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Open sourcing Open webOS branding competition finalists 125

by Derek Kessler Mon, 12 Mar 2012 7:45 pm EDT

Open sourcing Open webOS branding finalists

As we noted last week, our little post about the branding design for Open webOS caught some eyes at HP and they decided they wanted to kick things up a notch, throwing in a TouchPad and a session with their design team for the winner. In response you all kicked things up a notch, with well over a hundred entries pouring into the comments over the weekend.

Well, we've waded through all of your creative responses to our design query and picked out what we think are ten deserving candidates to have some confab time with HP's design team, plus a TouchPad for the hell of it. Those with a chance to leave their mark on Open webOS are after the break.





















And here's where you get to voice your opinion on these finalists…


Voting will run through Friday, 16 March 2012.


MISJ is great for using it as small icon but BLUERQ has the better usage as a banner while CREARC has the best pixel perfect design.

i voted for MISJ because its great for use in dark white and colored designs :)

I like gaitch32's design the best. It has an overall good look to it.

I see Enyo, HTML 5, deck of cards, and a phoenix from LABWIZARD's webOS logo. Pretty cool.

Cool! I'm glad you guys like it.

Good luck, everyone.

Nice work, everyone! These look really great.

good luck to everyone!!!
i think, whoever wins, all the community will win...

the meaning of my logo:

the group of cards means the community that stays behind and supporting this beautiful platform.

the cards are grouped in a way you can see whats inside each other, this means the open source, as oppossite to a bunch of cards where you can only see the one in the top like in a closed source OS.

and finally, the icconic webOS cards, that is a symbol of it multitasking power...

and here's a video of how it may look in a bootscreen:
and the youtube link:


great job. You all are great.

MISJ capitalized the W. Design is cool, but that kinda ruined it for me...

I think crearc gets my vote on this one.

Thanks Sylo!!

Double post

Good work everyone! One design element I think is important is the cards. I think it helps reinforce the multitasking/card-based nature of webOS. I like bluerq's clean, simple design the best, but we're in good hands no matter what!

thanks for your support!!


it is awesome to be one of the 10 finalist with the Phoenix Logo,
for those who don't know the symbols in it here's a brief explanation

-The phoenix symbol of rebirth, from fire(sale) a new phoenix rises again, just like webos.
-the wings are the formats of webos, large tablets, medium and small phones
-open wings, like an open book, for open webos
-wings rounded corners like webos cards
-Shape and font following same style as enyo
-orange and yellow, colors of fire and tribute to Palm

thanks for all who vote for the phoenix
Good luck to everyone!

I love your logo but it looks to much like a snake, maybe the body and head can be slightly tweaked?

thank you, I think there is a room for improvement for the logos.

Honestly feel there is way to much going on in all of these images. None of them were very interesting to me at all when looking at them.

Open webos just strikes me as a clumsy name.

I also think that «open» doesn’t need to be included in the name. It’s still webOS, the most innovative mobile OS out there.

Absolutely correct.. Plus if you look at the HP logo & the Palm logo one would notice right away that they are Circles w/ the name on the inside. What better use then to use the open symbol & just put the name inside.. Simple, elegant, Works w/ past productions.

I went a little crazy on mine and felt that you could replace all the text w/ 2 symbols: The Open symbol & the web sybmol (earth). Open Web..Didn't account for OS but, I don't think you need to.. When you look at the Android Icon you see a little robot.. You don't think of the words OS and you shouldn't have to.

I also feel using the cards as part of the logo makes little to no sense.. Cards has been popular for Years and although it is a nice logo here on WebOS nation and there was many nice logo designs that I saw pop up here in the contest.. When have we seen HP or Palm even interested in using the cards as a logo? If they were going to use cards as part of their logo we would have seen it years ago.

In the end I liked multiple symbols that were created but all in some way typically incorporated that Open Symbol & didn't emphasize anything on the word Open..and Nor did any of the ones I chose copied the Enyo symbol and just added to it.

All the famous symbols in the world have always been quite simple: Nike, Reebok, Converse, NFL logo, Apple, Starbucks, Google

+1. (And it's not bec. my design didn't make it -- although I posted it several times continuously getting the "your response has been queued & must be approved by the moderators" response for no apparent reason.)

