Franken-Pre3 isn't going to happen. The com boards are completely different. You would need to build interface circuitry and completely write some of your own software to do this. Not impossible, but very hard even for skilled folks.

The Pre 2 is as good as an original Sprint Pre will be upgraded.

Then I guess I wait for the Pre3 or PreSlab and start pricing whoever gets it... :'( I've been a Sprint customer for over 11 years. But if I can get a comparable price I'm atta here. I hate corporate politics :(

You won't be able to get near Sprint prices with Verizon or AT&T :( I recently checked.
The only way would be if your company can offer like a 25% discount on Verizon or AT&T.

HP needs Sprint more than Sprint needs HP.

HP is fine with their printer and computer sales. It is perhaps the #1 leader in both.

Sprint is the third place carrier who will fall far behind Verizon and AT&T/T-Mobile combination.

Sprint needs HP a lot more than HP needs Sprint.

i have a single line on sprin and pay around 53 bucks every month after taxes. i will be joining my friends family plan on Verizon and i was told i'd only have to pay 45 dollars to get just abot the same. i'd have a 2 gig data cap but o well.

Put me down also for Franken Pre 2. This baby is pretty good, and my touchpad satisfies my need for new goodness. Only issue is camera on both...

Best of both worlds?

The other world has dual core CPUs running at 1.2 GHz, better GPUs,larger, much higher res screens, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage and a slot for an SD card, 8 MP rear cameras along with 2MP front facing cameras.

You aren't getting anywhere close to the best of one of the worlds.

maybe not for you but the Pre2 is a HUGE improvement over the Pre. I could see myself using a Pre2 for a long time if i had to.

the only reason i am switching to Verizon is because i would be paying 45 dollars a month on his family plan getting just about everything i get now on sprint for like 55 a month.

The world you are talking about isn't webOS on Sprint, so perhaps it's a third world not intended by the commenter.

No, it isn't WebOS on sprint, but it is one of the many options in THE POLL this thread is about. No where did the grandparent say he wasn't talking about the poll.

I did one FrankenPre already and honestly I'm bummed that its not compatible with Sprint Navigation which I've found to be more responsive and accurate than any standalone GPS I've previously owned from TomTom, Navigon or Garmin.

There is a way to do it. there is a thread that discusses how. the process is not too difficult but is not strictly legal.

i believe this is the thread.


I have done it too - if you still have access to a Sprint Pre it is quite easy.

I did it and it works great

Yeah, I got Sprint Navigation working, too, just this week. It was honestly as easy as locating and installing the .ipk file. Now Sprint Nav works better than it ever did on my Pre-. I'm not sure why this was ever documented as a problem... Perhaps it didn't work before 2.1?

I'll also vouch for the Sprint FrankenPre 2 with Sprint Navigation. Everything is awesome.

but no autofocus camera and still a 3" screen?

I just FrankenPre2'ed yesterday. I did it to hold me over until I can see where WebOS goes next.

If it advances, and Sprint refuses, I may jump ship and go with WebOS.

If WebOS diminishes, I'll start looking for something else (Android or iOS). If that happens, its all up for grabs (device, OS, carrier).

Yep, you guys really should add a FrankenPre2 option there. That makes the best phone on Sprint, which, while not having the most cutting edge specs, does have the best operating system with the specs it needs to run smoothly.

For reals, this is what I did and I am very happy with my franken pre2, it will easily hold over until something comes out in the fall or when ever.

The option that should have been here is "keep going to ebay to replace your crappy broken pre"

I went through 5

To echo a bunch of others, I'm on the FrankenPre2 bandwagon and LOVE IT!

Ditto on the frankenpre2 on Sprint. I admit that I already priced Verizon and ATT for family plans in anticipation of the Pre3. Right now, ATT is getting the nod because they have the Veer and I can get an unlocked Pre2 or Pre3 on there.

The small screen.

Fits in my pocket.

Pre 2 on sprint without contract.
That's what im doing.

At least for now that is. Pre 2 will hold me over for a time. Will follow WebOS ultimately.

umm, what happens to OTA updates for a Pre 2 on Sprint? are there any?

I got a Veer on AT&T's GoPhone, for my particular usage pattern this lets me keep my costs just below my Sprint Pre monthly cost. Had to pay full price for the phone, but it's totally worth it.

I did the same thing but got tired of the slow data. gophone doesn't do 3g. its like the slowest of them all. Although i had a pre2 on tmobile after the frankenpre and it was terribly slow.

I really wish i was grandfathered into ATT because the H+ speeds of the veer are very nice.

That's something that not a lot of people know about. You can use any smartphone, unless it requires a specific data plan (read iPhone or BlackBerry), on AT&T's prepaid service. That's an option that some people might want to consider. And with smartphones becoming more prevalent, I think it's only likely to increase.

Right now at least, you do have to either pay full price for the phone or find a way to get it yourself--so you could get a Veer or unlocked Pre 2 at developer price, for instance.

FrankenPre works for me.

Here's my question...if WebOS and Pre 3 is not looking likely for Sprint anytime soon, how exactly is it looking likely for AT&T and Verizon anytime soon either?

Both carriers have completely screwed the launch for the Pre 2 and Veer. They delay OS upgrades. Their reps do almost everything in their power to steer customers away from anything not Android or iPhone. Neither is making any announcements.

How is the WebOS situation any less grim on these carriers than it is on Sprint?

I think that at least AT&T and Verizon will actually carry the Pre3 whereas Sprint is refusing.

Ah, so we think they will carry it...at some point....and maybe support it with updates as HP releases them...and maybe not.

Seems worth jumping ship over. AT&T and Verizon are WebOS nirvana. You can tell by the way the Veer and Pre 2 are "sold" and laughed at by their reps.

we have at least seen it running on both carriers unofficially.

OTA updates taking a long time is minimal to me as long as i can put the thing in my hands.

and now that HP is doing advertising, while carriers may not still help the launch of these devices, i will bt that HP will be handling the advertising nicely.

