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Official: Verizon slashes Palm Pre Plus to $49.99, Pixi Plus to $29.99. Mobile Hotspot plan now free 156

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 01 Apr 2010 11:20 am EDT


After several hours of on-again, off-again, we have official word that the pricing below is a promotion from Verizon, but no word how long it wil last. Mobile Hotspot is now free for all new and existing customers using webOS on Verizon - though it might take a bit of time for your bill to reflect the change.

Verizon Wireless has radically (and we mean radically) dropped the prices of its webOS products. The Palm Pre Plus is now going for $49.99 with a 2-year contract and the Palm Pixi Plus is going for $29.99 with a 2-year contract. On top of that, Buy One, Get One is still in full effect.

That's one way to clear a channel stuffed full of inventory. We're not sure how long this pricing will hold, but we will say that Sprint had best stand up, take notice, and get competitive - with the Pre Plus a full $100 cheaper than its non-plussed version (and a full $100 cheaper than the proposed AT&T price), this could get mighty interesting.

(Original updates as we followed the story while it broke overnight are after the break.)


Update: as rumored at berryscoop, when you select your plan extras the cost of the Mobile Hotspot plan is now $0.00 extra per month. That's zero as in free. We don't know yet whether or not this applies to existing plans - we'll update as we find out! Update x2: several members in the comments with existing Mobile Hotspot plans note that their cost has magically dropped from $40 a month to $0. 


Update x2: Well that was fast (and strange). After dropping down to the prices that we mentioned last night, Verizon has returned the Pre Plus to $149.99 and the Pixi Plus to $79.99. As of this writing, the add-on cost of the Mobile Hotspot plan is still $0.00, but we're going to go ahead and suggest anybody who tries to get that call in to confirm. Any Verizon peeps want to chime in and explain this late night mystery?

Update x3: We're waiting to hear from Verizon wireless on the issue, because the prices are back down again. 


thanks to George for the tip!



Iit's not the price of the phone that matters, though. It would be significantly more expensive for our 3 phones on verizon than it is on sprint. I don't understand the allure of big red.

Allure? That's easy to answer. I've been with Verizon for about 6 years. Excellent network, Excellent coverage, and Excellent customer service when I call them.

And I've had the same for the 5 years that I've been on Sprint. Excellent network, Excellent coverage, Excellent customer service when I call them... and Excellent pricing (plus annual upgardes instead of every two years). With Sprint's money-back guarantee, it might be worth taking a look the next time your contract is up, you really have absolutely nothing to lose.

Free mobile Hotspot is a heck of a deal, but it's stil far more expensive than what I'm paying now.

The nice thing about Pre is the brower is so good and the need for tethering and hotspot is highly reduced. Still, tethering can help patch the current absence of needed apps to provide DTG, sling, flash presentation, etc. All easily remedied by some key needed apps.

Verizon just got a lot more interesting. The free mobile hotspot makes up for their higher prices for data. I still cant beet Sprints family plan though and excellent customer service. For one phone only though, I would have to think about Verizon now. I have five smart phones with sprint and pay $33 dollars each. There is no way im switching at this point.

Yes, but remember that Verizon is soon going to metered Data. So you will get a small amount of data xfer and after that you will pay a lot per MB thereafter.

I definately agree that the price of the plan is way more significant than the retail cost of the phone. But I did check Verizon's website last night and found that for my needs it would only be $5 more a month with Verizon. I currently have the Sprint Everything Data 450 plan. I barely use text messaging, so I'd be fine with the $5 250 Texts a month plan. I also don't talk that much, never even come close to 450 minutes a month, even if you include all the mobile-to-mobile, night and weekend minutes. Now that Mobile Hotspot is free it would be a great deal.

$39.99 450 Minute Voice Plan
$29.99 Unlimited Data Plan
$5.00 250 Texts Plan

= $74.98

If I wasn't already tied to Sprint I'd hop on Verizon. I think I'll still wait for the next Palm handset.

something's awry here. Verizon never gives away anything for free unless something bad is coming. Comments below regarding the promotion will end when they're out of phones. Something sounds fishy. I think Verizon just wants to get rid of all Palm devices and not re-stock any....

