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Open Mobile & Open webOS: When, Where and the Competition 45

by Sharon L Copeland Fri, 18 May 2012 6:40 pm EDT

ICS on a TouchPad


Almost everyday we are reminded of what happened on that dark day in August when they killed webOS hardware and got rid of most of everyone in the hardware division; and it looked like the OS was to be suffer the same fate. Luckily for us, some the most diehard fans, along with some equally determined webOS developers, worked very hard to keep webOS alive. We here at webOS nations know the hot news stories have been slow to turn up, but don't despair.

We say to those who have been taunted by larger screens, faster processors and hardware, fear not. Your time, my loyal friends is coming sooner thank you think. Bide your time my pretties although some wanted to put us in the coffin long before the TouchPad arrived, we are far from being dead. It reminds me of that line in Dark Shadows,"They tried to stone me my dear, it did not work." We want to give you a realistic forecast of how everything is progressing so far. We wanted to let you know everyone at HP and Open Mobile are working as hard as they can so you can have the goodies you all deserve.

Everyone knows about Open Mobile because it was trotted out at a mobile event not too long ago and shown off for all to enjoy. We were shown that in fact android apps can run on  the webOS ecosystem. Those of you how have CM9 and used the delicious ICS know what we're talking about. The TouchPad had ICS way before some of the premier android devices had it. Thanks to some awesome developers, Rootzwiki, we have dual tablet devices. I invite all of you to try it. It takes time and patience, but it so totally worth it. We want you to imagine 400,000 apps, plus all our own, running on the ecosystem that is our own magnificent webOS.

What we mean our dear sweet children is that you would have all of those apps running with cards, notifications, our impeccable email, and some fined tuned tweaks. How soon will all of this come? We were hoping to surprise you within a few weeks. Alas, there was someone bigger with a lot more cash and stature that stood in our way.

It is the monster that is Samsung. They swooped in with the people, cash and hardware to bump us out of the way. Who has heard of Tizen? Turns out its an Samsung, Meego, Android system mash up from across the pond....way across the pond. Not England, but hailing from down under...Australia. It was quite funny to note that their operating system wasn't getting any love either. But one would think that webOS would have had one up on them. but we had something in common. Tizen is an open sourced, Linux based operating system based on HTML, and lets face it between the vile bantering between HP and its CEO's and bad decisions, it took a bit longer. The award-winning OS was saved by HP's new CEO, Meg Whitman and webOS hasfound its second wind.

Now the timeline for Open Mobile to announce its partnership with webOS has been confirmed for the third quarter of 2012. Our guess is between September and October, right when Open webOS launches 1.0 which makes sense, right? Not really, not when you have Apple announcing iPhone 5 and Apple TV. Right about that time we'll have Blackberry 10 and whatever android phone or tablet that may come out; and lets not forget about Windows 8 breathing down our necks.

Our timing has never been the best, but you can be sure there will be the usual fanfare planned as always when celebrating a milestone. The only question that leaves us in the dark is hardware. There have been whispers about a new tablet, not the windows 8 one that has been reported, and whispers about a possible phone. All under the webOS brand, can you believe it?  All those rumors are just that...rumors. But we can dream can't we?

So hold on to your wigs and keys, as David Letterman would say, and keep developing and keep having meet ups. Attend those in June especially, when HP Discover is supposed to happen. Despite what other blogs say, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. And from what we have heard shes in need of a throat operation.  

                                                                                                       Source : OpenMobile   



Like a boss, #1.

Good to hear! The day this is available will be the final, (third), time I run the famous line:
novacom boot mem: // < ACMEUninstaller

Rock on. ;)

Thanks for the pep talk. If I understand you correctly, the future of this platform depends on a compatibility layer that will be developed by a small third-party software company that promises that all Android apps will work (despite the fact that they have no revenue model) and on hardware that might be coming based on practically no evidence at all. I'd say that anyone who believes this apparently has not learned anything from all of the more realistic promises that have been made about webOS from multiple parties over the past several years.

Thanks for the attempt at discouragement and sarcasm. Did you dig a little deeper than the article itself?

Any news like this is always good news.. as long as it comes to be - Id be willing to postpone upgrading to a new smartphone on a different OS if I had more comcrete evidence to support the above in the coming weeks/months.

Sorry, Palm and HP have used up all their promises with me. No more "the coming months."

I think it was Open Mobile that made the promise....could be wrong though....and I take it with a grain of salt. I mean worst case scenario, I keep AOKP on my TouchPad, and carry on dual booting....not a huge deal for me.

but they haven't used up all their chance for you to stop by and tell them you are done with them. That's ironic.

If I wanted android, I'd get android. I want webOS.