For my own personal use I have two cell phones; one on Sprint, my Pre-, and one on AT&T. I had to do this because my business is in the basement of a well known retail store and I use AT&T's microcell signal booster. My AT&T phone is a stupid phone that tries very hard to be as smart as my Pre- but in all ways fails. When the time comes, I'm dumping the Sprint account and getting Pre3 on AT&T and I'm going to experiment with just having one phone. If that dosen't work I'll get a second Pre3.

All my people have Pre-'s on Sprint, Nine of them, and my kids too. All are porting over to AT&T for the Pre3.

Adios Sprint, wish you well and if you can stop acting like a betrayed date rape victim I may come back some day, but my AT&T rep has made me a very nice discount offer for all 12 lines which brings the prices very close.

Franken(ing) a VZW Pre2 and staying on Sprint for the foreseeable future.

I've been with Sprint for 14 years. I can't leave now.

I switched to Sprint for my first "smart" phone, the Pre. I was late to the game though waiting for my old "dumb" phone contract to expire and my Pre is only 8 months old, so I have awhile. Maybe 16 months from now when my contract is up Sprint will have a Pre4? I wont go back to a higher priced carrier, the budget drives the decision for me. With three Pre phones in the family monthly cost matters.

Pre 2 purchased off of eBay yesterday. I too will be joining the FrankenPre crowd on Sprint soon. Hopefully, that can tide me over until either Sprint decides to carry a WebOS device or Sprint no longer has a decided advantage to me over other carriers (ie: by dumping true "unlimited data", etc.).

I can't even justify paying over $100 for an unlocked pre2.
It doesn't have an autofocus camera, no front facing camera and it's still the 3" screen.
Hopefully someone can make a franken pre 3 or get WebOS installed on the Samsung Galaxy S

This is an interesting poll - which does not take into account one very important thing (which is precisely why these polls are so unreliable). THE ONE THING IS THIS:

If you're a Sprint user and you've already switched from webOS to Android OS (choice #2 in the poll) then odds of you being here reading this page/poll are seriously reduced.

Or in other words, many, many former Sprint/webOS users (probably the lion's share) have already done the switch and have moved on from webOS and PreCentral. So a poll like this one is interesting but hardly tells the tale of the exodus away from webOS that's already happened.

To me this is a sad reality. I know that no new webOS device on Sprint has been just one of many, many missteps by HP... as if the waiting and the undelivered promises weren't enough already.

I may be of the small minority then...I switched to an Evo after my Pre- broke which was an opening day Pre- on Sprint(it didn't stay on and turned off randomly even if I had the paper to hold the battery in, etc)...I still use my Pre- on Sprint (version 2.1 with the metadoctor with the no service script) because I still feel its the best OS. You do really see the difference in screen real estate between the Evo and Pre- after such a long time using both devices...

My Evo and Android is getting boring, and somewhat irritating for me. I hate having to restart my phone after a few days(on MIUI rom which is the best for me) or having to kill apps regularly since it starts to bog down the phone if left open, and other issues(lagging in the virtual keyboard, not recognizing finger presses, etc). I do love the Amazon Marketplace with the daily free app though :D!!...I wish that was available on other OS's...

I will be switching to either a WP7 device or iPhone device(if it comes to Sprint) in the next couple weeks. Only because it seems like there is no chance for a Pre3 on Sprint.

I love this site and the editors that have run/continue to run this site. I still go to this site daily(and WPCentral), and even though I don't use any webOS device as a main phone currently I still like coming here.

I would love to get away with having to restart my pre after a few days. Currently I find myself having to restart it about 3 times a day for it to get back to functioning properly.

I made the switch to WP7 last week and it's a great OS. The only thing I miss is the multitasking when listening to streaming radio, but that will be fixed with Mango in a few months. The UI is fast and intuitive, and much smoother than my Pre. And the app selection is pretty good too. I grabbed an HTC Arrive off ebay and it's been stellar so far.

I switched from the Pre to the HTC Arrive as well. Very good. I'm currently running the WP7 Mango beta, and it is quite solid. I almost never have to restart the phone - very reliable.

My wife has an Android phone, so I've used that quite a bit as well. Long story short, I would take WP7 over Android any day.

No worries.

These self-selected polls are statistically worthless anyway. :-)

Besides the point you already raised (Sprint users already left) there's also the likely factor that the remaining Sprint users are more likely to participate than non Sprint users.

I'm one of the ones who decided I couldn't wait any longer when HP had their big announcement in the spring and new WebOS phones on Sprint were nowhere on the horizon. That's when I got an Evo 4G and the transition was pretty seamless. Synchronization of my email, contacts and calendar all happens on Android just as well as WebOS courtesy of Google. I mean I couldn't even back up my data onto my computer locally (unless I paid for a third party solution)! I was a loyal Palm user for about 15 years (I think -- I didn't have the original Pilot, but I was close), but mainly because I didn't want to have to start all over again by entering all my legacy data into a new phone/OS. The irony is that it was WebOS which forced me to start using Google calendar and contacts for synchronization -- I was already using Gmail -- and now all my data's in the cloud and can be accessed from just about any device/computer no matter the OS. I've been with Sprint for almost as long as Palm, but Sprint keeps delivering for me -- great value and good service. And exciting new phones. I wish they were running WebOS, but I'm not going to change carriers to overpriced Verizon or unreliable and sluggish AT&T just to get a (still slightly outdated) new WebOS phone. Palm has been left in the dust. Sure I prefer the WebOS overall, but it's not worth the waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting. I'm not sure HP has helped Palm in this regard.

But, you guys are missing the most important part: With HP/Palm, "soon" meant "an eternity, if ever"; maybe Sprint's "not any time soon" actually means "next month"!

No, it doesn't.

Does precentral need a sarcasm font?

This question bothers me almost on a daily basis. It had been leading up to the death of my day one Pre.

Luckily, I was sent a working better than my original refurb Pre. If I can get this going for another 2 years, hopefully Sprint may carry something in the future.

If I somehow manage to break this, and I can no longer get a replacement, may have to jump ship and pay the $ for a Pre3 on Verizon - which I really, really, really don't want to do - but I can't be happy with andriod. I've tried, and it just doesn't work as well for me.

