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The "Open webOS on my TouchPad" Contest winner! 27

by Derek Kessler Thu, 16 Aug 2012 8:29 pm EDT


Well folks, it's all come down to this. After taking hundreds of haiku entries and having the wider webOS Nation community to vote on the finalists, the time has come to reveal the winner. And it is…

Define irony:
HP's tablet runs Android,
But not webOS

This poignant haiku was penned by mgbmusic, who you might also know as @DeadTechnology from the Twitters. Asked what non-webOS device he'd like, he took some time to weigh his options and in the end landed on the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T.

While this was all good venting fun, our hope is that HP got the message and will reconsider their decision to not support the existing webOS userbase with an update to the upcoming Open webOS. This community is passionate about and dedicated to and borderline crazed about webOS. They've for years put up with buggy devices and unending turmoil all to live and hope for the vision of webOS. They deserve better consideration than this. In the meantime, we'll write woeful poetry about the situation.



Derek, is that your S3?

Touchpad doesn't *officially* run Android in any *supported* way either (ie neither google nor the hardware vendor support it), so it's not that ironic.   I expect the touchpad situation with Open webOS will be much the same.

Nice haiku! Congrats, mgbmusic!

Is it me or has a lot of the stories on this site become a march in self-pity? webOS is dead. HP realized that and moved back to Windows. If webOS was really that much of a priority for HP, they would have saved it in the same breath they fired Leo and saved the PSG. The current webOS open sourcing is nothing more than HP throwing a bone to the open-source community.

It is you. This is webOS Nation, not HP Nation. If you do not want to read about webOS, then do not come here.

I feel so bad for me.

You lost me at "Windows".
I have used Windows' version of a mobile OS. It had a few features that looked good on marketing brochures, but using it kinda sucked.
WebOS was built as a great platform, and very usable.

I agree with you that HP is "...throwing a bone to the open-source community", and therein lies my complaint.

Congrats! I would have chosen the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700.

I'm pretty sure that whatever the haiku refers to, it's not irony.

But then, that's the law of the Internet. If you refer to irony, you'll get people pointing out that it's not.

HP doesn't support Open WebOS on TouchPad: business decision
HP Slate somehow runs Open WebOS better than Windows 8: irony

Contest winner chooses a Galaxy S3 for his prize: personal decision
Samsung accidentally ships him a Developer Galaxy S3 running Open WebOS: irony (also a great news scoop)
Explanation is, Samsung uses WebOS as a manufacturing test before flashing with Android: irony!

Can you post how many votes each haiku received? Was it close?

Farewell webOS
It was fun while it lasted
I am out of here

Congrats! nice choise!

Well, it doesn't specifically say open WebOS in the Haiku, so I would have to know what it was about to understand it.

I still don't understand the winning entry as the HP tablet that I am typing this on does run webOS!?!

Derek - can we see some numbers please? I am interested in how many votes each entry received, we are talking about open webos so can you be open with the results?

Irony is: that's a Galaxy III not a TouchPad.

Define Irony:
Adam Marks Works For Website
Then He Wins Contest

What was the point of even having the contest?! There were A LOT more better Haikus than his!! But if so, than mine is a Winner Too!! And where is the webOS Love if you gave away an Android?! It should have been a donation to WebOS Internals in his/her name or Codes for Free webOS apps!! :-(

Pay close attention.
Adams abound in this world
Lots of Dereks too.

if you the editors and writers this website don't believe in what you're doing, it's time to shut this down. Otherwise, don't promote the competition by giving away Android devices!! And allowing co-workers to win is UNFAIR to ALL of the Creative, Loyal webOS fans!! I request an "Open Recount" of votes!!

C'mon Derek, it doesn't look good, can we get a response from you please, even the winner said himself on Twitter it wasn't really fair.

Oh, Conspiracies!
JFK, Moon Landings faked!
And Haiku Contests!

"Wasn't really fair"
Because @webOShaiku
Is how I roll, man

Others are welcome
to match their haiku prowess
Didn't have a chance :)

Practice makes Perfect
Perfection is what comes from

Is it just me and BadBoyBri who thinks this contest was a complete joke and a fix? or are we the only ones with the guts to say it?

Derek, care to set the record straight? this is not going to go away.

I think we are the only ones ZeroWingUK with the guts to say something. And/or there are so few of us left, that the rest just don't care anymore!! But once again, what was the point of having this contest, if the winner is a fellow co-worker?!

There were some VERY good Haikus in this contest, and Adam's, in my opinion, wasn't even in the Top 100! So he had to have help to win!! Don't you guys ALREADY get enough FREE stuff from your HP Buddy?! What you have done, will cause MORE damage then ALL that HP has done to webOS Fans! Once again, if you no longer BELIEVE in webOS, then it's time to Shut This Website Down!!

Don't make fun of webOS or Us Fans, with THIS Type of Nepotism BS or by insulting or intelligence, by thinking we won't notice!! :-(

I think you have your Adams mixed up. I am Adam Marks, also known as Audemars02.  I am not DeadTechnology. That is another Adam.

As I have received no response from any of the staff on here I have now reported the matter to the FTC via

So, what did the FTC say when you called then and told them "Ummm...nevermind"?

Thought so.

What's even more ironic: the HP Touchpad - the only tablet to run webOS, Android (Gingerbread, ICS and Jellybean), Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04, multiple versions of Arch Linux as well as others (and not into chroot - NATIVELY) - and according to the "mainstream", our tablet is "dead".

I have both a 32gb and 64gb Touchpad with the 32gb booting webOS 3.0.5, Android ICS and Ubuntu 11.10 (with freedreno drivers for graphics). You should see my colleagues with their various iOS devices, especially when I boot into native Linux; the envy is palpable.

This tablet is far from dead. The only other device that I have had that even comes close is my SGS2 ET4G, which is almost as easy to modify as the Touchpad.

I would almost thank HP for "screwing up" the webOS community because if they had kept on working at webOS, I'm sure it would have eventually gone to a much more closed environment with them still trying to sell the Touchpad for much more than the fire sell prices, which would have kept the Touchpad out of the hands of all of the competent developers that are now working on it...

- Sent from my 64gb HP Touchpad on webOS 3.0.5 - the daily driver...