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O2 Germany tweets May release for HP Veer 61

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 16 Mar 2011 12:02 pm EDT

Looks like HP is planning on the latter part of the promised Spring release for the Veer - in Germany anyway. @o2inside, a Twitter account from O2 Germany's press office, just sent out this missive:

Nächstes #Smartphone mit #webOS: #HP #Veer voraussichtlich ab Mai bei #Telefónica #o2 Germany. (Nachfolger des #Palm #Pixi)

Roughly translated, "The next smartphone with webOS: HP Veer, is expected in may with Telefonica O2 Germany (the successor to the Palm Pixi)." No announcement on price yet, unfortunately.

We'd been hoping that "Spring" meant sooner than May, but webOS users in the US could still hold out hope that we'll see it land on these shores sooner.

Source: @o2inside; Thanks heth!



YAAAAAY! Oh wait...no one cares about this phone!

why they didnt invest their resources in releasing the pre3 first is beyond me...

Seriously. By the time the Pre 3 hits the market, late June *at the earliest*, it will already be an outdated piece of junk.

In fact, if it came out tomorrow, it would find itself an outdated piece of junk. The top-of-the-line for a Verizon (I assume that's where the Pre 3 is headed) phone is, as of tomorrow:

Dual core 1 Ghz (vs. Pre 3 single core 1.4 Ghz)
768 MB RAM (vs. Pre 3 512 MB RAM)
8 MP main camera (vs. Pre 3 5 MP)
1.3 MP front camera (vs. Pre 3 0.3 MP)
Memory up to 40 GB (vs. Pre 3 16 GB)
4G data (vs. Pre 3 3G)

Who is HP kidding?

None of the will matter if they an get the software prestine.

This is true, I believe.

If the user experience is flawless, the specs become somewhat less important.

I will say, as I was trying out Epics and Shifts yeseterday, the responsiveness: ie. touch an icon and the app immediately launches or scrolling between screens etc... there was no lag. no hiccup. it just worked.

This is contrasted by my Pre- at 800GHz which still exhibits some lag and sluggishness.

If WebOS 2.x or 3.0 even is on the Pre3 and it runs incredibly smoothly, that will go a long way on "first impressions" for new and potential buyers.

I will say, as I noted to my wife yesterday, WebOS is such a simple and easy interface to use. Our 2 year old son already knows how to open, scroll through, and close applications by flicking. It's quite amazing.

My 2-year old daughter can also use webOS, but if ease of use is your (only) thing, iOS has it all over webOS.

That said, I fully agree if they nail the user experience, they can still sell a few of these things. However, I have my doubts even there. In truth, while the interface for webOS is absolutely the best, bar none, in mobile, there remain a huge number of roadblocks to really productive use of a webOS phone. The lag you speak of tarnishes the initial impression, but at the end of the day isn't nearly as important as things like:

1) PIM: Being a PDA is what any Palm device needs to be first and foremost, and the awful calendar, Synergy nonsense, and no native notes sync remains a black eye on an otherwise great tool. Also, tasks suck. Job #1 for HP's OS team should be to get the PIM capabilities roughly on par with where they were on my old Treo 680. So far the move from 1.x to 2.x has not shown me they care to do this at all.

2) Backup: A restore of the phone (or a switch to a new one) is so painful. On my old Treos, I docked 'em, pressed the HotSync button, and presto, my new phone was exactly the same as my old phone. All my messages, documents, applications (with their settings/saves), etc., were there. Palm practically invented “sync” so it should be in their DNA to do this.

3) Synergy: And speaking of sync, can there please be an option to un-Synergize? That is, to take all my contact information from my Exchange account and my personal account (I happen to use Yahoo!, but Hotmail or gmail or whatever) and whatever other accounts I have and make them the same? That is, a change to one hits my device and then percolates through to the other services I use. Some people might want separate address books for work and home. I don't. My old Treo kept my Yahoo! and Exchange contacts in perfect harmony for me!

