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Off-contract Verizon Pixi Plus on sale for $39.99, today only 42

by Derek Kessler Thu, 14 Apr 2011 9:26 am EDT

If you’re in the mood for a small candy-bar style webOS phone with slightly anemic specs and a Verizon-compatible radio, boy have we the deal for you. The folks over at DailySteals are blowing out a supply of Verizon Palm Pixi Plus phones, and if you’re game they’ll send you one contract-free in exchange for a paltry $39.99. That’s right, a fully-functional miniature smartphone for less than $40. The deal is good for today and today only, so if you’re interested you best hustle on over and grab one before midnight turns this deal into a pumpkin.

Source: DailySteals; Thanks to jesmann for the tip!


$5 shipping. May get one for my wife who is fed up with her Verizon keys not working

Might be cool for converting some Sprint Pixis into Pixi Plus.

Fyi, instructions for anyone that wants to do this:

Man they need to run these deals for verizon pre-2, would do it in a heartbeat.

Will Sprint allow this to be activated and used with their service? I vaguely remember carriers claiming to open up their networks to any compatible device....

No. I have Sprint and got this a while ago. If you're not on Verizon, you should get a Verizon friend to activate it, then re-activate their phone. That way you will be able to use the App Catalog.

Their sister site sells it for $55 with free shipping every day if you miss this deal.

Any idea where i can get a cheap sprint palm pixi no contract? My girl got a LG Optimus S a few months ago and had now decided she can't go without a keyboard.

I would try Craigslist. On my local CL I often see Pixis on sale for around $80.

Could this phone be used without a data plan? ie - my wife doesn't have a smartphone, and therefore no data plan other than text support on her Samsung "dumb" phone. If I bought this, could I get Verizon to activate JUST the phone service, but she could use the wifi capabilities of the phone, when she was in reach of a wifi connection?

As far as I know, no. I believe all smartphones on Verizon require data plans. Which sucks.

no you can't, i gave my sister my old pixi and she tried but it wouldnt let her. but she got a "data plan" and it only costed 10 more a month for the pixi.

Sometimes you can, you just need to find the right CS rep you can sweet talk into it. We managed to do it on one of our lines last year.

Not on Verizon, but you can do what I did and activate a Pixi Plus on Verzion MVNO PagePlus with or without data.

You get the Verizon network and good rates. As little as $10 for 4 months of service with 10 cents a minute and 8 cents per text.

Or 1200 minutes, 1200 texts and 100 MB of data for $30/month.

Or unlimited talk and text plus 30 MB for $45/month

More information on my site.

Can you activate it through just the wifi and get access to the app catalog or does it HAVE to be on a Verizon account? I wouldn't mind getting this for my kid as a pmp and gaming device. Maybe then she'll stop stealing my Pre to games on ;)

My understanding is that it needs to be activated at least once (although it can then be de-activated) to get access to the App Catalog. I did it by activating on a friend's Verizon account and then having him just re-activate his phone. I haven't tried going with webOS doctor.

Yes, I believe you can hack it to work fully without ever activating it on a carrier.

There are various threads on the forums about how to get it working.

Here's two of them:

Too bad there's no Bell Pixi otherwise I can use one for conversion... never used the Pixi Plus before.

Yeah that would be cool :)
But I just spoke with a Bell employee and he think it would works on Bell, but he's not 100% sure....

i want to get one for voip. i really hope someone comes out with a voip app soon.

Sweet, thanks for the info!

not even for free! how about NEW phones?

You are forgetting one big thing. THIS IS OFF CONTRACT. Nobody just gives **** away...

Well I was going to reply to the right spot but PreCentral doesn't seem to be working right.

1) The Pixi Plus is available on Amazon for $54. So if you miss this, it's always up on Amazon for slightly more.

2) Verizon will NOT let you use this phone unless you have a data plan. They don't care if you bought the phone off contract. They don't care if you only want to use it for phone services only. Verizon's rule is ANY smart phone newer than the Palm Centro is REQUIRED to have a data plan. So yes, if your dumb phone breaks and someone hands you a Blackberry, you can't use the Blackberry unless you have a data plan.

I have confirmed this by talking to a Verizon rep since I was planning on buying Pixis for my dumb phone Verizon family members. But if they're gonna have to each pay an extra $30/month, then no thanks.

A webOS phone is useless without a data plan.

No it's not. WIFI fool.

Think about it. Dumb phones cost ~100+ off contract.

This is a smart phone that costs $40 off contract. Would you rather have a dumb phone or a Pixi without data (but has calendar, a nice keyboard, video, music).

This isn't even counting the fact that the Pixi Plus has WiFi meaning you can download apps easily, surf the web, synch calendars, get email anywhere you have WiFi.

Pixi Plus w/ no Data >>>>>>>>>> Dumb phone.

After going through 3 Pre+ devices, I ended up purchasing a Pixi+ through Amazon. Even though the device is slower, and there are not as many apps for it, I prefer this device to the Pre by far. Better keyboard, feels like a more solid construction, flat display, small and light weight. I only use my Pixi as a phone, music player, calendar, and internet stuff. No games.

Seems a little expensive.

So if I want to activate this on Verizon, how do I know what kind of monthly charge I can expect? Does Verizon post their non-contract rates anywhere? Or is the monthly price the same?

If I understand it correctly, the contract is just to make the phone cheaper, not the plan. I'm not sure about that thought.

The Verizon rep I talked to told me they required the unlimited data ($29.99/mo) to activate the phone.

And if you canceled the data plan they'll deactivate your phone until you get a dumb phone or reactivate. has this phone for $52.99 with free shipping.

Just picked one up. I'll use it as a music player to free up our other phones (Pixi, Plus) I mean, c'mon, this is a no brainer.

I got back into WebOS with a super cheap Pixi that I think I got from Daily Steals. Verizon had a 150 MB data plan for $15 that worked great for me.

It was enough to make me want a Pre2 - which is the best phone I've ever had (because I bought it for what it IS, not what I think it should be). I'll keep the Pixi in case of problems with the Pre2 or to give to my son if he wants a smart phone and is willing to pay me for the data plan...

It's a great deal on an off-contract phone. It is the BEST keyboard on any WebOS device - Pre2 included.

Hey, if all you want is wifi, then hit me back on how to get on a 4g network in most of us.
I have my pre- and netbook on non carrier 4g.
works great! will put my TP on when I get it. totally mobil here.

Anyone willing to help getting one of these to Germany? PM or oliver [at] compuseum [dot] de.

Does Verizon still offer the free (no contract) 5gb/month of data for mobile hotspot usage?

I have a Pre on Sprint and I'd love to use the Pixi Plus as a mobile hotspot.

I'm getting conflicting answers in this comments section and in the forums, so if anyone can lay down some simplified info for me, your knowledge-filled brain would be much appreciated.

Not sure about if they'll offer it with a new contract. But as of Sunday they still automatically add it on for free when you switch over to the Pixi using the Verizon Wireless website.

Funny...You have to pay $20 for 2GB tethering with those other smartphones, but a smartphone you can buy for $40 off contract gives you 5GB for free.

I forgot about the free Mobile Hotspot feature. And yes, Verizon still offers it for free - I have a friend that recently got one activated. At this price - and no contract - it's a smarter/cheaper move than buying a MIFI.

LOL!!! Ive got 20 lightly used ones I will sell for 30!!!!!!!!!

If you ship it to Germany, I'm in. I'd even take one with bad ESN since I can't use it as a phone anyway...

If the same deal appears for an AT&T Pre Plus or Pixi Plus, I'm all over it. I'll be using it for when I'm in European waters.