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Open webOS branding design competition update: a super sweet prize awaits! 125

by Derek Kessler Thu, 08 Mar 2012 5:25 pm EST

Open webOS

Two days ago we posted what we thought would be a fun exercise: getting the webOS Nation community involved in working up fresh branding for Open webOS. At the time we were doing it just because, with no expectations that HP would do anything with what was worked up, much less that they might be paying attention.

Well, dear reader and potential logo designer, HP is paying attention - they've been watching the comments rolling in and like what they've seen thus far. So much so that they want to get involved, well, technically they want to get you involved. So they've pitched in a sweet prize pack that will go to the winning logo designer (more on that in a bit).

So to determine who gets this sweet prize pack we're going to take this fun exercise and turn it into a competition. We'll be taking submissions (keep posting them in the comments of the original post) through Sunday, March 11th, at which time we'll pick a group of what we think are the best and put it up to a community vote to determine the winner.

What does the winner get? Well, HP's chipping in a brand-new TouchPad, an article that is becoming harder to find every day. They'll also want to get the winner involved with the official branding process and will arrange for them to do some speaking on their design with the design team currently working on the branding for Open webOS.

So go ahead and get cracking on those Open webOS logo designs - a TouchPad and your chance to leave an official mark on webOS are waiting!


so its OPEN to anyone to submit to the Open WebOS design?


Derek, when are you going to select the finalists? We are waiting!!!!!

My idea of the brand would be simple and straight to the point. It should be of an open door with webOS going thru it and the tagline is. “webOS, open the door to possibility” can't wait to show ya'll my idea on paper.

Amazing. I think I'd love to get involved with the team more than winning a touchpad!

If I may be so bold to relink to my entry:

Wow! A tiny part of the "O" is yellow! Brilliant!!!!!

Are you being sarcastic?

[edit] Yes, yes you are. Thanks Troll!

I've had some more time to think, so I devised the following lockup:

The rationale for this is that there are parts of webOS that are now going to be contributed by outside sources into open webOS, hence the arrows (and indicating a commit or pull request to the project, inspired by GitHub's network graph). webOS itself is represented by a faceted circle, insinuating that there is more beneath the surface. The colours for this version are a slight evolution of the original palm, with warm tones.

The rest of the lockups show a possible visual systems for the sub-brands of webOS - Enyo, Ares, Isis etc. in the hope of having a unified look across the technologies.





Let me know what you think...


as you can see it has the well known webos cards, those cards, have some meaning:

one is that they are a group, as the community that stays behind and supporting this beautiful platform.

also, this cards are sorted in a way you can see what their content is, this means the open source, as opposite to a bunch of cards one over each other in wich case you are not able to see whats behind the top of the cards, like in a closed source OS...

and finally, the icconic webOS cards, that is a symbol of it multitasking power...

so hope you all enjoy my concept...

here's mine:

and two alternatives for it:

and here's a video of how it may look in a bootscreen:
and the youtube link:

i'm really happy to help and contribute in this community, so please count on me to other projects... i'm an HP fan since my first computer, when i was 8 years old... and here i am now... following and supporting HP on this tough road...


I love yours! Great idea with the cards, hope you don't mind I stole it :P

The cards look like the top of Frankenstein's head.

Like Isandunk and Bluerq (both great designs by the way) I'll repost mine:

Row1-left: Touchpad/Pre/WebOS boot-logo.
Row1-right: boot logo with background glow.
Row2-left: Coloured version of the logo ( match the highlight colour on webOS)
Row2-right: Flat-rendered blue version to increase the similarity to the OpenSource logo
Row3: Logo attached to WebOS (with a capital W)
Row4: Logo solo in multiple shades of gray

Like mentioned before: the webOS cards so iconic, and so much part of the webOS identity, they deserve to be on the logo. In addition, I wanted the logo have an organic look that fits the way webOS works (to me at least). There's even some influence of a rams-horn referring to the communication aspect of the (mobile) OS...but you might have to squeeze your eyes and use your imagination to actually see that ;-)

More on topic: It's good to see HP is taking notice. And whoever wins, it's going to be a win for the community.

that's right! and good luck to everybody!!!


I've updated/edited my original post in the original thread to show my final design (in a few variations).

