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No webOS updates for the Pre3? Can't say we're surprised. 77

by Derek Kessler Fri, 04 Nov 2011 10:17 am EDT

Yesterday saw a slightly depressing post on the webOS developer forums. Ben Combee, a member of the Developer Relations team posted in response to PDK app bug on the HP Pre3 that even though the bug has been fixed “in the later version of webOS” (i.e. 3.x on the TouchPad), “there are no plans that I know of to do any more OS updates on the Pre3.”

Considering that the Pre3 only saw a very limited release, we can’t say we’re surprised to hear that HP isn’t dedicating resources towards updating the would-have-been flagship webOS smartphone past the current webOS 2.2.x currently available. But that doesn’t mean we’re not disappointed. We are. The Pre3 is great and all, but it’s got some software quirks we would have loved to see resolved in the near future. Alas, that seems unlikely to happen.


It is a shame!!

Not to further develop newer versions of a software, well, it can be understood... But it is shocking to know that they won't even correct the known bugs of the current version as respect for the people who bought their bloody products!

What about officially released phones like the Pre 2 and Veer? Will those ever see updates? At least up to 2.2.3?

"What about officially released phones"

My Pre3 was officially released, just not in the US.

Consider yourself lucky to have one. They were not officially released on most carriers (and none in the US) so any update is a bonus. No updates is the norm for orphaned hardware.

ah, that's a shame. I'm also not surprised when it comes to new Pre 3 OS developments but one final bugfix release would be great. for me it's the difference between my daily smartphone and a smartphone to play with.

I'm not surprised either. Although HP did release the Pre3 officaially in germany and a few other places they are staying in character in not fixing bugs. Thay've blown this whole thing with webOS and have no class of ethics I can see.

I have 2 Pre3's and I really love them, but I bought them knowing full well that I probably wasn't going to get any support from HP.... And I still bought them anyway.... For the time being they are working for me but if issues develop and our beloved homebrewers can't fix them I'll probably move off to Mango, maybe. Not Android, not Iphone though.

HP, you really suck!

Hi all,

This is the reason why decided ageist asking friends in Europe to send me a Pre3...I went over to the dark side and bought an Android...It may not be forever....perhpas someone will at long last buy webOS and pump life & $ it. In that case, I will then switch to webOS...but the Pre3 will likely have little or no updates and little to no apps will be written for it....(there may be a small boost from before HP killed it off...but then the faucet will dry u)p...

Either HP sells webOS or it's over...I have come to realize that unless webOS is sold no one is willing to license it and then pump tons of their $ to make HP $ has to be sold!

Me, also. I hope that someone DOES resurrect webOS, but I am not waiting around for it. Android 2.3.3 is really nice, and there are so many things I can do now that I could only put on my wish list last week.

I paid full price for the Pre3 and I had expected at least a few updates to be rolled out

this is very disappointing

Didn't you get the refund? I also paid the full price for the Pre 3 but I was able to get a refund together will all my other webOS-devices (Veer, Touchpad).

yep, they should come out witha bugfix like they did with for legacy devices.

This isn't even a legacy device, its still under a warrenty, discontinued or not.

Stick by your products HP...HAHAHAHA omg im hillarious.

no but seriously we should petition for a final bugfix release.

Homebrew will take over the rest.

"This isn't even a legacy device"

They're ALL legacy devices.

Congratulations HP! You always find a way to make things even worse. If this is your last word on the Pre3 than I know that this (and some other HP things I recently bought) has been my/our last HP product ever. Oh, I just realize my HP Elitebook 8530w Mobile Workstation is getting old. Lenovo, here I come...

HP, really, customer satisfaction... ever heard? Not? That's caring about your customer even after you got the money. Don't care? Well, that's how customers become ex-customers. Good night and good luck.

That is my biggest frustration - They clearly DON'T care about the customers

Is there a clearer message to have us (the customers) take our business elsewhere, then to say that they are not going to make any more products?

Having said that, what do they care?

Next thing I expect is for them to announce that they are closing down webOS for Christmas.

I switched over to a Lenovo Thinkpad this year... No regrets.

I needed a backup phone. It was either a Pre 3 on ebay at around $200.00 or a Pre 2 at around $100.00. luckily I chose the Pre 2. I just had this bad feeling about the Pre 3. The only good that can come of this is the Pre 3 will likely sell for even lower now.

Actually the Pre3 is a nice phone, with very few bugs(that I have noticed). Actually the only regret I have is that there might not be a worthy replacement when it dies.

For my main uses the Pre3 is excellent.

