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Official webOS App Count: 5,000; unofficially over 6k 91

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 25 Dec 2010 6:47 pm EST

Our pal @webOStoaster tweeted out the news: the Official App Catalog for webOS in the US now shows 5,000 available apps (on Sprint devices, anyway, our Verizon Pre showd 4,999). That's the official count, if you include web apps, beta apps, international apps, and homebrew apps the count crosses 6,000. If you're wondering, it was the DailyMotion video viewing app that put us over the top.

Before we get too pleased with the platform, we should note that it's taken nearly three months to move the official count from 4,000 to 5,000 and it looks like it won't be long before upstart Windows Phone passes webOS in the app count race

Still, 5,000 is a nice, round number for Christmas. Hopefully it's a number that will seem like a small baby step in 2011. And yes, the common talking point that it's quality, not quantity, that counts in apps still applies (try to find a quality Google Reader App on Android, we dare you).

Congrats to all the webOS developers out there who are keeping webOS interesting and fun while we wait for Palm and HP to make good on all those "coming months" promises. To celebrate, please leave a comment with your favorite webOS app for everybody that received a new webOS phone for Christmas. 


for those keeping track of catalog growth:
1000 us official apps after 6 mo., 2000 after 8 mo., 3000 after 13 mo., 4000 after 15 mo., 5000 after 18 mo. In 2010, 4000 apps have been added to the catalog.

Because I like a good dare:

Another example of "Grabbing at Straws".

Please come back to the planet. There are about 200 quality apps. of those about 20% of the dev's are jumping ship.

Microsoft has been in the market for only 3 months and they're already on course to surpass that number.

4870 for microsoft according to

Yeah but how many of those 4870 are good apps? Take a look at their "best apps" list:

Many of the "best" apps are rated poorly. Their "best" app is a YouTube app which simply points to the mobile site. And that's released by Microsoft! And speaking of Microsoft, 18 out of the top 100 are made by Microsoft. Microsoft is a much larger company than the old Palm, so it doesn't surprise me that they (and their paid partners) were able to create so many apps so quickly. Palm, prior to the HP acquisition, was a very small company with limited resources.

say what you want but there is almost zilch when it comes to good apps on webos. Facebook. some twitter apps. but the only thing i use my pre for now is to text and occasionally check facebook.

webos is utterly full of trash apps. daily motion is the last app by anyone i've even heard of in like 6 months. the truth is when you're coming out the gate with netflix and such apps and webos has been around for a year and a half webos has released nothing good they have serious problems.

people can say it's quality not quantity but the truth is there's no quality on webos when it comes to apps. wp7 may have some crap apps. webos catalog is almost 98% useless stuff like appbook and junk soundboards. what webos is releasing for games most people don't want. and saying some other catalog is full of crap doesn't make webos more appealing. it's just an excuse for failing to provide the apps people want.

as for size of company. I just don't care.

Palm can either deliver or they can't. i couldn't care less about their size of internal issues. if they don't deliver the level of service the competition does people will go elsewhere. in the end nobody but the palm loyalists care why they can or can't deliver. they care what they can deliver.

You may not care but the fact is the size of Palm was the major contributor to their initial failure with webOS. They just didn't have the resources to keep up with the competition. I have a feeling HP is going to treat 2011 as a brand new relaunch of webOS. So if you think of it that way, webOS is launching with 5000 apps right from the start. We'll see how many they land up with by the end of 2011 after the new devices and Enyo is launched. If HP is really going to put their muscle behind this (re)launch, we might see a different outcome by the end of 2011 than we did at the end of 2009.

Palm is very fortunate to get such a constant stream of excuses. It's a very long stretch to claim webOS is launching with 5K apps. It's also interesting how many saviors there has been for the platform. The new savior seems to be Enyo. Maybe it will work...this time.

I admit it was kind of a stretch to claim webOS is launching with 5k apps. But I still think 2011 can be considered a re-launch of webOS considering that webOS's mindshare (with smartphone consumers) is practically 0% and its marketshare isn't much higher.

