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by Derek Kessler Tue, 06 Mar 2012 5:10 pm EST

Open webOS

You know what's fun about open source? Anybody can contribute. While that generally has to do with code-level stuff, there's still plenty of user-facing design work that has to be done with open source software projects - Open webOS included.

We've already seen the snazzy logo HP whipped up for the open source Enyo application framework, but as of yet we haven't been graced with a new logo for Open webOS. So we're asking you, webOS Nation, to step up and show HP how it ought be done. We know there are a lot of good designers and artists in the crowd, and we want to see what kind of work you can come up with for the Open webOS branding.

This isn't an official or unofficial HP project - we're just doing this because we think it'll be fun and, frankly, Derek's a giant design nerd. So have at it, dear reader, and post your attempt at a logo for Open webOS in the comments of this post. You know you've got a good idea or two!


I like this one. Simple, but visually striking.

The idea was a door opening. The effect is not as good with the background dropbox appears to use.

Love this concept.


I don't have time to try some things out tonight on this, so I will toss out this idea for others to explore if interested. Take the standard webOS logo and incorporate "open" somehow using the "O" in webOS.

Great minds think alike! I was doing that at the exact time your were posting. See my link below.

Here's a quick one based on your own banner. It's more to spur ideas than it is a finished product. In any case, it's my contribution.

here's mine... well, one of them. i think there's no need to say is open source... there is no open ubuntu, right?


my thoughts exactly regarding the Open
I actually really like that
well done :)


That's a really great one. I too kind-of don't feel like it needs to say "open" as well.

+1 love it!

+1 for this Logo

I don't like the "Open" too, but since it will be named that way, there's Space above the "we"(bOS) for that.

well done RQ

Love this. Should be the official logo

Love this. Should be the official logo

Nice! I'm thinking the card effect may be a tad too subtle. My first thought was, "What's eating 'OS'?" Great concept, though.


hah, once you look at it that way it's hard to not see it every time. I like it overall though.

This is cool. I love what you have done with the cards :)

thanks to all that liked my logo hahaha!

it actually means more than the webOS stacked cards... the group of cards means the community that stays behind this beautiful platform... and also the cards are in a way you can see what their content is, it means the open source, not like when you have the cards over each other, that way you can only see whats over like iOS haha... but in Open webOS we all will be going to see whats inside... and also as i said, the webOS cards and stacks and multitasking... hope you all share my idea of the logo.

here are some examples of how the logo will work in the boot screens...
please tell me you comments....

and for some reason youtube "pixalates" it... so here's the original version...

hope you like them...


I designed this more as a mascot for webOS. Maybe I can work on it to incorporate it into a logo?

...why spiders? No offense, but I honestly find that dude kinda creepy. Maybe a cat or dog? Just not another Clippy...

When I think of web, I think of spiders ;-) I tried my best to make him look cute.

Made him in Blender, so it's a full 3D image that can be rendered at any angle.

What font was used in the creation of the "open webOS" logo on wosn?

Prelude, the webOS system font.

Thank you! I was always curious.

the HP Futura TrueType is the one used in the webOS logo, is the one used in most of the HP assets, here's a link...

Futura BK is used to most of the text and names, like Pavilion or Envy... and is used in webOS, in the word "web"...and for the "OS" the font is the Futura LT, it is also used for large names or Titles in Brochures...
i don't have at the moment the past official colors, but here are the current colors...



HP had pretty much abandoned both the Prelude (screen) and Apres (print) fonts created by Font Bureau and used by Palm before the latter was acquired by HP. I just received my first TouchPad, and I am so happy to see Prelude as the system font. To provide continuity from the beginnings of webOS, the open webOS branding should utilize Apres, as it was used in the print marketing (including owners manuals) of webOS products in the Palm days. Apres is unique and special. Futura or any other font used by HP in webOS branding ought to be abandoned immediately as it does nothing but perpetuate the failures of HP in marketing webOS.