I was thinking of waiting a little more since I have been strung along this far. I'll wait to hear about the iPhone 5 and Pre3. After that I will start weighing my options.

Go with the FrankenPre, go to where the Pre3 is, or just give in to iPhone since it really is the next best option after webOS.

The lack of news is making people impatient, including myself but I have waited this long, I can wait a little longer.

I really hope Samsung can get a webOS license and start coming out with killer phones, but that wont be for at least a year. Here's to hoping.

Poor top management is the reason why Sprint is a distant third among the the big 3 wireless carriers. Just the fact that they a putting all their eggs in a the basket of an OS that is highly fragmented and clunky and is in a quagmire of lawsuits with a empty warchest of intellectual property is enough for me to go back to Verizon. It was nice knowing you losers Sprint, later.

Needs to be an option for "wait and see if Sprint gets the iPhone."

Yep. i already decided on the iphone so webos isn't in the game anymore. i'm just riding my pre out of contract.

If Sprint gets the iPhone, I'll probably stay. If they don't, I'll probably leave after 10+ years with them and go to AT&T and get either the iPhone or the Pre3.



Going with the Galaxy S2 (Within) when it's released. If by some mirical Sprint gets a webos device before my 30 days are up, I'll switch to it. I'm not counting on it. I'm going to root on day 31 and probably not look back for the next 2 years.

Hope I can fit the charging coil in the S2s back cover. The Touchstone is easily my favorite daily use feature of my Pre- hardware.

I'm going with the Galaxy S 2 Within. I will miss my webs, but look forward to more apps and a phone that is fast.

I almost match your scenario. I switched from VZW Treo 650 to sprint for the Pre- (1month aftr pre launch). Then in october my pre died, ear piece speaker doesn't work, vol down and power buttons broken. So I got an Epic in november. Android is ok, better apps for sure, but I like card multitasking, I miss webOS. Still use my pre like an ipod touch.

So as to Pre3. I want! I will leave sprint and android, don't get me started on slow updates, fragmentation, force closes, freezing, etc. So I will get pre 3 (prefer portrait slider to landscape anyway) but now I have to decide between VzW and ATT. Probably go vzw but I can get discounts on both so in the end its fairly equal. From what I gather coverage is same (good) for all carriers near me (suburban Philly). In retrospect I shoulda got pre2on vzw before unlimited dat died. Oops.

I was a first day buyer of the Palm Pre. I finally switched a few weeks ago to the T-Mobile HTC Sensation. 4G coverage (9Mb down, 2.5Mb up) and i like this phone alot.

Are there things I miss about webOS? Sure. But the advantages of this phone far outweigh what I'm missing. And I'm not sure a Pre3 could have been better than this.

Assuming Pre3 comes to Verizon, can you get an unlocked Pre3 and use it on Sprint?

HP releasing an unlocked Pre³ is totally separate from Verizon carrying a locked one. And if there is an unlocked one, it's totally incompatible with Sprint as we know it right now.

We're years away (1-2 at least) from seeing unlocked devices working on Sprint--LightSquared has to build out their network and Sprint has to offer devices that run on it. LightSquared has to get past its regulatory issues (e.g. GPS interference) for them to announce any date for that. Without that, Sprint won't be offering SIM cards.

Whether a phone is locked or unlocked is all about whether the phone requires a particular carrier's SIM card to function (an unlocked phone can use any SIM card, provided the phone supports that carrier's frequencies). So for carriers that don't issue SIM cards at all (like Sprint, and like Verizon until they launched LTE), there's nothing you can do. It's like getting transmission components for an automatic car and wondering why they won't work in a stick shift one.

I am going to try and keep my pre running as long as it can. I've noticed it slowing down lately though so i'm a little worried the end is near. If it breaks though i'll break it open and see if i can fix it, otherwise i'll have to go to another OS cause i'm on a family plan and don't wanna leave

PreCentral --- show us some proof of the continued attacks of NO webOS on Sprint. If you use the article from your 'partner' that he has a source, then you are falling trap to unprofessional drama building . . . and losing credibility --- don't go there.

If PreCentral has something concrete --- SHOW IT. The only thing that is out there is NO PRE3 (and that wasn't from Sprint or HP).

I'm sure the weekly drama creation is good, but its getting old, can you just goto monthly instead???

Hit the nail on the head with this comment. Precentral knows they have a large Sprint following, so to fire up the hits they routinely post an article like this one that its only intent is to pick open the scab that is the fact that Sprint is done with webOS for now.

We all get it. Move on. Sheesh.

Completely agree, so fed up with reading about Sprint on this site.

Am i right that they havent had a webOS phone since the original Pre and Pixi?

They will be running articles like this for every webOS phone released over the next few years..sigh

If my day-one Pre- ever dies, I'll probably pick up a Pixi to tide me over until my family's three other Pixi contracts are up next summer, and then make a "four phone" decision. By then, Sprint will have merged with Verizion, or a 4G Pre4 will be announced.

I've made up my mind. I will not FrankenPre2 my device...I will switch to WP7, or iPhone on Sprint(if it does get released). Since I have had Android(HTC Evo) for the last 7 months and I don't care for it at all, I rooted the device, changed ROM's multiple times(CM, MIUI, etc), downloaded all the free/paid apps as I wanted...but its still meh imo...

I REALLY hope Sprint released a webOS device in the future...nothing beats webOS for me.

FrankenPre2 for both me and my wife. We love our Pre-'s and the cheap family plan on Sprint. Doing the FrankenPre2 route is much cheaper in the long run than switching to Verizon or AT&T.

My Franken Pre2 will keep me going for quite some time. Hopefully HP starts gaining ground with WebOS and Sprint finally comes around.

However, if it's a year from now and Sprint still won't be carring a WebOS device, then I'll have to say goodbye to Sprint.


There needs to be a FrankenPre2 choice in the poll.

I will switch to whatever network carries the Pre 3 first.