Besides, I'd rather have a working GPS with FREE navigation than have to pay $9.99 with a broken GPS, over free mobi-hotspot.

Fishy indeed. Why not make the phone free or even over rebate (we pay to to take the phone away).

Free tether would make me mad if I just bought another VZ device and another device was getting a $40/month perk for free. Especially if I went in for a Pre, and they talked me over to the Droid. Just does not add up.

If all devices got free hot-spot, this would look like a frontal assault on stressed-to-the max ATT data. Not not apparently the case though.

wow. I mean wow.

Sprint people might as well pay the ETF's now. It's pretty cheap. Great phone.

$2210 w/o tax for Verizon with unlimited (5000..) text messages and unlimited web/e-mail. This includes the price of the phone.


$1830 w/o tax for Sprint with everything. Including the price of the phone.

The difference of $380 over the contract you'll have to Spend on accessories, or anything.

Oh, and let's not forget Verizon's ridiculous ETF costs.

yeah, i was going to consider waiting for somebody to sell the pre plus on at&t on craigslist for like 200-300 since people are dumb. ( dont want to be stuck with it for 2 years)

but if at&t do it for only 50 I might just buy it.

do you think my plan for waiting for craigslist will work?
will it still be covered by the palm's warranty?

Even if I paid for an UNSUBSIDIZED Pre on Sprint and a FREE Pre Plus on Verizon, I'd STILL come out ahead after two years. ... Yeah, I'd love the extra RAM, but it's just not worth it to switch if you already have a Pre, IMO.

... Someone please tell me if my calculations are wrong, here.

Factor in the free hotspot application on Verizon.

And free Sprint Navigation...

Looks like the Pre is regulated to the low end.

relegated, perhaps? Or did Obama take over the phone business, too?


Yea, you're going to make that up in the first 3 months of having a Verizon plan. I'm sorry but $100+ vs $70 for the same shit does not compute.

After looking at Verizon's total plan costs, I will never go with Verizon. Even if they do have the magical Plus. I really wish Sprint had it. :*(

Verizon, if you really want people to buy the Pre, you could start getting your employees to stop pushing Droid so hard.

Just sayin'.

i want a hotspot app for sprint and for it to be free to , please sprint let us have an hotspot app

That was my suggestion when Pre launched was free sanctioned tethering at Sprint. That would have made me a front line endorser. I doubt many people will/would use, but knowing you have that tool in a pinch is a powerful thing in the marketplace. Oh well. Advantage offered, advantage declined, advantage assigned. Now Sprint can follow rather than lead.

They fall behind on the tethering, but lead in free GPS Navigation. Which do you think pople would use more?


April Fools!!

hahaaha.. +10 for you.

I'm on at&t, this is very tempting... (not at all cheaper...)

Argh. verizon doesn't offer human beings on the phone 24/7 for customer service. Their chat rep didn't know about the free mobile hotspot. Still looking for a second confirmation...

It *is* April 1st. I'd definitely be looking for reliable confirmation re: free mobile hotspot. Just sayin'. {Jonathan}

well, the site does list the cost at $0.00. 30 minutes ago it was listed at $40.

I just bought it last week for 149.00. Wonder if I call thrycan.give lol

Generally they will. I was able to get a credit when the ran the deal of the day...thing for $79.99. :) Give them a call!

Good move by Verizon and Palm. Clear as day that they looking for that Ipad money.

They probably need to get rid of all that inventory that didn't sell.
Maybe a new WebOS device is on the way?

This is exactly what I was thinking. There is no way they are going to mention a new device right now because sales of the Pre would just tank because everyone would want to wait for it. I think Palm is trying to get rid of some inventory, make as much money as they can and get more people on WebOS.

I love Palm and will support them until the end as long as they keep up the WebOS greatness.

You're on the money. If you want an upgraded device to be offered, you have to PRAY that Palm does not announce it until the surplus hardware is down to a reasonable level. Palm could easily drown in inventory before they reach the point where "Pre2" were ready to launch. Just the act of whining and moaning about it is enough to make prospective buyers sit on the fence about buying Gen1 devices and make it less likely to happen soon for Gen2.

I just bought it last week for 149.00. Wonder if I call thrycan.give lol

Yeah you can easily get the credit back. I think they'll put it in your next bill or something.