I think the design of the new name will always depend on the final working name. Open webOS is a mouthful to say. I still think the jury is still out on the naming until the new webOS can be hacked onto hardware. When open webOS becomes finalized, why can't we just call it webOS? Even if they officially call it open webOS, people are going to shortcut the name to just webOS. Look at Android. Some call it Android, others call it Droid. I've even heard some call it googleOS. Anyways, it's nice to see some open webOS designs...

Amen! Open Source webOS is too much to say and Open webOS just sounds dumb to me. Why can't webOS just stay webOS, where the OS stands for Open Source?

Even if there is some kind of trademark issue with the original name, HP is kind of jettisoning the operating system to the greater good (rather than shelving it for eternity) so 'give' the name away, too! Just re-brand what webOS stands for.

And if really really need be, put some periods after the 'O' and 'S' in the logo to differentiate the new operating system...people probably won't type webO.S. anyway.

> Why can't webOS just stay webOS, where the OS
> stands for Open Source?


> if really really need be, put some periods after
> the 'O' and 'S' in the logo

Not like! :-)


Looks good.

This is great man :) I could have this as a boot screen :)

Here's an early idea:



It takes the webOS logo, makes it a tad more vertical/square, and puts it in a box which has the same corners as the letters in the palm logo, for nostalgia's sake.

That's my start at it.

I have thought about doing an "open" tag on it, much like the fabric tag on a "Roku" box, (example, off of the side, in a high-saturation color, but I have no idea how to do it with the plain images up above, or what color to use. (Maybe the HP blue, Palm orange would look good on the grey one though.) Oh, just got an idea. It may look great sticking straight out of the bottom left corner. I'm going to mock that up.

[EDIT] Eh, tried to make a good looking "OPEN" tag. Nothing seems to work well with it. I like the idea of it just being called "webOS" and having a new icon like this. It's actually an icon, of sorts, compared to just the text it was previously. :-/

Here's my little play on the word "Open." I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it, but I'm kinda proud of it:

Good idea, but more for a wallpaper though.

This is good :) I agree with the wallpaper comment. Funny :)

maybe with a font change and color scheme, this could be hot

I don't have photoshop, but my suggestion is to overlay the two words in the hp typeface in the article as such: Start with the word open as shown above, inset a smaller W inside the p, darken the shared e, and inlay the b behind or over the n where the stem sticks slightly above the n. So it looks like openOS but if you focus on the darker text, you see webOS.

I think the best thing to do is drop the name, webOS, completely. Public perception of webOS is either non-existent or very poor.

"Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair."

A good name needs to be short, one or two syllables max. It needs to be a work that can be related to a smartphone OS. Preferably the name would also be able to have a mascot associated with it.

actually i agree with this too. i'd drop the name webos and completely ditch it and rebrand it something else. I'd just call open OS. Double O.S. but that's just me.

honestly i wouldn't add the word. it makes a logo to long and cumbersome i'd just keep it webos and just say it's open source

Ha! That's what I said above/earlier.

like i said above i'm for a whole new clean slate name. but i'm not sure why you need to add the word open. Isn't there software that's open source without the word open in the name? Is linux open source?

I also want to present my suggestions. I made seven different variations, but all with the same idea.
I hope you'll like them.
All of them are available in high quality.

I think that Only ''webOS'' would be great, we all know it's Open Source, so no need to have ''Open'' at the beggining.

+1 for this one:

I think that for this to work properly, it will have to be as simple as possible. Average users don't care that it's open source. People with vested interests will know it's open source... so there isn't a requirement to broadcast it. In that vein, I created this version, which changes the logo slightly:

The metaphor being that the 'O' has opened up, without having to say 'open'. Also, this would reflect the Open Source Initiative's logo (, which is a bonus :)

If push came to shove and 'open' did have to be included, then:

Let me know what you think...

I like that one because it reminds me of Tux.

The first one is my favorite so far.


Hi folks! I am new to this community. I really admire the passion & spirit u people have for webOS. I am also very passionate about webOS. This is a good opportunity for me to showcase my love for webOS.

