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O2 Germany slashes Palm prices; are they clearing for new phones? 23

by Derek Kessler Mon, 11 Oct 2010 12:11 pm EDT

Palm devices on O2

If you’re a German who for whatever reason has been waiting to jump onto the Palm bandwagon, O2 Deutschland is doing their best to make sure you can get one for cheap. They’ve cut the price of the Palm Pre Plus down to 360€, while the Pixi Plus and the original Pre (with a Touchstone charger and back) can be had for 240€.

Now you might be thinking those are high prices, but we’ll take a moment to remind you why O2 Germany’s system is the one that we envy so hard: these phones can all be had for free upfront: You’ll pay 10€ a month over 24 months for the Pre or Pixi Plus, while the Pre Plus will cost you 15€ monthly. Yes, you pay precisely for the subsidization of your specific phone, and once you’ve paid it off, you’re done. It’s a clean and transparent model that we seriously long for. Oh, and all of these phones are sold unlocked. How's that for awesome?

Additionally, we’ve been tipped that O2 Germany has received its last shipment of Pre Plus phones. This lines up neatly with the ceasing of Pre Plus sales at SFR and O2 UK. Europe, it would seem, is clearing way for the Palm Pre 2. We can only hope that the same is happening back here across the pond.

Source: O2 Germany; Thanks to Valentin and John for the tips!


it would seem that hpalm is about to release another phone. Maybe they were waiting until microsoft's release of windows phone. That way they won't have to share the limelight?

would make a change wouldnt it ....

the pricecut happend already a few days before the 7th of july. See here: http://goo.gl/jvpm

a few weeks ago, o2 germany has put the price of the pixi plus on 300

Actually, its quite a new topic, that the pixi price has been reduced: http://twitter.com/#!/o2myhandy/status/27047792720

like i just said. on july the price has been reduced on 240

i hop so because windows 7 phones dont look half bad the competition is beefing up apple went first then android then blackberry and now windows. were waiting for u palm bring the rain

That Pixi wallpaper looks awesome. Does anyone have that?

New webOS phones next year.

Does anyone know what that is in US dollars? Doesn't really matter. Waiting patiently for Palm Pre 2.

According to the Currencies app ;-) on my Pre:

Whatever HPalm is planning I hope they watched the Windows Phone 7 launch today! 10 different phones in 30 countries! I'm sure they plan to market the hell out of it also, It looks to be a big splash. I'm not interested in the new Windiws OS but I do like how they are attacking the market!

Rumor mill is churning!

What does HPalm really need to watch for.. Windows 7 was not impressive at all.. The UI is an eye sore IMO and they didn't event bring nothing ground braking to the table.. Plus when I saw the CEO admit on national TV (The Today Show NBC) this morning that Apple is the standard... I really don't see a man who confident in his own product.. What makes you think that HPalm or a consumer like myself is going to be confident to get a phone with that OS when every other OS is basically doing the same and prettier lol Cus you know.. Ppl like pretty things =/

palm better do something soon or let something slip otherwise game over hpalm.

blah blah blah, because a "slip" that pleases you (besides all the other slips lately) is the thing that saves the billion dollar company from doom? And they didn't bring you in as CEO?

+1 I'm glad Palm doesn't pay attention to these threats.

In France, Palm Pre 2 is described on SFR page : http://palm.sfr.fr/actus-list/decouvrez-le-nouveau-ne-de-la-gamme-palm-e...

Nice picture, looks like a flattened front face, perhaps matte edges.

so this is the google translation:

Home> News> News> Explore the Palm 2 in Pre preview SFR! Explore the Palm 2 in Pre preview SFR! Vote Share Text Size Print E-mail It's official: Palm will launch its new SFR with Pre, Pre 2! This new mobile keeps the same overall design as the Palm Lawn, with the exception of its larger screen flat and more refined design. Inner side, however, things are moving! 1 Ghz processor and memory to 512 MB internal reinforced this new mobile make faster and more powerful than its predecessor. This new launch is consistent with the release of the latest version of WebOS, the 2.0., Which offers: A more intuitive interface for faster, An overlay views of applications, which streamlines the management mode of "multitasking" , The App Catalog revamped and provided more games and applications. Overlay views of applications The big news was the 2.0 development features of Facebook and the ability to receive push mode all messages, news, walls and Instant Messaging. Thus, contact management has become easier to use, as the search mode. Finally, the new version 2.0 optimizes the battery life of your Palm, which becomes faster and more powerful, especially at startup. And always in your Palm ... Find your email, calendar and contacts synchronized in real time, and all your social networks! An opinion? Advice or a tip? Join the forum discussion Recent SFR: Vodafone live exchange calendar sync problem downloading music sfr Palm Pixi more good phone?

so to answer the question... Yes, they are clearing out inventory for the new stuff :)

ps hello precentral

So the translation says larger screen, but the size looks to be about the same, is that a higher resolution getting lost in translation?

Maybe a problem in google's translation ; the site says "le nouveau mobile garde globalement la m


People won't jump onto webOS for EUR 240. I might be leaving Palm because O2/Palm both don't feel like they need to fix my Pre (single crack in the casing next to the USB, microphone doesn't work(!) ), or at least not for free.
Very sucky.

Oh you might as well note that a Milestone/DROID is EUR ~330, a Desire or Galaxy S both EUR ~400. No way people go for a year old Pre (was released exactly a year ago).

I believe Sprint (USA) may be clearing the shelves as well.

I visited my local (Nashua, NH) Sprint company store yesterday and there was NO Pre and NO Pixi on display. I asked the Sprint employee, and he told me that they had one or two of each in the back, but they were probably dropping them from stock.

I do not know if Sprint has announced that it will carry the Pre 2, but if they DO plan to carry it, this could explain why they don't have old Pre 1s in stock.