No more webOS for me. It's been way too bumpy a ride full of empty promises, lots of waiting, and ultimately not a lot of payoff. Hopefully the iPhone comes to Sprint and if it doesn't, I guess it'll have to be an Android device. In either case I'll know what to expect and have access to all the apps everyone else has.

me too. except no android. nothing wrong with it i just decided. that my next phone will be an iphone.

Odd that FrankenPre isn't an option.

It's what I would do if not for the fact that it's hundreds of dollars more than any new phones on Sprint would cost, and with no warranty to boot.

I'd switch from Sprint but I don't pay for my phone plan and can't afford a plan on any carrier, Sprint included. As much as it pains me, webOS and I must part ways. Here's hoping we will meet again soon.

How about this option: Ditching Sprint. Ditching webOS.

If there's no new webOS phone on Sprint, and I can't get an unlocked Pre3 to hook up to a prepaid plan, that's likely what I'll end up doing.

I love webOS, but I'm really tired of all the drama.

Oh there is drama on all your mobile platforms. Maybe not quite as much as webOS but the drama is still very much there.

I've been going back and forth on what I'm going to do for a few months now....go with an adroid slab, wait for the iphone, wait for the pre 3, etc...all the while still using my Pre minus and somewhat content.

I have waaay too many tech and non tech products in my buying queue, and getting a new phone is not all that critical like it is for some.

My overclocked and heavily patched Pre minus can email, text, takes decent pictures/mms, FB, weather, free gps navi, youtube, pandora...sure, it freezes up once in a while, but all phones do that.

But who knows - the process of bouncing out really happens in a split second. If the EVO 3D somehow drops to $99 in the next few wks, I might consider it = )

I have already switched to evolution when it was going for $30 on Radio Shack. I will just put the savings towards a TouchPad.

I hate to give the most obvious option that wasn't included... go to Virgin Mobile. It runs on Sprint's network and has added Android devices. Yesterday's is similar to a HTC EVO without the 4G. Palm Pre customers won't notice the data network speeds.

The price is the big difference. Since you don't care about a network that will have your phone, you might as well pay $35 a month for unlimited data and 300 minutes or $45 for unlimited date and 1200 minutes.

Save yourself some money. Mine might go to a Touchpad or the Opal version of it.

Cost-wise, that is a savings--if you're willing to give up a webOS device. If not, you're back to square one.

1. I don't get why you wouldn't Franken2 your -. The difference is huge, no matter what the specs show. My 2 is so much above my + I almost popped for another 2.

2. I need to go and report a bug on the TP. It won't let me reply no matter how many times I login there's no reply button and it says :Please register to make a comment.:

1) Because I have to buy a Pre2 to do that. When I can get a new phone from Sprint with way way better hardware, for a LOT cheaper, which also has a warrenty, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me to get a Franken2Pre.

FrankenPre means no more free replacement Pre's when they bonk. The $7/month Total Equipment Protection has been well worth it for me.

But I'm willing to ride out 2011 with my Pre. My sense of self is not dependent on the latest gee-whiz gadget and my overclocked and patched Pre works amazingly well.

Geez Sprint... please get your act together. I've been running a Palm created OS on your network since my Kyocera 6035. I'd hate to leave but I will if you don't get a webOS phone.

If it were me I'd dump Sprint the first chance I got. They've never once denied that they'd offer another webOS phone and sincerely believe that they could simply convert the faithful over to Android. They kept some people's hopes up and will not even attempt to acknowledge that they've done their customers wrong. At least, HP has acknowledged wrongdoing and attempted to make amends. While it's not the greatest offer ever it was a whole lot more than Sprint has ever done. And you wonder why they're #3.

Sprint gave WebOS the best reception of any carrier in the US for longer than any carrier in the US.

All they did was bleed customers. CUSTOMER BLEED is why they are number 3. So, WebOS did nothing but contribute to Sprint's demise.

I agree with your sentiment. Despite having one of the best Android phones(the Evo has been called an iPhone killer) and the some of the cheapest rates( if you exclude 4G and tethering)in the business yet they are in third place. Is it possible that Motorola Titanium is going to be next Evo? Probably not. Decisions like those(Kyocera Echo or Blackberry Style) are the real reasons why this company is in third place. Ignoring users who would be happy to buy a Pre 3 is the another. Can you admit that there is some blame for Sprint?

You think the Kyocera Echo or Blackberry Style has anything to do with their status relative to AT&T or Verizon? Really?

Every carrier has clunkers in the lineup. WebOS devices, as of right now, happen to be among them.

The Pre 2 was a terminally-late non-entity for Verizon, and they treated it as such. Has no material affect on their business whatsoever.

The HP Veer has been a joke from day one, unable to crack even the top FORTY on Amazon's bestselling phones. At present, it's at number 60, despite being free to anybody with a new contract or contract renewal.

The existing WebOS phones do not make money. Plain and simple. Pre 3 will likely meet the same fate. AT&T and Verizon treat them as they deserve to be treated, and Sprint is smart enough to stay away.

Yes, I do think that. How much money are those two phones I mentioned making for Sprint. Please post links to any enthusiast site that has a poll similar to either of those phones.

You're making my point when you stated this:

"Every carrier has clunkers in the lineup."

I thought Sprint was too smart for that.Yet they add an Eclair build phone that's not going set the world ablaze.You can't have it both ways. This sounds personal to me. Sprint seems to want to exclude anything related to webOS from their catalog.Not due to the build quality or OS bias. They are still stinging from the Pre. I'll admit this is conjecture but neither party will draw any firm lines to prove otherwise.

Before you consider Amazon a cellphone equivalent of Soundscan,let's see if they can get their Wireless store out of beta first.The Veer is currently at #36 on their site as I type this by the way. One spot ahead of the Echo.

Every single article this site puts up, there's a request for the Pre 3. Please keep that in mind as you continue to doom the product before it launches.

Last time I checked, this poll had 4,500 or so votes, the majority of which indicated that they would not leave Sprint for Verizon or AT&T if Sprint didn't get a Pre 3, so forgive me if I don't see a sales bonanza in the cards.

Even if ONE HUNDRED percent said they were leaving Sprint by the end of the month, Sprint added almost 70x that in postpaid CDMA customers last quarter. They'll live, no matter how many times people claim they'll take their 9 lines of service and their ball and go home.