3) Wi-Fi: If this is to be a business phone, it has to be able to connect with business networks, and that means PEAP. Please get PEAP working properly. My old Nokia E71 could connect to my work network and my Pre, even doctored to 2.1, can't...

4) Stop taking things away: For one instance, stacks are nice and I’ll take ‘em, but to make me give up the “small card” view just to get stacks is absolutely not worth it. For serious multitasking – including making your own stacks – that zoomed out view is critical. Don’t make me trade one feature for another when there is no reason. To my mind, webOS 2.x is a worse multitasking platform than 1.x was. For another, this whole Mojo/Enyo debacle. Its fine to build upon Mojo, even to make it more Enyo like, but to make everyone start over? This is crazy? It is also a nice segue to...

5) Fragmentation: The idea of one company making the OS and the hardware is that fragmentation can be avoided. People may rant and rage over Android’s segmentation, but Google has a more unified platform that HP does! With Enyo and webOS 3.0 dropping the gesture area, there is simply no reason to develop an app for the Pre 3, which is likely to be the last of its kind. This is a disaster!

Unless HP can address all these things prior to the Pre 3’s launch, and make sure that that launch is as soon as possible, all the elegance in the world isn’t going to save webOS. It is just missing too much.

I will be really surprised if the phones do not keep their gesture area.

I might be wrong here, and I would love to be, but I think the situation is a lot more dire than that. It is my understanding that

1. Apps developed in Enyo will not use the gesture area.

2. The Pre 3 will be running webOS 2.x, and thus will still run Mojo Apps.

Please tell me I'm wrong: will the Pre 3 run Enyo apps with the gesture area?

I'm also not happy finding out that the new versions of Webos don't have the mini card view. For my everyday use, the regular way of cards being lined up is fine. I do put it into the mini card view once in a while...especially if I have 8 or more apps running. As much as I love Webos, I'll probably end up jumping ship if new Webos devices don't have gesture area. For me, that is key feature for loving this OS. It's one of the things (along with just type) that makes this phone so easy to use. And I definitely agree with the statement about backup. If the cloud based is not ready...than the old fashioned way of connecting it to the computer should be available. And I don't want to see a $5 app solution to this problem. This should be a native feature.

Pure specs is not everything, especially not for mobiles.

u are right though, despite your downgrade haha... these dummies over at pre central were making a big stink that the thunderbolt doesn't have a duel core and that its still using a 1 ghz processor like many phones b4 it. what they don't realize frequency isnt everything and the newer generation 1 ghz snapdragons run circles around the older models. in benchmark test the processor in the pre3 isn't all that behind the tegra 2 at all, its right up there. the pre3 actually has a very powerful cpu and gpu. so all you people here saying that the pre 3 is outdated u are F***ing dumb (sry i am getting heated). that phone is more powerful than the laptop i had a few years ago. how bout we all stfu about how underpowered we think it is a realize that this thing is a processing monster. ok thx

people do want the best specs these days cuz they think it will make the phone seem relevant for a longer period of time. i really like the pre3 for what is. it will run very fast and smooth, which is all that i require. at this point in the game i dont want a massive slab phone i.e. many android phones out there. also, i like being different (who doesnt) so i think i am going to stick with webos. however, if and when the pre3 comes out and i go and try it and it takes a long time to load Google maps i will not be getting it. it is simple as that. i mean come onnnn my friend's G1 loads
Google maps quickly with the stock rom, my oc pre takes foreverrr some times

You should read the post about "spec wars"

Sadly however, most ppl will gravitate towards the bigger numbers and user experience shoved to the corner.

MSM 8655 in Thunderbolt is Single Core, fyi. Both this and Pre 3 8000 series SoC's should be similar architecture, but Pre 3 being a much higher clocked rendition. Did they give a specific model number for the Pre 3 Qualcomm yet, besides 8x55? It could very well be an 8655 or 8755. Hmmm... just thinking about that makes me want a Pre 3 right now.

