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One Month In: How's Your Life on Pre? 81

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 06 Jul 2009 3:24 pm EDT

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Hard to believe, but it's been only a month since the Palm Pre was unleashed upon the United States.  We've given the Pre a massive review. We've watched our Palm Pre Forums explode with activity.  We've watched homebrewers and hackers have their way with the little wonder.  We've had a few hardware problems for a few people - but honestly our sense on that is for most people things have been solid.

We've published a lot of Palm Pre Tips and Tricks. We've laughed.  We've cried. We've said our piece on an issue or two.  We've gotten so used to the gestures on the Palm Pre that we find ourselves trying to swipe away applications on other smartphones, trying to flick scroll the milk over so we can access the orange juice in the fridge, trying to slide up the screen on the iPhone to find a real keyboard underneath.

In short, we're loving life one month in and are excited for the future.  How about you, fellow launch-day line-sitters?

Big thanks to Jerrytroll for reminding us that it's only been a month, but a full month at that! Thanks also to Ronnie for the Launch-day photo!



I LOVE my Pre, now I just wish there were more apps

I like the form factor, I like WebOS. I like the price. But long-term, it doesn't feel like the next generation of Treo, it feels like an iPhone knockoff. If Palm is gonna restrict sideloading and Sprint is not going to support tethering, then they're gonna lack the versatility and flexibility that made me loyal to Palm. In the end, if they want to set the same rules as ATT/Apple, they will never survive. ATT/Palm is at critical mass, and when they lean into Palm, it will be game over. Better value will not overcome iPhones cache value. The only way Palm will stand out, is to break all the rules ATT/Apple enforce and be a thorn in their side, forcing them to play Palm's game. Who really wants an offbrand iPhone? 4.0 will multitask, then what will Pre have to offer? It's not even as fast as 3.0 already, thanks to Dieter's lab testing.

you said it yourself. 3.0 ..web os is on wat..1.04? or whatever...the iphone has had 3 or so odd years to be perfected. the pre will be a big success when its released to more carriers...come on 50,000 pres? from ONE carrier? thts nuts for a first gen device.

MacNamee promised 4x faster and no software upgrade is going to deliver that. Other carriers are going to further retard Pre's abilities or attach a Premium charge to retain them. This is the best its gonna be, and they're pigeon-holing Pre into being iPhones little sister already at Sprint. Pre and Sprint's only chance was to be the rebel of the industry, to make it the no brainer choice and force VZN and ATT to play by Sprints rules, then leverage the advanced tech to keep them in check. But, they're gonna let this opportunity go, and fight a losing battle on ATT and VZN's terms.

Nobody wanted Pre to succeed more than me. But my Treo is starting to look pretty darn good and I now have to consider swapping for a WinMo or Symbian to get back my Treo capabilities back on a platform that is open and still being developed. If you've never had a Treo with power apps on Sprint, you have no concept of what you're missing out on. Treo/Sprint, broke all the rules.

What are these Treo capabilities and power apps that I keep hearing about? I'm not being a jerk, I would just like to know. It seems the biggest detractors of the Pre are those who have come from the Treo, and having never used one I'm just curious as to what I'm "missing out on".

Check out

Treo was an open device with an open O/S. Third party apps could turn the Treo into just about anything since it had so many onboard resources. 3rd party power apps were able to exploit the abilities of the Treo and Sprint to make it so much more than a simple phone with crappy internet capabilities. The pre lacks a lot of the hardware and basic capabilities that the Treo had. And now Palm and Sprint are beginning to destroy that open architecture and muting the Pre's true potential, making it more and more like the iphone as these weeks roll by (Which will hand the advantage back to ATT/Apple). To me, the Treo is most powerful mobile device out there. Nokia is runnign a close second. I don't think the pre will ever surpass the Treo with this mindset. It's the difference between a cool toy and a powerful flexible too.

And iphone's only had two years.

It's the device/service capabilities that I'm talking about. I'm confident enough Pre will have their own "fart" app any day now and a google map of where my friends are.


I short, I'd rather be watching streaming TV on 3G or tethering for ten minutes when I'm beyond wifi than read an MRI or turn my phone into a GPS device.

I say this to myself 100 times a day..."I LOVE my Pre, now I just wish there were more apps."

I gets better everyday! I look forward to the things people will come up with for this OS. Thanks precentral for such a wonderful site to keep us techheads occupied!

Well, let's just say that I view the Pre as having great potential. With that said, I'd have to say that I'm disappointed that there are so many missing features - even compared to the basic PIM features found in an OS from the 90s! (POS) I really hope that Palm get's the SDK out soon so some apps start coming out because I know for a fact people are avoiding the Pre because there isn't tons of apps like the iPhone.

Com'on Palm, let the Pre come to be the iPhone killer that it really is!

The Pre is seriously the most enveloping experience I've ever had with a smartphone. It's the first time that I feel that, if I had to, I could abandon my desktop and live only on my phone, and that's coming from someone who loved his iPhone and Blackberry. Although I really must disagree with the minimal hardware issues, I think the problem is more widespread than most media outlets make it out to be. There are just some people out there who are willing to put up with more issues than normal.

I have to agree that the hardware issues are > minimal. But I have a selection bias in that I'm one of the people who has had hardware issues.

I've had 2 pre's. Both have the oreo twist problem. In addition, the first had a problem where the lower volume key stopped working. The 2nd one has the slider close causes a reboot problem. For which Sprint eChat advised me today to take it to a Sprint store to get it diagnosed.

I'M LOVING IT! Seriously, this is one bad-ass phone. And the fact that it is in so many conversations regarding comparison to the iPhone is a huge compliment. I don't like the iPhone, but I must admit it is still a touch ahead of the Pre. But we are talking a 3.0 device versus a 1.0 device and its still very close.

Kudos to Palm, and tip o' my hat to Sprint.