Honestly, build me a use case where it's good business for any carrier to offer current WebOS devices. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have already offered multiple iterations of WebOS devices and they've all failed.

This isn't personal. Windows Phone 7 is getting the same treatment even from their "preferred launch partner" AT&T. RIM as well. It's on these companies to prove they can sell before US carriers seriously push them alongside Android or iOS.

BTW, you're reading Amazon's charts wrong. The Black and White Veer are at #63 and #67 respectively. See for yourself: http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/wireless/2407747011/ref=zg_bs_nav#4

Im holding the amazon charts wrong too? black veer was #36 when i just checked just now

also lets say half of those that dont know what to do decide to switch, that would make around 35% of lets say 2 million users. Sprint should make a business case about those 600k users(heck if you say its only a million still 300k customers) lost vs the cost of training, support, etc. Id gather it would have to be a very expensive support for the case to be to lose those customers. And the hardware has been much better since HP came on board.

You think Sprint has 2 million WebOS users? LOLOLOL.

Dude, WebOS global sellthrough before Palm was purchased by HP total was 1.4 million including the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on Verizon. An undetermined number jumped at the Evo 4G. Same for the Epic 4G. Same for the Evo Shift, HTC Arrive, and now the Evo 3D.

Whatever is left on Sprint, it is a negligible number.

Again...Sprint gave it their best. It's up to HP now to prove things are different. They have yet to do it with either the Pre 2 or the Veer. They have yet to even launch the Pre 3.

And you both are most certainly reading the charts wrong. Just click on the link I posted above yours. It currently shows the black and white Veers at 62 and 70, respectively. That's a free phone NOBODY WANTS.

actually I dont say, there have been a couple of articles on here calculating that in some way or another, but you read what you want and conveniently ignore that I said even if it were 1 million, Sprint cant afford to lose 30 percent of that even.

You were the same one saying that the touchpad couldnt even crack top 20 on tablets and that the junky Thrive did. Well the Thrive I think is a good tablet, and the Touchpad did crack the top 10. Did I read that one wrong too? The 32GB touchpad is 10th, and the 32GB iPad is 14th, that may be wrong too, enlighten me.

Point me to ANY source here or elsewhere that says 2 million WebOS users are currently on Sprint, please. I'll wait....

...forever. There isn't one. The only calculations are doing some math with marketshare estimates for WebOS, when most surveys have us conveniently listed as other.

I assure you, Sprint has nowhere near one million people still using Palm Pre and Pixi phones. And this poll is proof positive either way: Way more will stay rather than leave. And whatever the costs from those leaving, they will be offset by the Evo 3D sales, along with the impending/eventual arrival of the iPhone. Palm screwed Sprint. They need to earn their way back.

And yes, the Touchpad didn't crack the twenty at first. It eventually did, but it's still being outsold individually by most major Honeycomb tablets (e.g. Xoom, Tab 10.1, Transformer). I don't think anyone wants to be the third place tablet platform.

I might have started with this one:


but I gather you have a point that even if that did correctly do their math, the number is quite smaller than that, but still, there are not numbers to the contrary either or please share them, I do acknowledge data and the more we know the better.

About third place, well the PC market has like 5 or 6 players, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Apple. You can correctly say that of those only Apple has a different OS, so I dont know if on mobile devices more than 2 OS can survive or if its a different monster. In phones there were a million different OS in the early 2000s as Sanyo, LG, Samsung and Nokia and all others had their own.

Failure to read, it seems.

You said there are two million WebOS users ON SPRINT. There clearly are not.

By the time of the article you quoted, not only had the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus been sold at firesale prices with a free hotspot for awhile, but they had also already launched on AT&T. So, check your sources next time. Thanks.

Yet another PreCentral poll where less than half of the recipients on an enthusiast site pick the "WebOS uber alles!" option (same thing happened for both the Veer and the Touchpad).

Looks like Sprint has nothing to worry about. They're making the right move if HP's devices can't even entice most fans to jump ship.

or people are more balanced here than you would know, you know the not always cheering or not always trolling crowd?

If "balance" = lack of zeal, then my statement holds true.

Supposedly the people left on Sprint are the WebOS diehards, but they seem to be more Sprint diehards by the results of this poll than anything else.

Next time, you should get PreCentral to only post the results you want to see.

So some people prefer webOS over their carrier. Wheres the harm?

Huh? The majority of people prefer their carrier over WebOS. There's no harm...except to HP.

I dont think they do.

even looking at the poll above,at the time of writing, 37 % of people are staying with sprint in one form or another, and 30 % are staying with webOS.

Considering how long people on Sprint have had the Pre-, and are angry at the lack of a Pre3 etc, its a majority but a surprisingly slim one.

I dont wish to offend, but you really come across in your comments as really negative and anti-hp, with accusations of them lying, and posting depressing comments on everything.

If you dont like webOS and see no hope of HP doing anything with it, why do you come here?

Just let it go.

"Love it or leave it" then?

I choose C) Stay on whatever board I choose to, speak my mind freely and respectfully like an adult, and make observations based on fact. If I accuse them of lying, it's because they have. Even PC's editors made note of the all-over-the-place estimates of apps they said would come with the Touchpad.

You think Steven McArthur had commitments from developers for an additional 14,000 apps when he said "tens of thousands" would be there at launch, but 13,700 backed out mysteriously between February 9 and July 1? Apotheker's promises? Similarly untrue. Refusing to ship a product until perfect? They didn't even wait until the official launch date and admitted to significant bugs that wouldn't be fixed until the first OTA update.

I'm not posting depressing comments. I'm observing depressive actions. There's a difference. When HP does something great like the Facebook line or the Jay Leno/Fallon spots, I am among the first to applaud them. Doesn't fit into your ridiculous stereotype, so it's no surprise you refuse to acknowledge it.

Anyway, as far as the poll results, if you can't even sway a PLURALITY, much less a majority of people from an ENTHUSIAST site to follow your products, then your chances with mainstream customers who know nothing about the OS are way lower.