The only real negative thing I see is that publicly announced mobile applications usually will be available only for iOS and Android, but that would be the case with a Pre 2 as well. The screen alone is worth going to the Pre3 for, it's a real beauty.

no more interest in the pre 3? fine, just give webos to webos internals. they will know what to do with it.

Astonishing how you guys day in and day out come up with excuses for HPs (and before that Palms) **** behavior. They suck and deserve to be boycotted. They basically buttfuck their customers.

Do you like that?

Some of you folks need to start reading between the lines - especially when listening to PR from a company like HP. When they trot out their executives to give presentations then that usually means that they don't have anything new to announce. When they make a statement about how committed they are to webOS, you need to ask yourself why they even need to say that.

And when they top selling a particular line of hardware then that means that they are psychologically done with it. Do you really think they are paying much attention, at all, to updates for devices that aren't being sold anymore? I seriously doubt anyone at HP is paying much attention to products that failed in the market and were discontinued.

That's why the sold the TP at the firesale price - they were done with them and wanted to get it over with ASAP. Otherwise, they could just have let them trickle out into the market at a higher price over a year or two like the iPAQ.

Then howcome the TP gets updates?

...they are still trying to "maximize shareholder's value" from webOS, and phones were never their #1 priority. Heck, they were babbling more about webOS printers than actual phones, fecking muppets...

'Course, I wasn't expecting Pre 3 to be under anything like fully-fledged development, but seriously, NO updates at all, with a product that is clearly showing rough edges & tons of bugs here and there, after initial release???

And how about "HP stands behind our customers and will provide support for them???"

HP, you bunch of lying turds... I seriously hope you'll get what you deserve.

I'll probably return my Pre 3, and let them choke with it, ba$$tards.

Last update was in testing when they pulled the plug. I'd not hold my breath waiting for the next one. Dead is dead. You can do CPR on a skeleton, but you're not gonna get a pulse.

you motherfuckers! (HP)

Didn't they break the accelerometer in the Pre3 firmware as well as the TouchPad. Seems crazy that they don't release a fix for the new bugs.

They better fix it on the TouchPad because you can't go back forever (I tried) since the firmware will auto-update eventually. Also this random sound over-driven issue is really annoying...shouldn't have to reboot to fix it!

If you can't fix webOS, then please open-source it with a dual-license (commercial/non-commercial).

Red Hat please buy webOS and you will get subscribers!

simply put - they can't release any more updates. They fired all their carrier certification teams that work with the wireless operators to get the software release approved. No approval, no release. These teams are essential to the carrier relationship. No software updates gain approval without them. Even with their involvement, nothing ever makes it to market on time. That demonstrates how difficult the carriers really are.

Well, but do they need them to do updates to devices that have no carrier support? Or do the Verizon Pre 3 and the AT&T Pre 3have any carrier-software installed?

Also in Europe there never was any carrier involved and you could only buy it on HPs site directly without any carrier involved. So basically they just need the newer version, test it internally and push it OTA to the devices.

So not updating means that they don't want to update it... I just hope that this is due to the fact that the person who gave that information just doesn't know of any updates and not that there won't be any updates.

No Pre 3 was sold through any carrier, ever. HP shouldn't have to get anything certified; they should be able to update the Pre 3 directly like the TouchPad.

The Veer is trickier, since it was actually sold though AT&T.

Why is this a suprise? I can't speak to specifics, I am not a power user, but I felt left out in the cold with my orginal Pre with features that wouldn't work, lack up updates, and eventually no WebOs 2.0. I waited and waited for fixes that would make the Pre the phone that was promised, only to be abandoned. Well guess what, I finally returned the favor. I loved the interface and feel of WebOs, still miss certain features, but I love that my iPhone works. Its fast, simlpe to use, and I haven't had to hard boot it due to a freeze up once.

Never seen something with such promise so comletely screwed up as this platform.

Pre 3 users, welcome to the club of those that have been abandoned and tossed way.

I had just about convinced myself to do a $200 ebay phone.

Now I'm back to questions.

I hate HP!!!

It still is a pretty good phone. Even without updates. I didn't expect any major update and didn't experience any bug that I would consider a deal-breaker.

Still I would like an update for these bugs that are known.

Agreed, love my ATT Pre3

definitely bodes ill for future touchpad and pre2 updates. the end is near. whatever was in the pipline has been released. beyond that, webos is dead. no one should believe for a second that HP has any intention to continue development. it is amazing how HP completely trashed the webos franchise, and as an admirer and user of the platform it is very depression. i can't believe this awesome interface is going to be completely junked. seems like such a waste.

Touchpads can still receive updates since there is no carrier to require preapproval. HP can post new builds whenever they think it's ready for prime time. Only phones are dead in the water.