I'm not sure i totally agree. i think their initial failure with webos is that people didn't buy the phone they made. If that had sold like hotcakes they'd have had the money to keep up. but unfortunately the sales dropped off after a short time.

my point though is the vast majority of people walking into a store don't care or ever will about the size of Palm and aren't going to give it a pitty buy just cause they are smaller. they will say the Iphone whatever, the the Incredi-whatever, the WP7 whatever does this compared to the Palm whatever model it is does that. If palm does less or doesn't resonate with the customer they won't buy. And anybody selling phones should know that. So if Palm couldn't keep up it's not a problem that blindsided them. The customers didn't change. they are the same. Customers want the hot thing and the next thing. Palm just wasn't able to deliver.

i don't think anyone is going to think of it as launching with 5000 apps like it's brand new but whatever. maybe they relaunch and fix everything. I just doubt it. but unless webos 3.0 is announced 2.0 isn't close to changing the game. Personally i think they could launch with the best hardware on the market and it may not matter. I don't know what Enyo is but maybe it will impress buyers. I don't know.

Their initial failure wasn't with the Pre. If you remember, it made a HUGE splash at CES '09. People loved it. Every tech site was hailing it as the best of the show. This was the first phone that people saw as a serious competitor to the iPhone. If it was released a few weeks after CES, it would have sold like crazy. But because of Palm's limited resources, they couldn't get webOS 1.0 ready until June (6 months later). In the tech world that's an eternity. And when they finally released it, it was during the same week as the iPhone 3GS. So they were practically DOA. The poor marketing (creepy lady) was the final nail in the coffin. If HP comes out with a huge press event and announces amazing new hardware (phones, tablets, etc.) along with previews of new Enyo apps that take advantage of the new screen resolutions and form factors, and they announce the release dates as being only 2-4 weeks out, they could have a big hit on their hands.

I disagree with the statement "Their initial failure wasn't with the Pre." The Pre itself was a huge failure. It "looked" impressive but in hindsight, I can understand why Palm never let anyone "touch" it before it was released (even very late in it's demoing life). There have been many things that have been given the title of "platform savior" when it comes to webOS. Almost all of them have failed in this assigned role. The one thing that I think may turn out to be the saving grace for webOS is the fact that the Pre didn't sell well (for whatever reason). It is the one thing that I think will allow this "relaunch" that people are claiming HP will do. I say this because I honestly believe that had the Pre really took off in sales, many more consumers would have been exposed it's sub-par...everything. I still come across many people who have never heard of the Palm Pre and THAT (imo) is what may give HP a shot at a "relaunch". webOS has quite a ways to go to become a competitive OS and large-scale exposure via the hardware nightmare that is the Palm Pre is the last thing that it needed since the general consumer does not care that there is a difference between a product and its OS (even if they know the name of the OS).

I agree that the Pre had hardware issues. I've had plenty myself. But hardware issues could have been fixed if Palm had the resources to do so. If Palm came out with solid hardware like the Pre 2 weeks after webOS was all the hype at CES '09, they would have been a strong contender in the smartphone market. I only hope HP can comeback in the rematch and do it right this time.

Good point. Perhaps they could have fixed the issues quickly.

These apps were released at best a month ago, so lets let the devs figure out bugs within their own apps and the OS, the Pre launched with 30 damn apps, and for a while after the app catalog launched their was nothing that was great either. He only app I still have is Feeds. Also, quality is guaranteed with games that integrate Xbox live. I've run several demos and even bought a few and had a blast with all of them. Not to mention that WP7 has all of the major Phone ports that webos does..minus angry birds for now.

Congratulations HP/Palm & webOS on FINALLY reaching 5000 apps!! BUT, I challenge this number!! I don't dispute that there USED to be 5000 apps, but are ALL 5000 still Active & Usable apps?! I have recently tired to use some of my apps, which I had downloaded several months ago, and they don't work!! Some of the apps are no longer being supported by the devs anymore, or the "cloud" that supplies the info, has been reorganized. So the app doesn't work anymore. Are these apps still being counted? And soon Epocrates will be gone. Remember to subtract that one too. Keep It Real!! "Life Moves Fast. Don't Keep Your Customers Waiting."

I'm sorry but the "we aint got quantity but we do have quality" apps argument is hilarious. I probably couldn't find 100 apps that I would consider quality when not counting the apps that are available on multiple platforms - games (angry birds, need for speed), music (pandora, slacker, accuradio), weather, movie, news, etc.

