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The Nokia Lumia 900 - Windows Phone's best shot yet [the competition] 17

by Derek Kessler Wed, 04 Apr 2012 10:17 am EDT

The Nokia Lumia 900 - Windows Phone's best shot yet [the competition]

An 800x480 screen, 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB of RAM, 16GB of storage, an underappreciated but not fully matured operating system with a unique look and feel, and a physical design unlike anything else on the market. Name that phone. Is it the announced-15-months-ago-but-never-released HP Pre3, or the brand new Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone on AT&T?

Well, it's both. Nokia's latest Windows Phone 7 salvo is hitting AT&T with the force of, well, Nokia and Microsoft, and unlike the Pre3, you can actually buy it in stores. Our friend Daniel Rubino over at WPCentral just reviewed the latest Windows Phone flagship device, and here's what he found plenty to love:

For $99 on contract, the Lumia 900 is one of the nicest Windows Phone on the market today and for the foreseeing future all at a great price. It has solid hardware including super-fast 4G LTE and the latest version of Windows Phone Mango ensuring a great experience for new users and veterans looking for an upgrade. Plus the device oozes with Nokia’s quality craftsmanship making it a device many will want to talk about. With all the hype around this phone, this could be the next “it” device for the summer.

That $99 price point is really the super interesting part. Nokia and Microsoft are pushing this hard, and with that subsidy it's clear that AT&T is planning to push it hard too. AT&T says that the marketing drive for the Lumia 900 will be their biggest ever, eclipsing even their efforts for the iPhone. It's an interesting show to see the difference that a committed (and perhaps desperate) companies like Nokia and Microsoft can make when they through their full weight behind a product. Not that we're making any allusions to the fate of webOS under HP or anything…

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they are buying everybody, ain't they?

I would stand in line if they dole them out. Microsoft has enough money to do that :-)

It will be a hit . Nokia will create some fans. Based on the Engadget and VERGE reviews Nokia needs to polish it. They better release the next version with a Quad core processor before the year ends.

It doesn't need a quad core processor. It already runs faster than Android with a faster dual core, and that's coming from an Android fan.

saw the review vid.....gotta say I was a win dummy back in the day and I have to give this phone a Fonzi side thumb.... Yo!

Nice smartphone! I dont understand the need to put a quad core in these Windows Phones?

Marketing. 4 cores is more than your two cores right? Right. It must be twice as good! Even though countless bench marks have shown that the other 3 cores sit idle 99.9% of the time to save on battery, that's a lot more words than "Twice as many cores!"
In the 90's we saw a clock speed race in the PC world, where each new chip had to be so many MHz more than the previous chip. In the gaming console world, it was the number of bits the CPU was. Neither of these things dictate the computing power of a PC or capabilities of a gaming system, but they're convenient for marketing. Number of cores is the new marketing race.
And as a point of reference, my Intel Core i5 laptop that is a year old has "only" 2 cores, but would out-compute the pants off of any quad-core smart phone.

Yes but it wouldn't compute the pants out of a quad core i7 !!!

Going back to the original Q, with apps like photoshop, new game titles, astronomy, and "true" multitasking all cores could/would be used. Question is how many titles and will the OS actually use the cores? They could be wasted like the 2 cores on the TP, but we may see some awesomeness.

However without a good OS the hardware just won't sell.

the Lumia 900 is a single

+ cores = longer battery life according to nvida

Neh... It is probably the best WP today (which it's not a favor since we can only expect improvements -even hp improved the Pre series and did great with the Veer and TouchPad-) but there's no need to repeat it too much. I'm a webOS die hard (that's why I visit every day this site) and I cannot deny I've felt the temptation (with Samsung Galaxy Note) but there's only one prospect that give me the goosebumps, and that's the iPhone Pro with retina 4.3" display prototype. Man, I don't know if I'm going to be able to resist that. What I do know is that it won't separate me from my mighty Veer! Software wise there's simply nothing out there compared to webOS (then again, I'm a webOS die hard... NO! There's not!).

nice looking outside when it's in black.

but i still don't like the metro look and i don't like my hardware in bright colors. interface wise i just much prefer icons and i don't like that flat colored tile look. android had icons kinda like that early and they've sort of gone back to that look, though slightly different. but i never like it in android icons and here its basically the whole interface with text and squares in the place of icons. not my style. that said it's a smooth running interface just not my style.

this phone has got specs like the pre 3. and that phone was outdated last fall. why would anyone in their right mind release a single core smart phone in 2012 and say it's the new OS-whatsoever flagship phone?!

Speaking as someone who knows the inner workings of webOS and a current Lumia 800 owner and user:
webOS isn't very optimized on the software side. Things like webkit aren't hardware accelerated. Open webOS should change this with qtwebkit.
Windows Phone, on the other hand, is extremely optimized to run buttery smooth on a single core processor and 512MB RAM.
The other thing is that Microsoft has a very limited supported hardware list, requiring single-core Qualcomm CPUs. When they eventually open it up (which it's small to keep the development and testing time low) you'll see WP7 (or more likely, WP8) phones released with the updated specs in tow. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if MSFT already has the updated and expanded spec list out to manufacturers (under a very strict NDA, of course) so they can prepare their WP8 handsets for its launch later this year.
Point being that yes, the specs are outdated a bit. However, WP7 is built really well to take the "underpowered" specs and run with it like it's using hardware from next year -- much like iOS devices.

i don't think most phone users know what a core is. i bought the pre minus without knowing how many cores it had it's clock speed or how much ram it had. I've never known that about any phone. I don't know that about my current phone.

I have a 800 - it is very fast on a single core, there is no lag at all.

Having said that, as much as I love my lumia, I don't see Nokia or more broadly WP7/WP8 taking on Apple or android.

@CKG well they have a chance & a MUCH better chance than webOS did

and does it make me a bad webOS fan because I have been slightly considering trying the new Nokia Lumia 710 . I feel bad thoug for that. Does that make me a bad webOS fan ?