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Official: Pre Plus hits AT&T May 16th, $149 with Touchstone 57

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 10 May 2010 2:58 pm EDT


AT&T has gone ahead and made it official on their Facebook page: the Palm Pre Plus will land this Sunday, May 16th, for $149.99 and bundled with a free Touchstone (no doubt to offset pain caused by looking at Verizon's pricing). Them rumors, they were correct. You'll have to mosey your way into a physical AT&T retail store to get the free charging dock, and be sure to do it early as the Touchstone offer is for a limited time - but everybody likes a Sunday drive, right?

We're hoping / assuming that the Pixi Plus will land on the 16th as well, but no official confirmation of that just yet.

Curious how the AT&T Pre Plus stacks up? Check out our first Hands-On and also our preview from an insider.

AT&T Facebook via Endgadget, thanks to pullbangdead for the tip!



That is a fun idea, bundling with a Touchstone out of the gate. It will probably drive users to buy at least one more.

Is there a rebate? I hope not since I can go into an vzw store and hand them $30 than go to radioshack and buy a touchstone for $19.99(if the deal is still active)

Totally. And it would still be 1/3rd the cost. I hope that price comes down -- regardless of the carrier, webOS needs more users -- more users = more revenue for developers = more apps!

Looks like a $100 mail-in rebate for an AT&T debit card is happening.

Don't bet on finding a Touchstone at your local Shack - word at all of the RS stores within 50 miles of my home (that's 9 stores total) is that the Touchstone immediately sold out. The "sale" price only runs through 5/15 so unless they are restocked this week you're hosed.


Went to Shack about an hour ago and bought the last Touchstone on the shelf. They also had one kit with the back and Touchstone in it. I bought it too. Price was the same although I don't need the back on the Plus as it comes with. While looking around you might want to search that kit option as well.

I would say nearly all the Radio Shacks Touchstones are out of stock.


That is for online orders ... Click the smaller button "Find It In Store" .. All six of my cities' stores have them in stock.

The message beside the "Find It In Store" button: "This item is available at most stores."

Hey Thanks PreCentral! I had no idea about the touchstone sale at RS. Just picked up the last one at the shack 20 miles from here. Be sure to check out the smaller stores!

The first Radio Shack I went into the day after the sale started had already run out of all Touchstones. The second one only had 2 stand alone Touchstones (no wall wart, no cord). The kit with plug and cord was $27 I think but those were sold out at both stores.
If you want one, get it now.

Nice move to add the Touch Stone. I always thought that Sprint and VZ missed the boat by not doing that.

And I always thought Palm should have included it... Never known anyone that didn't love it once they tried it. I didn't think I wanted one, until I tried it. Now I have 3...

It seems like it's a pretty hefty premium to pay for a "free" Touchstone dontcha think?

I think I'd rather have a $50 (or less) phone and buy my own Touchstone from the lowest bidder.


Depends on how tied you are to your carrier. If you must have GSM (which I admit, there have been a few times that would have been nice to have data while talking on the phone) in the US, then AT&T is your current choice for the Pre.

Why not make back as much as you can on the phones with the people that are waiting to buy them. Drop the price in a month or two, once that profit has been made.

Now if they will get real phones for display instead of the dummy phones they sent out previously...

They send out dummies for lots of phones. The COR stores will be displaying live phones for demo. Odds are it will probably also be running a demo program to show off some of the better features.

Sign I'm torn. I like GSM but I hate AT&T. Their customer service is a zero (from my 18 month experience with them). They don't care to listen to your service/billing related problems at all. They just want your money.

Not sure if this is true but, someone told me with Sprint 4g you will be able to surf the web and be on the phone at the same time because talking will be a data connection.

I'm extremely happy with Sprint service, billing and customer service.

its technically possible in phones that have both 3g and 4g radios, but it will depend on the manufacturer + sprint. the evo wont have that feature out of the box.

Voice will still be going over EVDO (3G). Also no Voice and Data at the same time initially.

It's a tough sell for me. Its free on Verizon. Not to mention. The phone's coming up on being a year old. Yeah i know they gave it like a faster processor but it's essentially the same phone with the same name. I'd just go buy it on Verizon of sprint.

It's actually the same processor. The differences are Double the RAM (256 to 512 MB)No center button at the bottomDouble the storage (8 to 16 GB)Different keyboard that's "clickier"

I think that's it. But I see your point, it's pretty much the same phone. I have the original Pre and wouldn't pay to upgrade to the Plus if it was released to Sprint.

Ah i have a sprint one so i didn't remember the details. What i knew was it was faster but i incorrectly thought that was due to a better processor but now that you mention it i now remember all the discussions of how more ram meant more cards and faster load times. And i was aware of the keyboard and the ram but was trying not to list every change. But i was at a Verizon store Friday. I can't say it was worth the higher price of Verizon just for those additions. More storage is great but my bill is now only about 10 dollars more then i had with tmobile without data.

And AT&T is expensive too. It just seem's a snails pace for a phone. That should change with HP a the helm though. they said they wanted more phones out there. But that's probably a whole product cycle away.

Folks like us look at this one way, but it seems like folks who don't read tech news might see this and think "wow, now those Palm phones are on 3 carriers. They must be great." Well,... I hope that is what they think.