Update: Only CARRIER BRANDED phones are absolutely dead. Unlocked generic HP branded devices "could" receive an update, but probably will not.

But the Pre 3 wasn't sold through carriers...

True, but only applies to the unlocked variants. If it has a Verizon or AT&T logo any updates will have to go through the carrier since HP is still bound by the carrier agreement.

what carrier agreements? The carriers never took the pre 3. They never bought them from HP in the first place! Therefore, no agreements.

I'm serious on this guys, so don't laugh. Being an incurable optimist, I'm not sure this really means the end of all updates for my beloved Pre3; I mean think about it, IF there's any way webOS is going to live, HP/whoever will need an up-to-date version for smartphones; what else would you need ít for? Hence, I totally see chances of webOS (uhm, let's call it 3.5...or 4?) running on both tablets and smartphones, ICS-style.
Why bother fixing 2.2.x when you're working on that?

Or they could just be saying that webOS lives because it's easy to say that - it doesn't really imply any further updates.

" Being an incurable optimist,(...)"
...that is for sure :)

Phones and tablets were supposed to merge at 3.5 but that'll never happen now.

A lot of things that were supposed to happen with webOS aren't going to happen - like the future.

What is more potentially depressing is it seems that even if webOS survives it is not going to be with the intent of making new phones, which is where it was best utilized. I still have yet to comprehend why HP places move value in the tablets than the phones. The rolling out of the ridiculous Slate 2 only further underscores that. Without the phone, webOS will never have any real use, because who will want a tablet that doesn't interface seamlessly with their tablet?

I hear you. Though if webOS isn't used in phones or tablets, it IS dead to me. Even if they ship a billion printers/fridges/toasters running it.

I don't even understand why webOS is such a compelling operating system to stick on printers/fridges/toasters.

neither did I, ever, it is COMPLETELY unsuitable for all these funny use cases. Boot times, required high-end (relatively, for an appliance) processor to run it on (adding up to the appliance's cost), broad functionality... I mean, what the heck???? Basically, you'd need to add about $250 worth of hardware on top of your basic appliance price, to make it anything real. And it would still be grossly inadequate OS running on that appliance, anyway.

Because the original purpose for webOS - smartphones - failed in the market. The secondary purpose for webOS - tablets - failed in the market. So, naturally, you look to see what else you might put it on. Preferably, something you already make. Otherwise, you have to painfully write down the billions of dollars of capital expenses you have on the books as an asset. It's a canard done for accounting reasons. If webOS is used for these other kinds of hardware, it won't be for any useful purpose.

Pre3 crashes, freezes, etc.
Great to hear it will stay like this.
Thanks HP. I got what I paid for. A nice paperweight.

Guess I'll be bronzing my Pre3 this coming February, and I'll be switching over to a Win7 phone.

Do not lose courage, peeps! Whomever pics up webOS will hook us up.

If the purchaser is smart, they will do an asset-only purchase and leave the liability for support to HP.

I've had my pre3 for a little over 2 months now(euro pre3), and can't really think of what I would want in an update. I've had it crash once. Performance seems fine. I saw there was a thread where some pre3s got an OTA update a while ago that seemed to cause more trouble than it was worth, my pre3s have not gotten this update. I welcome of course continual improvements. The main things I use it for at this point seem to be phone calls, some SMS, and skype(text skype chat only), some web browsing on occasion. Overall very, very light usage.

I am more surprised on the veer though, I believe I've read indications that the veer has not gotten any updates since it launched? I got my veer about the same time as my pre3 (for $0.01 I wasn't going to turn it down), it does seem to be more buggy than the pre3 and as an officially launched phone not to have any updates in this long is kind of sad. For me though not a big deal as I haven't used the veer since I got the pre3. I was originally planning to swap the SIM card between the phones for different situations but the fragility of pulling off the cover of the pre3 to get to the SIM has scared me away from doing that too often, I paid $700+ for each of my pre3s and I don't want to break them since I probably don't have support.

i believe that 2.2.3 for Veer has been spotted on a few devices.

I feel bad for anyone that paid a premium price for this pos.

I was considering a pre3 from Ebay, but not now.

Maybe if the price drops to around $100, but by then my ATT contract will be up and I'll look into other options. I'd like webOS to be one of them, but it doesnt look good :o(

This a much bigger story than the Pre 3.

HP had stated they would continue to develop the WebOS platform despite not releasing hardware. This shows that either A) that is not a true statement or B) WebOS will continue to be developed but NOT FOR PHONES.

If B) is the case, the real question is what platform will they develop for: tablets, printers, PC's, toasters?