Same idea but cleaner...


Here's my take on that whole open webOS thing:

and this is it, without the "open":

blue, I think your image is what inspired me the most :P

good! and thanks.... i like the open one... haha.... i also got the idea of using the cards in the sides... as i said in my first post in the first article of the open webos logo, here are the other attempts...

haha mine is pre-/+/2 style ahaha and yours is more modern... Pre3 style, nice!!!


Haha, I've actually never used a Pre 3, or seen one in action.

I like the 3rd one of A2.

Its crazy awesome what posting that forum about needing a logo started!!

I"m very proud to contribute to the webOS community and get this type of response.

I'm not a designer but I have a friend that is and he is willing to make a logo :D

My first attempt :D

Good luck to everybody!

Act: my second attempt

i'll tell you, i think the card 3 stack is the best w/ or w/o the webOS text

hahaha, like in my bootlogos?

this is the link in the exact time of the option 3. Glowing like an app...


Well I'm not a graphic designer, but I'm a college student programmer hoping to make a webOS app this summer.

Here is a simple logo:

An other version with a "stamp like open source O"...

I'm from Argentina, is this contest open for this location? Thanks

Well I think HP could give a 3G TouchPad rather than a WiFi only.That is a hard piece to find!!

...and unfortunately no hardware support

I think it needs to follow more on what it means to be "Open", not closed, a doorway, an open window, freedom. Also I think it needs to show that we mean business with some of the competitors

First one is if they want to keep "Open" in the logo

But I have to agree with others, if there was a way to not add to the logo but to change it to show that it is "Open".

This one goes with the original size and color

And we can not forget who's wonderful program this is

Also the animation team can really add to this as we fly out the window and see everyone using webOS. Flying from grandparents sitting on a bench, then flying to the game designer at the coffee shop, then flying off to the kid playing the game and receiving an video email from the grandparents.

Thanks HP
What do you guys think?

"What do you guys think?"


Is there a way to attach a photo? I just want to draw it on paper, take a pic and upload it.

This is my first attempt. I tried playing with the round-cornered touchpad button because I love the look of it. I played with the blue and green highlight, although I think the grayscale will mold better with the overall operating system. I might try this on a black background soon.

By the way webOS team, since we got your attention, thanks so much for the box space. :p It's great! Are you guys doing an intern program at all? I'm a CS student at UIUC looking for a summer internship, and what better way to spend a summer than with my favorite OS. :D

Opinions would be appreciated. Is the overall design to bold? etc..


Here is the different black background version:

Here is a couple versions with orange tone and less flat. I can't tell if I like the flat more or gradient/shadows more. Any thoughts?

Here is the original one on imgur since box doesn't keep the images crisp.

The ENYO team have actually applied to the Google Summer of Code program. There is more information on their github wiki:

Here is My Logo Design ...

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Thank you HP

Best of luck to everyone :)

< duplicated post >

here is mine, 3 versions in total:
overall concept is enriching the existing by open source

I went a little bit retro for this one, with the oranges and creams. I was inspired by the house shown here:

I hope you enjoy it!

I should mention, I could easily do a version without the "Open" text, if that's something you're interested in.

Here's something a little more cool and sophisticated:

I updated this one; I think it's a big improvement:

And here's one more random idea I had:

I'd say use the existing webOS logo and copy/paste the 'O' from webOS in front of it, done.

I never liked the name WebOS. It is a confusing name even for technologists like me. What is it, an OS for surfing the web? an OS mostly in the cloud and served to a dumb device? I just don't think the name does this wonderful mobile OS the least bit of justice.So, rather than trying to come up with a logo for a flawed name, I would change the name all together. A re-branding is just what WebOS needs as it rises from the ashes. A name that better reflects what it is: A Mobile OS. So, I'd call it Open Mobile OS. OmOS. Or, Mobile OS for short, MOS. The logo just needs to be one of those acronyms in a pleasant font. If you want to be cute you make it look like cards in the OS with the first MOS in light grey and the second in black shifted to the right a few points to mimic how cards stacked in WebOS looks.

I doubt anyone at HP would ever have the courage to do this, but it's exactly what it needs in order to shed it's cloak of failure and embrace a sunny future.