I like them and they make sense :)

Agreed. I respect the attempts, but there isn't a logo here that grabs me at all.

Wow, how cool is that..?!
I'm one of the 10 finalists...

And what a selection!
Almost all of my personal favorites (eh, from where you've got my list? ;) )
I wish all of us good luck.

Now it's time for the community to choose their new "figurehead". :D

I voted for labwizard's design before I even read his explanation. Even the font is amazing, and I think it can be a logo or emblem of any kind because the shapes are, to me, so unique. It's so interesting and different.

They are all really good - a lot of people spent a lot of time on this. That's typical of this community. WELL DONE!

I think there were a few more candidates within the 100+ posted comment entries for this contest that should have made it in here. What were the criteria for choosing the top 10? I'm curious about that. I think I saw a lot of these in the 1st dozen or so comments on the original thread. It looks like entries #2, 3, 6, 7, and 10 are all using the same font. Regardless though I hope the HP Open webOS design team can come up with a solid new logo for the product!

A lot of these logos use Futura, in one form or another, because it's the font previously used in the webOS logo and also because HP uses it corporately for most of their products. It seems like a good bet to me, aside from looking fantastic.

Problem is the font is weak, you can argue that its elegant cause its light but it lacks presence and impact its just not solid enough. It was meant to go with the Palm logo as foundation so webOS was just and extension to already strong Palm logo. webOS by itslef didn't do much.

webOS never had the logo, they had the typeface or logotype which was what it was and obviously design team didn't pay attention to it as much. I don't doubt that if Peter Skillman wanted to brand webOS he would do it kick ass style.

Anyway I saw the typeface as the main problem of webOS visualisation and that was my primary focus in redesign. I strived for badass, contemporary typeface.

If you have to know the criteria for choosing creative work, it stops being fun.

Everyone has their taste.

I wish we could rate our top 3 in order. Then webOS Nation could tally the points - lowest one wins. Guess that's a lot more work for the site though.

I would have voted for #4

I like the first one and the last one the best :)

I like a simple yet elegant (like webOS) branding. Though looking forward to a new bright beginning, the branding needs some small change (we don't want nothing major to happen and change our beloved platform (UI specifically speaking off course). I wish I could pick 2 though (bluerq and Isandunk) but had to vote for one only. Isandunk it is.

Best of luck to everyone else.

I had a hard time voting for any of these. Not because any of them are bad, just that none of them stood out to me as "OH! THAT ONE!"

I had a problem with some of my own early designs where there was just too much complexity, trying to fit too many elements into the design. At the opposite end of the spectrum was being so abstract that it only appeals to people who are already familiar with webOS. Many of the ones I saw I felt had the same problems mine did.

Personally I think we need more iterations, maybe throwing things into the forum and getting some collaboration going, or at least some proper feedback. I was a little surprised at how little feedback occurred in the comments; that probably could have helped everyone refine their work.

I'm not trying to knock anyone, I like elements of a lot of these designs and commented as such previously, but there's just not a standout winner for me like there was with the previous hardware mock-up competition.

My thoughts exactly.
A logo has to be as simple and minimalistic as possible, yet unique and representing the idea behind the brand. There are some really creative ideas here, but the logos are too detailed and colored or just too generic and don't represent anything specific to the webOS concept (Most of them just focus on the "open" part and not on the "webOS" part).

Right. The thing I struggled with was how to translate a logo down to it's simplest form so that you could have a large banner, versus an icon, throbber, or even fav icon and have some consistency. I think something akin to the Enyo branding, but then I worry about just a W in a box being too generic. It starts to remind me of the Adobe branding that I didn't care for.

Exactly: Some of them good ideas just won’t work with all media applications and some of them nice works just don’t get the webOS spirit translated.

If webOS wants to compete with the other mobile OSes, both spirit and universal application have to be embodied in our new webOS brand logo.

That's exactly why I limited my designs to only two colors, because you can always animate and add effects to a monochromatic logo, but it's really hard to translate a colored logo to use in print or some other places where the attention shouldn't be focused on the logo.
You can see that in my designs i tried to make a unique logo that represents the idea behind webOS while keeping as simple as possible.