This is the whole point, you keep webOS, and have access to the apps.

Exactly. You wouldn't be using would instead be using webOS as normal, but with the extra ablity to seamlessly use Android apps within webOS, almost as though they were actually webOS apps too. Using a native webOS version of an app is still preferable obviously, if you have the choice.

Exactly. I never understood why people buy one thing when they want another.

There's one thing that amazes me every time I download a new app. They work. And not one of them crashed my devices or rendered them unstable like Android apps did with my Galaxy S.

I'll stay with webOS as long as there are devices around. Period.

I guess you've never used Bing Maps then...

i know i need a new phone so bad - sad to know that sprint wount ever send a update for my pre- and im gonna have to leave them after 10yrs for there reluctance to do so as well there trying to push or should i say force me into a android phone..... sucks please someone help me i need a pre2 or pre3 ill leave and go to Tmoble or something :-(

Check out the forums! There is SO much info and help on how to convert your Pre- into a Pre2 on Sprint! If you do that, you won't regret it. I would opt for that over a Pre3 in your case. Search for "Sprint FrankenPre2".

I don't see how open Webos will change anything. It will be released and just handful of people will care and nothing will come of it.

Thank you Sharon. Good news & write-up to start a weekend. Seriously! Thank you for this glimmer of hope & positivity when it's soooo easy to be a negative naysayer given all the well-documented heartache we've already endured.

I choose to believe it can & will happen. Where's the harm in doing so? It's free & easy. Keep up the great work

Viva open webOS!

I love webOS. But I can't wait for a new phone. Ordered the Evo 4G LTE and it is now delayed by customs. Still have my Touchpad. If I like Android as much as my kids do, I will go dual boot with CM9.

But time is running out. webOS has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Need firm dates for phone and tablet hardware. The tech world is passing us by.

correction: the tech world has ALREADY passed you by

No way.

How does the old Ben Folds Five song go? "We can be happy underground!"

Let them pass us by. We'll do our own thing with their hardware fueling it.

I'm hoping the companies that were interested in buying Palm use Open Source WebOS on their Hardware. Until then I'm just sitting in the cut and waiting. Never GIVING UP!!!!!

I'm in at least until Jan, when my contract finishes. More than enough time for open mobile and hp to deliver on their promises

The only thing I worry about is security. So when webos goes open source and when it runs android apps, isn't it insecure like android itself? I don't know if I want an open source os on my cell or tablet.

I'm thinking about BB10 the whole time. It's like the same, webos as a closed and safe system and android emulation. so I think you can choose, if you want android apps running on your device or not. okay with emulation there will be lacks in android-app-performance, but I don't think that I will need any of those 400.000. I didn't need them on my pre3 till now.

There is no "safe" OS.

There can be "safer". It can be safer for 2 reasons: Better security architecture or too obscure for anybody to bother abusing vulnerabilities. The higher safety of webos is most likely of the latter kind. Both the Linux Kernel and Java are "safeish" in many ways. But both still have vulnerabilities that can be exploited, if somebody is motivated enough to look for them.

So if safety is all you are concerned about then you have to hope that webos never grows larger than a tiny (slowly vanishing) niche OS.

in all practical sense, the 'unsafeness' of these OSes has little to do with the kernel. It's the user space and APIs (and to a lesser extend JVM) that are vulnerable. Security has been an afterthought in their development and it shows.

Really looking forward to Open mobile bring ACL to Touchpad , love the android apps but hate the clunkyness of Android, Hopefully WebOS will carve a niche for itself on tablet and phones.

I love webOS and have a Pre2, but I'm getting an iphone LTE if it comes out...there is no news, and these articles are written only to keep traffic coming to this site. I doubt any major phone manufacturer will run with webOS and if they do, I'll switch back if there's a 4G handset, that's the future. I am an early adopter from Sprint when the pre came out on day one, and even I see the writing on the wall. To believe this OS can ever compete doesn't matter, because then you believe the world will end on 12/21 with the Mayans! Both long shots...

Yes. I love WebOS too. I'm on my second Pre. Sorry, I just can't get too excited about news like this with no new handsets in the mix. (sigh).

If you can get your hands on a Pre3, it is so much better than the old Pre- or a 2 for that matter.

I'd LOVE a Pre3 but I'm on Sprint family plan.

Not that I doubt the veracity of Techie girl, but would it be possible to mention a source for this information? You may not be able to disclose in particular but some idea as to where this information came from would be good.

