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O2 Palm Pre Plus to get webOS 2.x update via computer? Update: it's out! 91

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 19 Feb 2011 9:07 pm EST

What we originally heard from HP at their Think Beyond Event was that while they wouldn't be delivering webOS 2.x to devices older than the Pre 2 Over-the-Air, receiving an update in the form of a webOS Dcotor download to your computer was a possibility. Later that day the company changed their tune and said that those devices woudn't get the update. This past Sunday, several European users tried out the webOS update checker and saw glimmers of hope that it might come. Now a representative at O2 Germany's user forum has chimed in and said that while the original Pre won't get it, they are working to bring 2.x to the Pre Plus for their German customers. Here's a handy translation from PreCentral forum user Sonic-NKT:

As originaly only european Partner of webOS-Devices, we have a big interest in giving our Customers the newest Updates. Because of that we tried to convince HP to listen to the needs of the early adopters and to release the update they announced. But they (HP) had to figure out, pretty late tho, that the Palm Pre and Pixi plus are hardware wise not capable of running webOs 2.0, because of that HP wont release an update for those Devices.

The Pre Plus on the other hand will get an official Update to webOS 2.0 soon, but it wont be available as OTA, you have to use the webosdoctor software to get it onto your devices, you will be able to download it from the HP-Website. We keep tryining to convince HP for our Customers of Pre and Pixis Plus Devices to release a reduced Update, that is adjusted for the older Hardware. The ultimate decision for this lies in the hands of HP tho.

That's pretty much the story we had heard originally and it's also the story that some HP "executive relations" reps have told some customsers. Whether this is a matter of failed communicaiton within HP and to HP's carrier partners or a reversion to the original plan is still unclear - what is clear is that while we're still waiting to hear how HP intends to "make things right" for current customers, this kind of confusion about whether the update will happen shouldn't be part of that plan.

Update: Engadget writes that the above rep says that "HP pulled the 2.0 SDK" (Which, by the way, is still under NDA) and so don't hold your breath for this update, despite what the update checker says. Thanks NickVTPre!

Update 2: well golly, HP has done gone and released the sucker.

Source: O2 Forums; via PreCentral Forums; Thanks Sonic-NKT!


So why the f cant we get webOS 2.x on Sprint or Verizon pre's as well....

"Palm Pre, and Pixi Plus..."

"Pre Plus, on the other hand..."

See what he did there?

Welcome to America where you get your phone at a discounted price for being your carriers b****. Verizon wouldnt want 2.0 on the pre plus because they've got the pre2. The sprint pre might be because of hardware limitations.

I would like to state for the record that if you are in the UK and you want a Pre 2, it will cost you £399 or $~600. I don't even know if the O2 UK Pre Plus is going to get an update :(

Please WebOS Internals do your magic!!!!

Dont, worry. *IF* an O2 webOS 2.0 doctor comes out for the Pre+, we'll show people how to flash it onto a Pre-. I specifically make no statement about whether such a thing will meet one's expectations.

-- Rod

I will cross my fingers and would continue to donate to WebOS Internals :)

Assuming this will be done for the PRE+ only and not the Pre-, what would happen to those SPRINT PRE+ converted from Verizon or AT&T?

what do you expect do be done? Do you want hp to tailor a doctor made for the handful of users that plussed their pre's?

Actually, since the update is to be a webdoctor download from hp, you should just be able to load it.

It's an availability and hardware capability issue, as I understand it, not a software or carrier issue.

The issue with the preminus and pixi is hardware capability. That answer is in a reduced version. And frankly, that would be a kindness and act of appreciation for a loyal userbase, not a business decision. I'd love to see them do it.

dont the doctors have carrier settings and crap? I imagine that you'd have to mess around with the doctor for it to go through.

When I first got doctor, they didn't even list Verizon. The instructions said to say you were Sprint and it worked fine.

but that was a sprint doctor for version 1.4.5

What you are saying is that lets use the O2 pre plus 2.0 doctor on a completely different device.

Actually it would be a good for business decision - if the RAM of a Pre(-) is sufficient.

The sooner webos 2 gets spread around the better for HP - because that means more platform for devs to develop for. An interim period where devs don't bother to develop for Mojo on the one hand with hardly any Enyo around yet OTOH is bad for HP.