Really like your last idea from the second link.
The way the fonts emphasise 'open web' and the globe 'receiving' data like a download arrow from the internet is very interesting

Personally, I'm not too enamored with the Enyo Logo. I'm not a fan of the box logos.. If that was what Derek et al was after, I guess I could have made one, but differences are what make all of us special (yes, I did make an entry... It was lazy, I didn't expect to win.) The web browser globe logo in a box? I dunno... No sour grapes, these all look like more time was put into them than anything I'm capable of.

While the card motifs on webOS aren't bad, I still have the same issue that was pointed out with one of them... Are they cards, or is it a scythe? Too much was left in that logo... Shorten the tail on the right,or shade it to look solid, and it's more clear. Or maybe HP can animate the final product to make it more obvious.

The second one with the OSI logo... Are you sure the Open Source Initiative is cool with us using their logo in another product? It's like Lysol making a new product called Good Housekeeping Cleaner... Even if they endorse the project, it does affect their reputation. (For better or worse, it's easier to keep the brands separate.) I do like the attempt, from the imagery the OSI logo implies. It's too bad it's hard to work in an Apache feather in (who would be more cool with it... That feather of theirs is everywhere). That's the only other logo I know that screams Open Source.

And honestly, HP is going to have their own input on the final product. The final logo may not end up looking like any of these (but may be inspired by one of them heavily.)

I understand your critique. And I would like to add that six days are not enough to get a design job done, but maybe thinking the design concept.

I would have liked top see ALL entries enlistetd, having three votes to give and HP finally choosing their favourite out of the TOP 5 …

Eh, we're all amateurs at something, right?

I'm not all sour grapes... The bravest entry is Gaitch32 in my opinion. Borrows nothing, uses a different logotype, yet still looks "open".

Right you are. And I found your comments very constructive!

I also would have liked to see ALL entries and been able to vote on any of them. I think from that point you could gather a top 10 and then do another round of voting that would choose the winner.

I can't vote for any of these entries. There are good ones here but none of them stand out for me.

I like a simple yet elegant (like webOS) branding. Though looking forward to a new bright beginning, the branding needs some small change (we don't want nothing major to happen and change our beloved platform (UI specifically speaking off course). I wish I could pick 2 though (bluerq and Isandunk) but had to vote for one only. Isandunk it is.

Best of luck to everyone else.

Thanks for your vote, I really appreciate it!

Nice looking work all around. But to give my 2 cents about all the designs:

Appstache has a great idea. I like the sense of the open web-topped box. The w isn't working for me, though. Maybe if open was on one side of the box and web on the other. I feel like this one is just a revision or two from being awesome.

Avonpok, Bluerq, and Misj went with the cards. I feel that puts too much emphasis on one single feature. The fanned cards weren't even a feature until 2.0.

Crearc's logo is a little too simple for me.

Gaitch32's logo doesn't feel like it connects with any of the history. Looks good, but maybe kind of random.

Immovablesoup's logo looks awesome. But the expression of "open" as an open circuit to me says "disconnected" or "turned off", and that is way too close to true. Visually great, symbolically problematic.

Isandunk's logo is really simple but kind of charming. Maybe my #2.

Labwizard's, maybe the phoenix could be just a tad less abstract, and the font seems a bit retro-styled future. (Although I just noticed it's the same font as the Enyo logo, which totally makes sense and ties them together nicely.) But it looks really good overall. This is my favorite.

NNS, the unaligned cards I just can't take. Evokes childhood, and while I can see an argument for that, it doesn't work for me.

Thanks for your feedback!

Glad you like my logo! When creating it, I had the tagline of "Switch on to webOS" in mind. I thought that perhaps the bootscreen and TV adverts could have the switch connect at the end after pulsing, to symbolise synergy & webOS's cloud connections. I hope that clears it up a little! :)

I'm glad you like my logo! I designed mine with "switch ON to webOS" as a potential tagline, and considered having the switch close at the end of boot animations/ adverts, to symbolise connections to synergy & the cloud, etc. Hope this clears it up somewhat :)

A resistor would have been a good alternate version for this. It would have made a W between the two contact and if you put it in a different color, it would be like a blue lighting bolt between the open contacts.

I need to stop thinking about this stuff.

+1 for GAITCH32

Good Luck to every candidates..
Hope for the best and our open webOS.

Did Labwizard and ImmovableSoup trace the same Enyo logo? The dimensions on the box are identical on both images and the colors look spot on. Is there a PSD for the Enyo logo running around out there?

I traced the shield shape from a JPEG of the enyo logo from the enyojs website using Photoshop, but the colouring I did by eye.

Sorry, normally I'd let that kind of stuff go, but my little bit of OCD kicked in. Then I started thinking about how two people traced the same image and ended up scaling that image to exactly the same dimensions and margins around the image, and then put the text at exactly the same margin below the shield with the same margin below the text and the edge of the image and it was downward spiral into conspiracy madness from there. Then I found the image with the enyo name underneath versus the banner and it made sense.

It looks like I'm able to vote more than 1 time. Or is it just not registering my vote? I expected the current results of the vote, but the poll came up again.

I think poll results are obscured to prevent us from affecting the results past a point. There is a prize at stake.

I think you can vote more than once, but it's more than likely that the poll is logging your ip address - so multiple votes will only count as one.

Appstache has my vote for this contest, but I don't think any of these concepts should be used in webOS going forward without revision.

I still think the best option is to lose the webOS branding altogether.

I would concur. Phoenixes, Lazarus, Zombies... Whatever it takes to signify that it's back but it's not the same.

It is an absolute honour even to make it to this stage. Good luck everybody, and may the best logo win!

BLUERQ thats a lovely logo. It got my vote. :) MISJ is also beautiful and the other contestants as well.

thank you so much!

All look so great !!! So hard to vote !!!!

I voted labwizard. The only problem is it looks to much like a snake.

Really proud to of made it this far... thank you for selecting my entry!

Sorry, my absolute respect for the English language and all this wonderful work. But I think we should change the name completely. In Spanish it is impossible to say "webOS" without embarrassment. All forums in Spanish have been laughed at this name from the beginning because it literally means "balls", speaking clearly sexual. Spanish-speaking countries is a market too large to disregard it.

An interesting point, which HP mustn’t ignore! It’s still months untill the open source release, so enough time to re-think and invent …

I agree to an extent.. I don't see the need to have: OS in the name anymore, and I'm not sure Open Web makes a lot of sense, but I find myself liking that more than Open WebOS

Dual branding would work. In English speaking countries it remains webOS and in Spanish speaking countries it becomes netOS.

Or we could give is a voice recognition and text to speech engine and rename it gladOS.

I think it's understandable to want to include a distinctive feature from the OS into the logo (like cards) but I also think that's not a wise thing to do.
The logo will have to last a long time, and it's not unlikely that other Operating Systems will come up with cards as well. That's one reason.
Another reason is that as time goes by (and cards have become commonplace), the logo becomes less and less fresh, and more and more nostalgic. An OS should look forward and not remind of/dwell on some invention it made in the past, regardless of how awesome and significant that invention was/is.
Just my two cents of course...but that's why I voted for Isandunk's logo, which also represents continuity by using the existing webOS logo as well as difference by making a subtle adjustment to it.
It sends the clearest message, IMHO.

I agree: a logo without relations to technical features would be best.

Thank you for your vote! :)

Aww, I didn't make it. Congratulations to the top 10 and their designs!

not because I didn't make it to be a finalist, because I'm happy to at least to have entered, but I thought this was a re-branding of some sorts. That means a change and something different. Instead we see the same thing as what we have seen before and more of it. How many shields, which remind me of anti-virus software, do there have to be. I agree with others on these posts. There were others further down the article that were quite fresh and innovative. An iconic logo or brand doesn't need to be explained. Typographic logos are just that, type. Even the name is hard to pin down. Yes Pitsop that along with c3po is just too funny to say in Spanish. Hey at least webOS does have some balls to try and come back. All in all, good luck to the finalist and hope HP will be happy with their results!