Absolutely! It's called price plan protection (if price reduced within 30 days and you call them in that 30 day period, you get the credit).

I just updated my plan to have Mobile Hotspot for $0.00. I've had the phone since release. I'm testing it out now, seems to work fine. Seems too good to be true though. Hope I don't get an unexpected bill.

Same here. I kind of worry that some Verizon employee thought this would be a good April Fools joke, but they'll be getting a super pissed phone call from me if I get the bill next month with an extra $40+ on it.

Same here. Just upgraded to mobile hot spot for $0.00/month. Started the mobile hot spot app and seems to work as advertised....

I just bought it last week for 149.00. Wonder if I call thrycan.give lol

Just checked my account. It says $0.00 for Mobile 3G Hotspot, where yesterday it still said $40/month.

I signed up for it. Wow, Verizon's most likely gonna re-do their bandwidth limits, I'm sure. They'll probably put a 100 MB limit, and anything above that means you qualify for the $40/mo. plan. ;-)

wow, switching on mobile hotspot for $0 on my pixi+
Thought this was too good to be true, but guess not it works!

what!!!! Even verison's pixi does tethering? Come on sprint! I love how cheap you are but give us a cleaner bone here :/

Yeah I signed up too - even did a screen grab, just as a little "insurance" LOL Hooked 2 computers to the hotspot and the speed wasn't too bad. Would definitely work in a pinch (if it stays free) LOL

Well, that's one way to stop us from using MyTether... I just added the Mobile Hotspot application to my account, for $0 cost...

That's awesome!

SO I went ahead and checked my online account, and sure enough it said 0 dollars. So I added it and called a rep. He said he thought it was because I was a business customer (obviously he had never heard of this). Anyway, he said that it was registering on my account as free but if it was actually a mistake, that they would charge me the 40 bucks and not honor the 0 dollars. Just a warning. But I think I might take the chance.

I think the mobile hotspot gets changed automatically for people who had it already. I went to see if I could change my features and it didn't even show up in the llist for me. While I was able to add and remove it before.

I feel less "bad" using mytether now, heh.

The Verizon site is down now. I wonder if they discovered that the mobile hotspot app was showing $0 dollars? Good thing I took a screen capture!

I just logged into my account and went through the process to upgrade a phone up to the final checkout step. It still shows $0 dollars for the mobile hotstpot feature as an upgraded phone. I wonder if it is still showing $0 for those who already have the feature.

Mobile Hotspot for $0.00 on Verizon, eh? Sprint, are you getting that? I think I can vouch for a lot of people when I say your customers would like something like this for their Pres also.

Yes, there's the hack to use the Verizon MHS app, and yes, there's the myTether (free and *donation), but that's not official, and it always breaks when an update drops. Like today. Sprint has, Verizon has 1.4.0, O2 has 1.4.1, so who knows if the other unofficial MHS apps will keep working on Sprint Pres.

if you click on the 3g mobile hotspot link in the "add feature" section it explains that you get 5gb per month and everything over that is charger per mb.... also that anytime you have it open your phones data usage counts towards your monthly total

Has anyone actually clicked on $49.99 and checked the REAL price on Verizon ? it says $149.99... Good April fools day joke Precentral! :)

Just went to that link and it says 149.99 there as well. 79.99 for pixi.

I have had my Pre Plus for about 2 weeks. Checked my account and it listed the Mobile Hotspot for $0. Upgraded both lines to get this. Awesome.

I tried to get into my Verizon account a bit ago and it wasn't able to pull it up. Must have been doing middle of the night site-work, because tried again and got in (3 a.m.), so I just added the mobile hot spot feature to all 3 pre pluses on our family plan for $0/mo. each! No mention of any mb caps since the required unlimited data plan for $29.99/mo is what it must be tied in to. I'll try it out tomorrow for my laptop and for my old t|x just to experiment. Now my daughter can use it for her laptop on the go, which she'll love. At home our wireless dsl is probably still faster, but I may start taking my own laptop with me more to use on my lunch hour, etc. I could get used to this convenience! I'm spoiled already by having the web with me in mini version on my pre plus--definitely worth the $1/day for the smart phone data plan!

