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The "Open webOS on my TouchPad" Haiku Contest Finalists! 15

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Aug 2012 10:02 pm EDT


Therapy venting
More than four hundred entries
Finalists; your vote

You all rock. With well more than four hundred entries it took us a while to sort through and find the best poems submitted for our "Open webOS on my TouchPad" Haiku Contest. But we did it, and we picked out ten to stand as finalists up for your vote. The top vote getter, traditionally known as the 'winner', will receive the non-webOS gadget of their choice, as a form of spiteful protest against HP's decision not to support the existing webOS userbase with Open webOS.

So head on past the break to check out the finalists and cast your ballot for the "Open webOS on my TouchPad" Haiku Contest!

The Finalists

Is it only me
Or does open source feel more
Like an open sore

Leaves turn brown and fall
Bury mounds of dark touchpads
Shroud dreams of users

Give us new hardware
Open webOS comes soon
Now "Make it Matter"

Define irony:
HP's tablet runs Android,
But not webOS

Who cares what hardware
Open webOS runs on
as long as it runs

"Make it Matter," huh?
Without some nice new hardware,
It won't matter much.

Loyal fans cry out
HP dealt us the wrong cards
We want webOS

HP, you are mad?
WebOS, a unique card
Rashly swiped away

I try to write a
cheerful haiku with my Pre
each one comes out sad

The Palm of your hand,
Corporate decisions flawed,
Internals save us.

The Vote

Voting will be open until midnight Eastern Time, Wednesday, August 15.

Thanks to everybody that entered! You're all awesome!


Nice work everyone!

I have to say otherwise, they all suck. I'm not even voting for any of them as of now...

No, 1 of beangeary's 11 or so entries wasn't bad... lyrically decent and witty (as far as haiku goes)

But i guess if you throw enough darts, one is bound to hit the mark.

Nice work to all (except the dude who used an iphone to write his haiku)

Haiku contest done
Such great entries to choose from
where the heck was mine.

LOL great job to all the finalists! Seriously hard to choose which I like the best. Well done!

Well done to all the entries, and good luck to the final 10. It's been interesting :)

What, I didn't win???
Haiku-mine was so much better..
um.. er... well... really....

NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great job, everyone.. there are some terrific and clever poems there!

These haiku's are palm to the soul. @bluenote thanks for keeping expressing our sentiments. i'm sad whenever I think about my webos buried somewhere under the cyanogenmod9 (the brown leaves that fall)

Thanks, glad my haiku was able to give some comfort (lots of good haikus in the bunch).

excellent contest
inspired use of haiku
many fine entries

Most poetic of them all
My vote goes to you

Thank you RfromR, yours is pretty clever too!

Haiku? Are you kidding me? There should be no more articles on webosnation that don't have anything to do with new hardware. seriously. Just fire everyone except for 1 or 2 writers and only report on developments as related to hardware. stop wasting your time and ours. this is ridiculous. do not speak for all of us. If you see articles that don't interest you, then don't read them. Easy enough to do to save your time.

I appreciate the votes people. This is some tough competition.