Keep the good times rollin'

LOVE THE PHONE!! IT IS SEXY!! I wish that Google maps had a history tab. I really think it is silly to keep typing in a location you have viewed previously!! Alerts whether it be light or sound please.(custom as well) LOVE THE PHONE!! IT IS SEXY

also web pages are so tiny unless i zooom IN, but i dont want to scroll left to right after as well,,,,...oh well LOVE ANYWAY,,

you know you can double-tap on specific area in the browser to smart zoom right? it will zoom the section you want to read to fit the screen (no left right scrolling)?

Yes it does have double tap smart zoom

despite my few Hardware issues and having my device replace 4 times, the Palm Pre is a great phone. It has tons of potential and in my eyes, is a true smart phone. I feel that as soon as the SDK goes public, the Pre will give the iPhone a run for its money. I cant wait to see what the future hold!!

I'm happy as can be with my Pre. No issues, other than getting used to the shorter battery life (compared to that of my old Treo)... and though I admit wishing for more apps...I think Palm is playing it smart and not rushing to release buggy junk because of impatient demands. I love the phone!!

I find myself flicking the oddest stuff on the assumption I will go to the next card.

lol, me too, I tried to flick my computer monitor at work today.

clearly the best phone i've ever used. With the news of palm releasing more apps from the early access program this week. I believe with more apps it will only make this phone a real iphone smasher. Can't wait to see what the devs cook up. Thanks to everyone and 9.5/10 for Palm and Sprint!!

It's my first smartphone and I couldn't be happier. I always thought iPhones were pretty sweet (still do), but I used one the other day and hated the interface. WebOS is hands down the best smartphone OS out there. I won't say anything obvious about the app store or SDK, because it's... well, obvious.

haha I can't agree more with the post Dieter. I was thinking to switch over to the iPhone because it had more hdd space and it had one solid piece. But when I played with my friends iPhone I found myself doing swipes and hating to have to close and open apps all the time. Yes, iPhone has much more apps but the non multi-tasking just isn't friendly. Gota say, I love this phone. Been a Palm user for quite sometime and hate to have to go to webOS PIM but I guess we can't expect to be on Palm Desktop forever. (even though I wouldn't mind it) =)

So far so good. had to exchange my first one due to screen leakage. but i actually think i ended up with one that was better. slider action is better than first one. get great reception. same as past carrier(verizon). I am one happy camper.(no camping required to get phone)

I do like my Pre, but I miss quite a bit of the functionality from my Treo. Just having memos categorized was a pretty big deal for me. Haven't found a way or had time to find a way to replicate that.

I have had my Treo in the same pocket with the same stuff for four years. I had my Pre in the same pocket for two weeks and it looks like it's been in a washing machine full of rocks. The finish is definitely not up to normal use.

Yesterday it became afflicted with the dreaded slider reboot. I stuffed a couple of pieces of paper in the battery compartment. Don't remember ever, ever having to do that with any phone before, even my cheapie Samsungs chugged along without having to resort to fixes so early in its life.

Multitasking keeps me going back for more. I'll wait patiently for apps to arrive. I need a web phone for my job (web guy) but when I'm traveling and there's no wifi or 3g I'm at the mercy of a single bar sometimes. I've never had reception issues with my Treo.

So I'll give it another six months to mature. That's all I can afford before my productivity suffers. I'm just hoping the phone stays in one piece until then.

What a slick device! I've loved owning it so far. The integration across all my contacts is unmatched and I've found that this is the first smart device I've owned that is truely easy enough to use that I will use it for many tasks over going to my desktop or laptop.

I patiently await the continued platform development as it can only get better from here!

I am sorry but I taking mine back.

I love the phone but it really have allot of short comings. All the Palm treo with the Palm OS I think out performs the pre. I really did not thing they would fall this short. I find my self doing the same thing when people talk to me about how innovative the iPhone is or was with the pre which is to say I could/can do that with my treo.

If you used a treo before you know what I am talking about.

The deal breaker for my was I need tethering and I am not unable to do that on the phone as it is now. I will wait for the GSM version to come out.

I am with t-mobile and have been for the past 5yrs and while they do not have a real 3G you just can not beat the price, I pay $90 with tax for unlimited calling and unlimited data. Switching to sprint would mean about $120 with tax for the same plan (yes real 3G is a big thing)

I will just have to wait for the GSM version and when it gets unlocked.

I will miss it because I really love the phone, but with it short coming when compared to the treo, no tethering and overall price I have to let it go and wait.

I understand what your saying with certain features, but price your way off. I work with cell phones and T Mobiles pricing is nothing like your saying it is. 99 unlimited voice, 25 data plus text. They don't give you messaging anymore. Sprint has unlimited everything for 99. So pricing i don't even understand.

And GSM i understand if you travel overseas. If not CDMA is so much better here in the states. Even Sprint. I didn't do with with the iPhone and i should have to my recommendation is to wait it out. These are not feature phones so when they do updates its more then just fixes.

I still think Sprint has the best value over any other carrier. And the Verizon CEO is talking out his ass. Palm app store isn't up yet. To move it to another carrier would be insane.

It has been a good month with my Pre. Like many others have said, it is a great smartphone with lots of potential. I have enjoyed it.

I must say that I am hoping for some further refinements to the native Web OS apps such as sorting e-mail messages, categorizing my bookmarks, a native scientific calculator, desktop backup, more status info option on the main display, etc. Also, some fixes, such as, in the e-mail app, for moving messages. I accidentally deleted (swiped away) some messages. The messages are in the Trash but will not move back to the Inbox when I do the "Move to Folder" function. I cannot wait to see what the upcoming updates will have.

Regarding other apps, since I am a long time Rhapsody & Audible subscriber, as well as, a Facebook user, I'd like to see native or third party apps for those services.

On the hardware side, I'd like to see some sort of acknowledgement from Palm regarding the documented issues with the screens cracking and the slider (even if it is a small, marketing correct one). (Just thinking out loud, I suspect the form factor will change to a more rugged material in the a couple of years.)