The Droid is going for $19.99 on Amazon. Very surprising,

I may switch to verizon for the free mobile hot spot app. This is awesome. Now palm needs to market the hell out of this.

It worked for me, I was actually looking at the site a few hours ago and saw it for 49.99 and jumped on it. I missed the mobile hotspot for 0.00 but here is a snap shot from my e-mailed receipt, lets see if they honor it tomorrow.

Due Now
Phone/Line 2:
1 Palm Pre Plus $49.99

Included accessories for Palm Pre Plus:
Standard Lithium Ion Battery (1150 mAh),
AC Phone Charger, Touchstone Inductive CoverBlack,
Micro USB Cable, Stereo Headset, Self Cleaning Carry Pouch,
Getting Started Guide, Gesture Guide

I never downloaded the mobile hotspot for my pre plus beacuse I wasn't paying the $40 for it. Now that it is free, I cant seem to find it for download. Went to Palm's website and it says that the application is unavailable. Anyone else have this problem?

It was automatically downloaded with the 1.4 update. You may have hidden it with a patch. Also, call Verizon before you start using it to confirm. I just did, and they say it's not free - April fools? Maybe?

I just called Verizon support, the hotspot is NOT free. April Fools - hope no one signed up for it thinking it was. Cruel joke if you ask me. I prefer the ones that DON'T end up costing people money. (Either that, or it's not a joke, and the news hasn't reached Verizon cusomer support yet)

I just logged into my Verizon account, 3G Hotspot is $0 to add to your account. I was able to add it and my overall bill total remained the same. I'll post back when I get my next bill.

I just ran down my stairs hopped on VZW website and sure enough Mobile Hot Spot is FREE!!! I know have it on my Pre and my Wife's Pixi!! I think the world is going to end soon as I've never seen Verizon give a data feature away for free...

Not a joke. Most certainly is $0 on the website ... point, click, done!

Take that screen shot, just in case. ;-)

I added Mobile Hotspot, for free, as other have, but I am seeing that it is a 5GB limit.... anyone else have that interpretation. Either way, works for me. For those wondering what 5GB gets them, go here -

That's a great reference! Thanks!

I saw the same 0 dollars for hotspot. But I spoke with VW support just now 8 am EST who still says it is $40/month. They actually called in a supervisor to confirm. So, I would be careful before assuming it's going to be free. (of course the support people I spoke with could be wrong...)

Note the following description of Mobile Hotspot straight from my verizon online account acces:

"3G Mobile Hotspot

Take Your Wi-Fi hotspot with you!

3G Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your compatible Smartphone

PLEASE vote for the Palm Pre Plus in Laptop Mag's March Madness Competition! Upper-right of this page!

Sorry for the OT spam but the HTC HD2 is catching up the Pre Plus! We need your support now!

April fools!!!

That isn't a Verizon screen grab. Palm Pre Plus is still $149.99 if you purchase directly from Verizon. 3G mobile hotspot is showing up as $0.00 however. Not sure if that's a glitch or not.

"Pricing for: Month to Month 1-yr Contract 2-yr Contract
Your Price $149.99
1 2 3 4 5Add to Cart + Add to Wish List
Already a Verizon Wireless customer?

Upgrade Your Phone Add a Line"

I'm done wit Palm. They hav nuthin to offer but spam apps n laggy innovations. It started off as a nice piece over time they added crap that dnt work. Flash isn't here n I'm tired of makin request to fix things. All the problem for palm jus shift to another issue. Palm jus needs to scrap their project n join Nokia or sumthin. Palm is no apple. Palm fans please wake up this PHONE IS GARBAGE!!!!!!! I'm makin that switch in the summer n I'm comin bac to throw it in you guys faces. HTC EVO 4G all the way.

Miller, you're more done than a chicken breast microwaved for 9 hours.

after vw support denied this free hotpot deal they called me back to tell me it is real although they weren't sure how long it would last. So a rare freebie from vw for now!

Did... did they really drop the price of mobile hotspot to free?

Whatever someone put into the Verizon executive's coffee... I want some.

EDIT: Mobile hotspot suddenly vanished off of the list of features that could be added, and didn't show up on my plan after I added it. Perhaps it really was some random glitch?

EDIT 2: Just showed up after refreshing again. Strange.