The name is dervied from the technologies that are used to build the platform, and in my opinion, it makes more sense than "iOS" or "Android".

quick and dirty, more to get the concepts started than to perfect everything. Needs the correct font, colors, cleanup, yada, yada, yada.


Here is my entry!

I had some formatting issues in the conversion to pdf (the white portion of the o looks skewed in the pdf for some reason). I added some notes to the file itself.

Hope people like it!

Flavio Kaplan

PS: for full disclosure, I work for HP in the finance group - no direct connection to webOS whatsoever, and certainly no prior experience in branding, so please keep an open mind :P

Derek, I know you stated "We'll be taking submissions (keep posting them in the comments of the original post) through Sunday, March 11th"

but it seems a lot people are posting them here since its a newer post...Just ensuring you'll be combing through both news post comments, as I posted mine in the old post, but this one is probably getting more views. Thanks!

Here are my thoughts and entries:

I don't think we have to announce that it's open - that's evident by the fact that anyone can use it, and no other open source OS points that out in the logo. So my first thought was to base it on the "new" logo that HP probably won't end up using, but I thought it looked sleek and different:

My second concept plays on the "web" part of webOS. This is the simplest of my entries:

The third one uses a more literal version of what the "web" in webOS means - a global web:

That's it for now - enjoy!

Of course, you could always use the webOS.O.S. logo that was created earlier at webOSnation, and the second "O.S." could stand for open source. Seems kind of obvious, but why not?

I really only have MSpaint and a light understanding of GIMP, soooo enjoy!

I tried to make something simple that incorporated both webos and open webos.

Hope you guys like it!

If you dont get it, look at the orange part upside down.

Haha, clever.

Very clever indeed.

This idea was inspired by the notification system:

The font is Yanone Kaffeesatz; I just love it. I also thought that you could use notification badges when announcing a new version of the OS. For Open webOS 1.0, it could look like this:

Here are my attempts. Would really appreciate feedback! mail me directly or at

Well done -- best of the bunch I'd say.

Thanks so much. Any comments? Improvements?

Here is my best work so far after a bit of cleaning up and changes.

I hope you all like it...and comment on what you think!



My whole choice of doing the logo was the use of the word 'Open'. I used the synonyms of the word (airy, invite, etc.) to be inspiration. As you can see, the words/font has the effect of floating and also the webOS style cards to the side of it were to be apart of this 'open' inspiration. This is why they are not thick or heavy but with clean and not thick lines.

I think the real accent should be put on the "w" in "web" which is the distinctive aspect of this great "OS".
Also, since Enyo has been released to public, I thought it would have been "right" to follow the same graphic style (apart its lettering which I do not like).
So, this is my first attempt

Of course, the orange is a tribute to one of the greatest company in IT history: Palm

I hope you'll like it.

Herez my attempt....
Did not had time to clarify and sharpen the graphics....but it gives the idea, as required.
Hope you like it !!!

Orifinal ->
Few modifications to it ->

My entry, with a bunch of color variations against light and dark backgrounds:

Here's another one, this time with each letter in an individual card. I think it looks pretty good; let me know what you think!

Merely posting here as it seems to be a lot of other participants are.

(See original post for explanation)


Here is my contribution :)

1. "Open" and "web" are placed on top of each other, while being offset a bit to show some dynamics, "OS" ties them all together with a transparent O symbolizing a card and going over small b just like a lot of transparent effects in webOS

2. Non gimmicks , simple, straight, non offending.

3. Playful and colorful logo stacked vertically

A lot of people are contributing that is always good! Such a great community!!!!! I have no doubts that we can take care of open webOS once it comes out.

While I think card stack imagery is one of the most identifiable aspects of webOS and perhaps the most obvious of images to use in a logo for that very reason. I thought it would be a good idea to explore a different angle.This latest version is essentially the screen outline overlaid on a rotated version representing the orientation agnostic characteristic of mobile computing. The way the outlines are interwoven represents the inter connectivity of web technology in a mobile OS.

the following link represents a few variations of the concept:

Hey everyone, good luck to all,
thank you webosnation for this opportunity .

i tried something different following the concept of rebirth,
i made webos a phoenix bird that was burnt to rise again as The Open Webos,

here's the logo with the explanation of the elements of design

so tell me guys what do you think!