Again, I am enjoying my Pre. It is a cool, slick, and sexy device that gets lots of attention. It is a good combination of a communication, messaging, and media device with huge potential. It definitely fills the gap between business and consumer users.

WebOS rocks! Love the gestures, Synergy, and multi-tasking -- boo-ya!! The month has flown by and I'm still giddy when I show it off to family and friends. Haven't had hardware issues on mine, nor my wife's phone. I don't care about iPhone - this phone stands on it's own! With over-the-air updates and apps to come, I expect the experience to continue wow'n us.

This phone is amazing! I nearly left Sprint for an iPhone end of last year but when I saw this phone at CES coming to Sprint, I waited it out. It is so much more enjoyable to me than the iPhone was! The web browser is amazing and will be getting flash this year while the iPhone wont! That's huge! The keyboard is a bit smaller than my Treo 755p was but I have gotten used to it and take it any day over that awful iPhone onscreen keyboard which you practically need a stylus with for accuracy. The multitasking is so awesome. I love opening an email with a word or pdf attachment and it hopping over to that program while being able to go back and forth. The thing seriously is nearly a laptop replacement for me when I am gone for a weekend. I do hope we get some good apps soon though. I really want an MSN messaging App that allows us to send pics from the phone like the Blackberrys. I also want a Facebook app as good as the Iphone's with built in chat function as its tedious to use on the full webpage version. The Synergy stuff is awesome! I thought I'd hate it pulling all Facebook contacts but it is no biggy with the Universal search. I so hope we get a trustworthy backup app soon though as I've done so much to this phone and would hate to start over if I have to exchange it. Overall, amazing, and feels so much better in a pocket than that long brick of an iPhone! Props to Palm and Sprint and to you here at precentral! This is hands down the best site for Pre news out of them all! Thanks!

Besides the fact that Sprint/Palm needs to fix the fact that many of these phones can't hold a signal very well, this phone indeed rocks.

If it has this much capability before any apps are really out, imagine what we'll be able to do once there are apps available.

But Sprint/Palm, please fix the inconsistent signal issue. This is a phone after all.

I was first in line on June 6 with my sleepy and mad wife and haven't looked back since! I love this thing. webOS is the real winner in all of the phone wars this season.

This is my first smartphone and i'm SOO glad i waited. 110% happy with the purchase and the switch to Sprint.

I already have 3 other friends with Pre's and working on the wife. Once they saw and played with it is an ez sell.

Yay Palm!

Knock on wood, no hardware issues yet. While I'm getting more and more uneasy about Palm's (and probably Sprint's) attitude towards open app development, and will continue to take countermeasures to prevent backstabbing, as a regular user I'm pretty happy with the phone.

The browser is awesome; for the first time I can look up the active ingredients in a medication while I'm standing in the aisle at the drugstore (or check Newegg prices while standing in the aisle at Best Buy) and Google's calendar is finally worth something to me.

I'd kind of like to see some actual games, now that we've seen what the Pre is capable of with the Playstation emulator. But so far, I've been able to amuse myself just by hitting Google Reader. I've been working with a 2.0 iTouch for months, and had gotten pretty comfortable with it, but now it feels incredibly awkward and stifling when I have to deal with it. A coworker showed me his 3.0 iTouch and a few games that were pretty to look at but really had no substance. I'd like Palm developers to do better, but if they don't, I could always start carrying my Nintendo DS again when I'm wearing a jacket or carrying a bag.

As I mentioned in another thread, I need good, native ssh and vnc clients (and vnc over ssh, specifically) for work. That's one place the iPhone/iTouch still has the Pre beat, largely because of the time on the market. I'm pretty sure someone will rise to the occasion sooner or later, but in the meantime I kind of wish they had j2me support so I could modify one of the existing ssh clients to use the Pre's whole screen.

Unlike many Pre users, I have no vested interest in seeing Palm succeed except that I'd like support for the phone to continue for the 4 or 5 years I tend to keep each phone. I'm not willing to sacrifice anything for "the greater good" of a publicly traded corporation. But so far, the Pre has been a good product. As long as they don't restrict it anywhere near the way Apple cripples their products, I won't regret my day-1 purchase.

Here's my minor complaints so far. I love the phone and the cool features is has, but there's definitely room for improvement. Nothing a few apps can't take of eventually.
1. Terrible reception compared to my Treo
2. No SMS forwarding
3. Virtually no Copy/Paste function when they laughed that the iPhone couldn't Copy/Paste. Now the iPhone has more copy/paste functionality.
4. Synergy is over marketed. No synergy besides Facebook and Google. Well Exchange too, but who has Microsoft Exchange Server on their home computer?

Who has exchange server on their home computer??? Of course no one does but this phone is largely targeted at BUSINESS users, not eBayers and teenagers...

Yea they really went after corporate America with their Facebook commercial. hmmmmmmm

Love it and I'm a hard to please when it comes to gadgets.

This is golden. Any other posts on here that say different are haters....

Sure, there are things that are going to be added in the future we all want but Palm has set the ground work for something special with this OS.

Love the Pre. Have 3 Pre's, all of which are working perfectly.

The place to start is with the Pre's form/design. The Pre is just the right size. It fits in the hand nicely. (The Iphone is too big. Blackberries don't have enough screen. The Pre is the perfect size.) The phone is elegant, gorgeous, and sexy. It catches the eye.

The second thing is the operating system. Wow, what a start. Love multitasking. Love synergy. Love universal search. Love the apps so far. I only need two more apps, need Dataviz Docs to Go and I need something to keep up with business mileage. The fact, though, is thousands of good apps are on the way. And the fact is this operating system is only going to get better. For those who say the Iphone OS is better---I'd argue with you. Maybe close. What is not close the potential. WebOs is positioned to blow the Iphone OS out of the water. Blackberry OS is antiquated.

Apple will make advances and Blackberry will recover. Palm, Apple, and Blackberry are the future of smartphones, and more and more phones will be smartphones. Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc. should be very anxious.