I needed a new phone and for various reasons, couldn't switch from Sprint. I am now quite happy with an HTC EVO Shift. However, I hope to return to WebOS in the future.

switch to a nexus s 4g months ago and never look back. Well occasionally look back hoping that Hpalm find there footing and step up the hardware game for webos.(slabs)

I just picked up the EVO 3D and I love it. I hope that HP gets some decent hardware for a webos phone and I would consider picking it up. It just feels so nice to have a modern phone. I still miss multitasking.

Why can't we just sign up for a new 2-year agreement with Sprint, buy the newest Android massacre for the 2-year contract price, sell it off-contract on Ebay, and buy a similarly priced Pre3 off of Ebay in return?

The only downfall I see is that if I happen to lose or break my phone that I can't go directly back to Sprint for another one. But if I have insurance, then I can just repeat the process: get another Android via Sprint, and trade it on Ebay for another Pre3...with the cloud everything will transfer back onto my new phone.

So what's the downside to this? Unless someone can let me know the downside to this, then that's been my plan for some time now.

So you then have a Sprint contract and a Pre³ (incompatible on Sprint) and no way to activate the phone you want to use with the contract you have. Then what?

I've done all my homework regarding Android, iOS, Win7, and for me there just isn't anything that comes close to WebOS. The things that are the #1 attractions on the other OSs are awesome, but aren't what works best for me. WebOS works best for me.

I have a day-one Pre- that's doing well but has developed some quirks after 2+ years and a dozen drops. It's just the right phone for me, but dang, do I need an update.

Ten years with Sprint, and I'm going to follow the OS. It's a shame, but goodbye, Sprint. Hello, Verizon.

Stuck on Sprint. I'm in agreement with some of the above posts on waiting to hear if Apple will announce for Sprint in the fall. While I can't stand them, they make a fantastic phone and so that's what I'll be holding out for. Their most recent changes to iOS answer almost all of my major complaints (with notifications being the biggest). I've had the Pre for a two year contract cycle. The community and homebrewing have been awesome of course, but I'm sick of not having the mainstream apps (and even Windows raced ahead). I'll still be following webOS news though.

I love webOS, and can't afford to switch away from Sprint. I've considered a franken-pre2. But I've also heard rumors of iPhone on Sprint. I would rather stay on webOS if I had a choice, but if there are no new webOS phones to be had, I would go to iOS before I went to Android, Blackberry, or any other platform.

I have 4 lines to consider, and a pre2 is north of $300. How reasonable an option is that. FrankenPre2 is sweetness but not at that price.

Just no good alternatives here if you have to stick with Sprint.

I'm waiting for the fire sales on Pre2's when the Pre3 comes out, then I'm gonna frankenPre2.

If my Pre- dies before then I'll have to figure something out...

It would cost me way too much to leave Sprint.

Well, I am going with option 1.5 and just pulled the trigger on a Sprint Palm Pixi. I know, I know there are a lot of better phones out there but I have been using a Palm Treo 755p since they first came out, never got around to upgrading to a WebOS phone (but have always wanted to) and figure this would be a good entry level into it. Then about the time I need to upgrade hopefully sprint and HP will be happy-happy.

I don't get how anyone can still be loyal to Webos. The whole experience has been very disappointing to me. Still waiting for that doc editor! Android is where it is at right now with all the support and an OS that doesn't lag. Webos failed miserably and I don't see it rising anytime soon if ever. I still don't get why they are wasting resources releasing another Pre. They all flopped.

"By shoichikun808 on Thu, 21 Jul 2011
7:55 pm EDT
I may be of the small minority then.. .I
switched to an Evo after my Pre- broke
which was an opening day Pre- on Sprint
(it didn' t stay on and turned off randomly
even if I had the paper to hold the battery
in, etc). ..I still use my Pre- on Sprint
(version 2.1 with the metadoctor with the
no service script) because I still feel its
the best OS. You do really see the
difference in screen real estate between
the Evo and Pre- after such a long time
using both devices.. .
My Evo and Android is getting boring, and
somewhat irritating for me. I hate having
to restart my phone after a few days( on
MIUI rom which is the best for me) or
having to kill apps regularly since it starts
to bog down the phone if left open, and
other issues( lagging in the virtual
keyboard, not recognizing finger presses,
etc). I do love the Amazon Marketplace
with the daily free app though :D!! ...I
wish that was available on other OS' s...
I will be switching to either a WP7 device
or iPhone device( if it comes to Sprint) in
the next couple weeks. Only because it
seems like there is no chance for a Pre3
on Sprint.
I love this site and the editors that have
run/continue to run this site. I still go to
this site daily(and WPCentral) , and even
though I don't use any webOS device as a
main phone currently I still like coming


Ditto, although my EVO never lags. Just kinda boring now. I would like to try WP7 on the next gen hardware much more than whatever iPhone comes to Sprint.

I'm a 10-year Sprint guy with two lines that's moving to Verizon Wireless. Who the heck cares about carriers when - due to the discount I get from VZW thru my work - the difference in my bill will be $20 bucks.

For that 20 bucks, I'll rid myself of a carrier that's on the way down and has horrible customer service insofar as working with webOS users simply asking a question about carrying a new phone.

I *assume* (I know) that I'll be able to use my future VZW Palm Pre3 as a wifi hot spot as you can with current VZW Pre phones. This is good as I'll be able to use the phone in concert with my new Touchpad on the network.

And the network is solid here where I live in the Washington, DC suburbs. Better network coverage than Sprint by far.

Buh bye Spring. Not in an angry, theoretical way. But in a real, I've budgeted it out, contract on my phone runs out in 10 days and then I'm out sort of way.

You really think customer service reps know anything about new phones? Even if they did, would they be able to tell you?

