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NFL Mobile Live Coming to Palm Pre August 1st 45

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 09 Jul 2009 11:28 am EDT

A Sprint support page indicates that NFL Mobile Live will be coming to the Palm Pre on August 1st. We just heard that we should be able to expect webOS 1.1 within a month, but we didn't know if it would come with more apps. We can't say for sure that NFL Mobile Live will come with 1.1, but it seems like a solid guess to us. In the comments on that 1.1 post, DSulls points us to a Sprint Support site about NFL Mobile live for the Palm Pre, indicating some excellent news:

  • NFL Mobile Live will be delivered via an OTA Update
  • It will be pre-loaded on all Palm Pre phones on August 1st

Similar to Sprint's NASCAR app, NFL mobile live allows you to get live audio of every regular season game, Live video of certain NFL Network games, and live NFL Network video 24/7.  Not to mention "Red Zone Alerts" to let you know when a team is likely to score. Since Sprint requires an Everything Data plan, there won't be any additional charge for the app.

Color this Vikings-fan-in-Florida excited, following my precious Purple will soon be a lot easier. 

Thanks, DSulls!



This is definitely a good thing, unlike the nascar app.

Just in case sprint takes it down, here's a screencap

wow i love me some sprint


this will be awesome!

I can't wait for the update and I can't wait for the NFL season to start either!

Yes sir! Bought my jersey the day it was available...

Too bad Jay Cutler and the Bears are going to CRUSH the Vikings! ahahhaa

Man these are some good comments. That sprint post really gives me encouragement that there is plenty coming for the pre

Oh how I wish there would be an MLB app too :(


It is $3.99/month or $14.99/season. I would like 3 seasons, please.

as a Jet fan, im not sure what this FootBall game is.

That SportingNews Pro Baseball app is pretty decent, i follow my Rays / Tigers with it

Oh...oh my. I just goo'ed.

lol @ felipe

MLB app

I hope Sprint charges $19.99/month for the NFL app, just so the poor white trashing people suffer and I laugh. (to be read with the voice of Bruno)

This is Sprint, not AT&T.

nice! cant wait for the season to start :)

This is great news! I don't have the NFL Network so now I can watch games on that channel. Sweet. Go Chargers!

You can already watch NFL Network right now on your Pre.

Yeah, GO BOLTS! I hope the frame rate is better on the app than on SprintTV. It's too choppy to see the action.

I know I do not have a common opinion of football, but I'd like the ability to delete this NFL app along with the Nascar app.

cd /usr/palm/applications

rm -rf


Yes, that works, but it requires rooting the Pre. Ideally what I'd like to see is the NFL app offered for free in the app store but NOT automatically installed as part of an update. I guess the agreement Sprint has with the NFL requires that the app be forced upon subscribers.

Vikings fan!?!? I sports hate you and your purple indoor team.

Born in raised in Wisconsin. Moved away for work. Packers fan for life.

Oh, and for good measure: Bears and Lions suck, too.


My "gotcha" for satellite/cable is sports. MLB local games (which include Cubs, Sox, Cardinals and Brewers where I am) are blacked out on their service. NFL doesn't stream much. I get Big Ten basketball streamed on their website (mediocre quality), but other conferences and all football games are missing outside ESPN360. This news is a tiny step in my direction for getting rid of the TV services...

Hmm, another app people will complain they cannot delete?

That NFL Mobile Live support page has been up since launch...surprised it was just caught.

Vikings . . . .

Glad to see someone with some minnesota ties.

I knew there was a hidden reason I liked this site so much.

As someone who lives in a city without a pro football team (Detroit), this means nothing to me.

Oh wow. Another useless app from Sprint to go at the bottom of my third screen along with the NASCAR app and Sprint TV. I'd much rather have that precious memory space taken up by a video recorder app and the ability to search emails and calendars.

We found someone in the minority of people who don't enjoy football!

I totally agree. I don't have a problem with Sprint releasing apps for sports fans. I just wish they'd give me the ability to delete non-essential apps that I'm not going to use. Heck, I'd even settle for just removing them from the menus.

Isn't it possible for someone to like football but still not want that app on their cell phone? I didn't say that I don't enjoy football (although it happens to be true). I would just prefer that it be an optional download for those who want it instead of being foisted upon everyone who owns a Pre on the Sprint network.

I love football, but college football is the name of the game in this area. I've got no need for this. Shouldn't force apps on people, no matter what

Hmm... I wonder if this means the 1.1 update will be coming on August 1st then.

Another Floridian Vikings fan is in your presence. =)

I actually wouldn't mind this one, but I had damn well better be able to uninstall it without jumping through flaming hoops. I'm looking at you, Sprint NASCAR app.

"Vikings fan!?!? I sports hate you and your purple indoor team.

Born in raised in Wisconsin. Moved away for work. Packers fan for life.

Oh, and for good measure: Bears and Lions suck, too.


My sentiments as well. Packer's Fan here. It's on Dieter! It's on! By the way, enjoy your gimped Favre... ;-)

On topic: I'm quite excited about this app. I was hoping it would come out eventually and it's great that we'll have it for the upcoming season.

The MLB app would be nice to have. I held the Pre for the first this morning as my Centro's LCD was being replaced. I went to the, but forgot to test the Fantasy Football page. That's what needs to be tested!!!!

I don't want this crap on my phone. You can bet it will be just like the Nascar application that uses memory, clutters the launcher, and can't be deleted.


Indeed. It will be forced down on us as part of a big update with stuff we want/need.

I like football as much as the next guy, but I don't like having apps forced onto my set. If they want to offer this, why can't it go in the App Catalog? Isn't that what App Catalog is for?

I hope Directv makes the super fan app like on the stupid iPhone where we get to watch all the games on Sunday live that sounds awesome

Vikings fan in Florida??? TRY IN SOUTH TEXAS... Following my beloved Purple People Eaters will be soo much fun this year... EVERY DAY I FEEL SO GOOD ABOUT SWITCHING FROM THE IPHONE TO MY PALM PRE!


sprint football live