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No ETA on Documents To Go Premium for webOS 138

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 17 Feb 2010 12:22 pm EST


We heard some big news about Documents To Go Premium today at Mobile World Congress. Big news for other platforms.  DocsToGo for iPhone is getting local sync and Google Docs Sync. DocsToGo for Android is getting those sync options and also printing and projector support.

When we asked about an ETA for DocsToGo Premium for webOS, however, DataViz wasn't able to say, nor even confirm that the first half of 2010 (the last delay) is still the target, although DataViz's product page still lists "early 2010" as the expected date.

It's a major bummer, given that Documents To Go Premium is stellar on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, PalmOS, and Symbian (click the image above to expand). DocsToGo Premium is also the number one paid business app on the iPhone App Store and DataViz has sold over 50,000 premium licenses on the Android Market. DataViz wasn't this blunt but we will be: a developer's gotta eat.

Palm simply hasn't sold enough webOS devices to force developers to sit up, take notice, and feel compelled to adjust their schedules and develop for the platform. We can't say for sure that other platform priorities have pushed back work on the webOS version - but it wouldn't shock us and as much as it pains us to say it, you can't blame a developer for working on what's hot.


Jeez. I just might turn back to my 755p. This is frustrating.

KEEP THE TREO, I had to turn mine back on. Pre is a nice to play with, but its not ready to step into the combat boots of the Treo. Doc, synch, battery...

There is no legacy support for Garnet and now WebOS is being sidelined by market share as a fresh startup device.

This is not an issue with the Pre. The developer needs to step up to the plate. I am sure with the reported success of the Palm Pre and Pixi at Verizon (combined with Sprint), this developer is wishing that their software were already completed.

With its enhanced performance, extended battery life, best in class and fun user interface, the Palm Pre is turning out to be a winner.

I am certain DataViz wished their software were already available for this great smartphone platform. The bottom line is that they have already provided a viewer for webOS and have stated their commitment to release the full software early this year. So I don't understand what all the speculating is about.

Best marketing trumps best product. Professionals need certain apps and capabilities. Five good apps on a Treo is better than 5000 half assed apps on a phone that struggles to complete a two hour meeting without a recharge.

Well, all of the feedback to DataViz is working, they now have posted a place where you can register for email updates for webOS, the more people that register, the faster this will happen:

That has existed since Dataviz originally announced they were working on Docs2Go for WebOS. But, yes, good for people who want Docs2Go to register - the more interest the better!

Looks like it's time for a hungrier developer to jump in and fill the void.

Yes...and maybe time to port Open Office for Linux to webOS.

Even better idea!


Developers, how possible is that?

Probably not very. Even if you could manage to get it ported, which would be a Herculean task (it's Java-based IIRC, so you'd have to get Java up and running first) the user experience would be pretty horrific since it's not designed for a small screen or even a touch-based interface.

It's time for Palm to write/sanction a true emulator. Actually, its too late as I'm sure that most Garnet users found a work around or moved (or are moving) to another platform.

I would expect DataViz to role out a port of the iPhone version of the product, compiling with the PDK. Seems like the easiest path with the best functionality. If they were smart and worked with Palm for early PDK access, like the game companies.

I went to the product page and it still reads "early in 2010" for me. Still, it would be nice to have this. Anyone know of any other developers that may be working on this type of app?

article fixed. Stupid CMS

This is SOOO epic fail! Palm Should be doing whatever to coaxem to get their promise a reality. Honestly if dataviz isnt taking webos seriously then its time to move on. Prolly a google plan to work google docs better for webos.

I agree, if Palm wants any chance of hitting the business market they better be bending-over backwards to get DatViz on board! I love webOS but Android is looking like a better and better option every day :-/ Speed, apps, support, hardware.... come'n Palm - get with the program!

This is exactly why Palm introduced their million dollar contest for apps. They're trying to push the developers to jump in. I thought that was a pretty bold statement on their part.

Thank you for pointing this out! I wish some of these other posters would pay closer attention.

I doubt any developer could create a professional level app in three weeks or less, nor that one could be ready even seven weeks later when the contest ends next week. When you give three weeks notice for a four week contest, you get apps with a 25c pricetag and images of girls in bikinis. If the contest ran for 4-6 month's, it might get some attention for high level apps.

Pre is shaping up quickly to be a gaming and internet phone. And leaning far away from Treo identity as a professional workhorse device.

No software company that I know of would consider a contest like this when considering a software development project.

Which one do you know?

Well, apparently all of the software developers that aren't in The App Catalog right now. One would imagine that we have probably already seen all of the fruits of the contest because anyone who wants to win would want their apps in the store as long as possible to accumulate sales.

Maybe, but I don't think that's a good example as the app catalog seems to be growing at a reasonable rate. So again, which developers are you saying "will not" bite for the prize?