So far I love it! I've had several versions of the Treo (both Palm and WinMo) as well as a Touch Pro, and so far this is my favorite phone. It has a great balance of ease of use and functionality, and the multitasking / notifications / universal search on WebOS are terrific!

I've had the Pre since day one. So far, so good. Can't wait to see what's next for our phone.

I got this phone the first day it was out. At first there were some battery issues, but that has all cleared up. In fact, this phone gets "excellent" battery life, for me now. Frankly, this is the best phone, by far, that I have ever owned. I've showed it to my family and friends, and they all want one. The fact that Palm can introduce such a radically advanced phone with so very few technical issues, out of the box, is just outstanding. I disagree with those who feel there should be some more This OS shows such enormous promise that I believe a flood of outstanding apps and features will show up within the next 6 months, or earlier. Palm, just add replaceable memory's pretty close to a home run.

I had to replace my first pre after 3 weeks. I finally could no longer hobble along with the reception issues I was having. The new one is magnificent. The folks at my sprint store were very cooperative, and said that mine was the only one they had seen with any problems. I can't wait for Docs to Go and flash to come out, and then this phone will be amazing.

Incredible phone, amazing UI, really bad hardware. This wobbling thing my phone does is really REALLY getting on my nerves, and makes my precious Pre feel really cheap.

Other than that, this phone/WebOS has a future set in the smartphone future

So far so good. Had a minor hardware issue but nothing major. Loving the webOS. Definately a much better phone than last years instinct!

This thing is awesome. By far the best phone or gadget I've owned. I'm not a big hacker, but I was able to get inside this thing in no time.

My wife keeps saying they need a nickname for it like 'crack'berry because it's very addicting. Great phone with even greater potential.

My pre-cious...

This is such a wonderful piece of gadgetry. I love it.

Exactly 30 days in and my phone doesn't work unless it's on Speaker. Odd. Alert sounds will work on the built-in speaker, even though I can't listen to any music, Sprint Navigation, or anything, really, unless I have the headset plugged in. Bluetooth audio doesn't work, but bluetooth phone does. Other than not being able to use it, I love it!

I had that problen. Try plugging in your wire headphones. And restarting the phone. It will go away.

So far I love my Pre. It took a little bit of getting used to after having Palm OS devices for nearly 10 years, but it has the most intuitive interface I've ever used on a smart phone. Now, everytime I pick up one of my friend's i-phones it just feels clunky to use.
You should expect some growing pains on a device like this. I remember the signal issues and such I had on my first Treo 600 back in 2003 and that was on a mature OS. Hopefully Palm stays true to what they've done so far with updates and it will be great.
One thing I wish for is more preference and configuration of the device. It is very friendly compared to Palm's older OS's, but a little too dumb down for my taste. Its almost as if Palm took the Apple approach to " use me, don't mess with me" with this OS.
As far as hardware goes, I have a very minor play in the slider and a small light spot in the lower notification area, but nothing major. I did have the intermittent signal issue, but they took care of that at the Sprint store.
Now I will try to be patient for the apps to come along.

This is easily the best phone of the year, I am just loving the OS and the way things/gestures work. Yes, I've become so used to it that I find myself trying those gestures out inadvertently on my wife's iphone. Just love it and hope Palm comes out with more apps, more updates to the OS (especially the on-screen keyboard, if possible) and better battery life. Heck, they should be easily able to beat apple at this :)

love my pre! love itttttttt!

I love mine!! I ditched my horrible BB Storm and glad I did!! This phone blows that one outta the water!! The internet browser alone is too cool and kicks the Storm's browsers ass!!

So, I'm a bit of a tech poser. I've held out for a smartphone for years. When I first started with the Palm III, I knew I would never use a pen/pad notebook again...but progressing through the Handspring Visor and then a big leap to the Tungsten C didn't quite lead to the Treo. I've just never felt like any one particular smartphone could do everything I wanted one least not for a reasonable price available in the US. But when Palm came back with the Pre, I knew it was time to join the 21st century.
This isn't just hype...the Pre provides the perfect hardware infrastructure for a smartphone - small enough to hold comfortably in one hand (including sliding the keyboard out and typing), a QWERTY keyboard that allows me to seriously consider doing real document editing (not just drafting annoyingly long blog comments), and a multitouch screen all in a package that isn't exorbinantly priced (for those with hardware problems, sorry, but overall this is a reasonably priced great piece of hardware - Palm produces Honda-like smartphones - not LandRovers).
And that infrastructure is the perfect shell of what is likely to be a revolution in smartphone operating systems. WebOS just works so intuitively from the user perspective. Don't get me wrong, I've got my out-of-the-box complaints --- Palm missed the boat on a few simple freebies...but that's what's so great!!! This is the first handheld phone that within a few minutes of use make you think it's going to work just like your it's easy to expect the world from it. And from the developer buzz & Palm's rapid updates - I don't doubt that it will soon deliver.

Love the Pre, but now every time I work on a paper file, I just push it off the front of my desk when I'm done. Paper all over my floor. A mess.



And anyone that is new to the Pre I let them in all the tips and tricks, how to save their battery life and all the pictures and wallpapers I have now. I am in the middle of creating some neat treats for the pre. I bejeweled my case too. Just to bling it up! I said it once and I'll say it again...there somethings that a iphone just can't do! Pre can do a lot more and its just starting. Bring on the apps!!

I love my phone. I take pride in whipping my phone out and hearing the "What is that?, What kind of phone is that." I knew the phone was tight when I saw the review for an iPhone app to get the Facebook pictures like we Pre owners. You gotta love the Pre. WebOS has NO comp.

Want DOCUMENTS TO GO to work on the Palm Pre?

I sent mine to palm today to see if they can tighten up the sliding mechanism... love the phone and the platform, though for me build quality has been lacking...

I really like this device. Sorry to sound redundant, but it's too bad that it wasn't packaged in more durable and solid hardware.