I actually think hp is reading the grumbling and listening. I'm going to hold out for that.

I'd love the os2 update.

this does make some sense - WebOS 2.0 probably just won't run acceptably with only 256MB of RAM. So original Pre and Pixi get left out.

which is probably why they're only releasing an update via computer. those who are aware of how to update it on their computer are likely to know how to overclock it and make it usable.

I think webOS 2.x should use less RAM than 1.4.5 because Java is gone in 2.0.

OTOH new libs and enyo got in.

Any Pre 2 users who have checked how much RAM is used?

No, Enyo isn't in webOS 2.0.1...

2.x has Javascript services though.

I don't think they use that much RAM.

And I think most of the services that were in Java are now native C/C++ services (but I don't know that for sure).

The original Asus Eee PC has 256 MB of RAM.

The iPad has 256 MB of RAM

Windows XP will run on 256 MB of RAM

iPhone 3GS has 256 MB of RAM

Motorola Droid has 256 MB of RAM (And the same CPU/GPU while supporting a larger screen)

Most of the Nokia's past internet tablets have 128 MB of RAM

The Nokia N900 has 256 MB of RAM (Also same CPU/GPU and a bigger screen)

The list goes on...

What about for Pixi and Pre? I have a pixi and still waiting for an update. They really need to stick to their promise and update our devices. Why say yes and then um... No we are unable to.. Is fine even if we can update it via computer! Just make it work!!!

but according to several users here, the minus versions don't seem to have any trouble running it... Something fishy is definitel up. :/

why not the USA PALM pre plus

complain to your carrier for not putting pressure on HP

At least it is in the "coming weeks" rather than "coming months"


i dont need a full webos 2.x for my pre for the last few months i have it. i just want to have OBVIOUS bugs fixed and some neccessary improvements (speed, battery) done.

if they are not capable of implementing things like bluetooth file transfer, okay. looks retarded, but if they cant do it, they cant.

You can do bluetooth file transfer with apps.

What apps?

Interesting news. Please be more specific.

It would probably be a lot less bad media and trouble for HPalm if they just let existing Palm customers get an off-contract Pre 2 at a heavily discounted rate.

Putting tons of developers on a programming project for a dying phone makes no sense monetarily. Use the funds for a better cause. Why are they still putting time and thought into this? They're only opening the wounds more.

Note that the story is from a posting from a carrier employee, not a HP employee. You have no information about who is spending time on what.

-- Rod

What rwhitby said - plus Pre 2 isn't (ATM) a universal replacement.

Not available for Sprint and no version with german (QWERTZ) keyboard layout (probably also a problem for the spanish market).

If Sprint got Pre 3 in early summer I would not care too much.

At least give Pre Minus an update with flash.

And voice dialing

What I got about my palm pre plus:

We are working on alternative plans with Verizon and will be sharing details in the coming weeks. Please come back to palm.com/webos-info to find out more.

It's different than the last time I checked, will see ....

Good for O2!

For me, I've had it with HP. I really enjoy WebOS, thanks to the homebrew developers, and have in the past been an automatic Palm upgrader for whatever came next on Sprint. Now, I'll see what Palm offers on Sprint and choose the best phone available - no more Palm loyalty - I feel too used and manipulated.


If hp palm had announced no update in 2010. And suppllied the pre2 to hold us down. Then we wouldn't of been as pissed. But they teased us and gave us false hope. That is the problem. Also if the new software won't run on the pre..... Well they should at least have released a stripped down version of webos2.0

Can that German guy not write in English or did someone just not revise this?

Err - what?

A german wrote an answer to a german and you are complaining that the language he wrote in was german?

Plus it already got translated - see forum.

who gives a fuck

I would be Disappointed if HP did not release version 2.0 for Pre-
I bought expecting PALM to support at least till 2.0
I can expect 3.0 to be not supported, but 2.0 should be.
Software should be at-least supported 2 generations back.

I agree I would not expect to receive version 3.0

HP/Palm promised version 2.x and Adobe Flash was promised even longer, they should live up to it. Why does HP's website say the Sprint Palm Pre(-) life-cycle is current?