I'm honestly not sure they even think that much. I think most people think:

1) My phone sucks/My phone's old/My phone is dead cause it fell in the toilet...I need a new one.
2) i'm staying with my plan/i'm jumping ship let's go to the store and look.
3) What in this store fits my desires in my price range? I'll take that one.

that's actually exactly how they think you got that on the money

Any one know officially how long "Limited Time" is? My upgrade is on the 21st, but I totally want a free touchstone... Maybe they'll just let me upgrade a few days early......

I know Sprint allows you to upgrade after 11 or 22 months instead of waiting the full 12 or 24 month term. It doesn't hurt to ask, unless you're planning on trying to negotiate something else.

Not anymore. They make you wait the full term before upgrading now. They changed their policy a couple of months ago. I have to wait until June 1 to the day. Boo.

Wonder if AT&T will be charging for the "HOTSPOT" wifi?

I dont believe the offer it at all. Still not available for the iPhone, either...

The AT&T Pre Pluses will automatically login to AT&T hotspots at places like Starbucks, if that's what you're talking about. No extra cost - it's included in the price of the data plan with the phone.

As far as I know, the instant HotSpot app, that turns your Pre into a WiFi access point, or whatever it's called on Verizon, won't be available on AT&T.

Cool! I cleaned out 2 rad shacks this past weekend and have 2 touchstones. Won't mind a 3rd. I don't care about the price starting at $149.99, been waiting almost a year for this thing to hit ATT.

I hear you! Every time I login on PreCentral it reminds me how long I've been waiting - 2 years 18 months as of today.

I'm stuck with AT&T - the family plan so the kids have phones I pay for and they have to answer when my wife or I call is a defninite plus!

In my area AT&T is the most reliable carrier and GSM is worth the wait since I get a "world phone" that only requires a SIM swap for international service and the inherent ability to talk and surf at the same time makes it golden as far as I'm concerned.

new hardware in june or.... Bye palm pre!!!.....HTC EVO 4G ranking #1

Palm needs new hardware now, or at the very least,"leak" something to give people hope. July,it might be HTC EVO.

$399 without a contract. Might be worth it. Let's hope the keyboard is better then the Vz version.

i think i would DEFF switch to at&t for the pre plus, just to get the satisfaction of voice and data at the SAME TIME.
besides, sprint and at&t are basically the same at pricing :D

Not really... Not sure if you've seen the ads from Sprint stating how their $69.99 gives you much more than AT&T's $69.99. Some examples are navigation included, unlimited text messaging, unlimited cell phone to (any other carrier's) cell phone within the US. I think there was one more feature that I've forgotten.

Re: Pricing
That's a joke, right?

For the most part, yes sprint is cheaper and even at the cheapest plan price you get more with sprint. However if the op is in the same boat as I am, I get a student discount on AT&T that's not available on sprint, so for me anyway AT&T is cheaper an the extra minutes and messages I would get with sprint would do me no good cause I don't even use All the minutes I get with AT&T.

If you went to sprint and said "hey I get such and such discount from ATT, can you match it" They probably would. Sprint gives discounts to almost everyone. I got a discount because my friend's uncle works for IBM. I didn't have to prove it or anything.

A lot of people also forget they can drop down a plan level because of free mobile to mobile which cuts a huge chunk out of your minutes.

I'd make a very large bet that says this price is cut in half by July.

Is there a chance someone will be doing a dropped calls comparison test between the Palm and Apple phones in "troubled" areas?


Why? Signal congestion is just that - regardless of what phone is being used.

Why not?

This is nice, but I really don't have need for a second one. Also, I would have MUCH preferred they released the phone for $50 less instead.

As long as they at least wait a few months before hacking the price, I won't complain though. It's going to feel very icky paying so much for a phone that I can elsewhere for so little. :/

AT&T is not worthy of the plam pre AT&T is the biggest fraking joke of a company crooked corrupt and horrible... Trust me i know i use to work for them...

write on AT&T facebook page if you think Free HotSpot should be on the Pre Plus.!/photo.php?pid=3872098&id=8576093908&comments

I still think att is evil and should go down in flames....

Yup still hate AT&T...

Hmm, let's see, fast 3g service, great cs, uses sim cards, service everywhere I go, and student discount. Yup, still love AT&T.

How much for the PIXI?

I still hate it evil empire that should go down in flames...

I also feel sorry for people who have AT&T...

I assume the AT&T phone with the "free" touchstone will have the touchstone back with it. Do all of the pre pluses have the ts back already installed?

Okkkaaaaaay I am a firm palm BELIEVER and lover and I lovED my Palm Pre until I broke it for the 3rd time and Sprint doesnt want to replace it. So now i hear the Pre Plus is coming to Sprint is there any truth behind this. because I'm getting close to the upgrade date. Should I hold on or buy a Pre????? Please Help.... Becuase i want 2 play My Gameboy Emulator AGAIN

About time. I'll be getting the H/Pre+ on Day 1 on AT&T (from iPhone 3G). Yes the purchase price is a drawback compared to Verizon...but I'm sure like others, I'm 'stuck' on a family plan on AT&T. So switching to Verizon (or even Sprint) is not an option. Besides, getting the GSM version is worth a bit of premium to me. Just like HP, I'm going to be "doubling-down" on WebOS to support the growth!