Continue to develop is just what you say when you are trying to sell a business.

Seems this may be yet another Unfounded rumur -

Just posted on the webOS developer forums by unwiredben [ Ben Combee] "Just to clarify -- my comment about no updates IS NOT an official statement. I may very well be wrong, as I'm not directly involved with the planning of releases to devices. . . . "

Who knows what is happening.

Officially, it's being fully supported. Unofficially, there's nothing happenning.

Blame HP all you want, but carrier approval is also a huge stumbling block to rolling out any more updates.

the US carriers do not have to approve any Pre3 updates.

Part of the reasons i've relegated my Pre3 back into it's retail box...will only be an emergency/backup phone henceforth.

Could these jerks drag their a** any slower?

Let's form a Blue Ribbon panel to see if any one gives a ***k about HP.

Always great to get an update, but my Pre 3 (AT&T) is hands down my best webOS phone to date (Pre-,Veer and Pre 2 are my others). The bugs must be in features that I don't use.

webOS 2.2.4 is known to exist. someone in the forums received a Pre3 still set to get updates from the QA build server, and it wanted to upgrade to 2.2.4 as soon as he activated it (this was pretty well proven, not just an unsubstantiated claim). however, I believe he never let it update and switched it back to the regular update server. so at least some work has been done towards an update, but it may never see the light of day... and it's really no use without at least a complete webOS doctor, and preferably kernel source too.

overall, as much as I do like my Pre3, I'm more and more seeing the $325 I spent on it (plus leaving verizon and paying an ETF) as a rather foolish expenditure. I thought I wanted to stay firmly in the webOS world, but the webOS world is fast becoming a forgotten colony on a distant, barren island.

I love my Pre3!
- but, am I missing out here? - what bugs?
It occasionally slows a bit when I hit the screen too many times, but otherwise I really haven't noticed any yet.

As the post above - if there are bugs, they must be buried in features that I don't use either.

Still - would love to feel loved by HP - at least until the warranty runs out!!

Touchpad is proving to be excellent - especially with the latest additions to the App Store!

Bring more apps for my pre3! thats what i need some more games and fix the goddamn facebook app!

HP could easily send the relevant code to webOS internals. They could then package it as a patch and release it via preware.

No carrier approvals, or full OS update required.

When I bought my Pre- on day one it was full of bugs and missing features. Except for the problems with Skype calls I don't see anything that's worth an update on my Pre 3 2.2.0 which is the latest release for the EU Pre 3. Can anyone tell me if the voice quality became good in 2.2.3?

I never cared a lot about millions of apps, because except for the public transport ticket service there's absolutely nothing missing on my TouchPad/Pre 3. So it's more than worth the firesale-price.

Even if my Pre 3 never got another update it would still be a very nice phone for me for the next year or two. No freeze ups/lags/reboots here on my Pre 3, ever. They say there are bugs but I don't see them in my every day use, just a fast and responsive phone. When I purchased it I figured that there was a chance that support might stop (even though this is an unofficial statement from one developer) one day, so I could not care less either way.

Are you the orange car guy who always insisted your launch Pre never fell apart, your TouchPad speakers never cracked, and that WebOS in general was never slow or awkward for you?

Actually ninjasinc the Pre3 is not more flawed than a updated iPhone or a good Android phone.

Just like the two major mobile operating systems webOS have some small flaws and annoyances that you learn to live with. But none of these are worse than what you'd experience on a updated iOS device or a good Android phone.

the verizon pre3 is almost unusable. Does anyone out there find this phone useable?
I was hoping on update would correct the bugs, but looks like at least another friend is also looking to dump his.. (does it blend? Comes to mind!)

oh, just saw the update (on WOR) that Combee stmt is _not_ official. Grr PC where's the update!!

May I ask what you're trying to do with your Pre3?

Because besides small annoyances, no worse than what my brother in laws problems with his iPhone 4 or my friends problems with their Android phone. Actually several of them have shown interest in a switch, if the platform had more support.

Nooooooo! So disappointing!!!!!!!! :-((((

.. I don't think I believe it.. Did I not just read an article about people coming out w/ a Twitter Synergy and then that same article saying - to expect it on the phones & Not the touchpad.

Granted, they said - expect it on the Veer (not the pre3) or something similar to that, but I just can't see the one device being updated & not the other..> Especially since the pre3 seems to hav been a much bigger ticket item then the Veer..

granted.. HP didn't make any money off of it, I still just don't believe they wouldn't update the device.

really starting to hate webOS, got Pre, Pre+, Pre2, veer, pre3, and touchpad, what did HP/palm robin return, total abandonment.