We also need 2.x so we can view PDF's/documents properly (If at all) and html 5 video properly!

There is no excuse for Pre(-) and Pixi(-) not to receive WebOS vs 2.x

256 MB of ram is plenty. The iPad has 256 MB of ram it runs fine (and more of this memory has to go toward the larger display)?

Also you don't get that far into rewriting a new OS only to find "at the last minute" it wont work on older devices. I mean realy, You don't build an entire house and only relize at the end there are no bathrooms.

As far as the Pre(-) and Pixi(-) their CPU and GPU, are perfectly capable. What slow down there might be can be compensated for by the GPU with its hardware acceleration of the User Interface.

Remember this isn't an update from Windows 98 to Windows Vista on the same computer, its a Linux based mobile OS.

webOS has a terrible RAM management, but it can only be better in webOS 2.x since Java is gone.

From the article:
"Because of that we tried to convince HP to listen to the needs of the early adopters and to release the update they announced."

"We keep trying to convince HP for our Customers of Pre and Pixis Plus Devices to release a reduced Update"

So now we and carriers must pray HP for an update??? Shame on HP! A lot of people bought a Pre- or a Pixi Plus less than a year ago and they are not supported anymore!
And when does webOS 2.0 come for the Pre Plus? In our next life??? The Pre 2 with webOS 2.0 is out since october 2010! You HP have a lot of money and people! What are you waiting for? Do you really want webOS to die due to your slowness and due to your old and outdated hardware???

Look at this and cry:

That video is hilarious!

When we were ignored, you are the only ones who give us hope.
Thank you webOSInternals.
Sent from my Palm Pre from Spain.

this is very disappointing, since the HP desaster, there havnt been any news of interest for the pre - users. I will delete my precentral app and only check the page in the comming month, hoping there is a miracle. I will continue using my pre till he fell appart and then i think i switch to android. It was a nice time hanging around here. Keep up the good work!

what a smack in the face for the HUNDREDS of people stupid enough to stick with HP-DOS, err, WEBos.

and lololol wasn't this site all about how important OTA updates are? Well wow, people! How did that work out?

Sent from my IPHONE which has more apps on it than your entire catalog

You have over 5000 apps on your IPhone? Wow! (or rather I choose not to believe you ;-) )

What has this to do with OTA? You willl find nobody who doesn't prefer OTA updates.
But if once every few years - for a radical change that might involve repartitioning or should be restricted to some sub-segment of customers due to special circumstances - an update via Desktop application makes more sense - then so be it. The rule is not invalidated by a single exception.

Enjoy your IPhone - but why waste your and our time by trolling here?

nice move. for all who wonder why hp is spending money on old devices: if all old customers move on to another brand, because they are disappointed, hp loses alot of money.

Another evidence that HP/Palm's previous statement about technical difficulties was crap.

Strange mindset on this thread. Have the features that led you to Pre stopped working on your phone?

Has your profile backup stopped working?
Have you lost your unified inbox?
No longer able to see appts from different calendars in distinct colors?

Just out of curiosity - what would you DO with 2.x that would add say... 20% or more value to your Pre experience?

I think the 2.0 enhancements are ok but nothing earth-shattering. I bought a Pre 2 simply to get more durable hardware. I'd be quite happy with webOS 1.45 on the Pre 2.

Fair enough. Flash support is missing. No, it hasn't "stopped working" but that was a feature that was promised and already demonstrated before I got my Pre and factored in to my purchasing decision.
I suppose I'd be happy enough if they managed to shoehorn that into a 1.x version update.

Thing is, 2.x had been demonstrated working well on older pre's so it's the lack of desire to support the older phones (either by HP or the carriers), not the lack of capability of the older hardware.

That's what I suspected. Flash should not have been promised. I think the Verizon GPS issues are in the same category and that problem annoyed me more. That said, these were not the killer features for me.

I look at phone updates in a similar way to updates for my HT audio processor - ie critical bug fixes to an appliance. I'll probably care more about updates if I get a tablet. I can see why hobbyists/hackers (in the creative sense) would care but I think that they are a small minority.

