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Next Palm Device Mock-up contest winners! 136

by Derek Kessler Thu, 04 Nov 2010 11:06 am EDT

Mock-Up Contest Winners

The votes are in and we’ve got a winner. In the week voting was open we received more than 7000 votes, but it came down to a dead heat right to the very end, with the top two entries separated by a scant 46 votes. But there can only be one winner (okay, there are three). Of the top ten finalists, the top vote getter will get a Palm Pre 2 (SFR, an unlocked device, or a Verizon device when available), while numbers two and three will receive $50 for the PreCentral Store.

Without further ado, the winner of the PreCentral Mock-Up The Next Palm Device Contest is the Palm Pre HD, by bhughes719! Coming in at a very close second was Jose Barajas’ Palm Superior HD, with Virox’s Pre 2, Palm Pad, and Palm Watch trifecta slotting in at third.

Congratulations to all entrants, finalists, and winners - there was a lot of great work submitted and we wish everybody could have won. And Palm, take note, as popular as the portrait slider keyboard is, there’s clearly also demand among the electorate for horizontal sliders and slate devices.

Check out the winning entries again after the break, and feel free to take a gander at all the other entrants in the original entries post. Congratulations again to our winners!

First Place - 20.84%

Palm Pre HD, by bhughes719

Packing a 3.8-inch AMOLED screen with buckets full of pixels, the Pre HD turns the keyboard onto its side with a new horizontal mode for side-by-side webOS cards. The Pre HD also gains a Micro SD slot, HDMI out, and a beefy 1800mAh battery.

Second Place - 20.21%

Palm Superior HD, by Jose Barajas

The Superior HD lives up to its name with the first high definition screen in a smartphone. Powered by webOS 2, the extra screen real estate is used for the new WidgetDeck, which rests right above the stacking and minimizing cards view.

Third Place - 15.17%

Palm Pre 2, Palm Pad, and Palm Watch, by Virox

The next generation in personal computing, the Pre 2, Pad, and Watch, all from Palm conspire to take you to the next level of connectivity. All move up to modern standards and then take a leap past, with the Watch in particular pushing the edge of modern consumer technologies with a flexible LED screen for notifications, reminders, and media controls.




Aren't we all past this whole "First!" nonsense...Seriously. Do people still post this on other sites? The only one I frequent is Engadget, but since they won't update their webOS app, I can't see the comments

It would've been great it bhughes719 were the one who wrote it. :)

Beat me to it :) I was going to post it as a joke but I was at work :/

congrats!!!!! just wondering.... do you currently own a palm device?

Thanks :)

Yeah, at the moment I have the pre plus and the TX, but I've owned numerous Palm devices over the years (the Pilot 5000, V, m105, m130, Zire 71, Sony Cli

Nice! Palm loyalist right here. I'm sure that there are going to be a bunch of HP tablets coming out soon running webOS. Also, I bet there will be at least two new phones coming out soon too. Hopefully....
Oh yeah, congratulations guys on the mock ups.

i bet a phone very similar phone to the pre HD will be release because that is one of the form factors that people want

I hope so, I know a lot of people would like the option for a landscape keyboard. I'm sure they'll release multiple designs for different people's interests, especially with HP's resources.

I hope so, I know a lot of people would like the option for a landscape keyboard. I'm sure they'll release multiple designs for different people's interests, especially with HP's resources.

I guess you could say that :) I had most of these devices before the age of 20 (I'm, 21 now), so lets just say I've been a Palm product user most of my life. No one can compete in terms of software and design. Sure, they don't release that many products these days, but after using webOS for the past year, I'm happy sticking with what they release, and I know I'd never be able to like a phone not made by Palm or a phone without webOS as much.

Also, I'd like to point out that I've been an avid HP user/fan my whole life too, so I was pretty excited when the HP was the one who bought Palm.

Just thought I'd put that out there :)

maybe the moderator should addend all "first" posts with "first! grade education".

Seriously, I would buy any of the top 3. These are awesome! More importantly, they appear to be doable. Maybe not with the thinness shown or with good battery life, but doable!

Your comment is very informative.


my favorite won (:

+1 not feeling a landscape keyboard. congrats to the winner!!!

the winner is the phone i would want exaaaactly, iv envisioned it just like that... he really nailed it.

if they release soemthing like that i, and im sure many others, would buy the shit outta it

how exactly does one "buy the sh*t out of something"? is it your contention that Hpalm will be placing merchandise for sale that is loaded with fecal matter, and that purchasers of these products will be overwhelmingly happy to buy the bowel bombs out of the phone?

