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by MetaView Tue, 12 Jul 2011 6:16 pm EDT
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As some of you might already read on Twitter, I wrote little Offline Browser app which tries to fix some annoyance with the original browser and the whole workflow during reading Twitter, Email or RSS feeds:

  • new browser card pops up in the foreground
  • sometimes you get a gray browser card with blinking icon
  • sometimes you get an orphaned browser window which doesn't go fullscreen anymore
  • sometimes the browser forgets what he has and you have to reload
  • some pages are very slow thanks to css/js/files which the browser needs to load before displaying

Offline Browser will try to help you to avoid these annoying things. By catching URLs, storing them in a database, downloading the html in the background and storing it in the database too, showing a preview without CSS and JS, but mostly working links.


1.4.0: (only for Mojo version) allow new links added also in detail view, added default apps in menu, added browser icon in list

1.3.0: selectable notification: vibra, sound or mute, send to browser/RiL/Ipp from detail view

1.2.3: fix on phone

1.2.2: removed iframe tags

1.2.0: fixed stupid short urls from Twitter, handle launch arguments on TouchPad

1.1.2: ReadItLater and Instapaper support now also on TouchPad

1.1.1: fixed InstaPaper support

1.1.0: Support for ReadItLater (send one or all urls, get list of urls)

Support for InstaPaper (send one or all urls)

Support for local files on TouchPad (untested yet)

1.0.5: Load local html files (Mojo version atm, go to add url)

1.0.4: Basic Enyo implementation for TouchPad


Closed Source - Learn More


Free forever, maybe an enhanced version in the catalog later

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i need a arabic language to work on my tachpat

How do you install this app? I DL'd it on to my touchpad, and I get an error that says "Cannot open MIME type". Im using the native touchpad browser. Thanks :)

nice app. its the only free app that I know that allows you to save content for offline browsing that includes images. Aesthetics could have been better though. With my limited enyo skills, I tweaked it a little so that I could scroll horizontally (when webpages/images were bigger than the sliding pane) and removed the peakwidth (shows a little bit of the sliding pane underneath). Removing the peakwidth looked so much nicer because it looked like it was on full screen. I wish there was a browser patch for this app like the "Add to ReadonTouch". I made do by using the ReadonTouch Patch to add websites to my ReaditLater account and used the offline browser app to store and read. I also wish that the last sliding pane would add pinch to zoom capability. I tried looking into it but it was too complicated a task for me.

thank you so much' 2 thumbs up...:{}