EDIT 3: Is it just me or are you not able to remove the mobile hotspot feature after adding it? Does this mean it's going to become standard on all Palm WebOS phones?

At first, I thought that the free Mobile Hotspot was too good to be true. Today is April Fool's Day, after all. But then I logged into my Verizon Wireless account and discovered that it is, in fact, available for FREE!

This may force Sprint to throw in mobile hotspot for free when they release the Evo!

I just called VZW, the rep confirmed that the PrePlus was indeed 49.99, and that mobile hotspot was Free.99! I bought my phone about 3 weeks ago, and they said they'd credit me the $100 difference and add mobile hotspot (which still comes with 5GB/month, but prorated if you add in the middle of a billing cycle)!

It looks legit to me. I had it on my Pixi plussince I got it and today it is $0. I just added it to my daughters Pre plus so she can use it when she needs to.

Very Cool Verizon! Thanks for taking care of us!

Very funny April Fool's Day joke. I had to got to Vz site myself to confirm. I was thinking real hard about getting my wife the Pixi Plus(she has Pixi now-Need WiFi @ home bad). Comeon guys, when you gonna let people know. Also Phonescoop got me this morning with the "New Palm Pat(it's like the Pixi)". :)

Cant tell if this is real or April Fools joke. The VZW web site still says $149.00

alweb: "EDIT 3: Is it just me or are you not able to remove the mobile hotspot feature after adding it? Does this mean it's going to become standard on all Palm WebOS phones?"

Same, once you add it for $0, the option disappears. That gives the appearance that it will be standard with the data plan.

And yes, even without the option showing, Hotspot is fully functional on the phone.

I went to my Verizon features page and saw that 3G Wireless Hotspot was $0, so I added it...

I went to the loccal verizon store (nyc_ maison & 43rd). Rep said $0 hotspot was a promotion for the month of april only. After that will cost $40 a month again. The plot thickens.

Would that count as a material change in contract and allow you to leave ETF free? I thought Verizon had to give you a 60 day warning about the price increase?

Not if its a free monthlong demo.

I just received confirmation from a Verizon customer service rep. Below is the transcript of our conversation:

Beverly: In an effort to better assist you, are you an existing Verizon Wireless customer?

Beverly: Are you still with me?

You: I'm planning on purchasing the Pre Plus but I have a question about the Mobile Hotspot feature. I was going to purchase the Pre Plus a few weeks ago and noticed that Mobile Hotspot was available for a monthly fee of $40. However, it seems that this feature is now available for free. Can you confirm that the Mobile Hotspot is now free?

Beverly: I'd be happy to help you with that.

Beverly: I can confirm that and it is free.

You: Thank you so much for your help.

Just added 3g mobile hotspot via for $0! WOOT!!!

I just talked to customer service at verizon and they confirmed that it was free. i asked the rep to see if it was just a promotion that was going to end soon and he said there was no expiration date on it. using the feature right now to post this. have fun!

I just added it to two lines on Verizon with no problems. I got both Pre Plus' on Big Red during launch week, so I feel like I'm finally getting a little back for paying $500 out of pocket for two!

FYI - I print screened just about every page I went to while doing it, not sure if that will help out later...

yeah buddy! Based on the confirmations by you good folks and me looking online with my own eyes...I now have mobile hotspot for free!!!

I wonder if it would benefit Palm to eat this price up for us in order to make their phone look more attractive and get more sales. Free hotspot on a pricey carrier like Verizon? Good deal!

I am on the phone with a Verizon rep now. She checked with a supervisor and the Mobile Hotspot is 0$ FOR THIS MONTH ONLY. After that it will go back to $40, I assume with no notification to the account holder.


=( Nobody pays me with free mobile hotspot...

I still like Sprint better though!

=( Nobody pays me with free mobile hotspot...

I still like Sprint better though!

=( Nobody pays me with free mobile hotspot...

I still like Sprint better though!

I just checked my account online and there is no longer a charge for Mobile Hotspot, it appears to be rolled into the regular data charges.

WiFi IPAD anyone?

( I can't think of why this would be a one month only promo. That makes little sense )

I also do not understand how/why this would only be for 1 month. When I added it this morning to my accounts(2), it says "Total Change in monthly recurring charges: $0.00/month".