The apps I would consider "quality apps" that are webOS specific are few and far between - Facebook for webOS, Neato, Govnah, Preware, Internalz, Wifi Media Sync.

There's a few more out there in categories that I don't use (medical, twitter, reference, location, podcast, etc) but otherwise the App Catalog is filled with Cr'Apps like free books (that cost money), like 50 different tip calculators, how to books (which are rarely useful).

I think I could dig through Android or iTunes and find a lot more "quality apps" then in Palm's meager 5,000 offering. Find me a good Ereader such as Nook or Kindle...nope. How about Hulu Plus? nope. I could go on but I won't. How about anything that uses the camera or mic? Nope.

So to me, 5000 apps is a woohoo of a score of 2 on a 10 point scale.

Well Karl, I think you've got a point.

I would say, how many office-compatible document editing suites are there? Granted I would only expect two or three at most, even if we had 100,000 apps available. We could almost start a new slogan: There's no apps for that! =)

webOS definitely has its stengths. Synergy, mutitasking, intuitive interface. All forming a good foundation for a great platform. But we (the end user) can't take full advantage of it because the apps we want simply don't exist. And to make it worse, the APIs to allow some of those apps to work properly aren't eveb available.

I really don't care about the quality versus quantity debate. It doesn't matter how good an app is, if I don't need or want it, it's useless. Conversly, I have paid for apps that do somthing I need, and quite frankly, the interfaces on some of these programs are awful. But, at least I can use my phone to accomplish something I want or need to do. That's better than not, right?

I'm sticking it out with webOS for now, mostly out of necessity. I don't have time to switch all my stuff over to a new phone, learn a new os, or money to pay for a bunch of apps...again. So I'm waiting. Let's hope HP-Palm take a cue from Microsoft and shell out the bucks to get some high-profile, high-end apps in every category before I decide it's time to go elsewhere.

"Find me a good Ereader such as Nook or Kindle.."

Ur, Kobo reader (Borders Books) in the App Catalog since damn near the beginning. Several hundred thousand books and sync-able across platforms.

pReader - identified as one of the best ereaders available.

I could go on but...

Kobo Ereader is a decent EReader app. It has been out since the beginning but has also stayed relatively the same since the beginning. Since it has been taken over by Borders, it has not really been updated. Some of the categories no longer work. Also, not all books I want are available. Nook or Kindle have the books I want. The quality of the app is such that I have not chosen to make them my gateway to reading books in eformat...which is a shame as they have a monopoly on webOS right now.

pReader is good but then I have to find a place to buy it in a compatible format.

oh I fogrot soundboards and hot chick (pick your flavor) apps in the Cr'Apps category.

I can't wait till it's over 9000!!

We should subtract all the garbage from appbookshop 140, nanonino 59, tearn media 119, the sports xchange 32, palmagent 57, on the go girls, llc ?, hammz hotteez, merkel/soundboard masters 97, and jason cheeks 23. There are several others but I don't feel like searching them all. iPhone has ass loads of useless apps too, but Palm/HP needs to have higher standards.

FYI, Appbookshop count is actually 691. App catalog app caps max search results at 140. If you do a search for applications using this website's searchable database, you'll be able to get the true counts.

"Higher standards"?

I would not be surprised if HP Palm encourages the spam developers, to inflate the App Catalog numbers. Never mind that the worst possible arena in which to try and compete with iPhone and Android is "sheer number of apps."

Look at PreCentral, which touts the "5,000!" number like it actually means something, without even mentioning the spam apps. And we all KNOW the staff at PreCentral knows better.

Seriously, Dieter, what's the deal?

If you've been here for a while, you would remember the articles that inflated the number further by counting patches or themes as unofficial apps. I wonder if they are counting patches and themes in the additional 1000 homebrew.