I am sure that there is a source but for some interesting information go to the open mobile website. They have already built the ACL for webOS and are selling it to OEM manufacturers but it is currently not available to end users. Data sheet is available for download as well and gives you more information.
it is an app just like any other app that runs on webOS but more like a virtual machine. You can basically start the app and it is now acting like android with all the bells and whistles.

please help me to get a new phone im in the NY area lokking on craigslist and no luck there are no pre2 or pre3 around @ all help me i need to leave sprint asap! my pre minus is on lits last leg and there trying to force me into a android help i tried to post this in forums it wount let me- - please no scams or games i want to meet in person if possable im in Queens NY - by the way when are the WEBOS meet ups gonna ever come to NEW YORK who the heck is using a palm pre in TENN. come on come to the Big Apple!

No need to post again in the forums. There is SO much info and help there on how to convert your Pre- into a Pre2 on Sprint! If you do that, you won't regret it. I would opt for that over a Pre3 in your case. Search for "Sprint FrankenPre2" or "Sprint Pre 2".

Also, here are some starting instructions:

Just curious, why are you suggesting a pre2 over a pre3? I currently have a frankenpre2 on Sprint and have been very happy with it but long for the nicer camera, touch to share, etc on the pre3. I have considered buying an unlocked pre3 and switching to t-mobile so I am curious if your suggestion is based on something inherently wrong with the pre3 that I don't know about or for some other reasons? Thanks :)

Can't speak for him, but my guesses are below--

-- More Available than the Pre 3 (eBay, all second-hand sources... want it NIB? Good luck with that.)
-- Still sold new in America (Verizon still sells them, even though the reps say they're discontinued they are selling through their new/refurbished stock until it's gone or small enough to liquidate.) Some folks don't like refurbished/used phones as their primary handset.
-- Cheaper than Pre 3, even when bought brand new.
-- More info/patches/apps available since they've been available from Feb 2011 onwards.
-- If camera or touch-to-share isn't a big deal to you.

Same argument with bb10, then we'll just use android and get apps running native without waiting or having incompatibility issues. Seriously if thats the solution for webos apps then nothing will change, it has always been with webos taking the easy way; cheap crappy hardware, running on web when its not even ready and making alliances with other paltforms.
where's competition in all of that when you're depending on the work of others?!

I don't remember webOSNation commenting on the following article, but I always wanted to see it thrown out to the masses of webOS followers. Did it make it to the forums at least?

An anecdote on webOS's unrealized potential and real-life trappings? There's plenty of those online.

I'm waiting for my HTC to get through customs. I'm sorry Palm.

I've had a Palm phone on Sprint for the last 6 or 7 years from the Treo700w to the Palm Pre on release day. But i'm a geek. I crave latest tech and toys. NFC, Sirish, Large screens, fast processors, 4G, LTE, Beats, Widgets, live wallpapers, hell, I want Leap Motion in my phone.

Maybe that'll happen in time... maybe it won't... I've waited 3 years, at least 4 regime changes depending on how you count and 2 companies and what will probably end up as a spin off and all I have still is a really good, but outdated OS, on a really subpar piece of hardware, that's a conversation piece for all the wrong reasons.

I've bought a bunch of computers and printers in the last year and, except for when, in a fit of Woot inspired nostalgia, I bought a TouchPad, I've avoided any HP purchases like the plague (and that sucks cause I really like the Envies).

I'll buy another HP when there's a relevant and state of the art WebOs device to buy.

Hey, just saw on AndroidCentral that my HTC has made it out of customs. *sigh*

Goodbye WebOs, I'll miss you.

"We were shown that in fact android apps can run on the webOS ecosystem. Those of you how have CM9 and used the delicious ICS know what we're talking about."

Sharon, this just proves how much you do not get it... CM9 on the TouchPad has absolutely NOTHING to do with webOS. It is Android running on HP hardware -- that is all.

Retract that statement until you have Android and webOS apps running side by side on a device. But, even that is no good as people that have been around P|C much longer than you have pointed out if you can run Android apps side by side with webOS apps, webOS loses -- why would anyone develop a webOS app when you can reach 100 million times the audience by developing an Android app.

I have a Pre3 and a Touchpad, I'd much prefer to having something like Open Mobiile's ACL for running Android apps. Installing Android (or making them dual boot) loses all of the advantages of having a WebOS device. If I wanted an Android phone, I would have bought one.

Really for a hobbyist OS to take off, you need cheap plentiful hardware for people to play around with - the N9 currently seems to go for about £300ish upwards on ebay? How many people are going to be willing to pay that on the off-chance that someone can hack WebOS onto it?

The reason that so many people took a chance on an android port for the touchpad was because the firesale made the hardware cheap. Whoever is doing the porting (WebOSinternals) is going to have to find a much cheaper, more common handset to target.

I'm sure that priority isn't lost on them.