I've only ever had Palm devices - from old Pilots to Treos and then a first-day Sprint Pre, which I still love despite a screen crack and the occasional "TOO MANY CARDS!" message. I suppose I should be open-minded and ask friends with iPhones and Android phones (I'm curious about Windows Phone too, but I don't think I know anybody with one) to show me what's so great about them, because as is I see a lot of things my Pre & the upcoming Pre3 have that I don't think the other platforms have, but maybe I'm just ignorant. The only supposed drawback to WebOS I ever hear anyone bring up is the relatively small app catalog; and yet, when I see an app I find interesting on other platforms, I can usually at least find something comparable on WebOS. (Yeah a few exceptions like Shazam come to mind, but generally I don't find WebOS lacking.) And when it comes to PDA & messaging functions, which are what I use most by far, nothing beats Synergy as far as I can tell. So unless I'm provided with some compelling evidence of the superiority of some other platform, I will probably take whatever is the cheapest path to getting a Pre3.

i've always hated iphones. something about them just feels boring dull stupid and cliche to me (prolly cuz i had the ipod touch when it first came out). My wife has an android phone (evo) and the app market is amazing as are the widgets, but after being with webOS, its not for me. Windows Phone: i have a friend that has it and he loves it. The main screen tiles are pretty cool and with the new Mango update they just released multitasking should be far more applicable (it was almost literally nonexistent before.). I hear it is comparable to the card view employed by the RIM on the Playbook tablet. Personally, I'm going to WP7

Geez! Why all the drama and uncertainty?

Carrier: If you love the phone/OS so much you should have no problem switching.

Phone/OS: If you love the carrier so much you should have no problem switching.

Get it?

you are forgetting one key feature: Price.

I LOVE my Pre and WebOS. My wife and I pay a total of about 115/mnth for our phone bill on a family plan. By comparison, any other carrier that actually supplies a webOS phone, has ridiculous pricing, especially with that tiered data plan **** Some of us need a phone that is not so prone to freezing and restarting and lagging all the time (not to mention the shoddy hardware always needing repairs), but cannot afford the plans that other carriers have.

I have been a palm fan since the treo 650 and left Verizon to go to Sprint when the palm centro came out and have been with Sprint ever since. I am a huge WebOS fan and pray the Sprint gets the Pre 3 or some type of WebOS phone by the fall. I'm going to try to hang onto my palm pixi as long as possible but if Sprint doesn't come out with another HP/Palm WebOS phone or at the very least the iphone then I will be forced to switch to Verizon by the beginning of the year. Sprint is on twitter...express your frustrations with Sprint using @Sprint, @Sprintcare, and @Sprintnews about not having the latest WebOS phone on sprint and how you're considering leaving Sprint. End your tweet with #SprintPalmPre3 so we can trend and make it known that WebOS users should not be taken lightly!

Correction put #SprintPre3 to trend this issue on twitter.

I got the Nexus S 4G a few days ago. I love the screen and how thin it is. The form factor is just great and the curved glass is very handsome. I actually find it pretty noticeable, especially when using it in the dark, but as far as the OS goes, it's a mixed bag. It's fun to be able to go and tweak so many settings, but I can't really get it to be as elegant as I want. The android launcher is just very limited and unappealing. The notifications are nice in the drop-down, but there's no interaction with them. If I'm in an app, I have to switch over to my music play to pause or change the track. It doesn't give me a preview of my emails before I jump into the app. For such a nerdy and "powerful" OS, there are a surprising amount of missing power-user features. Plus, the look of the UI is varied. Stock buttons are mostly hideous, while the stock widgets often look great and the app drawer is pure eye candy. I really miss the beauty, elegance, and sophistication of webOS, but after tasting this hardware, I can't switch back, and there's definitely something to be said about being able to search the android market and expect something to be there. But really, the only apps I see myself using for the duration of the phone that aren't replaceable on webOS yet are Google+, Words with Friends, Kindle, and Gooogle Goggles.

If a webOS phone ever does come out for Sprint, I'll hold out with the Nexus S just long enough for early termination fee to be a little less frightening to my wallet ($150 or less would but me at 10 months from now) and then try to sell my nexus S for whatever it's worth to cover up that fee.

I'm hearing more and more rumors about the iPhone on Sprint this fall. I've even heard that it may be tied to Sprint rolling out an LTE network. If that's the case then it's iPhone all the way.

Sadly, I'm one of the (once) faithful that jumped shipped once it became apparent to me that sprint wasn't getting a new webOS phone in the near future.

Like most others here, I waited a helluva lng time just for the announcement in Feb that it would be summer before I could get a new phone. Then summer came and we don't hear anything except that it will most likely only come to Verizon and ATT. I'm not willing to switch carriers so I bought a new EVO 3D. I love the hardware and like the OS quite well also. Of course the OS isn't as good as webOS, but it works well. I miss card view and the touchstone most of all. But the added functionality and tons of great apps more than make up for that loss.

I'm kind of excited to have a relevant smartphone again. I also get to be on the cutting edge of technology again instead of a zealot patiently waiting for some new hardware from on high that HP will "let" me buy... Later. Seriously, I kind of felt like an abused spouse that was constantly making excuses for her husband that mistreats her.

I decided that I will stand for it no longer. I switched, but I will continue to follow the news and hope that webOS becomes viable so that I can switch back in a year or two.

I just switched to Sprint! Where is my option? Haha, left Tmobile, VZW. Converting my Pre Plus from VZW into a Sprint Pre Plus. I will make due with Pre Plus and Nexus S 4G until Sprint gets over their disgust with webOS. Please hurry Sprint (and HP).

personally, I'm switching to the WP7. I heard a lot of positive feedback about the aesthetics of the OS and i hear it runs pretty smooth as well. Plus the new mango update they just released is supposed to enable some pretty good multitasking, similar to that which RIM stole for the blackberry playbook. That will just have to tide me over until i get my hands on a TouchPad to reignite my WebOS experience. Its going to be very sad to see my Pre go, but damnit its time. I LOVE multitasking in WebOS, its all i do, so the only option is to find another OS with efficient multitasking and supplement the WebOS experience with a tablet, cuz Sprint has the best prices Hands Down.