Well I do. Question is: is the Veer with the Touchpad a good combo, because then i can use it really as a phone and for reading mobile i use the Touchpad? Do i have TTS with the veer?
I have a Pre- right now and Screensize is nice and bigger screens are welcome too, but i do like to have a small phone in my Pocket.

The Veer has TTS.

There may be some people who would like the form factor of the Veer. Indeed, if it weren't for the nonstandard inputs, I could probably be talked into liking the design, too. Most may want big screens, but I'm with you: I like a nice, pocket-able phone -- the smaller the better.

That said, the Veer is basically the Pixi 2. As we know, the Pixi got *very* little love from developers. As fragmented as the Pre development scene is with the Enyo/webOS 3 fiasco, the scene on the Pixi is just that much worse. You can count on having even fewer apps to choose from than the already starved webOS community at large.

To me, releasing a phone with lower resolution than the Pre- at this point is just crazy.

the pixi form factor is better (for same resolution), and it has a built in headphone jack. I don't know why they didn't release a better powered Pixi 2 instead of the Veer. I would buy Pixi 2 over Pre 2/Pre 3.

You said it! "...Successor to the Palm Pixi"? No, no the Pixi 2 is the successor to the Pixi. Make it happen HP. You can call it whatever you want- Treo HD, Centro 4G, Tinkerbell - just bring back this formfactor! Bueller? Bueeeeller?

I think the best plan would be Veer/TouchPad combo or just the Pre3.

my Pre- is dying and I'm eligible for a new phone. Spent an hour yesterday looking at epics and shifts. Just couldn't make the switch. Android felt like a really inefficient os compared to webos. I will hope that my Pre- will hold together and that the Pre3 will hit Sprint much sooner than summer... Say like sometime in April! The veer is too smal for me, but the 3.6" Pre3 is the sweet spot I think. Oh, I didn't like the landscape slider either on the droids.

Very much doubt we'll see another webOS phone on Sprint in 2011. Pre 3 is Verizon-bound.

The veer is basically a slider pixi with a spec bump CPU clock speed and processor. Most people are going to get a pre 3.

Most which people?

Who knows, it may come out on SFR before.

I agree kkhanmd. I predict an SFR launch in early May, German O2 in late May and then maybe eventually an AT&T launch in August, hidden behind an IPhone5 release....sigh....I hope history doesn't repeat. Also, why do I have a feeling that Sprint and HP will not play nicely together?

Is anyone seriously considering getting a veer? I guess maybe if you're a small person.

If you ask me the Veer is a perfect companion to the Touchpad. However, I'll go for the Pre3 as well ^^

May Veer
June TouchPad
July Pre3
August Opal?

lol may this is a joke. I guess this means september for the pre3

I think the veer is a pretty sweet phone. I'd take it over a Pre2. And I can think of plenty of people who don't use smartphones because they're generally too big... But naturally i'd prefer a Pre3.

My question is why is this not coming out in the US first?

cuz the German market is wayy smaller, making a product launch there much easier.

y would they even embarrass them self n release the Veer? That thing is pain useless... 2yrs, Whining about the screen size of this pre I have, wat makes them think imma get even smaller screen? I hate the name on top of all that! They should just run a tractor over the piles of the veer n make people really happy, if that's what HPalms attentions are ! =D

I guess your opinion speaks for the millions of other people.

I smell a pre 2 repeat......specially the amount of apps available for it.

Ilike the VEER. FOr a GYM rat it is the PERFECT size for working out with it. I will get BOTH the Veer and the Pre 3 IF, and only IF, I can seamlessly switch from one phone to the other a couple of times a day. (Veer in the AM for the GYM, Pre 3 for work, Veer for my end of day Run and Pre 3 for the rest of the night).

and if the magnetic headphone jack holds up to a gym workout?

I'm sure it'll hold just fine just losing the magnetic jack is what sucks. If I got a veer I would never remove that jack.