Dont be a smart ass and get that plunger out of your ass, its obvious that what he said was that it would sell a lot!

Don't be an old fart. It's obvious that he knows what he meant and was just pointing out the humor in the wording. If you want formality, you're in the wrong place. Read the letters to the editor in the newspaper or something, not a blog post.

Combine #1 with #2 and that's a phone i'm drooling over. I would love the widget dock, the dual card view, and the wider keyboard, plus the bigger screen.

I want it all.

That would be a dream!

I still think the Palm Twist was the best.

A wider portrait keyboard that actually works in both portrait *and* landscape... with game controls and awesome grip. :)

Truly life-changing...

Oh well, congrats to the winners!

EDIT: I just don't understand the longer travel space between keys of landscape keyboards. Make the buttons smaller/rounder, then fat thumbs will have no problem. A landscape keyboard with large flat keys (VZ Droid, anyone?) is virtually impossible to type well on.

Thanks, I was the one who submitted the Twist concept.

I have to say, I am disappointed that the winners are so derivative, and I would not want to purchase the top two finishers (though I'd love each of the 3rd place devices).

Oh well, the voters have spoken, and congrats to the winners.

i voted for u bro. i have always thought there should b a gaming oriented webos phone with a joystick and buttons. i guess people were voting more based on what the next phone will more likely b rahter than awesomensess

You got my vote.

I really liked you design however I voted keeping in mind the plausibility and practicality of the design. With all the oreo effect ( which I don't have) issues with the current and very much common design I doubt any one would be going to take such a rsik with an entirely new design concept.

However, I really applaud your ingenuity I would buy a twist in a heart beat if it was offered :).

Well, my day job is as a mechanical engineer for a product design company, so I do things like design phone hinges every day. There would be no problem getting a slider/twist phone like I have shown. The problem with the Pre was twofold. First, they did a "curved" slider, which doesn't slide on a straight track, but instead curves. This was an interesting feature on sliders back in the day, because it put the mic right at your mouth, like with a flip phone, instead of normal sliders which were long and straight and the mic would stand off your face a bit. On the Pre, it makes no sense. The mic is attached to the top half. Curving the track actually makes the keyboard worse, by limiting the room it has. It also makes the phone thicker. Aside from all that, it's a more complicated design. But that's just half of it. Instead of designing nice looking visible tracks on the back side of the phone, they hid them, which makes the mechanism drastically weaker.
If I were designing the twist, I would not add in the curve from the Pre, and if necessary I would have some visible hinges on the back side.

I voted for the Twist solely for the landscape screen and the one-handed, portrait, QWERTY keyboard. South Koreans have been enjoying this basic form factor in their TV-enabled featurephones for a while. Also, remember the Mystery Compal MID from 2008?

The app/gaming buttons are not my thing, but are a nice bonus. I am not a fan of wireless-only connections, but it's certainly coming and, as a concept, is perfectly legit.

You got my vote too

I didn't see the contest until too late or I def would have voted for the twist even though i'm not a gamer. i think a form factor like could jump-start the gaming potential for webos. And you know for sure that when you pull that thing out of your pocket people are gonna ask you, "what is that?"
someone mentioned earlier that one of the pre's selling points is that you can fit it in your pocket with ease and that's important to me, too.
There are a few other ones that don't look like pre/pixis that i think are interesting, like the HD squared and the HD flip and even the Palm Pius (although I am partial to physical keyboards).

A lot of nice work out there folks. I hope something good comes out of this.

And I, for one, would definitely get even the Pre HD. I think the landscape keyboard would quiet a lot of the bitching I hear from people about the so-called "tiny keyboard".

+1 on the Twist


Totally agree! Give me the Twist, yo! best of both worlds. for some reason, that side-long keyboard makes me think of teenagers texting their angst-ridden hearts out to each other, stuffed with enough emoticons to choke a cow.

Twist the best of both worlds


im sure they are gunna release phones with larger screens. its gunna be sool to see how they utilize that extra screen space in webos. unlike android, im sure its gunna be way pretty than icons and text fields everywhere. long live WebOS

Then you must have an Android. WebOS and iOS won't support widgets.

That's about as absurd as saying back in the day "if you want an app store, then you should buy an iPhone".

Widgets are here to stay and are not the sole proprietary property of Android. and they are going to be on more and more phones. It's only a matter of time before webOS and iOS get them.