I am a Sprint customer and a Pre/Android owner, and I have been in a deleima for a few months. I do not like Android after buying a EVO-4G and love my Pre-. I found myself using both phones and could never put my Pre down totally. I have sent emails to Sprint about the phone and have gotten no real response. I understand where Sprint is with the Pre and the Android. Heck they sale 12 models to date. and I only really want a Pre. I will be keeping my old phone as long as I possibly can and will switch when I just have too. I know HP will come out with an unlock at some point and That is the way I will go. I don't want to go the AT&T or verizon route on a permenant basis so will probably go the prepaid route and get one flashed with one of the local companies, heck maybe Metro PCS will get it next. I can only hope and see. I am no longer concerned about Sprint just the EcoSystem.

Long live "Pre"

The phone app on my Pre was busted, so as soon as I saw that first rumor about how Pre3 wasn't coming to Sprint, I went out and got the EV0 3D. I'm on a family plan, and I can't and don't want to leave Sprint.

I've been very let down by my new device. The only cool thing is the greater collection of apps. That's it. I've been told it's cause it's a HTC phone, but the entire interface is just... off. I feel like it takes 3-4 taps and swipes through menus just to do things I used to do with a swipe. Gmail app sucks. Facebook app sucks. Twitter's app is alright. Foursquare is okay. I miss Bad Kitty. I miss swiping while web browsing to move back and forth. I miss cards! Oh, how I miss the cards.

Considering going to Windows 7. WOuld love any advice if people own those devices.

i've always hated iphones. something about them just feels boring dull stupid and cliche to me (prolly cuz i had the ipod touch when it first came out). My wife has an android phone (evo) and the app market is amazing as are the widgets, but after being with webOS, its not for me. Windows Phone: i have a friend that has it and he loves it. The main screen tiles are pretty cool and with the new Mango update they just released multitasking should be far more applicable (it was almost literally nonexistent before.). I hear it is comparable to the card view employed by the RIM on the Playbook tablet. Personally, I'm going to WP7

Gmail app sucks? Shenanigans.

Gmail app sucks? Shenanigans.

Picked up an Arrive off eBay last week (off contract), and I love it so far. The email application is fantastic; it loads instantly and renders emails instantly (my Pre would take 30+ seconds to load an email, if it even did). The UI is very intuitive and easy to move through. The biggest thing to get used to is using the back button instead of the swipe gesture.

Integrating and importing contacts is seamless, just like on webOS. If they're on your gmail, Outlook or facebook, they'll be in your phone. And WP7 gives you the option to only import facebook contacts who are already in your contacts list. The app marketplace is well over 25,000 apps, including a lot of big name ones (Shazaam, Groupon, QR and barcode scanners, Netflix, and XBOX Live games), and is set to keep growing. And perhaps best of all, Microsoft has a roadmap for OS development (Mango in the late summer/fall, "Tango" sometime after, and "Apollo" after that), though those newer ones haven't had features revealed yet.

All this is on top of the fact that I have not noticed any lag with the Arrive, on any app. The screen quality is a huge step up from the Pre, the build quality is immensely better, and it has a legitimate way to sync music and playslists between the computer and the phone (over wifi, too).

The only thing I'm not thrilled with so far is the lack of multi-tasking (e.g. listening to last.fm and trying to respond to a text will cut off last.fm), but that will be remedied with the "Mango" update sometime next month or in September.

All in all, I'm very impressed by WP7, and am eagerly waiting for Mango to be released and to see what Nokia will put out on Sprint. Hope this helps.

I used to have a Pre Plus on Verizon until that phone got destroyed and I tired of not having data while conferencing.

I now have a DVP 16GB on TMO running Mango demo. It (HW/SW) is very nice and what MS should have released initially. Multitasking, like iOS, will be great once they make 3rd party apps to take advantage of it but will be much like iOS where it will be limited to only a few slots. The card-like view is neat and helpful but rarely used and doesn't have the swipe actions like WebOS. Some apps will still be allowed to sleep. I think once they release the Nokia "Sea Ray" with Mango that will be the phone to beat regardless of what Apple puts out next. Yeah, I like Mango that much.

With that said, I still feel WP7 is awkward compared to WebOS which I feel is simply the best available interface now and in the near future. WP7 hub metaphor is a nice try but not Synergy. Patching and side-loading is not/will not be possible without Android like jail-breaking. I will fully consider picking up an unlocked Pre3 and running it on TMO's EDGE if it proves to be practical. Yeah, I like my TMO contract and WebOS that much. I miss my Pre.

The poll seems pretty even between "staying with Sprint and giving up WebOS" and "staying with WebOS and giving up Sprint."

Personally I will switch as soon as the Pre3 is available. Probably to AT&T.

The frankenpre2 option is good for 2 reasons:
1. You save $10 a month not having to upgrade to the newer premium smartphone rates on Sprint
2. You are on the same contract period and can still switch any time and sell the pre 2.
Personally, I will be using my sprint pre 2 until there is another webos option on sprint, but they are not getting a dime from me to upgrade. If I decide to upgrade and there is no sprint webos device, then I'll leave sprint and pay more to another carrier in spite of them.

I can bet u a million bucks that HP is waiting for Apple's iphone5 release date before they also say their's for the pre3. They are trying to match the release dates/timeframes

it depends on what phone the company gets me. they are on Verizon and getting off BB. now if i can get a pre 3 on verizon, ill stay on sprint and get a wp7 phone.

i want the xbox achievements.

now if they wont get me a pre 3, but something else, i will probably (likely) move to whoever has a pre 3 available.

frakenpre is interesting, but if it cant be upgrade to be used fully with the tp, then not worth it to me.

As a launch Sprint Pre owner, if HP wants to "make things right", they will pay me the difference in price for a 2-year plan with Verizon or AT&T compared to Sprint. And that includes data usage, since Sprint's is unlimited.

That's the only way I'll consider even getting a Pre3 off Sprint, let alone a TouchPad.

For now, I'll keep using my dying Pre- until it's kaput. I don't even want to pay for a new battery (which it needs desperately). My contacts, memos, apps, etc, are not worth losing to switch OS platforms, IMO, but neither is switching to VzW/ATT worth the monetary cost.

I just bought two new batteries for my phone and the wife's for $6.58 (includes shipping) on eBay. Hopefully we can get a few more months out of the pre- and do a frankenpre when the prices drop for pre2.