First in line in Lufkin, Tx on launch day and life has been great from then on!!!! I only have two complaints, Docs To Go, and more consistant arrival of new apps in the app store.. Long live the PRE-ites!!!!!!

I do miss all the things my old Centro (PalmOS) could do, but I had to forgo the complete functionality on the Centro, for a larger, richer screen provided through the Pre. I know the Pre's complete functionality will soon follow, but I feel like I lost an old friend. Overall, what the Pre does do, it does very well. For some odd reason, utilizing all the tips and tricks from Precentral on how to sustain/increase battery life, I cannot make my battery last longer than six hours (and yes, I am a constant heavy user). Finally, no problems with the hardware, although I get rather annoyed when I cannot open the slider with just one hand-thumb push.

Lovin it. There's a few features not quite there yet, but I expect we'll have them soon. I was a dedicated blackberry fan, until the Pre announcement. I still have my blackberry as my Pre was a new line (couldn't get it on my friends and family plan with sprint). I turn on my bb occasionally to check for messages and it just feels so antiquated.

Won't be long till the SDK is available and there are thousands of apps. We'll all forget about this short amount of time we've been waiting for more features.

WebOS has so much more potential than Mobile OSX. Once we get to the full app catalog and all those apps in development, it will be clear that the best mobile OS for the future is WebOS (improfessionalo)

An addendum to my earlier post:

There is no 3G in my neighborhood, but with Wifi at home and work I don't miss it. But I was a bit bummed during recent travels when my wife's Instinct breezed along at EVDO while I was stuck at 1x. Even my son's Muziq was lapping the Pre. So this afternoon I sauntered into my friendly neighborhood Sprint store to ask to please make my phone fast. Simple switch to turn on data roaming. Wow!, that was easy. As I'm about to walk out I mention my battery problem, you know, the slider reboot boogie? Told them I had paper wedged in the battery. Long story short, I walked out with a new Pre. Build date is 3 weeks later than my old one and somehow feels more substantial.

Guess I'll have to learn to treat this one with kid gloves until my case arrives.

My Pre has been absolutely great and I use it extensively. I use a leather pouch/flap case for it until I find a case that will protect it. I can see a very big future for the WebOS. I also hope that the battery life issue can be addressed soon. Otherwise, I'm very happy with my Pre.

I'll wait for a model with proper battery, not this joke.

I love this phone. The lack of apps is a bit frustrating but understandible at this point. I really miss Solitaire though. I'd like to see more integration with computer apps (I prefer to keep my contact information on a local machine instead of "The Cloud") but I expect someone will come up with a way to do that.

Wish the phone was a LITTLE bigger but that's OK.

As a former 700p owner, I've had my Pre for 3 weeks. Went through 2 replacements - first for cloudiness on the bottom of the screen; second for the screen blacking out within seconds of using the phone. The slider and hardware issues are of concern. But so far my 3rd Pre has been more solid.

I like the fact that it fits in the palm of your hand and easily in your pocket, but the smaller screen is harder on the eyes than the iPhone.

I am not comfortable yet with putting all of my contacts and calendar on Google and concerned about hacking and spam. I'd rather sync directly from my Mac Book. I still haven't found a Palm tech who can tell me how to successfully sync all the custom fields from Palm Desktop to the Apple Address Book to Google contacts. (Part of my issue is that I'm still on OS 10.4 and Missing Sync only works with 10.5; Spanning Sync works with 10.4 but hasn't solved the problem. I'm checking forums for other suggestions and plan to upgrade my computer soon which I hope will solve this problem).

Regarding apps and features - the iPhone didn't have the App Store for almost a year if I recall correctly. I'm patiently waiting for my favorite apps to port to webOS.

I'm in a profession where I need a phone on work sites and don't always have access to a charger. The phone's battery life sucks but at least you can replace the battery. That and the fact that AT&T's rates are higher than Sprint's are the two main reasons I haven't gone with an iPhone.

All in all, I think it's a very good first generation phone and I'm giving it more time to hopefully prove itself.

I stood in line on Day 1 beginning at 5:45am and was the 2nd person in my city to own a Pre.

I RETURNED it 2 weeks ago and switched to AT&T for the newest iPhone 3GS with 32GB.

Aside from AT&T's cruddy coverage in my area and higher priced data plan, as far as the two DEVICES go -- there's no comparison between the new 3GS and the Pre. The 3GS trumps the Pre in just about every way.

Yes, I loved flicking windows off the screen on the Pre. Yes, I loved the way it felt in my hand and the size of the device slid more easily into all of my pockets compared with the iPhone...but that's about the best I can say for the Pre.

Oh sure, in many ways the Pre is superior to the Treo and Centro. I've been a die-hard Palm user for as long as they've been making PDA's and have owned every Treo ever made beginning with the 600. I've owned so many different 600's, 650's, 700's, 700p's, and Centro's...all because the devices were junky and had to be exchanged over and over again. Nevertheless, I suffered through them all because I thought the Blackberry and the iPhone sucked.

Not anymore. The new iPhone 3gs rocks, not just because it has more apps, but because it's gone through so many prior generations that Apple has figured out all the 'little things' that truly make for a great experience. On the other hand, when I used the Pre, I felt like I was working for Palm's Quality Assurance department, testing out a Beta of some future device. Suffering through many software bugs, hardware design flaws, and an absurdly poor battery life.

I DON'T WANT TO BE A BETA TESTER FOR PALM!!!! When I pay $200.00 for a new phone and commit to a 2 year contract, I want a phone that is well-constructed and who's software isn't in a state of perpetual flux with bug after bug blocking my work flow. I'd rather not but, in the end, I'll pay $50 more for a data plan if it means using my PDA is a constant joy.

Here were my biggest problems with the Pre:

1) Battery life. I'm a Realtor and I'm on the phone all day. Checking email constantly. The Pre would drop down to 80% within 30 minutes of my daily routine. It was empty by mid-afternoon. Unacceptable.