Here's one from me. After some creative, logical & psychological thinking, I came up with this thing. I have used yellow colour in this logo. So, on a small screen like a mobile screen, it may look very pale at first glance due to the characteristics of yellow colour. Kindly see it on a bigger screen & try to imagine that how it will look when printed. In any case, colour can be changed if at all. Basic thing is the concept. I hope u ppl will like it.

Kindly send me your suggestions & remarks to this comment.

Hm, that reminds me of something very Frank Lloyd Wright'ish. Except I think he used more of a burnt orange/reddish coloring

I've made a variation of my Boot Screen from the 'Themes' forum.


I've updated the design (changed the angles a bit, as well as the card-sizes). Here is my final entry (in several variations):

The basis of the design are the iconic webOS cards that are so much part of the webOS identity already. In addition, I wanted the logo to have an organic feel that fits the way webOS works (at least to me). To achieve this I ordered the cards in a way that was inspired by nature (certain shells, the Armadillo, etc). A rams-horn was another thing that inspired the design, and it refers to a communication-centric (mobile) OS. Finally, I wanted the logo to be simple and clean, just like the OS it's representing.

I don't know how to make graphic designs but i envision the logo as:
"Open WebOS" with the word "Open" in 3D letters and swung back as if hinged from the "O", with the shadow of an open door filling the space between the "O" of open and the "W" of "WebOS."
A soft shadow though... not looking like a painted triangle on the ground.
Can someone mock that up to see if it looks ok?!

Great work to everyone.

I think though that this one: from Isandunk has a lot of potential.
I also think it'd be great to mix it with cards as bluerq did with this:

Finally, loving this too by bluerq:
Personally I'm between the 1.- Fading Cards and 4.- Classic. Either one will look great as a boot image/logo. Only thing and vice versa with Isandunk logo, the bluerq boot image/logo should have the open O. Can you or someone submit this to Homebrew and make a patch through Preware to change our hp into fully webOS devices? That would be awesome!

My humble opinion is the mixing these two would do a great logo+boot image.

P.S.: I could have done it (or paid one to do it since I'm a lawyer not a designer) but I respect both Isandunk and bluerq efforts and desinges and would feel just glad if my feedback helps them in any way. Cheating is bad boys and girls (greatfuly no one has, what a great community).

LONG LIVES WEBΩS!!! Get it? webΩS?! ;-)

open WebOS with cards sounds cool !!

Here's my take on that whole open webOS thing:

and this is it, without the "open":

An other version with a "stamp like open source O"...

double post...

Here's a crude version of one that's a shout-out to webOS, Palm, and the Nation...

I love the circle as a hint to the palm logo, but I dunno about those colors, especially the card colors. And if you angled the cards standing up, I think that would help.

The colors are from the webOS Nation logo (I was trying to match the cards to the "w" in webOS -- didn't quite come out as I'd envisioned). Good idea about standing up the cards. I'll try to rework it.

I've just been throwing quickly-created logos up here. I should take the time to Photoshop something more professional-looking.

First attempt: Based off the Enyo logo, obviously.

UPDATE: New (better) entry:

And now for something completely different...

A quick sketch of my idea. It's hand drawn as my tablet is packed up, getting ready to move. I tried coloring in with colored pencils, which my scanner proceeded to mutilate. Enjoy

I was trying to go with the wave launcher idea, with the logo replacing the icons. The splash effect when you tap a webOS screen for the O, with a Palmish orange glow around it. The other letters are colored blue for HP.

edited to try explaining what I was trying to go for.
Or if you want the "open" more visible,

I am not an artist, and I threw these together pretty fast...but you can get my drift I think. Orange is a throwback to the original Palm color scheme, and the globe shows freedom and openness. Globe is the pic from Apollo, and...yeah. Please comment and tell me what I can change, I can do it pretty fast.
I know it's a bit complicated, but I can't think up how to simplify it yet.

This comment has been updated to feature a full look book with my branding concept for Open webOS. Original links have been deleted.