I think you would be entirely justified and wise to limit new phone evaluation on the basis of what you have in hand at appliance purchase time.

Flash was demoed on the Pre(-) before 1.45

I bought the phone on launch day expecting to receive Adobe Flash in a later update.

last I checked if you go to the "Get Adobe Flash" website on a Pre it still says they are working with palm to make it available for your device...


Thats what I am saying, if Pres doesn't show me skype video over 3/4G, Its not better than my Sprint Pre and HP won't get my money.

However, this thread is not about that. Its about a company that behaves untrustworthy and abuse people who were on board and supported them early on.

No offense, but to fault others for wanting something that you have is a little pretentious. "I have a Pre2, but you should be happy with what you have?" -paraphrased. Ok Marie Antoinette, we’ll eat that cake if you dance with a razor. I’m sure you didn’t mean it that way, but it read really bad.

Look at the screen shot provide in this thread, the device is a Palm Pre on O2 not a Palm pre plus?!?!?!?!

Can't wait for an update via computer to WebOS 2.0 on my palm pre minus in Canada with BELL!!!


Melody from 'All I want for xmas is my two front teeth'

All I want from HP is my 10.1
my 10.1, yes my 10.1!

All I want from HP is my 10.1
then I could see a flash video...

...video ...video...

Aw for goodness sake... Give us flashplayer!

Yes my Pe- features still work... If I hit the touch screen 3 or 4 times... & don't mind 2 to 5 reboots daily.. & no volume control & etc... Yes all HW issues but what is a Sprint Pre user to do, as we have NO options?
other than another carrier or another Phone.

Good point. And a tough choice.

I was on ATT and happy with a Treo 680 for many years and just finally got fed up with the dropped/missed calls. So for me, the priority was:
1. Call quality/reliability
2. Synergy and Calendar
3. Unified inbox
4. Cloud backup
5. Web Browsing

This forced a carrier change.

Maybe I'm just lucky, but my launch day Pre still works great. It only has a small crack next to the charger port and that didn't show up till a few months ago.

Soon, no matter how careful you are, that little crack will walk it's way across the front of your screen.


In the USA phones are dependent of the carrier, in EU phones are not. Thats why in EU the phones cost much more than in USA.
In USA the carriers would prefer you buy the updated model than roll out the updates to the older models. This is a huge difference between USA and EU.

When I go to palm.com/webos-info all I get is "your current device: palm pre plus o verizon".
no mention whatsoever about any updates.
last week it said palm was "working with verizon"

I just got. Check time stamp on post:
Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

We are working on alternative plans with Verizon and will be sharing details in the coming weeks. Please come back to palm.com/webos-info to find out more.

Your current device:
Palm Pre Plus on Verizon.

I'm wondering if everyone was to keep hitting that update site, it might get the attention of the bazzilion bean counters at HP.

Hopefully someone pulls 2.0 from the pre 2 and develops a manual install. It is unbelievable how much other things they have done around the OS and yet this hasn't been mentioned. A simple update to the Bio should make installable and maybe a few removals to speed things up. I don't see there being a major difference between this and the veers assuming the processor is to 720 mhz when needed it.

If they can cut down a bit of background data that would be even better. I mentioned once before most of the improvements on the webOS 2.0 are additions of the same software and I wouldn't even mind if they got rid of stacks for specific update to these phones. That seems to be what would take up the most processor use and memory.

I didn't think so at first but now it seems they might just be trying to sell more phones, but again most who purchased the Pre are still under contract and are likely timid to purchase another one after such lack of support. Even if it runs slow it would be the best thing to do. If users like 2.0 they will upgrade for the speed, but if I don't get 2.0 I can't imagine purchasing the next phone thinking I likely won't receive 3.0 and have to go through the same thing on each device....not to mention again the 90 minute battery life on the Pre3.

webOS Internals has been trying to put 2.0 from a Pre2 onto older devices since the very first 2.0 doctor came out for the Pre2.

It hasn't worked yet due to graphics drivers (IIRC, that's they said).