How can they possibly justify jacking that up to $40 in a month after clearly stating it will cost $0???

Oh wait, their Verizon and they probably don't give a frak so they'll do it anyway.

I can confirm the promotional pricing for the Pre and Pixi is back.

At 10:40 AM EDT I just hopped online and added 3g hotspot for the low low price of $0! I bet the big V is betting that people will forget about that 5GB limit and run up some nice overages. Is there anyway to check on your 3G hotspot usage?

I am verizon customer and I just added mobile hotspot to my service for $0!!!

From my Verizon Rep:

As part of this promotion, the 3G Mobile Hotspot, previously a $40 value will be free! (feature will auto-attach at activation and includes a 5GB allowance; $0.05 per MB overage if 5GB limit is exceeded)

All new activations and upgrades after 4/1/10 will receive this benefit automatically

Applies for a limited time only while Pre and Pixi supplies last

The existing 3G Mobile Hotspot subscribers will automatically receive the SFO at $0.

This promotional offer will be available to the customer as long as the Pre or Pixi device remains active on the mobile number.

I wish Verizon would just be consistent FOR ONCE. I'm on the phone with them again (they hung up on me last time) so I will ask about this again.

EDIT: The second rep just read me the internal VZ "article" regarding Mobile Hotspot. The above is correct. It is $0 for as long as the phone is under contract. Sweet!

If that's true, that's awesome!

I'm having one of my buddies who works for Verizon take another look (you can never check too much with a crazy, unannounced, deal like this)

Just be careful: "under contract" usually means under the current contract, so if you make any changes to your account, and I mean any changes, this could go away in the future if they start charging for it again. As someone who has previously gone past the end of his contract I can tell you that they'll try all kinds of sneaky things to get you to make a change that renews your contract if it means that they get more money out of you.

I just added it as well for $0. This is freakin' awesome!!! Even if it for the month of April only, I would use it until then and just cancel it. However, after I added it in the "change features" section. I went back in to see if it was checked still in my available features and the option was no longer there. I tested it out and it is working though. Excellent!!!! Now this is a great promo to sell the Pre's and Pixi's. Makes me wonder if once that Verizon sells out that they will stop selling Palm phones, altogether....????

Almost makes me want to go swap to Verizon right now, though with the Evo on the way (and no new Palm hardware in sight)and the the Incredible as well for Verizon I am torn. Not ditching my Pre in any way. Planning on pulling a Keith and having my Pre, Evo/Incredible and a Window Phone 7 phone. Wish palm would hurry up and let something out so I can pick either staying with Sprint (7years with them) or swapping to VZW and getting a PrePlus and what ever WP7 and HTC Phones come out.

I just got my verizon pre on tuesday with my new every 2 credit, I logged into my account and added the 3g hotspot option for $0.00 per month. SWEET.... Thanks precentral... Even if I don't get any money back on the phone I'll be still a major savings for the hotspot...

I also just had Verizon do a price match for my Pre Plus since I just bought it last week for $79.99 during the "Deal of the Day" promo. They credited my account $30. Now I just gotta keep watching the deal of the day to see if it goes down to free, so I can get another credit within my 30 day window from date of purchase. Awesome!!! I love Verizon!!!

Have a question, is the 5gb using only the mobile hotspot option? It excludes the data used from the Palm Pre+ itself?

yes but anytime you have mobile hotspot turned on your phone's data usage will count against that.... seems like a verizon way to make people go over 5gb without realizing it

I'd have preferred that VZNavigator be free, but I'll take it. It's kind of annoying since VZNav was free on my last plan, but not anymore. And it's just not worth paying $10 a month for, when I could get a new standalone GPS unit yearly for that much.

I already added the mobile hotspot feature as soon as I read the article. It's awesome to add this amazing feature for this amazing phone for the monthly price of $0. GREAT!!! :)

I just called verizon to add the mobile hotspot to make sure I wouldn't be charged. The customer service rep said it is no longer a billable feature and it will be enabled for all of their Palm devices.

I added the mobile hotspot feature this morning via Verizon's website for $0, but haven't tried it out, yet.

I do have a concern.