2) Dead pixels on the screen. Unacceptable.

3) Bugs - the biggest one that drove me crazy was it telling me I had to close windows because it was out of memory. I'd close all the windows and it would STILL tell me I needed to close them. The only way out of this mess was to turn it off and turn it on.

4) It took FOREVER to restart. Laptops don't take that long to boot up.

5) No video. I'm sorry, but if my Treo 755p can shoot video, it's unacceptable that Palm wouldn't have this all ready out of the box.

6) Screen size: Beautiful screen until you actually have to look at a website. Every website would start off as tiny. Double-tap for an auto zoom, you say? HA! That function is so imprecise and 'dumb' that it would STILL zoom to the wrong size. I'd have to fiddle with zooming in and out to such an annoying degree until I could get it right. And sometimes I'd have to keep dragging the screen all over the place until I could find the one little area that I REALLY wanted to see up close because the double-tapping would zoom me to the wrong spot.

7) Auto-fill on websites: On the iPhone, I can return to a website and the device will remember my log-in info and password. No such luck with the Pre's browser. Was there a setting I missed? Perhaps...but the iPhone ASKS me if I want it to remember my login info. I say "yes" and never fuss with it again. With the Pre, it's always unclear what it's doing and not doing because...

8) Pre has terrible GUI: When the Pre is processing it doesn't give you an hour glass or any kind of visual response that's it's doing something. Sometimes I thought it has frozen while I was waiting (And sometimes it WAS.)

9) Phone: It was way too easy for the Pre to accidentally make calls in my pocket. There was a button to click to lock the screen but I'd often forget. There should be a setting to lock immediately after making a call!

10) Keyboard: This was one of the biggest reasons I didn't get an iPhone for years. I hated its on-screen keyboard and LOVED my Centro/Treo keyboards. Well, the keyboard has improved on the 3GS, so much so that I'm now as fast with it as I was with the Centro. The word correction and auto-type features on the newest iPhone are incredible. By contrast, the Pre gave me a tangible keyboard but it's just FAIR. And worse, unlike my Centro, I have to keep fiddling with the slide out keypad when I want to use it. With the iPhone, the moment I see something on the screen that requires text input, I just touch it. Bam! There's a keyboard. It's accurate and fast and FLUID. So, I thought I needed a Pre for the keyboard but, now that I've compared it with the iPhone's NEW onscreen keyboard, it's become a non-issue. In fact, I'd RATHER have an onscreen keyboard. Never thought I'd ever say that.

11) Cut & Paste & Selecting Text: I have to do a LOT of emailing on my device. Cut and paste and selecting need to be quick operations, preferably that I can do with one hand in a jiffy. I HATED the Pre's requirement to hold down a key in order to select text. Plus, it didn't even work that well or quickly. When you use the iPhone's solution to this after using the Pre, you will be shocked at how poor Palm's implementation is of this feature. Same with Cut and Paste. It's not even CLOSE. And when you make an error when writing on the iPhone, you can simply touch the spot on the screen where the error is and a magnifying glass will instantly appear, allowing you to make a more precise positioning of the cursor. Hard to explain in writing but it feels so freaking natural when you do it!!!

11) Syncing my data: What the hell, Palm???? I have to upload everything to GOOGLE in order to sync with my desktop? Come on!!!! Someone's gotta say it: this is LAME. Palm has set the standard for syncing to a desktop and now they've changed the whole process to syncing to a website and THEN to my desktop? If something isn't broken, please don't try to fix it! I saw that The Missing Sync is available for the Pre (thank God). But that requires dropping more money down in order to do what should be possible right out of the box! Again, what were you people (Palm) thinking???

12) Crashing: I guess Palm wanted me to feel at home with their new device so, like all the Treos and Centros before it, it froze a few times. 2 weeks with iPhone and not a single freeze or crash. Not ONE.

13) Apps: Okay, so the iPhone didn't have an App store when they first started. But it has one NOW. And it's filled with so many fun and useful tools that I quickly forgot about what it was like to a Palm martyr, checking the site every 15 minutes hoping for a new Pre app to come out. What were you THINKING, Palm??? How could you not have a good 50 apps or more ready to go at launch when you're competing with Apple? I know your prior terrible business decisions have reduced you to becoming a virtual start-up company again...but Jeez! At least PRETEND to be a top-tier company. How many months or years should I have to wait to see if your App store ever develops? And, by that time, you guys will release the Pre2 which will have 16GB of memory, video recording, and a way more sturdy encasing. How dumb will I feel for being one of your Beta testers???

14) The Hardware: Some of argued the Pre's hardware is flimsy, scratch prone, and cheap. I agree although I didn't suffer any major hardware bugs. But I did wonder how long the Pre would hold up over time. Especially that USB cover flap -- always felt like I was about to accidentally tear it off during normal use.

15) Lack of IR and SD cards: I know, this is missing on the iPhone as well. But I may have stuck with the Pre longer if I felt like they were doing things DIFFERENTLY and BETTER than the iPhone rather than WORSE and/or the SAME. I'm a Realtor a Palm knows that a huge number of their users are REaltors who bought Treos and Centro's in the first place for the IR that can open lock boxes. Abandoning us was a slap in the face. Would adding the IR really have cost so much more? Even though the iPhone lacks this feature as well, they've got such a better screen size for browsing and camera/video that, if I'm going to be annoyed by lack of IR, I'd rather have nicer features to make up for it. NOTE to Palm: Why not try to retain your loyal Realtor customers instead of screwing them? By the way, it was nice using the IR for non-Real Estate stuff beaming apps and contacts. I really miss that on both devices.

There's more but I've got to go do some work. In short, I was terribly disappointed in the Pre. I also see potential in the WebOS and can imagine better-designed Pre's...but how long was I willing to wait?

I wasn't.