The contest was set up to harvest the low-hanging fruit. Small apps and port-able apps from other platforms. It was an effort to build up a high app-count, not flood the catalog with high power apps that take several months to develop.

As a user of docs to go in the past I wish we could have it for the Pre.

+1 for a hungrier developer to come in with some type of program to allow us to edit, create and syc docs. I'd pay for it!

google docs works pretty nice on my pre. I used the excel for my Xmas list

*web version

The Excel? It's not Excel. It's Google Spreadsheet.

I guess Excel has become the kleenex/xerox/ketchup/pick-ur-favorite-brand of spreadsheets.

Kleenex and Xerox are still protected trademarks, and have not been legally "genericized." They spend a lot of money each year trying to ensure that remains true.

Google, on the other hand, seems content to hasten the day when we'll all be googling ourselves on Bing. {Jonathan}

Too tell you the truth, I tested out Zoho Office via the browser and it seemed to work fine. I didn't do extensive amount of editing but it worked with what I did.

Please say it isn't so - I really hope it isn't. Palm and Dataviz have been close partners for a long time and doc editing capability on WebOS is something that would benefit both companies. WebOS sales haven't been stellar but are no doubt going to pick up a lot in 2010 (the new Verizon commercials are showing continuously during the Olympics coverage on NBC).

The last update Dataviz gave was that it would be available in early 2010. I sent a customer service request just yesterday given there hasn't been any update from them in a while. I would suggest that everyone consider submitting feedback to them on this.

Also, with Palm's work on the PDK, it should ultimately make a WebOS port easier (and make it easier to maintain). I've been wondering what the relationship is between the Dataviz port and the PDK (as far as helping Palm develop the PDK and/or hindering Dataviz's efforts to port Docs2Go code used on other platforms to WebOS). A lot of PDK apps are in the game department but apps like Classic and Docs2Go clearly need access to C code as well. Was the Docs2Go port started before the PDK was stable, for example? Is the PDK now sufficiently stable to not cause rework for applications that leverage it?

I love this platform dearly, but the sense of lost momentum lately pains me.

I stuck it out with Commodore till the bitter end back in the 80s/90s. That ugly d

Oh, there's plenty of momentum among developers for webOS, and the pending release of the PDK (enabling easier porting of sophisticated apps) will only accelerate that. The delays/cancellation of a few notable and anticipated apps (Docs2Go, eReader) do not make a trend. That said, I wonder if Dataviz is merely biding its time, hoping that the PDK will enable it to reuse the iPhone code rather than do any new development. If that's the case, Palm needs to quickly and effectively get the PDK into Dataviz' hands, as it did for EA Mobile and the other 3D game publishers, and support a *rapid* porting of Docs2Go even in beta to webOS *now*. {Jonathan}

Unless the need to reboot my Pre after every PDK-using app is dealt with I view the PDK as less of a positive. I don't know if I should be blaming the developers or Palm, but that and the "too many cards" crap has become much more than just a nuisance... if it wasn't for the reboot scheduler app I started using a few days ago I'd be ready to throw the thing against a wall... that coming from someone who really loves webOS.

Still have my old Amiga4000 Video toaster, in a box in the basement...

I've felt it too, the Palm Pre could very well be the Commodore Amiga of the 21st century. ;-(

Still have my (Sprint) Centro. Love to get a Pre - but not without Docs to Go, Splash ID and some sort of easy desktop backup and restore (I've given up on a full desktop app). I use these three all the time and I cannot see jumping DOWN to the Pre, no matter how much fun it would be. I care nothing about games - I need a work tool (and a good cell phone). I want notes, tasks, calendar, memos, office integration, e-mail and web to work perfectly -- the rest is icing on the cake. [And, of course, no SD slot is, in my view, a real mistake.] The Pre does some of these but not all. Actually, all it would really take is Splash ID, Docs, and backup/restore - I'd deal with the rest.

"DataViz wasn't this blunt but we will be: a developer's gotta eat.

Palm simply hasn't sold enough webOS devices to force developers to sit up, take notice, and feel compelled to adjust their schedules and develop for the platform."

...Chicken or the egg? This is one piece of functionality that I think plays a major role in the decision that consumers have to make. I, too, was a user of Docs 2 Go on the PalmOS and I loved it. Now, I don't think that I necessarily have the need to edit docs on my phone, but if I did need to - as I can understand is a factor - Palm's new handsets aren't even in the running for my money.

Do I absolutely need to edit a doc wherever I'm at? Then I'm going to BlackBerry. It's that simple, and I think that is the decision that people are making now. Realistically, I don't even expect it to come to webOS now.