wilder_jw, I'm reading comments like yours and others and finding it a little hard to believe you're dissing the PreCentral staff like this. I had and EVO 4g and let's just leave the Android 2.2 (Froyo) sucked big-time aspect aside completely for now... (btw, Android 2.2 sucks big-time) and in the weeks that I had the EVO I delved as much as I could into paid and free apps in the Android Market Place. The ratio of great apps to crap apps, while hard to put a real number on, seemed higher than webOS by far. Fart apps, etc. up the wazoo and poorly executed apps up the wazoo. I never installed and unistalled so many apps in that 2 week period as I have in my 18 months with various Pre and Pre Plus webOS phones!!! I currently have nearly 300 paid apps on my Pre Plus and the vast majority are similar to what my Android friends have and use on their Android phones daily. In some cases Android clearly has better apps. And in some cases webOS clearly has better apps. In most cases, the apps we all use everyday are darn near identical. Sure Android has better office doc suites and better google integration with gmail, etc. and plays flash, but with regard to many apps, weather, music streaming, movies, and especially games webOS is equal or better. Even considerably better. So for apps I use everyday, Android and it's tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of apps aren't making an Android users daily experience better by much and if you factor in the OS, which you should, then the webOS experience is superior. Try juggling sports scores (SportsLive), music (Music Remix), email, text messaging, appointments and more all at the same time on Android in the same way you do on webOS... you can't. Dieter's assertion is spot on. So, your "seriously, Dieter" comment is just unfounded. Enjoy your Android experience and the 80,000 apps available. I'm sure you've got thousands of apps on your device right? What's that? Only got hundreds of apps on your Android phone? That's what I thought. Who cares if Android has 80,000 apps or whatever the number is. If you're only using 200 - 300 apps (or even 50+ apps) on a regular basis than the whole app count argument is almost ridiculous. webOS with HP's roadmap in 2011 will hopefully do what Palm could not. Palm did get it right however with webOS and I'm grateful to them for that.

To be fair, the app count argument has been about the availability of a random app you may want. Want an app that can help keep track of bird's migration patterns? App for that. Need an easy-to-setup vnc app? We got that right here. The chances of finding random needs apps is greater on iOS and Android than other platforms. The majority of apps on every platform are crap but with that comes a higher volume of quality apps on the platform with huge amounts of apps.

I'm just glad one of those spam app company's didn't land in the 5000 spot. lol

Quality to crap app ratio should be fairly consistent across all platforms.

Because I'm feeling generous, let's say that 10% of the 5000 apps for webOS are quality. That is 500.

Android would be 10% of 50,000 (actual count is higher) or 5,000.

iPhone would be 10% of 200,000 (actual count is higher) or 20,000.

If I even went as far to say that only 1% of the apps for Android or iPhone are "quality" then they would still be ahead: Android - 500+ or iPhone - 2000+.

Until HP/Palm releases access to the mic, camara, & bluetooth, there will never be any REAL quality apps. I haven't read any mention of HP/Palm doing this. Even if any of us decide to wait til June, 2011 for a new phone, will it be worth the wait? Or will we get another phone that is still 6 months to a year behind technology? There will be a new iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones out by then, and I Promise you, they will have 2012 technology in them! Are HP/Palm even trying to compete?! Cause I See No Effort At All!!

So only apps that use mic, camera, or bluetooth are "real quality apps"? I disagree.

yes i don't think the main issue is apis. there are plenty of well known apps on other platforms that don't seem very dependent on a mic, camera or bluetooth. like the espn sportscenter app i don't think needs those to deliver scores. espn just doesn't seem interested in making an app. and like yahoo fantasy or espn fantasy. cnn? cnbc? comcast cable, hell all the cable companies?

the apis are a problem i'm sure but i don't think that is why there isn't the app growth. i think it's as simple as many of the companies don't see a compelling reason to make an app for webos. Hell the youtube app can't even access my account. it was there at launch and basically has no updates.

as for apis. i'm not developer so i don't know the ins and outs of that stuff but i think for stuff like red laser or shazam and several others i'd have already given it to them to make an app. And honestly the fact that they haven't or apparently haven't (maybe we just don't know about it) make me think maybe they are sadly still working out kinks in the OS so they can't give them out early.