If, in fact, that this is only a promotion for the month of April and Verizon decides to sneak in and decides to charge us next month for the service ($40 is ridiculous!), I'm sure they'll have a customer service uproar from those who think (as I do) that this will be a free service for the duration of our contract.

If this is the case (which I hope is not), I'm sure I won't be alone in voicing my unhappiness with them both online and at their store.

They've had my business for nearly 10 years and I may be nearing a switch if such an even does happen.

I'm certainly hoping not.

The data plan is unlimited so it should be separate from the 5GB Mobile hotspot limitation. I just hop that Verizon adds a tab that shows the Mobile Hotspot usage on my account so I can keep track of the usage.

If they made VZNav free, I would be in Nirvana!!!

Just called Verizon and the service person was shocked that this deal did not have an Expiration date. She set it up for me and I am using my laptop now on the Mobile Hotspot to post this comment.


It worked!!!!!! I just called. It took her a little while to figure it out, but she called me back within 5 minutes and added the plan for free. It will continue free until I give up the pre or the account (i.e. LONGER than the length of the contract).

She said that there is a 5 gig limitation on the hotspot ONLY. All other data usage is unlimited. The 5 gig is counted when the application is on (i.e. turn it off immediately if you're not using it). You can see what you've used by typing #dat.

The promotion will last until they're out of phones (doesn't make sense to me, but that's what they said - sounds like they're getting rid of excess stock).


Same as the user above me. I jsut called Verizon and had them verify it was free, and not for any short period of time, it looks like its free for good. They did note my account incase I was charged for it so I could be credited back. Posting this from my Mac that is connected via mobile hotspot. This is a sweet deal!

You can track your usage online just like your other usage. I use my pre plus web a lot and am averaging 120 mb/day, under 4 gb/mo. So I have hope that there's no likelihood of going over 5 gb/mo for the occasional use of the hotspot. The main thing would seem to be to remember to turn it off when not needing it so regular use of the pre plus won't count against it.

You can track your usage online just like your other usage. I use my pre plus web a lot and am averaging 120 mb/day, under 4 gb/mo. So I have hope that there's no likelihood of going over 5 gb/mo for the occasional use of the hotspot. The main thing would seem to be to remember to turn it off when not needing it so regular use of the pre plus won't count against it.

To repeat what I was told when I called:

She said that there is a 5 gig limitation on the hotspot ONLY. All other data usage is unlimited. The 5 gig is counted when the application is on (i.e. turn it off immediately if you're not using it). You can see what you've used by typing #dat.

Hotspot usage is counted separately from other data usage.

This is a sweet deal.

I know a lot of you verified, but I went and did it anyway with a buddy of mine who works for Verizon (not in a store or customer service).

Verified free as long as the device is active on your number

I just called to add the mobile hotspot.

In addition, I just purchased my pre on March 6. I asked about the price difference and the gentleman said I am covered by a 30 price protection so I could just go to any store and receive my credit.

Great day so far!

CONFIRMED...called VZW and added it to my Primary and Secondary lines, free as long as you have the Pre Plus on your account. Tech told me to use the #DATA command to see a broken down list of Data used, 5GB is the limit before you get charged.

I can verify that existing plans get the $0 3G Mobile Hotspot from Verizon. I called them to check and they said the charge was now $0 so I added it to our second phone.

I had purchased the phones on 3/10 for $149.99 buy one get one free. Since the price was now $49.99 buy one get one free, I was able to get the customer service rep to issue a $100 credit. What might have been helpful to get the credit was that I said I could just go to the store, return the phones under 30 day return and buy them again at the new price.

Just verifying, thanks for the info!!

I just hung up the phone with VZW and I added Mobile HotSpot to our three Palm phones: 2 Pixis and one Pre:

1. Free
2. Can add it to existing Palm phones (it's not just a gimmick for new Palm sales)
3. Supposedly no terms & conditions (Ts & Cs) that say that when VZW changes their mind, they get to charge us.
4. Free within 5gbs/month, after 5gbs it's $0.05 per mb
5. #DATA to determine where you are within the 5gbs/month usage (Mobile broadband connect)

Thanks PreCentral! At first glance this morning, I passed this off as an April Fools joke. But then came back later and saw it still posted along with other headlines that looked legitimate. So I went to Verizon's web site and there it was!