"won't" -- What's it like working for HP Palm? When are the new phones coming out?

why do you always respond with pompous absolutist responses, and alot of the time you're wrong.

You irk me sir. Please contribute instead of chastising.

Hell yes!! Who's working on this app????? It's gotta be possible. It almost seems simple: look at your screen when you have multiple enlarged notifications on top of one another. If you have an app open, it shunts it to the top of the screen.

that bit of code should be able to manipulated to work for a widget deck, right?

Please! Somebody be working on this.

Well the winner has the same design as the pre just bigger and a horizontal keyboard. I guess thats all it would take to make people happy as far as form factor goes. I hope Palm is looking at these.

I'm sure they are.

I'm sure they're also taking a much longer look at sales numbers of other devices and doing marketing research on average consumer focus groups and enterprise groups.

The fanboy market is not the same as the average consumer or enterprise markets.

That is awesome! I still like Virox design better but still I would buy all 3 of them if I could! Awesome work all involved!

Oh yea please HP buy these designs!!!

Heck they can have my designs..... just make the phone!

Wow, all great entries...third place was actually the one I picked for first, and the first place winner was my second choice...I would've entered but I don't know how to make a good mock-up like the ones above...I imagened a landscape slider with a 3.3 inch display, 800 x 480 resolution, 5 MP camera with extended depth of field and flash, 1GHz TI OMAP 3630-1000 CPU, proximity sensor, and the name "Palm Prime"...nuff said...but congrats to the well earned winner...

A 3.3" display would be a loser in the current market. The top selling phones all have 3.5" or larger.

I know many of my fellow Pre owners like the small form factor, and those folks (at least the Verizon and probably AT&T ones) will get the Pre 2.

But if HP wants to get back in the smartphone game, they need to at least match the screen size of the iP and the features (expandable memory first and foremost) of the Droid/EVO/Epic.

Congratz guys, you all designed products that I would happily buy from Palm! :D

...they're nice, but not for me...

Ugh. I hope I'm not forced to get landscape or slab-like webOS devices in the future.

I hope palm keeps innovating on their designs, not following like most people seem to want.


With HP in charge, they will produce several different form factors. There should be a phone out there to meet your needs as well as people with other preferences.

portrait keyboard, landscape keyboard, no keyboard.

you are saying they SHOULDNT create designs based on what most people seem to want?! thats the opposite of a good business model LOL... what they should so is simply offer multiple options of form factors running the wonder that is WebOS.

i wholeheartedly disagree. different strokes i guess.

Both firsts IMHO deserves the Palm Pre 2 prize. Hope HP/Palm take those designs as an example of what the consumer really wants and not keep launching the Pre Beta cover case/hardware crap design anymore.(compared with the competition, Yeah I know you still like it). Time to move forward.

I love them all. You guys are great. They are beautiful designs. I hope someone (HP) is watching, listening and paying attention.

I'm perfectly fine with a 3.1 inch display (it's the resolution that bugs me a bit)...I don't want a bigger screen, I'm happy with the Pre 2 (again, except the resolution)...see, the whole point with Palm is that they're all for one-handed use and pocketability...3.5 inches and bigger and it's just not that pocketable...I have an iPhone 4 that I use with a bumper, and I can't keep the thing in my pockets...imagine a Pre with a 4.3 inch display?...I'll pass...

ALL I want is a bigger screen! GIMME A BIGGER SCREEN!

PalmPad. Theres your bigger screen. Problem solved.

Jose Barajas was robbed.. 46 votes?! I demand a recount! =)

Congrats to all that entered, I really do hope HP is looking. Granted, they may something better... but Jose's widget area/minimization is just pure awesome.

The "WidgetDeck" is genius! That would be an amazing addition to webOS!

I'm not a huge fan-- I feel like it clutters an otherwise clean interface.

You don't have to install widgets so that area would be blank for you

...and if they put logic into their code, if you don't have widgets, then the cards would fill the entire area, as it's currently done. Your user experience would be exactly the same clean interface.

As for people that want widgets, they'll have a greater reason to buy and boast about the phone.

"logic into their code, if you don't have widgets, then the cards would fill the entire area"

If HPalm did exactly as you say in this regard, then I think it would greatly be accepted by the community and sure win over more.

Well I'm sure that the widgets would come included with some apps but a simple setting to enable/disable WidgetDeck would be nice.

I agree completely.

