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nuTsie music app on its way to webOS 15

by Mark Jensen Fri, 12 Nov 2010 2:06 am EST


Melodeo and their unique nuTsie music app (well, technically it's HP's music app now) look to soon be officially making their way to Palm devices, at least if the "Internal beta version of nuTsie for webOS platform" that seems to have accidentally found its way onto the public webOS web app feed is any indication.

This is good news for webOS music lovers (which we assume is everyone) as the iTunes-centric app allows for cloud based music syncing and streaming as well as, or arguably better, than any smartphone music app to date. We reported earlier on HP’s purchase of Melodeo and what that meant for the future of cloud based music streaming on webOS devices (and all smartphone platforms for that matter).  Now it appears that the promise of iTunes syncing among all kinds of other music goodness is well on its way to webOS. 

Although you can download the app now, screen shots are about all we have to go on at this point, as the beta requires a registration code to activate. The pay for download model appears to be in keeping with both the Blackberry and Android versions of the nuTsie app, both of which have been available for $19.95 and $9.95 respectively.  We’ll keep you posted as more information is made available.

Download nuTsie v3 (again, not working yet); Thanks abegee!


Don't sleep much?

Who? What? nuTsie... this is great news!

I was respectfully referring to Mr. Jensen, and yes... this is great news.

Nice. I hope they give webOS users the app for free since we are a part of HP now (I know, I'm dreaming).

Well at $19.95 and $9.95 on the other platforms, I doubt it will be free.
Music apps we got.

Give us the Mic and Camera API's, please.

I wish they'd just put a microSD card in the new Pre's. But instead they want to make us all stream our music from them. :(

Just downloaded it. I need a registration number!!! haha

FAQ from their website:

3. Where's my 'registration code'? I never got one.

Registration codes are dispatched when nuTsie Mobile is purchased. It is not uncommon for the code to take some time to appear in your email. Please be patient and inquire here only if it has been over 2 hours.

In some cases, the registration code email may end up in the 'junk mail' section of a user's email. Please check to see if it is there before writing us.

I don't expect it too be free, but some sort of HP family discount would be nice!

I love how "nuTsie" is an anagram of the word "iTunes"!

I mean, I wish it was free, and it makes sense because HPalm needs a way to sync music to the phone officially. This would be great if it was free...but I don't think it will be. And I won't be paying just yet.

looks like the old strategy of finding a backdoor into iTunes is alive and well. As I recall, it didn't work out so well the last time. Can't wait to see the aftermath, this time around.

All I need to know is how much and if reasonable will pay and unlock.

I hope they don't make you use iTunes to use it. I don't want to download any apple products to my computer because they want to take over everything and adds a lot of bloat.

I don't get it. With Grooveshark, I can listen to any music I want, whether or not it's in my iTunes library. What does nuTsie get me that I don't already have?