Really good. Mutch better than mine.
And I really like the symbolics.

In my opinion, the best so far. :-)

thanks, i am glad you like it :-)
i hope i can have a chance to win and i wish you good luck too!!

Awesome work!  I love all the meanings rolled into the Enyo logo but couldn't figure out how to do the same for webOS...  But you did!
My favorite bit: rebirth from fire(sale).

thank you :-) you put it better than i did,
it should be the Webos slogan!

Nice! Tying the various project logos/iconography together is something we've spent a lot of time thinking about.


I hope I'm not too late. Just caught the post and decided to give it a go. I'm no pro and I created this in under 30 minutes, so here's my entry.


I hope I'm not too late. Just caught the post and decided to give it a go. I'm no pro and I created this in under 30 minutes, so here's my entry.

I made one with Office Powerpoint, haha. Simple and to the point. I'm a huge fan of minimalism, so it's not special in terms of graphics, colors, etc. I just made decisions on font type, font size, and positioning.

(I would have made one like the logo at the top of this page, but I guess that would be copying and cheating...)

This is my 2nd logo. I can't sleep, so I whipped this up. Again, I'm no pro, but I try my best.

Hey all :)

Okay. This is my entry.

I really agree with everyone who has said "Open webOS" is a weak product name.

"Open" is a great buzzword to those it matters to, but as a concept it's not particularly relevant to an everyday consumer, and turns a one word answer - "webOS" into a longer statement, without really adding any value to the discourse. As such, I suggest the webOS naming convention stays - at least in marketing materials.

Short matters.
Just ask Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android etc.

Don't ask Windows Phone 7 Phone Series Phone LiveTile Phone Seven. Seven.

With that in mind, I've kept the webOS brand, maintained the handsome font, and added an opening (open! geddit!?) fan of cards above the logo.

For print, they're ramped in greyscale and drop a slight shadow - this emphasises the multitasking/foreground background nature of the OS, and they're outlined in an ink-like font, which speaks to the developing/open source nature of the project now. (It also recalls the original Macintosh marketing materials, which I heart.) Significantly, this can be used in standard black and white, or inverted white on black, or as an overlay on images, which makes it useful for diverse applications, which is important in a brand logo.

For a bootscreen application, the cards are animated, and silhouetted against strong light, as a shout out to the use of starbursts and lighting effects in webOS proper. The webOS text illuminates as the cards arrive, making the logo complete. The logo is designed in such a way as you could use an animation for the first twenty-so frames, and then switch to the standard two-image throbber once the cards are in place. But that's probably a little too technical. Anyway. Here's that.

Finally, I think that to truly rebrand webOS we need a defining statement that speaks for the brand itself - the differentiating "Think Different" catchphrase that sums up what the OS is all about.

I think that statement is this -

webOS. do more.


Here is my first mock up:

Will hopefully do more, but the 11th is way to soon of a deadline for me..

Here is my second rendition which makes a lot more sense.. But, The coloring & the Qaulity would obviously have to be improved. Whether the Circle becomes Tighter or if the Planet goes in color..

Possibly even a Planet w/ Open OS written on the inside.. Because we do typically refer to the planet as the World Wide web.. so .. I donno... thinking aloud before my next creation.

and here is the preliminary idea for the as for mentioned above

Figured I would update this w/ some of my other takes..

I really like the new one where I have incorporated the orangey color & made the land Green on the Earth ball ;) (Figure the Earth W/ the open symbol could be used a lone to describe WebOS honestly.

I'll re- link to mine:

Here is mine, it is based on the Enyo shield, Palm's orange colouring and an open switch, to symbolise palm, webOS and open-source.

Logo 1 (colour):
Boot (standard):
Boot (glowing):

Logo 2 (colour with text):
Boot Logos (on black background for visibility)

The tagline I thought of was "Switch ON to webOS", further incorporating the switch into the webOS branding

I hope to win because I am passionate about webOS and my Pre 2, and I would love a TouchPad to go with it!

PSD versions are available on request

Hope you all like it, please reply with your thoughts and suggestions, I'll do anything to help my beloved mobile platform (winning a TouchPad would be epic too, though, I missed out on getting one in the firesale, and refuse to buy one from some eBay scalper who bought 50 at £89, and exppects to sell them for £250 each! )

Warriors of a platform battle defend their shelter,
A badge that looks like a shield or even a castle.