Derek -- would it be possible to post the poll results for all of the finalists? I'm curious to see how the others did. Of all the form factors, I thought the HD2 (LCGuy) had the best potential for a fresh/new look -- reminded me of that candybar WinMo 7 phone we saw a few weeks ago in the forums.

Regardless -- many solid options. Congrats to the top 3! That said: Palm/HP -- if you're following this poll, please keep in mind that many of us have zero intention of using a landscape slider. If a landscape slider was to be built, please make that in-addition to the portrait device.

+1 please!

i have 100% intention of using a landscape slider... make the pre HD plzzz for the love of AWESOMENESS plzzz make that phone

funny because i have zero intention of buying another portrait slider.

but i'm quite sure telling Derek what to build will have zero effect on what HP builds.

It's somewhat telling that the Palm Pre HD won first place.

I went to a Sprint store for the first time in over a year the other day. Handled the EVO and the Epic. Have to say-- both the user interface and the fit and finish of the industrial design leave something to be desired. Sure, internally those devices sport some nice hardware, but I still find myself preferring WebOS and the physical design of the Pre over those phones. The only other phone that interests me is the iPhone, which manages to pull off great hardware + industrial design + software and, let's face it-- a shload of cool apps.

I'd love the Pre HD. Same distinct form factor, larger / higher res screen + updated internals (better camera, WebOS 2.0 and the eventual apps utilizing the APIs WebOS 2.0 brings us-- better music and photo apps, music recognition apps, etc).

Here's hoping HP has something sweet lined up for early 2011.

Why the hell do so many people assume that hp will only have ONE WebOS device?!? Am I the only one who actually read the report about 5 or 6 new devices coming in 2011??

Yes. I think we will be seeing more than one form factor too from HP.

I personally love the winning design and would snap a phone like that up in a heart beat. But a slate phone would work too. Put some real size onto the Pre design and I could deal with that as well.

I just noticed. The problem with the second place winners design is the itty bitty touchstone. That phone wont fit on there. lol

That's too funny.... I made it way too small!

It needs a TouchPlate! lol j/k awesome job tho!

Its cool. Good job and congrats.

I didn't vote but i really like Jose Barajas'

I voted for Jose Barajas

i once had a simple LG phone with a landscape keyboard. i typed almost as fast on that as i do on a comp keyboard. i would love to have a phone like that... also i like to play games on my phone. a landscape keyboard is the way to go for that, especially since it will have directional arrows. plus, even if ur not gunna open it to use the kb it will have a portrait virtual kb im sure.

I had the Voyager and could type really fast because of the landscape keyboard, having keys I didn't have to look at to see what I'm texting. I'm not saying I have a problem with the pre keyboard, but at first, it was difficult to type on. I've gotten used to the keyboard by now, but I'd still rather have a landscape keyboard. I know a lot of people who I convinced to get a pre want one too (that, and a portrait virtual keyboard so they don't have to slide the phone open all the time to type.) That was the main deciding factor for my design.

Also, I know that most average smartphone users or those switching over to smartphones try the Palm phones in the store and decide to go with an android phone because of the landscape keyboards. They just want whats easiest to use.

Love all of them. One thing on the first place winner is when in landscape mode, the finger will cover the camera more often than not, yes?

Beautiful work folks! Love it!

I dont think it would be a problem. If you have a pre, take it and turn it sideways and pretend it's the keyboard. It wouldn't be a problem when taking pictures either, it would be the same as recording video on the current pre.

Congrats to all - great job!
I love the size and form factor of my Palm Pre Plus and Pre 2 but would like to see HP offer other form factors.
The best is yet to come!

Congrats to all who won, and great work for all that submitted.

The Superior's OS improvements was what I liked more than the design change itself. The widget deck, widget and card minimazation, card indicators ( below cards in image, littlte dots ), just talk/just type was brilliant. I hope that HPalm is watching and that other OS's aren't. I would hate to see Android snatch the widget deck idea.

Wow... you noticed even the tiny details! Come on palm! Please use my ideas......

I love that Pre HD mockup. I would buy that if HP makes it happen.

id run over old ladies on my way to pick that up if it were released

stay small or change the name to HAND....the Pre 2 is the perfect upgrade....

happy for the winners

well in that case we can call it the Hand Pre Plus Pro or the H3P. Lol

Funny, but did you ever own a Palm PDA? Not exactly palm sized.

I killed me a bear once with my trusty Treo. Just threw it at the critter's head and the Treo won.