I sent an email to the makers of Shazam about a month ago, they said they still have no interest in an app for webOS. Sucks I waited for 15 months for one.

and i only use shazam as an example. i'm sure there are apps that require apis that aren't around. you know it could be soundhound or netflix or something too. but i think the lack of interest is a problem. i don't know exactly how you fix it other then paying cash or releasing sexy phones stand out phones. basically do what the evo did. come in with a big splash.

and it's tough to wait. your contract is two years. it's a tough ask to tell people bet another two years waiting for app support in hopes they'll change their mind.

and the truth is it's business. we may not see "effort." Anybody see what Apple is working on when they don't lose a phone in a bar? No. And relatively speaking webos, i believe, is less then one percent of revenue for HP. (think i heard Deiter mention that on the podcast nearest to HPs last earnings report). If true you can guess what level of importance they are placing in webos related stuff. it could be anywhere from a hell of a lot cause it's a growth area or very limited cause their bread is buttered in other areas like laptops and printers and enterprise solutions. I don't know but it's plausible they are putting in effort and we just aren't likely to see it.

Yes there are many classes of apps that cannot be made under the current SDK/PDK. Besides those that you named, I'd also add photo editing.

i thought there already was a photo editing app. don't know how good it is but i think it crops. i tried it and didn't like it but, photo effects plus i think it is. not positive but honestly you'd think basic stuff would have been part of the o.s at launch or at least by now. it's standard on android. clearly though there are many classes that can be made under the current sdk/pdk and just aren't.

Photo Effects Plus uploads your photo to a remote server which performs all the heavy lifting that webOS doesn't currently allow. WP7 has native photo editting, as does all the other modern OS's.

well i'm with you. i just don't see why that's api dependant to get something that can crop a photo. but like you said it's native on other apps. i'd think that sort of stuff would already be part of webos.

I just want to run my business on a Pre. Like, sending invoices, quotes, estimates, accounting, ....

love it! See my contributions at

HP needs to just pay for a few big name highly rated apps. Whatever it takes to get some developers on webOS. Microsoft is paying developers. Android and Apple have their large markets to attract and generate app development. This would just be pocket change for a company HP's size.

They tried in the form of the Hot Apps contests...didnt really do much to attract big name apps like Netflix or shazam or colorsplash or Hulu.

I think patches should count.

Patches aren't apps. Then again, neither are themes and wallpapers and they count those on Android. *sigh* Oh well.

I agree, patches should not count, an OS enhancement is different from an application. And @stung, I didn't know about the search result cap. I thought 140 seemed low, especially for appbookshop. They should be banned and their 'apps' deleted. If you look at their offerings they all have 3-5 downloads and 5 star ratings with no comments.

I agree that patches are not programs, but they should be counted. Many android "programs" are installed once to perform a patch-like feature (battery percent shows in notification bar, etc) and they hang around in the app drawer to never again be launched. At least our patches don't clutter up our launchers :)

Most patches are far more useful than nearly all the "apps" we see in modern smart phone "apps".

Internet GUI's, photo sets, calculator GUI's, tip calculators, books, themes...

All useless compared to what we saw back in Treo days.

I can't believe I'm posting on here on Christmas Day. I need a life. Maybe if my Pre did everything it is supposed to be able to do, I wouldn't be checking out this site everyday to see if there's some miraculous development that will fix what's wrong with my phone. I am becoming totally OCD on this. I need to do something else for a while.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully by next year we will have a phone and apps that will be less depressing.

"Maybe if my Pre did everything it is supposed to be able to do, I wouldn't be checking out this site everyday"

that is 100% where i've been coming from since the day i got the phone. truth is if it did all i needed i'd only go to the app catalog. i wouldn't have patched much.

my last phone, i basically learned how to put wallpaper on the phone on websites and a few other things, but after that it did all i expected and i didn't visit howard forums anymore. truth is i think one of the reasons iphones lose tones of these online polls and what not is that iphone users have a ridiculously high satisfaction rate and don't seek out those things. i was listening to the ipod podcast and when they asked one of the guys if he jailbroke his phone his response was, "i don't do that anymore cause everything i want i can find in the catalog." i'm paraphrasing but i think that is a common sentiment. they get what they want and just go used the phone rather then checking everyday to see if shazam or netflix or if they've updated the OS for 4 x 4 icons as a stardard option, etc.

While the app number is great, we need to get people to develop more apps to webOS and way for novices like me who would like to take their hand at app deveoplment to learn how, so we can add to the number and catch up to Apple and Lloyd the Droid. HP, as Captain Picard would say...."Make it so, Number 1."

I think it's fitting that on the day webOS hit 5000 apps, 90% of the apps that were released came out of AppBookShop. Yes, I realize that they are only responsible for 14% of the App Catalog's apps, but it does seem like they are pulling a lot more weight than that. FWIW, I'm not complaining about their prolific release schedule. In the absense of a Kindle or Nook app, they are serving an important role bringing books to the Pre.

