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Open webOS LunaSysMgr and core apps released to open source 18

by Derek Kessler Tue, 31 Jul 2012 3:05 pm EDT

Open webOS LunaSysMgr and core apps released ahead of schedule

In typical Open webOS team fashion, the releases for this month have come right at the very end of the month. While the System Manager Bus saw an early release back in April, this month's releases didn't come before their time. Up for July is the LunaSysMgr and the core webOS apps. For the uninitiated, LunaSysMgr is the system manager for webOS, responsible for the launcher, card view, menus, running WebKit, and rendering Enyo applications. In other words, it's kind of a big deal for webOS. The core apps include Accounts, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Contacts, Email, and Memos, and are all the Enyo 1.0 versions of those apps (minus some features) as they debuted on the TouchPad.

On the LunaSysMgr front, the big news is both the open sourcing and the inclusion of the QtWebKit engine for "state-of-the-art support for HTML rendering and I/O". Using QtWebKit is said to provide for improved stability and performance in Open webOS. Apart from that, it's not radically different from the existing LunaSysMgr in webOS 3.0.5.

As for the core apps, they're a little handicapped at this point (not that there's much you could do with them). Even though the Accounts app was included in today's release, the services needed to enable Synergy haven't yet been open sourced, meaning you're severely limited in how the apps that rely on outside services can be used. For example, Contacts and Calendar can manage on-device contacts and events, and Email can hook up to POP and IMAP accounts, but none of them can sign into services like Google, Yahoo, or Exchange. Synergy support is expected with the beta release of Open webOS 1.0 later this month.

Things are starting to pick up steam with Open webOS as we approach the full release of the open source successor to webOS. As we move into August we can expect the build release model and the beta and final releases for Open webOS. From there, well, that's another story.


FINALLY WE CAN FIX THE CLOCK!! lol i really hope that someone does too

things are looking up, even just a little.

So, "Phone" isn't one of the core apps? I'm guessing that, unless they are releasing it later, this means Open webOS is going to be only for tablets, not phones as so many of us were hoping...
Also, any ideas on whether the apps will be converted to Enyo 2 apps? The article says they are only Enyo 1 right now, which is too bad considering that Enyo 2 has left the original Enyo behind...

if its all open sourced then im sure with time some clever so and so's will sort that out eventually if required.

Another interesting tidbit from the official statement on the blog -
"Existing devices cannot be supported because of those many proprietary components, including graphics, networking and lack of drivers for a modern kernel (but of course, there is the Community Edition for those interested in improving the TouchPad)."
So, I guess that means my Pre3 won't be getting Open webOS, even if they did include a Phone app. Not cool. Not cool at all.

For me it has been always obvious (just my personal impression) that Open webOS won't be designed for phones. It is the successor of 3.0.5 which has been released for the TouchPad only.

Much more interesting is the phrase "Existing devices cannot be supported..." - my interpretation is that Open webOS even won't be available for the TouchPad especially because of the statement's second part "but of course, there is the Community Edition for those interested in improving the TouchPad".

if i'm reading that right then that would be in line with what has been said since they announced open source. That they'd have to strip out the proprietary components. Seems like the older devices may have required some of them to work properly. Guess that's bad luck though for those with older phones.

"Open webOS LunaSysMgr and core apps released ahead of schedule"

"this month's releases didn't come before their time"

I'm puzzled by the apparent contradiction between the headline and the second sentence of the article.

Thanks. I am confused, as well.

Fixed. Forgot to fix once I confirmed the roadmap and after I noticed this:

You failed to mention that the confirmed that OpenWebOS 1.0 WILL NOT be coming to the Touchpad... which is quite disappointing.

Honestly, I think it's best we move forward to newer hardware...


Edit: Nevermind, I found Derek's link above.

What about the FaceBook and web browser core apps? Both of those are in dire need of updates.

The browser app and engine is at although I don't think anyone's gotten it to build yet.

Can QTwebkit be included in community webOS? If so, that will be a significant consolation prize. That's the major thing I need on my touchpad better browser that is compatible with all the major websites.
I can live with open webOS new direction and inability to support legacy stuff. The skeleton crew of webOS cannot work on legacy stuff and new stuff. I hope some real announcements come out with open webOS release. There is absolutely no reason for HP to waste money on openwebOS unless it is enlisted an oem. HP doesn't make a dime if .0000001% of android tablet owners load open webOS on their devices. The android oem already makes the profit so they won't care much either. Other than to refuse to support the modded device.

I've questioned if anything phone related would be included with Open webOS from the beginning, as HP have never mentioned anything phone specific. Ever.

Don't be surprised if we never see webOS on a phone using a stock Open webOS release.

I haven't checked the forums yet, but is there any talk about porting these apps, especially email, to Android since they're Enyo apps? I have yet to find a good email app for Android and would love to have the WebOS one to use.