-Daniel Boone

apparently they didn't consider whether the design could actually be produced, or if the feature combinations would be workable. For example, would an 1800mA battery fit? Would it be sufficient? Would it be too much (can a battery every bee too much?), what would it weigh? Would it require new chargers and touchstones, etc...

don't get me wrong, I'd buy the winner tonight if they build it. The question is, can it actually be built?

congrats to the winners!!!

They are beautiful but neither Number 1, nor 2 are possible. They omitted the gesture area. It could be shrunk a bit, but not eliminated. Otherwise a great job and very well done on the renderings.

What are u talking about..... they both have gesture areas.... they are just shrunk down....

They both have gesture areas. The winner even has a line pointing at the gesture area in the photo.

bigger screen, bigger keyboard, and bigger battery is what webOS needs, or webOS is going nowhere with consumers.

Dear Palm,

I would pay $300 with a 2/yr, even $350, for the Palm Superior HD. Minimizing cards is something I've wanted for a while, glad I'm not the only one. What a great widget solution too. Please make that phone so I don't have to go to android.

weak sause I can't stand that oval look with the keyboard slid out. I like everything but that, that's why the superior got my vote.

This contest sucks! All of the phones look alike what about being creative and not who can do photoshop the best?

I hate to say it, but I agree, except for the Superior HD, and even there it is a matter of the tweaks in the OS and nothing revolutionary in the phone design. The HD is a landscape keyboard pre, and the 3rd place pre 2 looks nearly identical to the current iteration, except for being a bit more thin.
I personally liked the R1 by David Rhyne and the original mock-up, the C40 by David Vogt. I'm not trying to take anything away from the winners, so please don't be offended. Just my opinion.

superior HD all the way baby, do not like sliding keyboard or any hardware keyboard.

Very good. I managed to vote twice, once each for the HD and the superior!

Congrats everyone! And more congrats to you bhughes719 as I voted for your design. That design ROCKS. I love the Samsung Epic but I think it's a bit TOO big, I don't want to pay that lame ass $10 charge for having a 4G phone, and I don't want to leave the beauty that is WebOS! I hope HPalm have something coming out like that in the future (on SPRINT)!

By the way, what are you going to be doing with the Palm Pre 2? I hope YOU'RE not on Sprint!

The winner should have an option to wait a bit and have his choice between all the upcoming WebOS devices.

yeaahh i thought the same thing

Great, now where's my webos watch?


Palm should include something like Superior HD (my choice) in their line up. It will go nicely with the Palm Pre form factor.

Happy to see that others like it too.

I liked a lot the clock one. Props to everyone, only thing I dont like is that some really look huge, but they are really good.

About adding to the UI widgets and so... my two cents: Just including everything that people think they want because you feel there is demand is one of the worst thing that can happen to an interface. If you break the experience you break the whole system.

I do believe that is actually very important that a designer has a unique and coherent vision for the whole interface and experience. Just throwing things to a wall because we feel there is demand is not the way to go to any UI.

I just hate widgets anyway, they meant nothing on OS X, windows, android and the like. The whole "desktop" metaphore is something I think we should get rid of. webOS cards was actually an incredible way of making elegant an approach (the windows one) that was getting rotten.

With the changes to the UI of the Superior you don't have to have widgets. Just turn them off and enjoy the bigger screen. The idea to a perfect UI is a fully customizable OS. Look at what the patching community has done for the OS and UI of WebOS to date. I personally would like it if all settings, menus, etc could be adjusted natively without the need for a patch. The more options and control I have over the experience the more I can make it fit my personal needs. Prime example, minimizing cards and stacks. Would love to have that option on my Pre. Control of the sounds and notifications for contacts, charging, calling, texting, etc built in. Even if I'm Joe Blow off the street who doesn't use anything but factory settings, I would have the options available as a power user. It's easier to turn off options than to make them when they don't exist.

So, bring on the widgets, the volume controls, just speak, card minimization, and all of those other geeky settings that will make WebOS the dominating OS in the smart phone/tablet market.

Okay folks, I as well as most of you am a Palm Loyalist. When the Pre first came out I insisted that the device has a physical keyboard..... well until I saw the mock up for the superior hd. That device looks incredible... the device that won would be great if it was bigger..... Since Palm announced that it would come out with several devices i would hope they would make both.... PLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese Palm listen to us..... I want to stay with you guy.....gimmie a reason to...

Great contest..congrads to all the winners. Here's an idea for the next contest. How about the same format for what webOS 3.0 should look like? How bout it Precentral?