The look book contains two concepts with Concept 1 receiving two variations

Concept 1

webOS' biggest strength from the very beginning has been it's true multi-tasking. Here three multi-tasking cards pay subtle homage to the webOS' legacy in Handspring Green, Palm Orange, and HP Blue.
Open webOS comes to life on the middle card through the "Open Enyo Box." The "Open Enyo Box" hints at what's to come to webOS' fast, scalable, mobile, open source future while embracing it's open web based roots.

Concept 2
The openness of the next stage of webOS is embraced in this concept in two ways. First you have the open box which invites the open source community to add to the webOS’ already strong collection of features. The box is surrounded by an open ended circular arrow representing the forward thinking future of webOS while also cheekily eluding to the many lives of webOS.
webOS' biggest strength from the very beginning has been it's true multi-tasking. This concept features a stylized stack of card that trace the new bold typeface representing the strength and power webOS stands to gain as an open source project. The fortified looks also pays homage the “warrior” like prowess of webOS’ Enyo platform.

I went a little bit retro for this one, with the oranges and creams. I was inspired by the house shown here:

I hope you enjoy it!

I should mention, I could easily do a version without the "Open" text, if that's something you're interested in.

Here's something a little more cool and sophisticated:

I updated this one; I think it's a big improvement:

And here's one more random idea I had:

sorry dupe post

Here's a few I came up with.

Open webOS Logos

and a few more and I'm done!

Open webOS Logos Set 2

lol. I don't know why, but these sets remind me of the banners you see in the background of auto rallys. Good ideas though. You have my support!

Here is the logo I came up with for open webOS. The idea of it comes from the steering wheel of a plane (Think Palm Pilot). It incorporates a stack of cards in the center and is colored orange and blue.
Not finished. Needs some polish, but I wanted to get the ideas out

I like A or F. I've been trying to work the "w" to overlap the cards, too.

(Copying my entry from the newer post)


Here is my entry!

I had some formatting issues in the conversion to pdf (the white portion of the o looks skewed in the pdf for some reason). I added some notes to the file itself.

Hope people like it!

Flavio Kaplan

PS: for full disclosure, I work for HP in the finance group - no direct connection to webOS whatsoever, and certainly no prior experience in branding, so please keep an open mind :P

Here are my thoughts and entries:

I don't think we have to announce that it's open - that's evident by the fact that anyone can use it, and no other open source OS points that out in the logo. So my first thought was to base it on the "new" logo that HP probably won't end up using, but I thought it looked sleek and different:

My second concept plays on the "web" part of webOS. This is the simplest of my entries:

The third one uses a more literal version of what the "web" in webOS means - a global web:

That's it for now - enjoy!

My attempt at a logo for open webos!

A revised version:

Final Version :)

I'm trying to show the 'W' in webos in negative space...not sure if I'm succeeding...good times!

This idea was inspired by the notification system:

The font is Yanone Kaffeesatz; I just love it. I also thought that you could use notification badges when announcing a new version of the OS. For Open webOS 1.0, it could look like this:

Here are my entries. Sometimes Adobe Illustrator files become jagged when converted to PDFs, so I've included not only the PDF but two JPGs (one smaller & one larger). All the files are of the same images. Hopefully everything is clean & crisp. :

Here are three variations on a theme:
In the first, WebOS is in a simple Arial font, with "web" in bold, on a blue gradient, making you feel lofty ideas, Clouds, and something to look up to. The word "WebOS" floats above "Open," providing more depth to the logo, while remaining easy to duplicate.

Without the word "open," the logo looks like a nice tile cameo, like a tangible award that you can hold in your hand or display proudly on your desk. The parameters of the design can be easily tweaked without loss of impact. In fact, if HP likes this design, I recommend making some to give away as awards for various Open WebOS activities, as well as to the media for broader exposure.

Here is my first idea. The logo idea involves around the concept of open source and community. The contact icon used to in webOS phones are used to represent the community involved, forming a circle or big 'O'.

The 'Open' is put small and adjacent to OS to make it a bit discreet in first look and also read as 'Open OS' in some ways.

The same idea is presented in 2 ways graphically.