I agree with you about chicken/egg, and I also strongly suspect that what has kept Palm from prioritizing the rollout of a BT keyboard (my favorite complaint, you know) is the lack of demand for it, which is driven by the lack of Docs2Go. Consider that, in the original PalmOS platform, it was only after the creation of the first non-Memos DOC format for true on/off-device writing and editing that the 1st external keyboard solutions were developed. {Jonathan}

DataViz did say they were going to produce it and have not delivered on the promise and don't appear to be putting any resources into doing so. They did the viewer programs so it's not like they are working from scratch. We gotta call this a FAIL and move on to something else.


Thats all I will say... ugh...

I second that.


The wost part is, everyday I walk right past my Treo 700P with the poor camera and screen size...

I guess it is true, the grass is not always greener on the other side. I know I have run into a few dead dried up patches (Yes Im looking at you DataViz!)

Contrary to the opinion of some around here, market-share and size does mean a lot. Of the six viable platforms represented on that chart, Palm/WebOS is the weakest in terms of global market-share and financial strength. It's not enough to make a profit and slowly grow market-share. Not when your platform is #6 out of 6. Just selling more devices doesn't increase market-share. One of the other platform has to really fall off a cliff (they have to do a Palm OS).

Just think about how much work and development cost each one of those check boxes represents. Which one would you write off in order to cut costs in a pinch?

With the announcement of Windows Mobile 7, Palm is facing a huge uphill battle starting off behind Apple & RIM, quickly surpassed by Android, and with Microsoft gearing up.

Participants in this little WebOS platform will have to be satisfied with homebrew-type apps going forward. There really isn't much reason for larger developers to pay much attention to WebOS unless it's a hobby.

I bought a Palm Pre and got a Palm Pixi for my wife late January once they hit the Verizon network. I love my phone and so does my wife.

If it wasn't for the size I would have gone with the Motorola Droid, but at this point in my life, I wanted a small smartphone that fit in my pocket without a giant bulge (can't have two giant bulges in my pants :) ) AAANNNYYWAYYY, It's sad that data viz isn't coming to WebOS b/c it shows you how weak the OS is in the market.

Whose to blame? Palm. #1 they went with Sprint out the door, and when you partner up with a company that is loosing half a million customers a month, don't think you are going to gain grounds on other competition #2, I blame PALM for the absolutely lowsy marketing with the Pre in its infancy (scary lady commercials = epic fail).
#3, I blame PALM for being 18 months too late. If this phone had come out the beginning of 2008 like the iphone 3G did, Palm would be huge again.

Don't get me wrong I am a devoted Palm user hence why I still got on the webOs bandwagon, but do you hear that....yeah that sound in the distance...yeah that's the sound of Palm bombing and going out of business.


All good points.

Let's hope the Pre2 is a re-awakening for webOS. If it isn't, then it may be too late.

Without DTG, the need for Pre2 becomes diminished. Just keep upgrading the Pre and Pixi, no need for a third form factor.


Your information is all wrong!

Sorry, but unfortunately, you really do not know what you are talking about.

#1. Correction: DataViz has announced that their software is coming to the Palm Pre first half of 2010. Their reps at the show may "not" have been authorized to responds to any further inquiries.

#2. Based upon Palm's performance and analyst reports, Palm is currently selling million Palm Pre and Palm Pixi smart phones. There is great excitement for Palm's industry leading webOS operating system.

#3. Palm is doing everything right. When something does not work (like some of their earlier commercials), they discontinue them. The market opportunity is quite great for Palm. In fact, the iPhone has less than 5% of the global phone market share. So there is opportunity for everyone. And webOS is about 2 years ahead of iPhone OS. The iPhone can only run one developer application at a time. Whereas the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi can run over ten applications at the same time (this is called multitasking). The iPhone will not be able to run Flash 10.1. Yet Palm has already built Flash 10.1 support into webOS 1.4. The iPhone was innovative three years ago, but it is now showing its age - its interface is like a calculator.

#4. Based upon early reports, Palm will sell millions of phones at Verizon this year. And by June 2010, will be launched at AT&T.

Conclusion: The Palm Pre (with webOS) is the most innovative, modern, and fun smartphone platform currently available.

I wouldn't mind so much if I was in the US and able to BUY Classic, but in Europe, without paid apps, I'm stuck with no document editing on the go, as I have had for years on PalmOS.

Classic just grandfathers in a few games and light weight apps, many of which are now covered by WebOS. Look at their site to see which apps are supported and then decide if you really want Classic.

Hammer their Facebook page until we get an answer. If we post enough times they will have to respond.

I don't mean to be critical, but if MWC is set up like most shows, I would assume they have a booth. Stop by the booth and see if you can get them to comment.

no this no that... Just a buncha no!!

This news really makes me think that it may be time to go back to BlackBerry. Whike I like my pre, the issues of no syncable memos or tasks, combined with no document editing are causing me to risk my wife's wrath and buy a Tour!