That would be awesome! I have so many other ideas I didn't use! I would love to have a contest to showcase them! Let's make this happen PreCentral! Any prize will do... let's just see what people can come up with......

Palm Superior ftw. I would love that extra screen real estate with the widget dashboard. The ability to minimize either one of the widget dashboard or the card view space would be totally awesome. Although clear card would go outta business. But then again, the clear card guys could just make widget app to display pictures.

The Palm Pre HD almost stole my vote since its such an awesome design too. To be able to show two cards at once is true multitasking (especially with multitouch tech, you could manipulate both cards at once). But the giant Superior and widget oh man. Put both phones together and I'd buy a hundred just cause.

Yeah! My choice won, I would pay for the Pre HD without an upgrade. Congrats, I love your design. Get that in production HP!

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!

Really nice work, everyone!


Twist the best of both worlds...

No offense to the Palm Superior, but that screen doesnt seem like a realistic size with the bezel. See if that size of phone fits properly on that touchstone pictured next to it. It wont. All nitpicking aside, I like the concept of widgets.

I really believe Virox should have won. Everything was executed beautifully. It looked like a real ad. Everything looked realistic in terms of hardware as well. And he mocked up all the devices.

+1 I agree completely about Virox.

Maybe I am a bit of a conspiracy kind of guy, but after looking over Virox's entry again I have some thoughts to share. If you Google "Virox", you will find that there is a company with this same name and they manufacture hydrogen peroxide sterilizer. This is also called "AHP"... A HP... An HP employee??? I also noticed the striking similarity to the Palm Pre 2... And couldn't help but pick up the info about the battery. I did some poking around and have yet to find a Pre battery stating the info that is stated in the details of his phone. 1600 mAh Akku battery... Is it a better version of what we have or a hint on what we will be seeing soon? I'm on to you HP employee, I mean Virox... I'm on to you...

What I'm most interested in is the innovation ideas. What do folks think might be possible or cool. For example, a landscape slider, while it might sell well, isn't really innovation. There are dozens of phones out there that are landscape sliders. So back to innovation - If you could only choose one idea/concept/function that's new, what would you add to the next generation phone. (and 4G can't be it - that has to be a given or HPalm goes down in flames).

My choice is Chameleon Glass (but then I designed it). But I still would like to see/hear others idea of what's the next single big idea.

Kudos to each and everyone that submitted a design and specced it. I want to go on to the next gen on Sprint and can live with quite a few designs shown. 4G is a must though.
Why stay on sprint? I have a few phones on it and the deal combined is unbeatable $ wise. At the end of the day that plays a big role for me.

Even though we all couldn't be first, second, or third place winners.. Congrats to all participants.

[i]--Sent from my palm pre

Palm needs to have that front camera for video calling in order to be competing with these next gen smartphones.. HD Res.. Also 4g a must.. And slingmedia.. Where are u

Do we know how video calling is working out? Any testimonies from anyone that uses video calling on their smartphone?


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So many good designs! I sure hope H/Palm takes note of what we really want! A lot of these designs really seems possible and would blow away the competition! I need them to bring one out soon!

My dream phone:
* The same form-factor, screen size, resolution of the Palm Superior HD, but as a portrait sldier with a screen that can rotate with a solid "click" like the Palm Twist.
* microSDHC, microUSB, microHDMI
* 7MP+ rear camera with dual LED flash, autofocus, tap-to-focus, 720p or 1080p HD video recording (H.264)
* 1GHz+ processor (maybe dual-core?)
* 1GB+ RAM
* High-capacity battery and excellent battery life (so I can use it heavily all day and not need to charge until bedtime)
* Front-facing camera (2MP?) for video chat (compatible with Qik, FaceTime, Skype, etc)
* Loud stereo speakers/speakerphone
* Native visual voicemail
* Opera Mini with Mobile View
* WebOS WebKit browser plus Adobe Flash or Skyfire Browser
* JustType with JustSpeak (from Palm Superior HD)
* WidgetDeck with Minimize (from Palm Superior HD)

Yeah, I need it NOW!


Also, I prefer the plastic screen. I can't tell you how many cracked and shattered glass screens I've seen on every model of phone that has a glass screen while I've only ever heard one person say they've cracked a plastic pre screen (and he was a big fella). Up the resolution and I don't see any reason to switch to glass, do you?

Glass screens all the way! Sprints new insurance plan covers broken screens for free!

the palm watch is beyond retarded

I bet you're all disappointed with the new phones Palm/HP came up with yesterday. I had a very disapointed laugh for sure.