I have been using the leaked version on my o2 pre minus, it works.
It has à bit of lag, contains some bugs. The main reason for not going back to 1.4.5 is standby time. With 1.4.5 on stock battery i had à standby of 5 hours, in the leaked 2.0b i have à standby of 1,5 days. In both os i have been using gmail and hotmail to sync continues. Please hp fix the bugs in 2.0b and just release it to us pre- owners, even flash works nicely ;)

Oh anyone who wants to run their phone through the update checker (AKA disappointment inducer) you can view your phones serial number in the device info on your Pre. No need to take out the battery.

I just checked mine and the site said this:

Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

We are working on alternative plans with Sprint and will be sharing details in the coming weeks. Please come back to palm.com/webos-info to find out more

Your current device:
Palm Pre on Sprint.

You know, the original iPhone 2G cannot be upgraded to IOS 4.x, so why am I jumping ship from a Pre to an iPhone? Because unlike HP, Apple never said that they could be upgraded. Apple may have uber control issues, but one thing they have going for them - they're not HP.

There are several reasons why the upgrade might not work on one or more devices, but the primary reason would be that 256MB of RAM just isn't enough for the new OS. If the OS is designed to be faster(the move from Java to Javascript), then I do NOT see CPU power as a reason to not install the new OS on the Pre Plus at least since it has 512MB of RAM.

RAM limitations really should be the primary reason why an OS update would not come to a given device that shares most of the same architecture with new devices that are VERY similar.

That's funny, I used to actually care about updates.

Riding this one out until my next upgrade and Palm/hp better have a good option or I am out.

I think I am done. I haven't said much over the past year and some months that I have owned my sprint pre.I have been a suporter of webos internals and the community. This is what I think really made this phone. You guys. Yeah webos is the slikest one out right now. But this community could make any OS slick. But this last bomb that HP droped I can't take. No more HP. I have been patient since the beginning with the Adobe gate. Then the constant phone failers I had the oreo so much I was getting sick of milk. I have had the cracked touch screen and the failed head phone jack. 12 phones in total. I just don't have any more reason to stick with it. I hope to see you guys on greener pastures.

I have the original Pre on Sprint. My upgrade dies April 1.

Hey HP - you've got 38 days to pay off a promise, any promise. Give me a concrete reason to stay within 38 days or I'm gone.

What would make me stay?

1. Trade in my Pre for a Pre3 at little or no cost.
2. $X worth of paid apps on my new Pre3.
3. Pre-ferred (get it?) discounts on HP stuff; tab, phone, printer, etc.
4. Pay Sprint to bump me from Silver to Gold.
5. An Amazon gift card to download books to my new tab.

Anyone else got ideas?

How about a pony?

I love my Pre, and just puurchased it last October, after finally letting go of my Treo, AND after Palm officially announced that old devices would get the update. Locked in for the full three years... (you can stop laughing now...) In July they roll out cell phone legislation for drivers here in Alberta. I am going to need voice dialling to make this phone practical under these circumstances. But, I still have some hope due to HP's engagement of this community. If they truly made a mistake, they will make it up to me. If they're being deeply deceptive, why would I be interested in keeping the phone anyway? I think its gonna turm out...

HP undersestimates the discouragement of early adopters. I bought the Pre- because of ability for flash which they promised. Google Maps is still crap, my Pre is often freezed and I have to make a complete restart.
They want to be different? Then they shouldn't go the same route like Apple, telling people 'Sorry, we couldn't deliver what we promised on the old hardware, buy some new one'
Given their market position they should encourage us with some incentives or support

I realy hope that some geniuoses at webos-internals/precentral.net forums will figure out a way to make an custom webos Doctor that will bring at least some of the features (like Flash player, and some other cool thing slike skype) to all the original Pre/Pixi owenrs (GSM especialy)...

this is the sole reason why I didnt buy my new HP Iseries laptop Saturday..Your paying for the name only but the same equiptment or better from another competitor ( ex: Toshiba Satellite laptop & Samsung Fascinate) so I took the new I series Toshiba home, HP is loosing its supporters! Now lets see if they make a change to phone customers if no I will be changing that too!


I got Palm pre 2 as a gift from one of my friend from US. I'am living in India, I'm unable to do the initial settings for the phone as it doesn't provide any language options to choose.I Understand English, but I get the instruction don't know if its Spanish, Greek or Latin... Can somebody help???