Support from the community, empowered to stay alive,
Chanting, "If we stand as a nation, we will survive!"

And so stands the platform thought once broken,
World be wary, that webOS is now open.

EDITED: Side by Side with Enyo and HTML5

Nice idea :)

Ok, here is my sencond attemp.

Stack logo this time, both in monochrome and blue one (which I prefer).
Let me know which you like more (if any)!

I definitely prefer the blue one. It stand out much better, and differentiates better from Apple's iOS/ iCloud silver metallic logos.

Good idea with the horizontal cards — I only thought of vertical ones.

And aonother version with little adjustments:

«web» is quite bolder and the cards contour is closed.

It seems like your files are not public/accessible.

I really like this.. I didn't like the arrow so I changed it just a tad bit.. But still great idea in my opinion.

Here is another modified version .. taking out Web & replacing it w/ the world wide web (earth symbol)

We'll be taking submissions (keep posting them in the comments of the original post) through Sunday, March 11th, at which time we'll pick a group of what we think are the best and put it up to a community vote to determine the winner.

Just so y'all know, posting entries here will do you no good.

Hi there!

Here's four directions for logos that I designed, both with and without the word "open", for flexibility (if necessary).

The cards are used to continue the iconography from the TP.

For versions 2-4, I used a shield-like graphic element so that it could "sit on the shelf" with ENYO, as well as continue using the card elements to differentiate.

Versions 3-4 have a minimized icon that could be made small and used for sub-branding by removing the letters and having the three cards signify the word WEB.

Version 4 uses the Palm OS color palette.


Here is my amateur design, I just drew it up and tried really hard to be creative and incorporate the cards into it so enjoy! And good luck to everyone! :)

Here is my amateur design, I just drew it up and tried really hard to be creative and incorporate the cards into it so enjoy! And good luck to everyone! :)

And the last one from me. Still 5 hours to go, but it’s getting late here and I gotta work tomorrow.

This doesn’t suit webOS very well, but I think it’s worth showing to you.

Good night!

Here is my 2nd entry:

It uses Open Source shield, the color of openness and the symbol as well.

Feedbacks appreciated

I'm pretty high on the open symbol as I've used it in some of my previous images as well..

I decided to put my own twist on your image just because I tend to wanna do that..

Thanks!!!! :)

Worked hard to create an Open WebOS Logo, and here are the finals.
First, I must explain all the logos. Almost every OS has a sort of mascot,
Windows has a flag, Android has a robot, and Apple has...well an Apple;
Though it's not a bad thing that WebOS doesn't have a symbol/mascot,
I feel that it's time for WebOS to step up its game. And so, what if we took
WebOS' launcher icon as the symbol/mascot?? And so, here is the symbol/
mascot logo of Open WebOS:

WebOS Logo and Symbol

This symbol means everything to Open WebOS, the arrow points upwards,
to WebOS' salvation, to a world without bounds are limitations, to be 'Open'.
Notice even the symbol has no closure, only a glow eminates from the arrow
pointing upwards.

This leads to the final logo and symbol:

WebOS Final Logo

It shows unification and has a organization. Notice the name WebOS has a unique
"b" The "b" is actually the letter b along with the letter "1". This shows that this is
the 1.0 version of WebOS. This number can later on be modified to match with the
version number using "b" or "B" And so, that concludes my logo design - LONG
LIVE WEBOS!! Please comment what you think, all feedback is welcome and appreciated


Here are my logos ;)
A Logo has to be as simple as possible and must work in just ONE Colour, so I got this.
It could be in any Colour than.

Here I have each Logo in white, black and with or without 'OPEN'


Enjoy ;)

Here is my webOS logo design. I call it the true spirit of webOS. It shows webOS's capability - Cards, Multitasking, HTML Apps, Launcher ...

There are two designs with subtle differences:

Version A:

Version B:

The big 'O' in my design represents a pre phone/tounch pad and the 'S' could be for Synergy



My webOS logo design. The graphics are not the best, but it can be tweaked.