Nobody wanted this phone more than I did, I'd been waiting for years to upgrade my 650 to something usable. I bought 6 Pre's on launch day, 4 for my office and 2 for a friend. Of the six, five have already been returned, for two reasons:

It is, without a doubt, the coolest phone I've seen. Unfortunately, it's underdeveloped as a phone. As much as I wanted something cool (I like gadgets), I NEED a working phone. Whether it was Sprint's service or problems with the Pre, we had the worst reception on any phone we've ever tried. This was a uniform problem across my business, with users in both the city and suburbs. If I can't make and receive calls, whatever else the phone does is irrelevant to me.

The second issue I had with the phone was the number of steps it took to perform common tasks. Part of this was learning the new system, but simple tasks like making a phone call took additional unnecessary steps, and opening each application took much longer. While I was annoyed with the delays to send a quick email or call, I could've and would've dealt with them had the phone had better reception.

Finally, we had an annoying issue I haven't seen reported elsewhere across 4 of our phones. When calls came in, the caller ID # displayed correctly, but the name was almost always for the wrong contact, and the facebook picture would be from a third contact. I assume this is a software issue that could have eventually been fixed, so we didn't worry about it too much. It was, however, just another sign of a phone that's not ready for prime time release. That seems to be the standard these days, with the iphone just now, 3 years later, finally a working product, and the storm taking 7 months before the software functions.

I'm looking forward to the next version of the Pre, on a different carrier. Unfortunately, I'll probably be locked into a contract with Verizon when it comes out.

I was excited from the very beginning. I thought the iPhone was amazing in its own right, but I never bought the excuse of battery life being the reason why there was no true multitasking. However, after the Pre, I have to say, Apple was right. My battery lasts me 8 hrs and won't make it home on a single charge. I only use the phone to check some websites, twitter, facebook and the occasional weather outlook and IM. I run several cards on it to multitask, but it seems that multitasking comes at the expense of battery life. It was disgusting. After the 3GS came out and I played with it and with the background notifications, it looks to be the best phone now.

Oh, and if you thought that the thin app store was a curse, it may be a blessing. One thing that I hear from iPhone users is that all of the apps available actually makes you use the phone more. Once more apps are available on the Pre its battery life will get worse with more usage of apps. Sad state indeed! I really wanted to like it (and I do) but Generation 1 is not for me. I'll try again in v2 or 3.

I'd been waiting since late December 2008/January 2009. I literally drooled over the demo they released over and over. I've had the first generation iPhone AND the 3G, but I'd never had so much trouble waiting for the release of an electronic device in my life. I NEEDED the Pre 7 months ago!

I found out I'd have to be out of town for release date, but that didn't keep me from making a special trip to the nearest Sprint store (that I'd never been to in my life) and being the first one in line in Ft. Wayne, IN!

It wasn't just love at first hype, or sight, but at first use, also. It was amazing, smooth, different, unique, and new. From its advertising, to its packaging, to its very functionality, the phone was everything I wanted/needed...

After a week or two I noticed a very minor yellow discoloration at the bottom right corner of my screen. It didn't really bother me (especially in comparison to what I'd heard others dealing with,) but when I realized I had wireless backup and Sprint was swapping Pre's out for people no-questions-asked, I figured, "Why not? What have I got to lose?" (Other than my black sleeve launch day box, etc.)

My new (2nd) Pre (with yellow Sprint sleeve) was/is beautiful. Slid like a dream. NO discoloration or defects WHATSOEVER. However, due to my OWN negligence, while running into work the first day I had it out it popped out of my side holster, hit the asphalt, slid open, and proceeded to slide across the asphalt a few feet. I was literally sick. My beautiful glossy back had been tarnished/scratched. The bottom right corner where the halves meet had been nicked/scratched. And, worst of all, it began a minor version of the infamous "oreo twist."

Sprint wouldn't do anything about it because now I'd dropped it, so my warranty was voided. YAY! They said I'd have to use my TEP (which would not only cost $100 just to replace my Pre so I wouldn't have "oreo syndrome," but they also said it was on backorder and would prob take a few weeks if I DID do it. YAY!)

Needless to say, I was (and sometimes am, again) pretty upset. The phone is awesome and everything I want it to be. Once this beast has video record, possibly an on-screen keyboard, Adobe Flash, and a boppin' and hoppin' app atmosphere, I'll probably be squealing with joy again!

I've converted a few others from AT&T to the Pre/Sprint and have a few Sprint subscribers on the fence leaning toward the Pre or the Tour. (Apples and oranges!)

I preferred the sturdiness and solidity I had with the iPhone, but of all the slider phones I've ever had, none compare to the Pre. Not the G1, not any Pantech Duo/Matrix jokes with AT&T, nothing... If this phone was going to have a hardware keyboard, they couldn't have done a finer job - and if you think they could've I'd like to hear it!

In summary, I love the Pre. Most of all I love WebOS and my Sprint plan. There are haters we must face daily, but the facts speak for themselves. Statistics speak for themselves. Numbers of subscribers do not make a network superior - I'm sorry. It doesn't matter how many people walk off a cliff - the point is they're walking off together, and I'd rather not at this point in my life.

I LOVE RIM and BlackBerry devices. I can count on one hand the number of problems I've had over the years with many different RIM devices. The iPhone was even decent. It's a fascinating toy for those with short attention spans, fashionistas, "trendy" people, Mac users, teens, or those who just want an MP3 player/Game Boy/text messaging device all in one.

As far as smartphones go, Palm/WebOS (and possibly even Sprint now the way things are looking - largely due to Palm and the Pre) have a very bright future. THANKS PRECENTRAL.NET FOR YOUR FABULOUS COVERAGE, DEDICATION, INFORMATION, AND SUPPORT! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PALM FAMILY!

PS - I finally was able to purchase the awesome, amazingly-handy, surprisingly-necessary Touchstone charger and no longer have a scritched up glossy back but a beautiful, metal, matte, black battery cover! (Still working on twist.)

Jon Rubinstein thought his name was Mrs. Marcellus Wallace. It's not. I returned my Pre.

Note to developers, it's not my job to be your alpha tester.

I was really excited about moving on to a Pre from my Treo, but so far, I'm really not loving it -- mainly because they abandoned all of Palm's calendar functions that I really relied on. How hard would that have been to carry that over as an option. Not everyone used Google Calendar -- why is Palm alienating their own regulars? I really hope some sort of update comes along that will bring this back.

Otherwise, the email and texting is great, and the web surfing is fine, though still a little awkward for me. I'm not in love, but I'm giving it time...

I don't have a Pre yet cuz it's taking forever to reach Asia. I'm a loyal Palm user for many years and after reading all the reviews to the point of overdose, I thought the following features would be nice to have (bear with me folks. I know this is for people who have used their Pre but hey, a few suggestion from a Palm loyalist won't hurt):

Desktop OS - I know desktop OS is so last century but it works really well if you are working from home with a PC. It's fast, secure and easy on the eyes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses the Contacts and Calendar functions on a home PC for work. And syncing with the desktop OS to Pre would be wonderful. Surely it's a small thing for Palm to come up with a new Pre Desktop OS to compliment OTA database.

Keyboard - A landscape slide-out keyboard would be much easier on the fingers. In portrait mode, a virtual qwerty or T9 predictive text input function just like a normal mobile phone would broaden the appeal. I saw the latest HTC Hero Sense UI with the various keyboard input options and thought it was really good. A lot of people (especially gals) still type faster with one hand using the traditional T9 or alphabet number pad, especially for SMS where it could be a hassle having to slide out the keyboard and having to type with 2 hands. I'm sure some developers would come up with the virtual input options (and I'm willing to pay for it) and combine that with a landscape physical keyboard would make the Pre a wonderful device for both sms (portrait mode) and emails (landscape mode).

Battery life - I don't know what to do with the poor battery life as said in many reviews. Wait for the next battery tech breakthrough or just bring a spare one wherever i go? At least it's replaceable. I thought Apple was eating sour grapes about multi-tasking gobbling up battery juice and it seems they are right. But I still love the concept of multi-tasking cards...and Palm.

Apps - It's not that big a deal. i played with apps on my friend's iphone and most of them are just useless games or junk that people will tire of very soon. Go for quality instead of quantity, Palm!

I find it a splendid miracle that Palm is now back from the dead. I've always resisted Apple cuz they are very rigid on the way people should use their products. It's either their way or the highway. Well, Jon was from Apple but I hope Palm won't grow arrogant and will listen to their users more than Apple does and continue improving Pre using sincere users' feedback. If you can come up with a product that we normal joe and jane in the street can use easily (preferably with one hand), you can be sure that the Pre's take-up rate will surge. We love you Palm and hope you will love us back. Really, it's the little things that matters most to us. It's the little things...

Can't wait for you to reach Asia!!

I do like my Pre very much. But the battery sucks my wang big time. It's always dead by 9pm every night guaranteed.

Its been a bit of an adventure migrating from my 755p to the Pre. There is an upside and a downside, with my upside being worth the down stuff.

I exchanged my Pre twice. The first one I got had a gap at the top and I could not get the phone to be recognized as a device by multiple computers. The second one had good build quality (no gaps) and was recognized, but after I transferred a large quantity of 755p photos to it from my desktop, it went into a permanent reboot loop from which I could not break it. I bought it from Best Buy because of the instant rebate and both times they exchanged it. These problems cropped up within the 1st 24 hours I had the Pre. 3rd time so far appears to be the charm.

Pre is working as it should and have good build quality on my unit. I am having usb recognition problems, but think its not the phone. Have synced it to itunes and pulled out music with exception of songs locked down by Fairplay DRM.

The Pre does not have all the functionality out of the box that my 755p did. The small app ecosphere for it also means I have had to give up apps like agendus and the Novell notify client for Groupwise. I'm having to create workarounds and kludge approaches to do things I was doing before. Thats the downside.

I'm willing to live with that for the upside. My job pays for my service, so I can't switch carriers and my wife has an iphone which is $100+ a month for less service so I didn't want to anyway. The upside is a beaut of a device and an awesome OS in comparison with Palm OS 5, which was functional but decrepit. A browser comparable to the iphone. Was deathly tired of browsing web on 755p.

The app availability is sparse right now, but apps like the Spaz twitter client are a clue to how awesome apps for this OS are gonna be. There is already a ton of homebrew app development going on and I believe the floodgates are going to open on app development for this device. Its app environment is going to rock. Palm will work out additional bugs and in about a year and a half we'll probably see Pre 2.0, which I will buy.

The person who complained about the Pre earlier is right. All us early adopters are to a degree beta testers, but even so, the Pre is an improvement over the Treo line and all of its current shortcomings are temporary.

I love the device and the OS. I think both have a bright future.

My buddy and I have been long time Treo users. Keeping it short. Pre- was a disappointment. It

Wow, I just caught this article.

I would like to make a comment for all these "treo users" out there. The Pre is great, I'm not sure what phone you have used in the past but personally I have used BB, multiple models including curve and Bold, nearly every WM device in creation and also carry an iPhone for work, well that was true until I bought the Pre; then I forwarded calls to my Pre, set up company email and I leave the iPhone in my business case.

The Pre is great. I have racked my brain to figure out what it is that people believe is missing and honestly, I can't think of one or two things. From a business standpoint a mobile word/excel editing capability would be nice, but that software is just now hitting the market for iPhone and BB which have been around for years. What else? Video, buy a video camera and a GPS for your car goodness sake.

People get too distracted, let's not forget the entire purpose of a mobile phone is to make calls on the go, a cell phone is not created to be some robotic do all/solve all for your entire life's purpose, when technology reaches that point you'll most likely have a device inside your head and we'll watch holograms instead of television. IT'S A PHONE! ...and a great phone at that, responsive, quick, intuitive and capable. For little user-friendly conveniences I don't doubt that Palm will address those with the software update package in the works.