The idea is also presented as it looks when associated with a brand and also as an icon, boot logo and loader in various apps.

Please find the concept here - . I would love to hear feedback on my attempt.

I have tried one more option. In this option I have opened up the 'O' in webOS and used brackets instead which symbolises the coding efforts. Inside these brackets is the contact icon representing the users. I have used this to show that we are the OS based on people rather than automated like Droid.

The idea is expressed in similar way to my earlier concept here -

Here is my submission:
Please do leave feedback! Thank you!

Here is my submission:
Please do leave feedback! Thank you!

My entry, with a bunch of color variations against light and dark backgrounds:

I've updated/edited my original post to show my final design.

TL;DR- I hope people are feeling my last entry, I am quite fond of it, personally.

(Read for long explanation)

I had a wild burst of creativity while kind of working on a few logos I wasn't 100% satisfied with. My first entry gave me the creeps after about 24 hours, so I decided to try some more ideas.

The one I'm most pleased with is something not instantly recognizable as "webOS" but then again, isn't that the problem the OS has in general? Outside of the card analogy there isn't much to go on. So I tried something a bit abstract.

It's a bit of a combination of logos but looks pretty unique. Think HTML 5, Enyo, Preware, The old Palm logo.

I wanted to use an open box, like in Preware, but couldn't think of a good way to seperate that from what we already know. I thought about what webOS actually means, and went with the "web" or "network" analogy from the name. webOS is all about synergy to me, and that's what the web really symbolizes; connectivity.

The W is half from not knowing what to put in the middle of the box, half from looking at the Enyo and HTML5 logos. I put kind of a tapering of two "W's" on either side of the middle one to kind of make one think of "www" for the World Wide Web, afterall, that's what the whole OS is based on. I have a few versions without the extra "W's" but went with this one in the end.

The color is a throwback to the old Palm logo, which was decidedly much simpler, but still classic feeling.

I really try avoiding simply spelling out what the logo tries to represent in the actual logo itself, I hate when developers make an App Icon that says the app name inside of it, feels redundant to me.

I'm rambling now, so I apologize, but hopefully that rant makes it easier to see how I arrived at my final submission.

(Incase I'm supposed to upload in PDF, here's a link.)

((Ignore the strange black banding, etc. Refer to the PNG for actual quality.))

Here's another one, this time with each letter in an individual card. I think it looks pretty good; let me know what you think!

Here's a slight variation on many others (including my own)...
It's compact, colorful (though the colors could be muted if needed), and embodies Palm, webOS, and the nation!

Hey everyone, good luck to all,
thank you webosnation for this opportunity .

i tried something different following the concept of rebirth,
i made webos a phoenix bird that was burnt to rise again as The Open Webos,

here's the logo with the explanation of the elements of design

so tell me guys what do you think!

I'm feeling you. Could you "open" the top of the box, i.e shadow the back two cards?

I really like this It really compliments the Enyo logo! Great job!

Hey thanks guys,
i like the idea of open box shape for open webos as you have suggested bruisa, if they extended the deadline i might post another alternative.

edited above earlier post to include all entries individually listed or view all in one link that were made by me (ryancell),

My first and quick attempt to create a logo:
I tried to keep the original webOS logo and just add elements, keeping it minimalistic and solid as possible. The hardest part was the icon: it should be something that represents the "open" and the "web" parts of Open webOS (cards aren't the main webOS attribute) and still be unique and not too colorful. A globe is something too generic (and too colorful for an icon), so I tried to come up with something else, but couldn't find anything more appropriate than a stack of Enyo icons, which represents the webOS' great user and developer experience. It's the best that I could think of, but I'm not very satisfied with the result and would like to hear a better idea. Any suggestions?

Another minimalistic tryout (representing the "web" and "open" by the open globe. Also has the cards and Enyo logo to symbolize it with webOS because the globe itself is too generic):
And with a 'W' instead of Enyo's 'E':

I made one with Office Powerpoint, haha. Simple and to the point. I'm a huge fan of minimalism, so it's not special in terms of graphics, colors, etc. I just made decisions on font type, font size, and positioning.

(I would have made one like the logo at the top of this page, but I guess that would be copying and cheating...)

(I originally posted this in the newer post concerning the webOS branding, but didn't notice til after posting it, so in case I have to, here it is on the original post.)

Here's my intent... hope you like it... and hope nobody has done something similar, hehe...

Second round of attempts

and the first round of attempts moved over to the box

Hey all :)

Okay. This is my entry.

I really agree with everyone who has said "Open webOS" is a weak product name.

"Open" is a great buzzword to those it matters to, but as a concept it's not particularly relevant to an everyday consumer, and turns a one word answer - "webOS" into a longer statement, without really adding any value to the discourse. As such, I suggest the webOS naming convention stays - at least in marketing materials.

Short matters.
Just ask Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android etc.

Don't ask Windows Phone 7 Phone Series Phone LiveTile Phone Seven. Seven.

With that in mind, I've kept the webOS brand, maintained the handsome font, and added an opening (open! geddit!?) fan of cards above the logo.

For print, they're ramped in greyscale and drop a slight shadow - this emphasises the multitasking/foreground background nature of the OS, and they're outlined in an ink-like font, which speaks to the developing/open source nature of the project now. (It also recalls the original Macintosh marketing materials, which I heart.) Significantly, this can be used in standard black and white, or inverted white on black, or as an overlay on images, which makes it useful for diverse applications, which is important in a brand logo.

For a bootscreen application, the cards are animated, and silhouetted against strong light, as a shout out to the use of starbursts and lighting effects in webOS proper. The webOS text illuminates as the cards arrive, making the logo complete. The logo is designed in such a way as you could use an animation for the first twenty-so frames, and then switch to the standard two-image throbber once the cards are in place. But that's probably a little too technical. Anyway. Here's that.

Finally, I think that to truly rebrand webOS we need a defining statement that speaks for the brand itself - the differentiating "Think Different" catchphrase that sums up what the OS is all about.

I think that statement is this -

webOS. do more.


Those two entries are my favorite by far. Simple but professional looking. Great boot animation. If HP is watching this thread I hope they take a look at this one.

Gorramn double post. Eugh.

Hello everybody,

in my concept I omitted the words "open" or "webOS", because I think, that the logo should concentrate only on the main distinguishing mark of webOS - the multitasking based on the cards metaphor.
At the top of the image is the new logo on a white background (below is the same logo, but inverted).

Hope you will like it ;)


Hello everybody,

in my concept I omitted the words "open" or "webOS", because I think, that the logo should concentrate only on the main distinguishing mark of webOS - the multitasking based on the cards metaphor.
At the top of the image is the new logo on a white background (below is the same logo, but inverted).

Hope you will like it ;)


Here is mine, it is based on the Enyo shield, Palm's orange colouring and an open switch, to symbolise palm, webOS and open-source.

Logo 1 (colour):
Boot (standard):
Boot (glowing):

Logo 2 (colour with text):
Boot Logos (on black background for visibility)
The tagline I thought of was "Switch ON to webOS"

I hope to win because I am passionate about webOS and my Pre 2, and I would love a TouchPad to go with it!

PSD versions available on request!

Hope you all like it!
I've looked through a lot of the other entries now, and they all look amazing. I also noticed mine looks a little like a face :)

I was going to comment on the face part. I think that's one element I like about the design, plus the reuse of the enyo shield/box. Unfortunately the open switch concept doesn't resonate for me. It just doesn't strongly connect me to what webOS does; cards, gestures, synergy, etc.,.

Edit button not working on my Pre2, but here's some more of my logo:

Logo 2 (colour with text):
Boot Logos (on black background for visibility)

-Proudly sent from my Palm Pre 2

I've had some more time to think, so I devised the following lockup:

The rationale for this is that there are parts of webOS that are now going to be contributed by outside sources into open webOS, hence the arrows (and indicating a commit or pull request to the project, inspired by GitHub's network graph). webOS itself is represented by a faceted circle, insinuating that there is more beneath the surface. The colours for this version are a slight evolution of the original palm, with warm tones.

The rest of the lockups show a possible visual systems for the sub-brands of webOS - Enyo, Ares, Isis etc. in the hope of having a unified look across the technologies.





Let me know what you think...

These are beautiful. I particularly like the blue coloured Enyo logo. I wouldn't mind seeing these when I boot up my phone!

It's very nicely done. My only concern is that it's too abstract for the general public. You'd have to have an about page to explain the concept. One thought, might be to use some graphic in the center bubble to symbolize the whole library, and then use a separate graphic in each component bubble. Like using the Enyo badge with the E, a similar A in an Ares badge, etc.,. Still a little more abstract but people would see that component A fits into some larger whole.

Warriors of a platform-battle defend their shelter,
A badge that looks like a shield or even a castle.

Support from the community, empowered to stay alive,
Chanting, "If we stand as a nation, we will survive!"

And so stands the platform thought once broken,
World be wary, that webOS is now open.

It's good work and I understand the thought behind it, the question is; will it resonate with people who are not in the community. The castle concept is going to make people think about security, which is fine if your product is focused on security, but that's no the only thing webOS is.

Thank you for the feedback. I completley understand your point of view. As with all things, it would depend on how it is marketed. e.g.

Side by Side with Enyo and HTML5

OK after fighting with, here's my first version. Another design is coming as soon as I can figure out how to transfer the sketch to a digital rendering. Since on of the ubiquitous keys found is the remote door lock I used it for the inspiration. The Orange tag line - throw back to Palm colors as well as recognizing that it was key to go open source to keep webOS alive. The red "panic" button follows the same vein in that in a panic to save webOS, it had to go open source and a firesale. The Enyo logo is also key to the new era of webOS, it's designed to look like a stylized USB key, which are all the rage these days.
Usual cautions apply; your mileage may very and this key does not guarantee that simply by open sourcing webOS will it start and continue to run.
Comment if you like, but please remember, be nice it's all for fun (not to mention a T-tab and a chance to work with the people who brought you the creepy mom commercials.

Get inkscape, scan your image, posterize, and do a trace bitmap to get a vector image you can manipulate however you like. - Open gesture/Butler concept - Synergy gesture concept - Open source gesture/path - Open door - out - Open door - out with sign - Open door - out with knob and sign - Open door/card stack - in - Open door/card stack - in with sign - Open door/card stack - in with knob - Open door/card stack - in with knob and sign - Open door - in with knob - Open door - in with sign - Open door - in with knob and sign - Open door - in - silhouette - Open door/card stack - out - Open door/card stack - out with knob - Open doors/card stack - out - two door - Orange and gray - pebble silhouette - Orange, black, and gray - pebble silhouette - Blue and black - pebble silhouette with door out - Black and white - pebble silhouette - Orange and gray - pebble silhouette with arrow - Cards and gestures variations.

Everything I have so far. Please comment so I can improve my work. Thanks.

EDIT: Some additional sketches in case anyone needs some inspiration or feels like doing some extra work.

This is my attempts. I tried playing with the round-cornered touchpad button because I love the look of it. I played with the blue and green highlight, although I think the grayscale will mold better with the overall operating system.

I don't think I would ever do a competition like this if it was for any other OS. webOS is just too awesome. I love being a fanboy. :p Anyway...

Here is the different black background version:

Here is a couple versions with orange tone and less flat. I can't tell if I like the flat more or gradient/shadows more. Any thoughts?


PS Moved from other post since it said to..

I like the last set the best. I'm not sure that everyone will get the touchpad button concept though, especially now that there's no more hardware from HP.

Also I'm surprised no one did an enyo based style logo with a "| | |" for web. So I made it just for kicks... The color isn't as orange as I wanted it when I exported, but you get the idea.

Thanks for the comment nhavar. I could see what you're saying, I just was trying something without cards since a lot seem to be doing that.

I did that exact same thing and a few variations of it. In one I shortened the middle post, in another I connected the three across the bottom. It just never quite struck the ride cord so I didn't upload them. Ultimately it would be nice to have a theme across products connected to webOS.

I think if they like the Greek Gods theme (enyo, isis, etc.), they should just name the operating system Zeus (or equivalent) since it's the leader of all of the other products. You could obviously spin it as ZeusOS, kind of corny when I see it, but a thought.

Hi there!

(posting here as well as the 'new' thread, just in case)

Here's four directions for logos that I designed, both with and without the word "open", for flexibility (if necessary).

The cards are used to continue the iconography from the TP.

For versions 2-4, I used a shield-like graphic element so that it could "sit on the shelf" with ENYO, as well as continue using the card elements to differentiate.

Versions 3-4 have a minimized icon that could be made small and used for sub-branding by removing the letters and having the three cards signify the word WEB.

Version 4 uses the Palm OS color palette.


Here's my attempt, incorporated the enyo shield into the mix

My thought:

-- Use the Web earth logo.
-- Give it a "diamond ring" eclipse effect at the top.
-- Wrap "open web OS" around that.

The HP logo can still be a part of it. Show the spherical HP logo, then spin it to show the web earth logo with Open webOS fading in.

Unf., my Photoshop skills are rusty, plus I'm sick to boot. Best I can do for now.

My thought:

-- Use the Web earth logo.
-- Give it a "diamond ring" eclipse effect at the top.
-- Wrap "open web OS" around that.

The HP logo can still be a part of it. Show the spherical HP logo, then spin it to show the web earth logo with Open webOS fading in.

Unf., my Photoshop skills are rusty, plus I'm sick to boot. Best I can do for now.

Still five hours to go, but my brain is sucked out.

Here are my mockups. They all use hp’s colours, but that can be changed of course.

These two are inspired by the cards icon printed on the TP’s protective film when it comes freshly out of the box.

This here is kind of a Web 2.0. attempt.

And the last one — doesn’t suit webOS very well, but I think it’s worth posting …

Good luck @ all and good night.

here is my wife's version...Hopefully this one works.

Here is my 2nd entry:

It uses Open Source shield, the color of openness and the symbol as well.

Feedbacks appreciated

Hello, here is my entry. i posted it on the other post, however it has come to light that this post is where entries are scouted.

please look at -

YAS, yet another suggestion.

The embodied stylised ideas are:
- based on the letters O W O S, open webOS
- the internet / www logo
- the infamous Australian red back spider (every web needs a spider)
- thematically closer to the enyo chevron logo.

Obviously this can be improved through style refinement, but its a rush job for me.


Worked hard to create an Open WebOS Logo, and here are the finals.
First, I must explain all the logos. Almost every OS has a sort of mascot,
Windows has a flag, Android has a robot, and Apple has...well an Apple;
Though it's not a bad thing that WebOS doesn't have a symbol/mascot,
I feel that it's time for WebOS to step up its game. And so, what if we took
WebOS' launcher icon as the symbol/mascot?? And so, here is the symbol/
mascot logo of Open WebOS:

WebOS Logo and Symbol

This symbol means everything to Open WebOS, the arrow points upwards,
to WebOS' salvation, to a world without bounds are limitations, to be 'Open'.
Notice even the symbol has no closure, only a glow eminates from the arrow
pointing upwards.

This leads to the final logo and symbol:

WebOS Final Logo

It shows unification and has a organization. Notice the name WebOS has a unique
"b" The "b" is actually the letter b along with the letter "1". This shows that this is
the 1.0 version of WebOS. This number can later on be modified to match with the
version number using "b" or "B" And so, that concludes my logo design - LONG
LIVE WEBOS!! Please comment what you think, all feedback is welcome and appreciated


Here are my logos ;)
A Logo has to be as simple as possible and must work in just ONE Colour, so I got this.
It could be in any Colour than.

Here I have each Logo in white, black and with or without 'OPEN'


Enjoy ;)

My webOS design.

Could use a graphics designer to tweak it, but the design should remain simplistic.


keeping it simple and clean, with room to extend the brand.