I'm especially glad that we beat WP7 to the 5K mark. Yes, they will likely surpass webOS for good either tomorrow or the next day, but no one will notice the 5025 milestone.

Then why is my Preware showing only 167 homebrew applications available (I have a lot installed) rather that the four-hundred-plus it showed a week or so ago?

I mean, really, how mant fart machines does one person need?

Is "5,000" now the code for near-dead platform? A good OS doesn't mean a thing, if it can't do everything would-be users want and that requires Apps. No Apps isn't the same as going retro because years ago there were none. Even with 2.1 and on new hardware, unlike with the original launch people this time will not have the optimism that the world of developers will coming knocking. Bless those who have done good work. It just probably isn't enough.

I grew up (well, that might be an overstatement) when only 5 channels were available on our TV and Star Trek was one of my favorites. Star Trek soundboard app anyone?!

Me and my buddies have been waiting all our lives to be able to flip open our communicators and hear that fantastic sound! Now I can die happy....

Here's my $0.99 worth on the WebOS vs Phone 7 catalogs/stores/eco-systems:

I released the free/trial version of my app on WebOS in the middle of November and on WP7 at the end of November. About 2 weeks longer on WebOS. My downloads so far are around 550 on WebOS and on WP7? Wait for it. Prepare to be overwhelmed all ye of Pre-ish faith... 14. That's right. Free download there as well, and I'm seeing 14 vs 550. I can't really explain it since the content is the same.

Yes, Microsoft has attracted developers, but I'm not sure how many will stick around unless the downloads jump significantly really soon now.

We all seem to have a bit of an inferiority complex going about our app store in WebOS-world, but my personal experience thusfar has been that HP/Palm is still a more productive market for me as a developer. Will that change in 2011? Not sure. I have my eye on the Android marketplace next... Maybe iOS IF I can find a cheap-cheap used Mac. Maybe. Not too excited about spending time on an app that will become literally a drop of spit in the ocean of apps that is iTunes.

I will say that I prefer the dev environment on Windows Phone (sorry HP/Palm), and I really like the way my app works/looks on those devices, but seriously, 14 downloads in a month? Sheesh.

Out of curiosity, what is your app and what does it do? Has it been featured in any articles related to either platform? How have you been getting the word out about it for each platform?

I didn't link to my app for fear folks would think I was spamming. But since you asked...

Galactic Beacon: Vol. 1 is in the dreaded eBook category (under the science fiction sub-category), but I am NOT one of the companies that have filled up the catalog. I have ONE. I hope to release additional volumes over time, but Volume 2 probably won't be out until summer if at all.

I don't guarantee you will like the science fiction stories, essays and comics, but I do guarantee that I didn't just copy them from Wikipedia or Project Gutenberg... Except for "Raven 2.0" which is to poetry what "Pride And Prejudice And Zombies" is to long-winded English novels; it started with a copy of the poem from Gutenberg. I wrote the stories and essays, drew the comics and coded the app. It is as closed to a "hand made" eBook as you can get.

The free/trial version contains everything in the pay version except for the endings of the short stories. It is pretty low-risk to see if you like it. I don't even have ads in it. I may try that at some point with later volumes, but not with the first one.

Honestly I have done very little to get the word out. Fairly soon after releasing the pay version on WebOS last summer I realized that lots of folks HATE HATE HATE eBooks (see other comments above...). The closest thing I have to promotion is posting in the forums here with a link in my sig. I am a Pre Plus (and now Pre 2) user, so I would be posting in the forums here with or without the link.

My original goal was to turn it into a digital only magazine published monthly, but the reception was a bit frosty so I have shifted to working on trivia/game show apps. I'm hoping to debut the first game in the spring. I'm organizing a GiveCamp for the Atlanta area in January (, so I haven't had much time to code on the side lately.

What I find interesting is the comparison of numbers between the WebOS and WP7 versions. I have done little or nothing to promote either and the difference is huge.

I don't know that people hate Ebooks. Most of the complaints regarding the ebook category are that there are the free Project Gutenburg books repackaged in seperate apps resulting in spam. I would venture to say that if the free books were packaged within one application that accesses them from the cloud (and downloads them when needed), there would be less complaints.

I agree; I just didn't express that precisely. It is that type of eBook app that elicits hostility, as you point out, but there are so many of them that there is a bit of guilt by association. There are so many spam-ish book apps that many people don't even go to that category.

What people really want is Kindle or Nook apps. I have tried the Kobo, but it doesn't work for me at all. It can't remember what page I was on. Kind of a basic function for a reader...

I do think a dedicated type reader can work IF it does more than just display text. I tried to accomplish that in my reader by adding the comics viewer.

My problem as an app developer is that I need to develop apps that sell well, and since I'm doing it as a side venture (as are many, many app developers in the mobile space) I have to prioritize what I develop. Based on the numbers I've seen for my reader, I think I'd be better served by working on something else. In my case I'm working on a trivia game. Since I'm not counting on these apps to feed and house me, I can afford to experiment until I find something people like.

What I may do with the reader is just drop the whole app concept and stick with the website only. I recently re-worked my blog/comic engine to present a mobile theme and a desktop theme. The comics and essays look good on the Pre (in my opinion at least), but I don't think short stories would work well. If you want to check it out the URL is On a big screen it has two columns, but on a mobile device it has one with menus enlarged for fingers. That is all done via CSS and master files, so it is trivial to change the look and feel.

Oh, and for what it's worth (not much), the WORST performance has come from the Kindle version. I have sold exactly ONE copy since August. Glad I didn't pay anything to publish that one!

Oh, one more thing: really good examples of dedicated eReaders that people do like (me included) are Engadget, New York Times, WebOS Roundup, and the AP app. As you pointed out, they are individual apps that pull new content from the cloud.

More exposure I would guess. The wp7 market has search results mixed up with songs, so finding an app at the moment is a lot more difficult. Also, about 20-30 apps a day are added into the App Catalog everyday, so users like me who check newly added apps everyday (In anticipation of some good stuff) are more likely to come across it whereas in the WP Mmarketplace there's simply too much added everyday (and at random times) to come across it.

Wow, that's a pretty serious point against WP7, but it's gotta be tough to get noticed with so many apps released at once, along with the relatively small install base. When webOS was as young as WP7, there were 6 apps, each downloaded in the 10's of thousands. Not going to happen when there are 4000 apps, unfortunately. Microsoft isn't really doing the indy (game) developer any favors with its XBox Live branding, either. Looks to me that their strategy in encouraging quality over quantity is to focus resources on big name developers and big name properties, for better or worse.

from a consumer perspective i think it shows promise because there are actually apps i want.
fine for developers but since i didn't buy the phone for that purpose it just doesn't make me feel better. It may be great but companies don't seem to be making apps for it. at least not companies i have interest in.

we have mostly games and books. in the real world, that doesn't cut it

... and the most downloaded titles are games... strange, isn't it?

if I remember correctly andriod had about 5000 apps alittle after release date . That just shows the lack if developers. This company needs help and hopefully hps the solution
updates take forever I check this site everyday to see if hp/palm finally released a date for webos 2.0. As far apps go get bigger names in the market. At this point in the game I regret buying a pre over the hero. Maybe in 2011 I might change that thought. Also someone should tweet this link to palm so they know how we feel

and yet still no iheartradio.......

Someone write me a Pocket Quicken app and I'll call it even!

A number more relevant is the number of devices sold. When your app catalog has more apps than devices you have sold in last 12 months....

slowly and unsurely, webOS advances.

After over 18 months since the release of the original Pre, is this really something to rejoice about? They are getting KILLED on the app market front.

Yeah, I was surprised by this "accomplishment" as well. It really feels like the the bar is continuously lowered when defining "success" on webOS. The only thing that is higher in number than the number of "excused failures" for this platform is the number of "just wait until..." saviors. Current saviors: Enyo and CES'11. If those don't pan out, an excuse will be generated and whatever is announced at CES'11 and the date of Mobile World Congress will be the next set of "just wait until..." saviors.

Sigh, still no Skype, so I have to lug along my iPhone wifi connect to use Skype. So, is Skype supported thru Pre2?
Earlier in the comments someone alluded to Mic support, if HPalm doesn't allow Mic support in new devices, I'm gone. Hopefully that wont' happen.

Skype is going to be exclusive to the Verizon Pre 2.

yeah that was the plan but the pre is no longer going to be released on verizon


I just wish there was a flashlight app in the catalog.

1. Has anyone at PreCentral actually used the official Google Reader for Android app? It's excellent. FAR BETTER than Feeds or any Google Reader app that I ever saw in the Palm Catalog.

2. I have, since the beginning, been heavily biased towards webOS because it's such a great OS. However, the number of quality apps in the Android market is much higher than 6,000. With the exception of Pre 2 users, none of you have flash. None of you have Skype, your Facebook app lacks essential features and the ONLY Twitter app for webOS that isn't a complete memory hog, or basically feature less is Bad Kitty, and Bad Kitty has NOTHING on the official Twitter app for Android, nor does it compare to TweetDeck for Android or any of the other Twitter clients. You have no alternate SMS clients, you Google Voice app (Voogle) is a joke compared to the official Voice app on Android (though, Google's $33,000,000,000 give them an edge). You don't have an official Tumblr app, which means that your Tumblr app can't dream of comparing to the Tumblr apps for iOS and Android. Your Foursquare app can't do photos or comments.

3. You should be really worried by this number. iOS has HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of apps in the App Store. Granted, all of them aren't quality, most of them are probably crap, but there are definitely more than 10,000 apps that are quality apps. This number shows just how enormous of a failure webOS really was, and it's NOT because of how small Palm is. When Google unveiled the G1, the first Android phone, that was their FIRST TRY at the mobile phone market. Palm has been at this for 14 years, and yet they can't manage to get even 4,000 in over 1 and a half years on what was supposed to be their "savior" device.

4. To people who say that Palm didn't do marketing right: you can't have been in a large city over the past year and a half. The Palm Pre and the Pre Plus have bee plastered over city buses and billboards all over the largest cities in the world. When it comes down to it, the flagship webOS device just couldn't live up to the iPhone's hardware, and Palm has failed to keep up with hardware. Even the Pre 2 has hardware flaws. I mean who would release a phone in 2010 with fixed focus, or a 320x480 3.1 inch screen? In this decade we use Retina and Super AMOLED displays. We have 4 inch touchscreens. More than anything, Palm needs to start making quality hardware if they want to inflate their percentage of the market and stop burning cash.


I would love an Audible app and a Rhapsody app, which are available for Android and iPhone.

@Magruder, I saw all of the advertising you mentioned and I don't live in a major city. The problem is the quality of the ads. No one understood any of the phone's features. Just the name. Still not a good excuse. I love my pre and desire a new webos device. But it really needs to be more in line with current smart phones. Like you mentioned, screen size& camera quality. These aren't obsticals. They're standard operating equipment.

@ stung: what more proof do you need? Other than the fact that pre 2 has been out for 2 months already unlocked. The fact that it was rumored for 4q on verizon but yet still no pre 2. The fact that all of the dummy that some ot the verizon stores had where sent to corporate. What else do you need? Oh how about HPs marketing strategy for the phone in the US. Oh wait, there is none.....

Oh, for a second there I thought you were just speculating and not basing this off of something based off a "fact that it was rumored", or that "some of the verizon stores" gave back some dummy units. So what if HP released it online unlocked or there's no marketing at the moment? Do you work at HP's mobile division or something? This isn't real evidence, just speculation. There's a difference.

oh it's speculation that the manager @ my verizon store told me so? Well how about this. Just keep waiting for it. I'm sure it will be @ your local verizon store in the coming months.......

sadly in Italy u can view just 1400 apps. all free. not possible to buy anything from here. btw i won't buy anything anyway, prices are higher than counterparts. angry birds in italy on app store is just 0.79 euros. just to talk about one of the most famous? where are then google voice? shazam?
Also in our little country all the major apps do exists for android / iOS. they don't even know what the hell is webOS.
great move palm.

Wp7 just officially hit the 5000 app mark.

When I pull up the App Catalog, and I select "What's New" I see the count as 4999. Is this accurate? I had heard we were several over 5000.'s been several days and no new's Wednesday the 29th...I think the last new app showed up on the 24th or 25th...why so long? Holidays keeping developers (or palm app store reviewers) away from the office?