Sorry, that's supposed to be while, not whike!

Funny just brought this up in the last post...thanks for the update but this SUCKSSS!!!

Well said, a developer must eat.

I've begun converting my apps for multi-platform, which is a bit sad because that means I cannot use Ares.

Or you could get Classic and use Docs to Go on that like many of us do.
Though that also hurts WebOS since DataViz is already selling D2G to people who really want it and use it via Classic.

I'm currently using it this way, and its better than nothing. But editing a spreadsheet in classic is not any easy task, and can be quite a PIA.

Seriously people. Post on their Facebook page, let them know your disappointment. They read it and reply frequently. we've had two post's, but need more.

I agree, if there has to be a grassroots push, SO BE IT.

Too bad they have fan comments turned off!

Clarification: you can no longer write on their wall. Post away on their discussion boxes, and the comments on their iphone developments.

10 comments so far, hopefully we can get a few others.

I posted.

Up to 26 posts now - largest amount of posts on any Dataviz FB discussion forum topic in 9 months. Keep it up!

I posted...

likewise. looks like 6 posts on the wall at this point. Keep 'em coming!

I've stuck up for Palm and webos all long, but this is the one area I have no problem telling them that this as a major failure to execute. If Palm took the business maket seriously, they would have had full document editing available on June 6, or at least soon after that. Dataviz was one of their launch partners after all!!!

I have said it before, and here it is again: IF DtG is not available on my pre by this summer, and HTC or Motorola come out with an Android slider on Sprint (that HTC wimax phone sounds like a winner) I will drop Palm like the dead rotting corpse it is (IMO).

I understand your frustration but it is not Palms fault, maybe they should have gotten more developers on board a long time ago, maybe they should have did an advert. blitzing campaign to get the Pre out there but D2G not being on the Pre as it was on WebOS is not their fault, it is not their software after all...

No, it IS their fault. Yeah, we don't know what goes on behind the closed doors. But it was intimated last summer that Palm wouldn't give Dataviz access beyond the mojo SDK (i.e. no direct access to the kernel) and Dataviz was therefore unable to get DtG up and running.

Palm could easily sweeten the pot by offering subsidies as well. It's Palm's phone, and how it works and the key functionalities are their responsibility. They didn't even have to use Dataviz if they didn't want to: they could go to other developers, or do it themselves, or port open office, etc.

Not to mention that this was promised in January of 2009 at CES. Document editing capability was mentioned in the key note address. I bought this phone with the understanding that it would be available _soon_. Then it was by August, then by the end of the year, then by "Early 2010", now who knows... If I had known it would take this long I would have _NEVER!!!!_ have bought this phone, no matter how much I like everything else that it can do.

I comes down to this: it is a key functionality of the phone that is missing. It is PALM's responsibility to make sure that gets on there. It is Palm's fault; it is Palm's failure. Like other posts have said: developers have to eat. Palm offered Dataviz no food, and no way to get it.

You're going off RUMOR, not fact, and then reacting as if it were fact.

The fact is Palm certainly gave them enough access to create a reader in advance of the launch. Now, what's more likely, that palm said "Sorry, we're not going to give you enough access to provide key functionality that our customers will want" or that DV is waiting for a large enough customer base to exist so that they can make sufficient profit before spending time developing? The answer is obviously the latter.

I hesitated on getting the Pre because of D2G, but D2G on Classic works just as well as it did on my Centro. Cry and whinge all you want (and I'm sure you will) but you have options for making D2G work on your Pre, whether you take advantage of them is up to you.

I apologize for going off the handle a bit about this. Even if what Daviz intimated isn't true, the rest of my point still stands, and I still believe that this is a big, and perhaps ultimately fatal, mistake on Palm's part.

And I'm not attacking webos, just Palm. WebOS is revolutionary and wonderful in so many ways. But until I have the ability to edit docs on my phone, it functions as little more than a talented idiot. ;^)

What are the options to get D2G to work on the pre? buy Classic so you can buy D2G?? Where is the old school D2G that will work with Classic anyway?

Palm's fault. Palm had a reputation for continuity, simplicity, capability and security. They had a good thing going, tossed it all out and started from scratch in a competitive market.

This is no more palm's fault, than Google Buzz not working on the Pre or Flash not being ready yet. palm can't force developers to make software. They are doign a great job of encouraging it with this competition, but they can't force it to happen.
And if you think all is hunky dory in Android land, think again. Droid fans have been pining for an update for an OS update for months but due to the splintered nature of the OS, they can certainly expect to keep waiting.

Couldnt have said it better myself.
Everyone should just hold out, Im not saying 1.4 is a Godsend but 8 OS updates (Inclding 1.4) and a few minor pt updates in 1 years. Who else can boast that?

Palm caanot force developers to develop for WebOS but they failed in many areas to capture more market share that would have forced developers to develop for WebOS.

Sure, it's not as though they took on 2 or 3 cellular providers in order to reach as many people as possible... oh, wait, they did.

Their television advertising could be stronger, but that's not wholly Palm's fault either, as neither Sprint nor Verizon have, until very recently, done a very good job advertising the Pre either. It's not easy to do slick, memorable, informative advertising that isn't wholly derivative of another product.

What else were they supposed to do smartguy? it's real easy to criticize, it's a LOT harder to actually do the work.

I added a tweet about this, RT to get the word out: I'm @rparvez

Dieter Bohn! Enough is enough! You march right over to the Data Viz booth and you tell them to fix up Docs2Go for webOS this very minute! Do not, I repeat, do not come back home without that software ready to run, young man! You wait right there at that booth until they hand it over!


I talked my mother into getting a Pre on launch day.
she upgraded from a Treo.

It didn't take her long to trade it in for a Pro.

The lack of a document editor was a dealbreaker.

I edited docs all the time on my Centro. Now that I have a laptop, I don't need the functionality on a phone.

But I'm sure that a lot do.

Oh man, as one of the first developers announced at launch a year ago, they now keep moving things...
Although there might not be that many WebOS devices sold, I bet that there is a larger percentage of previous Dataviz customers coming from Palm OS that would buy DocsToGo for their new device.

I think they looked at sales figures and concluded that most of their previous Palm OS customers have moved or will move to platforms other than WebOS.

same old same old from you DirtyGuy... You must be right though, why else would the three top cellular providers want to carry the Pre?

The Palms are adequate multimedia phones, they're just not very good business phones. Market to kids and gamers until the big boys pop them like a zit and the game is over. Carriers take no risk selling Pre, and last I check, carriers carry every brand they can get their hands on.

The fact that Palm is selling millions of webOS devices the first year of its release should be a significant enough market the DataViz.

The bottom line is that DataViz has stated that they are releasing their software for webOS in the first half of 2010, and at this time they do not have any new announcement to make. What that tells me is that they are still on target to release their software as announced.

Millions (figuring about 3MM at best in year 1) would have been a lot of Treos, but its not a lot of iPhones or Android phones. The market is growing, Palm market share is shrinking, market share drives development...but if you like KoolAid, bottoms up.

This is a little bit disheartening. Just look at all the green checks on the Iphone and Android which seems to be the direct competition of palm at the moment. I am up for a new phone on Verizon in a few weeks. Been a big fan of the Pre since it came out and was/am planning on getting it. To be honest I read on here a lot and there are some loyal fans of WebOS. For that reason alone, Palm needs to step it up. It's not your fans job to promote the phone you sell. Fans are a natural progression of putting out good products. Palm should be working harder for them and ensuring the platform is growing on par with Android and Iphone and selling more phones as a result. Potential buyers and current supporters get turned off by this kind of news and by default go with the platforms with more momentum. News like this translates to the masses more clearly and the masses buy phones that are popular and don't do much research. So Palm please step it up, so when I get the Pre in two weeks it ultimately is not going to be obsolete by the time my contract is up...

FYI, any phone you buy (iPhone, Android, blackberry, palm) is going to be obsolete in 2 years. That's the nature of modern technology.

the phone it self yes, but not the platform. Thats what I meant. Platforms that stay current and on the cutting edge will grow and move forward. Palm needs to find a way to do that soon. People wont wait forever...

WebOS has been moving forward for more steadily than any other OS has since its launch and the other platforms are still struggling to catch up to WebOS' elegant multi-tasking management system. If it wasn't the best OS out there right now, personally I would jump ship in a minute. Are all the apps there? not yet. are they coming? Certainly. If DV doesn't produce the productivity software that folks want, then someone else will.

What if the phone you buy today, is obsolete today?

Take it back!

This is a great question; you have 30 days to try out your phone.

So "if you buy your phone today, and it is obsolete today", then you return it for a Palm Pre. I bought my Palm Pre smartphone in June 2009 and I am amazed that this month (February 2010) will mark the tenth (10th) webOS upgrade in eight months. My phone performs faster (than the day I bought it because Palm has optimized the webOS operating system software), the battery lasts longer, and Palm is constantly adding great new features. At this rate, I can imagine this phone lasting me at least three years or more. We are in 2010 and my Palm Pre phone feels brand new - and also looks brand new. Yet I use this phone a few hours each day. It is simply awesome. This is the single best investment I have made in the past ten years.

Actually there is no news. This whole thing is silly!

News is something that relates to new information. DataViz has already stated that their software will be released for webOS in the first half of 2010 (this is old information). Why would anyone assume that things have changed - because the company is not willing to discuss the issue further at a trade show? Can't people accept the fact that they did not have any "new" announcement to make on the matter?

What do you expect Palm to do, go to DataViz and ask them to reassure PreCentral readers with a statement like "ha guys, you know that software that we told you will be released the first half of 2010 - well, guess what, it will indeed be released on the first half of 2010" This whole thing is silly!

I think the promise went something like this:

Jan-09 Palm announces that the Pre would have DtG.
May-09 DtG will not come with the Pre, but should be available by the end-of-summer 09 (August)
Aug-09 DataViz website says DtG for WebOs should be available by late 2009.
Nov-09 DataViz announces via Facebook that DtG for WebOs has been delayed until "early 2010" DataViz website is updated accordingly.
Feb-10 and here we are and DataViz is still stringing us along.

For those of us who have been along for the ride since the beginning, and who really need this program to use our phones in our business (i'm still carrying around a Q9c just for DtG) it's absolutely not silly. Sorry. I take my phone seriously, and this is serious business.


Well, it may be disappointing but, if I remember correctly, Docs2Go was not out for other phones right away either. iphone did not even have apps for like a year if I remember right as they tried to do everything online, and then Docs2Go came out even later. And maybe they are waiting to see if WebOS sells more. I hope not, but if so then all we can do is let Palm and DataViz know we want it and hope for then best. Or possible it gives someone else a a chance to make an office app for WebOS. I don't think that will happen, but it could.

True it took some time for the iphone to develop and I hear that argument a lot. Unfortunately the market has changed for smart phones today and the competition is highly competitive. New phones are coming out all the time. Everyone wants to be the fastest and offer the most options. It wasnt like that when the iphone came out.

Right now if you dont have a snapdragon processor in the works and your a flagship smart phone good luck. Palm should have put one of those in the Pre Plus. That would have outshined the Droid and would have made the Pre compete with the upcoming Nexus One on Verizon. It would have pulled customers and sold more phones for sure. Now more then ever you have to stay a step ahead and lead the industry, not just play catch up. For sure the next iphone will out spec the current palm pre.

Hey but I am still getting the Pre, call me crazy.

This is bullsh**.

If you guys want to let DataViz know how you feel, go to their Facebook page:

... or light them up on Twitter... @DataVizInc

It is friggin ridiculous to see a bunch of developers are whining about not being able to edit Excel-Spreadsheet program. If DataViz takes their own time to do it what can Palm do ? First of all if you all are software developers for mobile devices then how many times a day you would feel the urgent need to edit a spreadsheet through your phone could be a good question. I cannot imagine it could be more than someone's like a stock analyst or a 401(k)plan administrator. And if your needs are that urgent then why not you try to use some cloud based spreadsheet programs which allow editing features through their websites ? WebOS browser with multi-touch capabilities don't require those websites to be specially developed for mobile devices anymore. And lastly you all being software developers for mobile devices, why not you all try to develop WebOS apps for editing spreadsheets, say one for Microsoft's Excel, say another for IBM's Lotus 123, or Linux's cloud based system ?

Why you all gang up against WebOS from time to time beats me. WebOS is one of the best and smartest mobile system in the world now. It is selling lesser than other systems combined is just because dumb people take more time to appreciate better things in life, that's why, pure and simple.

So stop whining on this forum and develop some kick ass spreadsheet editing apps. Gooooo....lolll...hee, hee :)

I understand your and other peoples frustration at the complaints but this is one of those cases where I think the complaints are warranted. If you look at my posts in the forums you will see that I am usually the first person to call people out for complaining about options not being present. The difference in this case is that Palm did make it a big deal that they would be partnering with DataViz and providing doc editing. I for one never really used that capability on my Centro when I had it. The reality is that many people will never use this option more than 10 times in the life of their phone, that includes the vast majority of people complaining right now, but it is these types of features that get people to buy phones.

Palm needs to work with DataViz to get this product out. If that means Palm subsidizing the cost of providing D2G to every webOS device, then that would help. If DataViz is not willing to develop because they feel that wont make any money with Palm then Palm needs to have started looking at other options and companies to fill the void. In the end it is Palms responsibility to try and provide a product that people will want to buy.

To everyone saying this is the end for Palm, well just look back at other comments made since Jan 2009 and you will see a long line of people who were wrong, as you are now.

I agree! I seldom (if ever) used the editing functions in D2G on my Treo 755P, but liked the fact that it was there if needed. I also agree that since Palm and DataViz partnered at the launch of WebOS, that they need to follow through. In the meantime, could they update the Doc View to give us a landscape view.

We are up to 24 posts on D2G facebook - keep them coming:!/topic.php?uid=59056732244&topic=14144

It's been a long time since I've bought into a product that was failing more everyday I try to promote it.

Glad I am waiting on an unlocked GSM version BUT this is a damn shame. Used D2G since Version 6/7 or so, YET I REFUSED to buy their iPhone app (paid so much for PALM OS upgraded (happy QuickOffice user) - BUT I've been wanting to buy this for my BRO... I edit on DOCs on my phone...

Exactly, what other PROVIDER should we lobby???

Somebody, this is a VOID needing to be filled!!

(No, I won't use Google Docs...)

What are the most important features for a V1 release that users would require in a document viewer/editing app?

Please list the most necessary features and not every wishes that comes to people's mind (i.e., no technicolour, no save as pdf, no cloud features). List only the most important features that would make a V1 release by an alternate developer possible not comparing with DataViz's features, but what YOU need.

Second question, how much would you be willing to pay for such an app understanding it is a high end endeavour developed JUST FOR WEBOS. Would you be willing to pay a license in advance to make sure such a project takes off?

Please be brief and professional about this.

Couple things: I agree with the facebook and the twitter bomb idea. Let em know. What I posted is below.

What is a launch partner? What are their responsibilities? Did they invest in comarketing for launch?

"Let's go Dataviz, get off your arses and finish (or hopefully not just start) the WebOS version. You were a launch partner. What is that exactly? I am a repeat customer. Palm sold a lot of software for you before, its time to do the right thing, and not only that, but what you said you would do.

A' rurrrin' (see Blazing Saddles)"

This is a sad testament to how low Palm has dropped. Pretty eye-opening.

This is so sad ! It almost seems like *nobody* wants to associated with Palm / WebOS :0((

Editing of Doc/Xls (rtf? txt).
You know the basics (some color, justification, Bold, Italics, multiple Undo's).
I don't care about syncing but a method to copy to/fro my Desktop or laptop (i love USB but I'd tolerate over Wifi).

I paid $10 I think for QuickOffice on the iPhone... I AM WILLING to pay for a quality product.
(upgrades, now that's a sticking point... but if i deem a product is good... I pay for upgrades).

Seriously, how easy is it to write a Word Document on an iPhone. I would not trust D2G or any other word processor on any telephone. If you really need to write something, e-mail it to yourself and then paste it on a real program. It's better than making an embarrassing mistake. If people edit that much anyways, they should be getting a wireless card for their laptop.

No offense, but what you just described is exactly why I bought a 650 back in the day. I'm in sales, our order forms are in excel. I don't want to wait until I get home or my hotel to enter the same order, again. Or cut and paste an emailed message, massive waste of time. I cant speak to editing on an Iphone, but on a Treo it was not difficult.

Secondly, laptops take awhile to boot up. My customers and I don't have the time. Give me something instant on and off (Foleo), and then I would jump.

Lastly, I'm already paying for data. Why would I want to pay double?

Sorry to be critical. But what works for you most of the time, doesn't always work for others.

*Chances are, you didn't write that comment on a cellphone.*

I just think that times are a little different now and there is not as much of a demand for Docs2Go, especially with Pre's demographic.

Hi jfphysics,
Just because you don't find it useful doesn't mean other people don't find it useful or don't need it. Document editing was standard on the Treos and lots of folks coming to WebOS from that background need document editing. After starting out on PalmOS, Dataviz has expanded to iPhone, Blackberry, and Android platforms and has a lot of customers there too (and WinMo has built-in Pocket Office - plenty of users with similar functionality there).

Having document editing on your smartphone means not having to lug around a laptop for a lot of folks - I know I found it useful for that. I would write word docs on my Treo on the go and then clean them up later when I got back to my home or office that had a PC. Being able to jot information down on the spur-of-the-moment was extremely useful.

Netbooks and laptops are useful too, but you can't fit one in your pocket whereas you ALWAYS have your phone with you. This is the same reason that having a built-in camera and music player with the phone is great - yes, stand-alone cameras and music players are typically better but, then, you have to carry an additional device and sometimes you don't want to go to the trouble...

Actually, you can fit the Sony VAIO P in your Jeans pocket and it has an 8 inch screen and a nice sized keyboard. And besides, I take notes on my Palm Pre all the time. But to address your point, the good news is that DataViz document editing has been announced to be coming to the Palm Pre first half of 2010.

You're right, but I am now. If you'd like l'd be more than happy to type a couple of pages worth to prove my point.
I'm not sure what your needs are but as a mobile sales professional I want one device. I don't want a laptop, a card, and a phone. Just put those capabilities on my phone.
I also can't always be cloud based. When I'm sitting on an airplane my data connection isn't available and need a native app.
Quite frankly the Pre's demographic is perfect for DTG. The Pre gives me one device for all things personal, and professional.

This! And from a Steelers fan, amazing!

Don't be bitter!

D2G is never easy or powerful. If you need it to do limited things it can comfortably. But if you HAVE to edit a doc on the fly, in a pinch, you CAN. And that is it's true value.


i've gone to meetings, trainings, teacher observations... I have close to 8 years of being adept at (Palm OS graffiti anyone?) and typing on PDAs (NX-70)... getting used to an iPhone - it works...

WHy carry a laptop when with my T680 - there I am typing memos, documents, observations, etc...

(and i just sync to have a copy on my computer (and I use Resco Backup) to MAKE sure I have a copy)

I miss Graffiti as well. It was nice to have the option with my old Visor of the external keyboard OR jotting notes with Graffiti. It didn't take long to learn and it was a good option sometimes.

Grafitti was a very nice tool to have. That creative versatility put Palm on the map.

I posted... why 91 posts here but only 25 on facebook... yeah, that's gonna convince them there is a market for D2G premium... =(

Looks like Dataviz's request for Pre users to reach out and gauge support fell with a thud. Anyone remember this from back in July?

19 replies, almost none of which show any huge enthusiasm.

DTG is critical for widespread acceptance of WebOS IMHO. With DTG and support for syncing categories in notes and tasks WebOS could make some serious inroads in the business world.

This is the key thing I have been waiting on. I have been extremely patient on this as I really love most everything about the Palm Pre. However, I NEED to be able to use mobile excel. I took a leap of faith moving away from my touch pro because DataViz seemed to actually be working on this. Unfortunately, it doesn't really seem to be the case.

It is time for Palm & webOS users to look to the other major players in Office softwares, SOFTMAKER OFFICE & QUICKOFFICE. Softmaker already have versions for Linux, Windows (desktop) & PocketPC (WM). Quickoffice is big in Symbian world & now that Nokia is shipping its Maemo Linux app then they should be easy to port to webOS.
Why limit yourself to DataViz?

one of the reasons I kept my Centro. Also, the Centro calendar loads in less then 5 minutes....

If DataViz was this indecisive last year, I would've just stuck with my prepaid dumb phone + good old PalmOS Clie solution. Palm has to find a way to both boost sells and help get D2G out the door, or webOS as we know it would never get anywhere.

I would actually be happy with a better viewer. The current one gets hung up on files of any larger size.

If you haven't already done so, go to this page and sign up for notification:

A month or two ago there was a long, somewhat heated, thread in the forums on whether Palm's choice of JavaScript as the language of choice, and the lack of support for low level languages, was going to be a problem for application support. And there have been quite a few discussions about how the low sales volume of the Pre, compared to other platforms, would impact the development of apps.

Here's the perfect example of why both are true. The low volume of WebOS devices compared to Android, Apple BB, and probably even Treos, makes supporting the platform a lower priority for big developers. It's not an accident that most of the apps in the catalog are from one-man home-schooled developers.

Some commenters have said someone should port other office suites to the Pre. Guess what, boys? Palm's made it nearly impossible to port anything to the Pre. Existing office suites for Apple, the Treo, BB and Android are written in Javascript, they're written in either low level languages (think C) or in Java, neither of which has any support on WebOS. So to put Open Office or D-T-G on WebOS requires creating a new application, not porting an existing one. For a company that's doing C development, that means hiring and building a completely separate dev environment to make something that will only run on one platform.

I think you'd see D-T-G a lot sooner if WebOS supported a C language.

Oops, I meant "existing suites are NOT written in JavaScript" in the post above.

WebOS does support C Development with the Plug-in Development Kit. Early access has been given to a number of developers - for example for all the games released recently. I'm sure that, as a launch partner, Dataviz has been among that group (the doc reader the Dataviz created probably wasn't written entirely in Javascript either, for that matter).

This functionality would naturally be nice to have... But I don't really care anymore and I even consider to not recommend any device with webOS - because of 20 more vital software limitation, that actually make Palm pre to a much worse alternative to my "old" Palm Treo 680 and even if Palm did fix many other problems, does they not seem to be willing to offer some simple but extremely vital options - that they actually did offer before!!

You can read more about the huge software limitations here, under the headline... Some vital software problems Palm must fix soon and my "wish list" for software developers...

At least until I remove any recommendation for webOS and I write this with great sorrow, because I had very high hopes for this otherwise excellent new mobile OS

Okay most of this software problems are only vital for people, who really use the PIM functionality and not mainly use this smartphone great possibilities for fun and games... But the fact that most of the 20 problems should be VERY EASY TO FIX and actually make webOS perfect for everyone, is another huge reason to feel a growing irritation!!

I have several friends that first check how much text they can see in different views (after adjusting the text size, if that is possible) and if the result not is good enough, will they simply not buy that phone... Same if they can't sync all valuable information and edit the same info in their notebook!

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