So..... What os do you think hp would resort to when they finally realise that they have let webos die. That is if they want to stay in the mobile market.

they have enough money to keep throwing DOA phones into the market for years haha

Isn't HP American? I wonder why they haven't been releasing much here. Is SFR and O2 really going to push adequate sales?

And verizon just got the iPhone. I dnt believe HP is ready to take on Apple just yet (know one even knows HP has a phone out) and they should probably get on as many carriers as possible, and use a market penetration plan similar to Googles. Google knew no single phone could beat the appeal to the masses like Apples, so they worked their way into as many distribution paths as possible. Now I'm not saying HP should liscence WebOS out, but they should put their phones out everywhere. Sprint, telecom, Verizon (if iphone 5 sales won't kill the pre 3, or if they market it heavily like the droid) at&t, heck maybe even t-mobile or a prepaid service.
And that's just the U.S.

It's obvious that webOS smartphones are getting the cold shoulder from carriers, Nobody wants a phone that they have to reduce to free within two or three months. There are plenty of new smartphones out there and the carriers can afford to be picky.

Exactly, so the question is, how's HP going to pull it off?

Announcing a product without a price, carrier, and release date is sort of pointless. It's like "Cooool..... K what do I do now?"

At least they're marketing the Touchpad though. But the phones are a deferent story.

which is silly because you have to get people interested in OS through the phone first then people take notice of the tablet...

they don't have a phone out ;)

The Veer is a horrible move, especially when it's released first?!?

My Pre fell apart and forced me to get a Shift last week. The EVO Shift hardware and Apps make me smile, but I really miss WebOS.

Maybe Will Ferrell will pick up a veer?

during the WOR podcast I predicted may (last day of spring) lets see if I was right!
I'm guessing it'll be later than spring tho..

Just like the Pre2, Europe lands the cool new devices first. Congrats o2!

Being in the US, it is becoming pretty apparent HP is only interested in competing over seas. From the European original Pre being the only area receiving the webOS 2.x updates, to the release of the new devices there 1st (Pre 2 now seemingly Veer).

I get the impression HP really isn't interested in the US market. Has anyone even seen a Pre 2 commercial in the US? My co-worker on VZ who was shopping for a new smartphone was totally ticked off when he bought an Android phone for the same price as the Pre 2 on VZ. After I showed him my phone (A Sprint Pre minus) he said he had buyers remorse. He is a big HP guy, manages all of our HP servers here at the office.

VZ didn't even talk about the Pre 2 when he inquired about phones. Rapidly losing faith in the one platform that really got me into smart phones. C'mon HP announce some launch partners in the US already!

I think it's the opposite, that is the US market (carrera) who are not interested in the pre3.

I think it's the opposite, that is the US market (CARRIERS) who are not interested in the pre3.

Who cares about the Veer? It's a junk phone. Give us the Pre 3 or a Pre 4 with better specs.

whats wrong with the pre3's specs? the thing aint running windows 7, you dont need a **** mutlicore processor. relax brah

I don't care for specs too much I doubt many people will be using all of there dual core processor and if they are have from for those 30 minutes. Hp needs to get the software smooth, but most of all get it inside a damn store so I can buy one

the cpu/gpu in the pre3 is right on par with the tegra 2

I would buy a Veer in a heartbeat. Massive improvements over my Pre on Sprint. But no webOS options for us now...

You have all mis-translated the original German message: it says "Beerfest was the greatest movie ever made!"

How do I know? Two years of high school Spanish, dudes!

I don't understand how people can be so critical on the veer. It's freaking fast on the hands on videos that have been shared so far. I have the pixi + and from what I've seen in the videos of the veer, it is most definitely NOT the same experience.


I smell a repeat of pre 2. We won't see it in the u.s. Until next feburary.....

More like "In the first half of 2012".

HP sucks. Poor marketing strategy, plain and simple.