I am with you:

– iOS doesn’t need an own logo, because it’s a closed system under Apple’s brand
– BlackBerry’s OS is also a closed system and goes along with the hardware brand
– Windows Phone goes along with the software brand
– Android, as it’s the only other open sourced OS, uses a fancy name with an futuristic icon.

If webOS want’s to compete it’s brand name should
a) re-link with the originator’s hardware and software brand, which is not possible (or is it) and IMO not usefull, as it isn’t still an OS for a palm form factor only
b) stay linked to HP’s hardware brand, which is no option for me, as it would reflect to much bad history
c) be re-thought from scratch up, to symbolise a new beginning and to stand on it’s on reputation

Dang I was hopeful one of my designs would have made it... but I think I chose bluerq for the simplicity and imaging if the logo were imprinted on a device like the HP logo, it would be the most practical to me.

thanks! i was trying to make a logo that worked fine, in fabrics, embroidered, printed, as a bootscreen, and everything...

thanks again for you vote!!


what about blackdarkeye ?
it was so clever and clean

I believe he posted his in the wrong topic, and not in the original topic. It's too bad, I did like theirs, the idea, at least.

Congratulations to all that made it -- great efforts!!

If this, however, is to be for "Open webOS" I find it odd that only four of the logos even say the word "open."

Whether you agree with that name, which could certainly be debatable...or if the "openness" is somehow implied in the graphic, I find that its absence is odd.

Here were mine, although they never made it bec. the posts were for some reason marked as needing approval by the moderator:

I didn't really understand why people were so hesitant to go against "Open webOS" as a name, either. In reality we'd still all refer to it as "webOS" and I feel it's important to separate the old OS from the new (as far as branding goes.)

Daddydez, imagine when you are with your friends and everybody talks about their phones. I have iOS, I have Android...I have balls....

Opps! I didn't comment it but I voted for Isanduck because:

1- It's nice, and it has personality.
2- The name of the OS is out of the logo.

Gerzhwin, I think we must re-think webOS, now we have this oportunity. To take the best of webOS (cards, synergy, real multitasking, notifications, gestures, lists...) improve it and add new ideas.

For me Palm meant productivity and simplicity, that was the zen of Palm.

My Palm Tungsten was so fast, it took me less than 2 seconds to acces my To Do tasks in the calendar, and change a task to another date. Now it takes me a lot more.

WebOS must be a lot faster and we need new features like the ones proposed here: new date picker (please, an agenda view in one touch!), new life to wave bar, etc.

Why not reinvent a "stylus mode" in which screen elements (buttons, menus, etc.) can be smaller? Imagine to work with spreedsheets, drawing apps...

Why not escalable icons and pinch and zoom at "Apps View" ?

Why not a new way to enter data on screen? At least a Pop Up menu with numbers if numbers are activated in that field!

There a lot more ideas in our Nation. If webOS will be open, I think there are people here for all this and many more.

Retrieve the zen of Palm.

HA! I HAVE BALLS OS! too funny, you can't say it without snickering really. ;-) imagine if we did a logo with that in mind.

just put the palm logo & the hp logo next to each other ;)

Thanks for your vote!

pitsop, I think this is the right thread for you:

Re-thinking and inventing, two thinks that take time, which we do have for now. Design is related to these two other processes, but aims more at reducing compromises than being creative at top speed.

So, to give webOS a new name and image, we first need to be sure what to do with and how, to be aware of it’s spirit.

For me webOS …
– means community (not adopting, trendsetting or following, as most consumers do!) with all the good vibrations, understanding and respect
– has distinct tendency on focusing the user’s way of doing things — that means «open» for me
– is a swiss knife, looking at it from developer’s point of view, and it will get even more tools when open sourced
- is form factor independant, scalable, that’s why I love my Veer so much (but the best form factor goes with the Pre!), and I can’t imagine one of the other OSes to play a role in the «A Day Made Of Glas» vision by Corning, if they are not re-written to be form factor independant

God forbid taking a page out of Apple, why not call it the "new" webOS, so eventually we can still call it webOS?

I like GAITCH32 logo, it's bold, different and stands out of the crowd for me! Plus you can just use the 'O' part for things where a word logo is too long.

ClearC has a nice design, but would be great if it incorporated the multi-card icon instead of just the one rectangle (card).
Nice job to everyone!!

Thanks Newman!

Here is an updated version with 3 cards, I wish I put this style in before : \

Here's another variation I thought of after seeing your modification.
and (still geeking out)

I really like the very first on it looks clean, show the colors of hallmark colors and font of webOS/palm. as a designer everything looks tight :) I didn't get to enter in time but here is what I did plus I don't need to. I have all the goodies :)


... that is all

I think that they need to mix bluerq's and crearc's to make the boot logo. And use labwizard's like androids little green robot.

Considering that best designers use iPhones, some of these aren't half bad. If anything they're good starting points.

Mine was designed with Photoshop CS1, on an eMac I bought from eBay for £30. I haven't done design work before, but webOS is a worthy cause!

(YES! I really am that cheap! Buying 10 year old Mac= getting mac, but without Apple getting any of my money :D )

Eh, what’s that supposed to mean! :P For me any mobile gadget or creative tool has nothing to with results of concept and design.

Like others said, if this is supposed to be a rebooting/re-branding of 'webOS' why stick to the webOS name?
Carriers would surely be more willing about supporting 'webOS' after it is open sourced, improved and released under a different name.
Why not just call it OS² for Open Sourced Operating System ?
and for mascot/icon, why not feathers ? symbol of freedom to improve ( since it is open sourced ) and for simplicity to code for, to understand and to use

OS² remjnds me of OS/2, which didn’t make it very long as an OS, so this would be some kind of bad connection for me (and others?). But good thinkinb anyway

I think we basically have two main opportunities for a new webOS brand:

– «OS» plus a decent/artificial notion/name
– a name without «OS»

NNS is the winner for me. I can already see machines, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc... with decals showing the new OS being used.

I admire your taste, haha.

BLUERQ has the greatest design! it's simple, it's elegant, and i love the cards... my vote!

thanks for your vote!


PS: nice name hahaha, i love the blue color!!!

haha, thanks, but really, my last name is blue :)

BLUERQ is the best logo for its simple, clean design and it is easy on the eye

thanks for your support!!!


Hi there, I guess, I am too late for taking part in the competition. :-/

But I have already worked on my logo for several hours, so here it is.
It is kind of an evolution until step 3, step 4 is just an addition.

Would be happy, if you leave some comments and I hope my English
is not that bad. Bastian

Basti, I like your way to document the creative process! There’s one or two funny words (basement, hehe ;) but for me as a non-native English speaker it is good English.

I'll be sincere.
I have to say that I am really surprised, as a professional designer, not to have been included in this list. Two of these designs –IMMOVABLESOUP and LABWIZARD ones– are clearly borrowed by the first entry of my two to the contest. Not to mention similarities here and there with my second entry.

Please, do not read harsh tones in this comment, just a little bit of sadness since I would have been at least given the opportunity, like everyone, to be judged for what I did with real passion for this platform by its users. In this way, as said before "sincerely", I felt really betrayed by those I trusted.


Unfortunately I could not see your images, as the links don't seem to be working for me. But, I do want to say that My first few designs (ones that I did not end up posting) also used the Enyo idea. I'd be willing to wager that neither of those designers purposely lifted your design philosophy. But that's how it goes with an open contest.

I noticed that after I posted my logo and described it as an open box a few others popped up being open boxes. I didn't think they stole it from me, it just reaffirmed that I had a good idea.

If you could, repost your design as I'd like to see it.

Appstache, thanks for your words. I do like your design, it is clear you are a pro.
I am also sure that a reaffirmation of my ideas are nice, but a complete copy of shapes, colors, proportions and gradients are a little bit more then simple admiration of the idea and reproposal of that.
But, in any case, as an open and public contest, that is understandable, I am not sad about that, I am only saying that I don't feel the selection done as transparent.

tochiroge999 Nicely fixed links (but, again, in my orginal entries they were right). I am sure you'll spend more times looking for differences then similarities. ;)

I voted for you. I am sure you would have done the same.

I've fixed your links below:

I am in agreement with your disappointment at how this contest worked out. I really feel like the community should have been able to vote on ALL entries to narrow down to top 10. A lot of great work has been overlooked...

tochiroge999 Thanks a lot, I think you got my feelings.
It was not for the Touchpad, I am one of the lucky owner of one of them, it was for the opportunity to work with a great team at HP. Those are occasions that don't happen so often and, as a pro, I were really happy that webOS Nation and HP gave us this opportunity. I really don't understand –even if I agree with you that a popular vote should have been chosen finalists– how my entries have not even been considered. Don't misunderstand me, I am not saying my designs are the best ones, I am humbly saying that I don't feel them worthing less then the tenth position in the contest.

In any case, links on my entries were right in the original post. Thank you so much for fixing them.

Do you want to know the ironic side of the facts? I am a pro designer and web/mobile developer. We, at my company, all use Mac: iMacs, Airs, Macbooks, and iPhones and iPads. Despite this, I always was a firm defender of the Touchpad (and webOS) as the only good alternative to iOS and always declaring its superiority against any Android box. Isn't it ironic the coin with which I have been re-paid?

+1000 for holding up against iOS!

The first one is definetely one of the better Enyo logo inspired designs. I had something like that in mind but with the middle bar being shorter than the ones the side.

Anyway don't stress about the competition, it's like any other design competition with no specs or requirements so everything boils down to personal preference. I am ok with that and who ever wins I will be happy for him/her and I will make sure I pitch some more ideas. That person could be our channel to HP design team you never know.

The best thing you can do right now is to post your work here and someone will see it evenutally. My pieces were not selected as finalist either and I made sure people that vote here can see them as well. So far I got positive responses and that alone justifyes 12 hours I put into 4 different logo concepts.

Me and others are with you about voting for ALL entries. Mine also didn’t make it into voting and I would have loved to know what people see in them …

I really liked your entry with the metallic cards, and i think it should've made it this far. However, my entry is in no way similar to that one, and I had never seen your Enyo shield logo until today, reading your comment. No offense, but the Enyo shield is kind of obvious, to fit with existing branding, as is "Palm Orange", as a tribute to webOS. I have no quarrel with any entrants, i just wanted to set the matter straight. :D I definitely would've voted for you had your Metallic cards idea got to this stage, and it's a shame there couldn't have been 15 or 20 semifinalists, to make the vote more "open"

best wishes, immovablesoup

I am rather disappointed with certain people's responses to this contest. There are many comments of this type appearing and I personally cannot stand this attitude.

Firstly, the rules were clearly stated: "we'll pick a group of what we think are the best and put it up to a community vote to determine the winner". Whether you think this was the best option or not, the competition was entered with this clearly stated in advance. I'd like to thank Derek and the people at webosnation for all their work on the site. I check the site many times a day and am very grateful for all the time that people put into the site.

There are many similarities between your first entry and the Enyo logo. In fact, you have simply taken the Enyo logo in HP blue and changed this to Palm orange, same shape, same gradients in the background, your inspiration. The logos that you say are copied from yours are simply inspired from the Enyo logo, with the same response to the HP blue and Palm orange.

I cannot see the similarities with your second entry: you have simply used two cards in landscape (most others using three in portrait), and cards are the basis of webOS. You only have two basic options for incorporating the word "open" in the title, alongside each other in a line or stacked. These are obvious graphical design methods.

Finally, you are not the only person, selected for the final ten or not, that is a big fan of webOS, who has spent great deals of money to buy TouchPad, a Pre 2, a Pre 3... To ask why your support has been repaid in this way just sounds ridiculous.

I am sorry if this seems harsh, but I find this response (from many people) to be a little off.

I like Crearc's.

My vote got registered against the wrong entry!

I mistakenly interpreted the gray rule to be the divider between the creator's name and the next entry, when it actually divides the creator's name from his own entry.

Sorry BLUERQ, CREARC mistakenly got the vote I intended for you.

thanks for your support!
it´s ok.. i really appreciate you were trying to vote for my logo...


I didn't mingle in all the discussions while people were still voting (I assume it's closed now)...

First I want to congratulate all the finalist, and wish them all the best of luck. Also, I would like to thank everyone who voted for my entry (for a non-cropped version: I'm proud of it, and feel it would work well for open webOS and the community.



Went w/pure emotions; all are winners.