Here's my concept, mind you I threw it together in like an hour because I just read about it. Sorry it looks a little crudy, just needs a polish:

I used green for the O to represent synergy along with it's placement in the word web, the cards coming out of the O to represent the amazing multi-tasking of webOS (which, I know, they look HORRIBLE and are only suppose to be coming out of the O; I had issues with it... I really wanted just the outline of the cards in a gray shading but couldn't figure out how to do them in such a short time [probably woulda have drawn them]), and the Open part of the O signifying the openness concept.

I feel blue is a good color to represent the flow of the web; I wanted more of a dark turquoise-y blue (and more dark emerald-y green for the Os) but couldn't get the color right. That's just a brief overview of my decision process.

Also, I thought good tagline would be, open webOS (without compromises) [since you know, you can almost do anything with webOS... just needs apps] or, a little more to the point, The door is.... open webOS, this is probably more in the vain of the old Palm nostalgia.

Hi all,
There are some good logos here and this is my hat in the ring.
Good luck to all and Thank you for this opportunity.

Here's another design:
This one uses the launcher icon as the "O." Enjoy!

Hey everyone, Here is my couple attempts at a new logo.

Good luck to everyone and its awesome seeing how many people want to be involved.

I don't really care about winning as much as having fun doing stuff with and for webOS.

-Never give up, never surrender!


And here's yet another idea. For this one, I used a tall, thin, classy-looking font. I hope you like it!

Here's my entry:

It is partly a selection of the best logos and branding ideas used by HP with webOS, as there is no need to reinvent the wheel and there has clearly been time developing the brand after the take-over of Palm.

The clean and simple version of the previous HP-based logo "feels" the most appropriate for the operating system and whole ethos of webOS. I think HP should be clear on the logo as they are trying to save the operating system by open-sourcing, although I would stick to the plain black and white logo without the added complexity of the blue and grey shading on the standard logo. This version of the logo looks much better on small screens and is already used on the back of the Pre 3 in silver.

Use of the word "open" in the logo seems to add unessential clutter to the cleanliness of the logo, and leaving this simple form gives a similar design to that of iOS and Windows Mobile, clearly recognisable as mobile OS brands with varying amounts of success.

The card system is one of the key delights in using webOS and, as webOS is still the only OS with cards in an official sense, it makes sense to use this in the branding. There are three suggestions here for symbolic use of the cards, either using one or two of the symbols, such as on the screen during boot-up, glowing or animated between single cards and stacks. The cards are kept simple and clean, black and white, with the outline separate cards mimicking the button on the Touchpad Bluetooth keyboard. The three cards in a row (not stacked) also offer possibilities for advertising, showing off three apps at once, showing the multi-tasking in the background, using gestures to go in and out of apps. I would imagine television adverts to use a black or white screen, with cards being manipulated across the screen as if the television screen was the tablet or phone screen. Simple and clean adverts, with a "reassuringly toned" voice-over talking through, ending with "HP webOS, works like you do". The iPhones and iPods have rarely been the best devices in their category, yet the advertising gets the point across clearly and simply in such a way that the devices become desirable. It is tiring to hear less-informed friends explaining Apple's new innovation of the iCloud. The "cloud" and synergy have been around for many years, but Apple have successfully made them mainstream through excellent marketing. Apple may make "good" devices, but they are experts in making technology desirable and this is why they sell so well.

I read the phrase "works like you do" in several places in webOS literature (particularly with regards to the Touchpad) and I feel this sums up why webOS is such a joy to use. Everything is so intuitive, the swipes and gestures make so much sense and become natural. I've lost count of the number of times I've read of webOS-people trying to close apps on a friends iPhone with a simple swipe or two.

Finally, good luck everyone!

I hope I'm not too late--I got laid out with a nasty bug.

My son, who is a true webOS fan (like his old man!), was really into this, and he drew an initial design that we tweaked a few times. His idea was to incorporate the Enyo logo, then we added the Open Source "O."

Hope you all like what we came up with...


I might be too late, but I wanted to post it anyway...

So here is my try:

Hope you like it!

This idea uses both the stack of cards and the wave launcher, with the letters in webOS taking the place of your favorite apps:

I've been waiting to vote on the damn finalists all day... WTH

Since I can't seem to stop, here's just one more: