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Nexus 7 dual-Touchstone mod concocted by none other than Rod Whitby 11

by Ryan St. Andrie Wed, 19 Dec 2012 8:06 pm EST

Nexus 7 Touchstone mod courtesy of Rod Whitby

Over the years we've witnessed dear friend and webOS hacking guru Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals fame perform all types of webOS hackery. From the infamous Frankenpre surgery to bricking the tiny Veer while trying to find out what makes Touch to Share tick, Whitby has had his hand in projects most of us would never dare to go. One of his most recent passions has been to perform Touchstone mods on all manner of devices, but this time he has definitely topped even the coolest of Touchstone mods with his absurd Nexus 7 project. 

Using two Touchstone charging coils and two Touchstone dock pucks  - two - Whitby has successfully completed a project that will have you charging your Nexus 7 with the ease of wireless charging. Charging can be done via one or two Touchstone chargers but only using one will result in a slow trickle charge that would be fine for charging over night but not for much else. If you want a good normal charge you will need two phone Touchstone chargers working in tandem to get the job done. Granted this isn't the most ideal manner of wireless charging, but it's a start (and a damn cool one if we say so ourselves). In the future, Whitny plans on attempting a follow-up surgery making use of the larger and more powerful (not to mention tablet-intended) TouchPad Touchstone dock.

Is this something we would perform? Probably not. Whitby's put together some impressive documentation to guide any brace souls through the process, but it's a bit too intense for us (and likely all but the most daring hardware hackers). In the meantime, a round of applause to Mr. Rod Whitby for an impressive job well done and for keeping those of us that have been following this project's progress thoroughly entertained over the past few week.


Plesdr show us how to get webOS on all deviced

Going out on a limb and saying N7 will be a future Open webOS device. Rod has stated in the past that inductive charging was a requirement.

I hope you are right. THAT WOULD ROCK

I thought the USB otg mod on the touchpad on xda last week was cool too.. No one seemed to notice...

Probably because this thread has been going in the forums since December 2011

Nexus 4 is in the picture. Is that a hint?

Why not start out with the tablet touchstone charger? Or was it the case that he had a coils from a couple of phones handy and didn't have a spare set from a Touchpad?

Thanks! I saw in one of the other pages where he wrote that the TouchPad charging electronics are integrated into the TouchPad's main board and that's the reason why they can't be used for anything else. :(

damned clever as always.

It looks like he's combined a Touchpad and phone touchstone so he can charge both tablets: