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No TouchPads to be made available through normal channels (but Best Buy will sell you one with an HP laptop) 64

by Derek Kessler Fri, 28 Oct 2011 6:07 pm EDT

As we had feared (and were actually preparing to write), it looks like HP’s not going to have any TouchPads to sell through normal outlets like Best Buy, Amazon, and even their own website. Many of you have received TouchPads for previously unfulfilled backorders from HP’s Small and Medium Business Store and Amazon associate OnSale. The TouchPad’s also been sold through HP’s private Employee Purchase Program store and was available for a day on DailySteals.

There’s one last channel of availability, and that’s Best Buy. But you won’t be able to just walk into Best Buy and grab a 32GB TouchPad for $149.99 (it seems the 32GB model was the only one that HP produced more of). No, you’ll have to by an HP PC (laptops, desktops, and all-in-ones all count) to get the TouchPad at the reduced price. In fact, that’s the only way to get a TouchPad from Best Buy. If you want to buy one and then return your computer, they’ll deduct from the return to match the original retail price of the TouchPad: $599.99.

Best Buy is it for new TouchPads. HP just sent an email to customers regarding the TouchPad, announcing that they are “officially out of stock.” So that’s it folks, unless you want to buy an HP computer from Best Buy, you’re going to have to look hard (or go second hand on eBay) to find a TouchPad.

Source: HP, Best Buy; Thanks to everybody for the tips!



I just copied the text from my email to post here. Looks like my webOS life is finished for now.

HP did the right thing putting this turkey to rest. Hopefully people can move on to better alternatives.

One more WebOS lie, for total closure, thank you.

Hear me now HP, and share holders, never another penny from me for an HP product or service. I had moved HP in front of Dell for PCs and planned to buy HP phones and tablets for the long term. And keep my two color inkjets going until they quit. Lenovo does my laptops now, Dell does our desktops, and I'll play the hot property for Android wireless devices. This is the cost of lies and endless failure.

not a surprise, but still sad. Was hopping to grab a second touchpad. Now it'll have to be ebay or nothing (like my 3 days old Verizon Pre3)

I wish Barnes & Nobel made good on their canceled orders at least. HP did it for Onsale but not B&N?

Agreed...B&N could have done something...but chose not to....companies think customers have short memories...I use Amazon now...

First-com, first-served, I guess.

why only with a laptop, some of us got a tablet to replace a damned laptop.

You can get a desktop tower or all-in-one if you want.

Nail meet coffin. Seems my decision to suck it up and pay the Daily Steals price of $239 wasn't my worse choice this year. Got it in 3 days and having trouble putting it down. Always had a thing for orphan technology anyway (anybody else remember REX6000 PDA?)so I guess my streak continues. Interesting that this morning one of my vendors (an app developer and iOS true believer) couldn't stop playing with the Touchpad. A lot of his HTML5 demo work looks pretty good on it.

I did Daily Steals as well. wasn't confident HP firesale would make it. price was slightly better than offers on ebay and 3rdparty Amazon sellers at the time. not arrived yet (Monday supposedly). I ended up getting a full set of accessories at the clearance price at HP so I needed a touchpad to go with it! :)

I picked up a bundle for 2x the firesale price for the 16GB and don't regret it now at all.

I bought one from Daily Steals as well. Wish I bought a second one at the time. (was going to be a christmas present for a family member)

The sole reason i bought it from Daily Steals was cause with all the repeated broken promises we've had over the last 2 years I honestly didn't trust HP to follow through with any more promises.

The sad thing is that bundles were what could have saved the TP in the first place...

Yes, exactly!

Bundling isn't a bad idea at all, but it doesn't solve the fundamental issue of why they scuttled the line in the first place:

They didn't get in the WebOS business to seed users by giving away HP printers and computers to get people to buy tablets.

They got into the WebOS business to sell products for a profit. That was their only goal and only metric of success.

When they couldn't meet it, they bailed.

Profitability could save the Touchpad or Pre phones. Nothing else could. They were never going to be profitable, so it was all futile.

true. I would have just made it unprofitable as a bundle. it's still only costing 150 bucks which is almost the firesale price.

if it costs 330 to make it's really only useful as a bundle if it's selling over 330 on top of the laptop price. Or at least breaking even.

And they still don't get it..

I remember thinking that HP must be fully behind WebOS, because why else would a company buy a failing company like Palm unless they were going to spend the money necessary to give it a new life.

Well, I think we all know HP better now.

I think the only company to release a new device in a market that's been already taken is CRAPple because there are enough stupid (and braindead) people in the world to believe that they (CRAPple) are the best thing ever.
Over time TouchPad would have gained space and attention. The real (and only) problem was the pricing class for a brand new (and relatively unknown) device.
People weren't willing to pay the same price of an iPad for one equipment that they didn't know and with less than 1/10 of apps but like I said, over time things would have changed or do you think Android was born a winner with 100000000 available apps?

The right pricing to introduce a new equipment in a market already taken by other devices.

And I really like the Sincerely, HP class....I was such a supporter of HP through computers, printers, digital cameras....not any more

Well, I still believe because I have faith.

They finally come up with a sales campaign that makes sense. This is what they should've done in the first place to spur sales. Use that "we sell two PCs a second" and sell some Touchpads with those PCs. Solidify the HP brand in the consumer's mind. Instead, they dumped the Touchpad, proclaimed they were dumping computers altogether, and completely confused consumers for two months.

I gave up on HP having anymore a few weeks back. I bought a whole package including a touchstone, folio case, keyboard, and more from a great deal online. Glad I got it while I could. Good machine, but I have to reboot it regularly to keep the sound working.

There is one fix for that.

I wanted to believe them about another run at a later time, but after everything they've failed at so far I copped a 32gb touchpad on ebay for 220.00...I would have been all in on HP, but will now only consider their products with fire sale prices attached...I swear if HP were a person instead of a corporation, they would be wondering why people go out of their way to punch them in the face...

at least they told us before the end of October

" No, you’ll have to by an HP PC "

"buy" not "by"

and why would you even include Best Buy in the first sentence

It's funny because, I meet someone new every day that has asked me to watch out for when they become available. I was actually supposed to buy 2 of them for different people if I could find em at the reduced price..

Well.. That being said, I'm not against this plan of bundling the touchpads up. It makes a lot of sense.. It would make even more sense, if the desktop ran WebOS and/or has bluetooth

Exactly! The PC's were supposed to run WebOs, that was the plan, it could have been so nice.

Try to look on the bright side.. Now we can unfollow Bryna on Twitter!

yes. but she is pretty entertaining

That is what you gain when you are loyal to a company!

To help HP I include the Funeral March link for their next announcement!

Question. How many people that are looking for a laptop turn around and by a tablet too? Kind of defeats the purpose.

Why would it? The Touchpad was just a toy for consuming content.

Gotta love HP marketing. If HP made shoes, they'd bundle snowboots with sandals.

The Great Touchpad Flub continues, it seems.
My Touchpad and WebOS have been fantastic and well worth the $260 I paid for it. I'll have to scramble for another now since my significant other is coveting mine.

Such is life.


Just as an FYI, other retailers aside from Best Buy are also getting some of the last stock allocated to them. We are also having to sell them as a bundle tho, not sure which models are required computer wise but it will only be 32GB touchpads also.

I picked up a Touch Pad from Daily Steals on Sunday for my son and l am glad I did. It will be hear on monday (Halloween). Anyone needing a new HP computer can get a good deal on a Touch Pad.

Its a good sales incentive....if one does it with ePrint printers it makes total sense..

I would have been a sale...

Nice cold hearted business move from HP. Use the appeal of the TouchPad to push sales of their PC's, so if you were thinking of getting a new PC anyway this acts as a sweetener to make you consider getting HP rather than the competition.

HP made 16GB TPs too in the 2nd round. All 5 of my firesale TPs were 16GB, 4 of them shipped on 9/30, and the 5th(different order) on 10/18

Seriously Best Buy? I can only purchase an HP Touchpad if I buy an overpriced computer from you guys? Is it not bad enough that I had to watch an employee walk out of your store at 7am with FIVE Touchpads the day they were supposed to go on sale only to be told that you "sold out" the night before? Then, only selling the Touchpads at the other location if the customer purchased two overpriced accessories AND the maximum warranty? I can understand HP not having the ability to manufacture anymore based on a lack of raw materials and bad management on the former CEO. However, what I can NOT accept is a company that already sells overpriced products and is as shady as a hooker on Michigan Avenue hogging Touchpads only to sell them with the purchase of another PC. F*** you Best Buy!!!

I just want to add thank the lord I received my Touchpad this past Wednesday. It's been a slow and painful two and a half month wait, but I can happily say it was worth every minute! Long live WebOS!

I love too much my TouchPad, HP we hate you so much, you will never know how much.

Nobody believes in HP any longer.

This is what I was expecting. Even though they said there would be more for sale to the public. When I saw they were filling some backorders and letting their employees buy six each and what not I knew it didn't look good. Whatever. :)

First of all you are wrong. Employees were allowed to buy 1 per employee. Second of all if you worked for HP you would realize why we would deserve 6 apiece.

Got mine today from Daily Steals. Glad I paid a few bucks extra, as I did not think the fire sale was gonna happen. Picked up a case for $9.00 and touchtone for $40 on ebay. Got a keyboard coming for $30. Works for me.

Still plenty out there on ebay new.

sad that best buy cancelled my online orders a while back... and magically have more now.

Long Live WebOS, bros.

this was to be expected. Now only selling one with the purchase of another HP device at full price is just ****

Well I think this move indicates that HP are having a difficult time shifting PCs. Since August they've been emailing newsletters every few days trying to sell me laptops and printers.

GUYS - quit just looking at HP null-speak and worrying, and try actually finding a Touchpad for sale. There's still a lot of them on sale at where I got a 32GB one for my wife a couple weeks ago. The sky hasn't fallen yet. A month from now, who knows?

As for selling PC's, the last time I looked at my local Walmart, there was not a single one to be found for sale. The big players want to know that their customers aren't going to be coming back with a dead box and no replacement or support.

For webOS to capitalize on HP's PC sales, HP has to sell PC's. If they sweeten that for a while by selling a webOS TouchPad with a PC, so much the better. More webOS distribution will keep devs making and updating apps, and webOS engineers in their jobs. I see it as a win-win. Even better would be webOS on laptops. I'd love to have it on my laptop, and be more interchangeable with work files between the 3.

The sky has not fallen yet. IF it does, then I will just install Android on my TP and keep on working and web surfing!

I have a 32GB Touchpad, brand new, unopened if you are interested. Email me at for price. Only one unit is available, so hurry-up.

Kids! It's GENERIC! Look at the chips, specs, ease with which Android, Ubuntu, Windows 8 is ported to it! Look how poorly it ran before 3.0.4 or before Uberkernel and all the speedup tricks from Preware and webOs Internals folks! It is so much faster and smoother now, with precisely the same hardware. ...the screwup is with HP management of software and hardware schedules, not with the REAL hardware makers who build lots of hardware for many vendors.

Heck, I'm keeping mine and will probably buy a second because it will run ICS or better before long.

This attitude is why people use to pay twice as much for a Buick even though the engine was the same as the Chevy sold next door!

(I guess that analogy proves I'm an old dude. But think for yourself: ...chips same, manufactured by Chinese, running 90% GPL software... The joke is we let our industry turn into nothing but buyers and salesmen for overseas manufacturers in the 1st place! HP, Apple, and just about everyone else sells products from the same factories with components from the same sources. In cases of rapid change, generic is not that bad!)
I'd add that a big part of the "genius" that was Steve Jobs was that he pushed his spec writers, buyers and suppliers so hard they started jumping to their death from the factory roof to the point that management strung nets to catch them! I would like to see our nation a great technology leader again, but we seem to be growing generations of consumers with no idea about what's under the hood.

i have a tablets are limited....what happens to their accesories...? Do they will be available a lower price? They should!

Got this email the EXACT same day my firesale touchpad finally got to my doorstep...thats called irony.

The best buy near me (Chicago) does not have any touchpads to sell, even with a pc bundle. I wonder if this is still in the future, or if it is certain best buys that are doing it...

Bestbuy online has it today Nov. 1st (just got mine) and stores offer it on Nov. 4th. Got a HP laptop for the kids and a 32 gig touchpad for $500 total...... sweet!

kind of a lot of sour grapes here. I have a 16 and a 32 on the way. Stop bashing HP and the Touchpad. The Touchpads are truly awesome. All you IPad users/reviewers, be honest...have you ever even touched or used a Touchpad?