I just bought my PrePlus on Sunday last weekend for $49.99 - but that was with my $100 New Every Two discount. So I called the local Verizon store and they are crediting back the $49.99 plus tax; so my phone was free!

No April Fool here!

Whoo-Hoo! Just signed onto my Verizon Wireless account and added the mobile hot spot for FREE! Yea! Thank you Verizon!!

Seriously, HotSpot cost could change at the whim of someone at Verizon?

Very impressive. I wasn't totally sold on my pre plus, but free mobile hotspot seals the deal.

Just got off the phone with a VZW rep:

(1) they said they would apply a $50 credit to my account since I recently purchased my Pre for $100 on 3/7

(2) the 3G mobile hot spot is free as long as you own your pre and/or pixi plus under your current contract, i.e. if you want to upgrade/replace your pre/pixi with another hotspot enabled device, the 0$/month promotional pricing will no longer apply (unless, of course, another promotion is in effect)

Hope this helps...

Looked like I was actually due for another $50 off with my new-every-two discount -- called back and got both our pre plus's for FREE!!!!! Too cool.

Just to clarify --

The 3G Hotspot is part of the contract agreement, yes? So if you sign a contract and it's 0$/month, then that price is good for the life of the contract.

I don't think they can just up the price on their whim, just like VZ couldn't up the price of the monthly data plan after you've locked in the contract.

Can someone clarify this if they have better information?

That is correct, the $0/month promo rate is good for as long as you use the phone with the corresponding number on the contract. If you replace the pre/pixi with another phone, then the original promo will no longer apply. At least, that's what the VZW rep told me. In other words, if you add the Free promo today, you do not have to worry about being charged for 3G mobile hotspot at a later date.

I can say I just called Verizon they added the mobile hotspot to my palm pre plus and now I am happy man. I have an i-touch because I didn't like the low selection of apps for the palm and now I have the best of both worlds. The nice call quality, cool features and stability of webos on Verizon and all the apps and fun of the iphone without the lame service of AT&T. Also for those of you thinking of getting the ipad (not me no video) now you don't have to get the stupid expensive one. While I know there is a cap on the amount of data you can use most people are not away from home so long that they would go over the limit anywase.

WARNING: If you call Verizon sounds like some of the reps don't know fully know about the change or even the mobile hotspot all that well yet but if you inform them of the situation and have them research a little bit they will see it's free. If they try to tell you differently just have them research further. Cheers all ;o)

for the free 3g mobile hotspot... just go online and add the feature. watch out for prorated mb's for the first month depending on where you are in your cycle.

I just added the hotspot to my FOUR palm pre's on my acct just now.

Last night it was $40... today $0

Does ne one kno if MyTether 2.1.0 still works on the Pre for Sprint?

This is so awesome and totally unprecedented! I just added the mobile hot spot and it works way better then I thought it would. in fact, I'm a little vexed as it seems a little faster on my Macbook Pro then it does on my Pre. I guess it's because my Mac has a much faster CPU but I wouldn't think it would have that much affect on the wifi speed???

At any rate, now the Pre should be a lot more desirable in the marketplace. $50 Pre+, BOGO, and free mobile hotspot! I hope this gives it a little extra boost that palm needs to survive.

Note the Verizon/Palm: ADVERTISE THIS YOU DOPES!!!

I tried this when I first got the phone and thought it would be great to turn on when I need it. Now that it is free I just turned back on. This has to because the iPad is coming this weekend and wifi hotspot is the perfect complement to the iPad wifi.

Just added the hotspot to my services at $0.00 so it's seems to be working.
Note I did NOT have this before so it's a new service to my account.

I went to a Verizon store tonight to help my daughter get a new phone. I asked the rep about the free hotspot deal, and he said that he had no knowledge of it. I left the store, and about 30 mins later he called me back, confirmed the deal, and added the feature to my plan.

By the way, while I was in the store, I overheard another rep tell a customer that one should never consider Palm alongside Android and Blackberry...said
the Palm was a "mom" phone.

I would politely tell the guy that he obviously has very little experience with webOS.

I 'turned on' the free mobile hotspot on My Verizon online, and here I am typing this message on my laptop, using my Pre! I like it! I'm looking forward to having this feature available when I need it...hope Verizon continues to offer it.