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The "Open webOS on my TouchPad" Haiku Contest: Win a non-webOS gadget of your choice! 450

by Derek Kessler Wed, 01 Aug 2012 10:10 pm EDT


Yesterday's announcement of HP's intentions to not create a build for Open webOS for the TouchPad made us sad. When we're sad, we express ourselves in haiku form. Don't judge us, we know we're weird with our meter-driven ways. Enough with your judging eyes of judgement! Anyway, once we managed to push through our haiku-addled haze of disappointment, we decided it was time to harness that creative energy and put it to good use: we want you to send a message to HP, and we want you to do it in haiku form.

So here's the deal: we're having a contest! In the comments of this post, submit your haiku entry (we'll be sticking to the tradition 5-7-5 syllabic meter) explaining to HP why they should reconsider their decision to not make Open webOS compatible with the venerable HP TouchPad. Or you can just express your woe and angst over the decision, or what it'll make you do. We want your take on the news, but in haiku form.

And just to make things interesting, the winner's going to receive a prize gadget of their choice, as long as it doesn't run webOS. Yeah, it's a little unorthodox, but it's also to spite HP a bit - if they don't want to give us the update, then we'd be stupid to at least not be looking over our other options. We can only handle this sort of neglect for so long before our friends stage an intervention (again).

Get cracking on those haikus, people! We'll take entries through Tuesday, August 7, and after that we'll post up a poll of the top entries so you all can pick the winner. Everybody's a winner when there's haiku involved, right?



How else can we kill
The hopes and dreams of the fans?
With Closed webOS.

HP lacks logic
They have all that they will need
Except the brain power

Oh hp, oh hp, oh
Webos the greatest, make open webos tablet
And the apple monster defeated

It's 5-7-5 syllables, not words.

No update for Pres
And no update for TouchPads
Same old song and dance

Oh when, oh when will
Somebody get webOS
Into caring hands?


Open is my wound

webOS once my savior

is now forsaken

Does a possessive count as a syllable? For example, would 'Enyo's' count as 2 or three syllables?


Sound it out!

Ooh, webOS news!
Joyful day, hip, hip, hurray!
... What the heck, HP?

Awesome! Where's that "like" button anyway?

From Pre to Nexus,
I still hold all of your cards
Mr. Duarte

Hewlett Packard will
always be a name that breaks
my poor fanboy heart

I have been using
The same phone since 2K9
Yet I won't go Droid

The "On" button on
My Pre broke this past winter
Yet I won't go Droid

My sweet TouchPad lacks
The correct Linux kernel
Yet I won't go Droid

open webOS
Will not work on my TouchPad
Thanks a bunch, HP.

Us diehard Palm fans
Will never be rewarded.
Guess I should go Droid.

Who cares what hardware
open webOS runs on
as long as it runs

The final knell sounds
The people’s choice obsolete
The flame of hope doused

no open for me
with my two and my tp
what's a guy to do?

Corporations' kiss of death
Farewell to WebOS

I guess that flies if you pronounce it Web-AHS. :P

Corporations' kiss of death
Farewell WebOS

Are we in the mood
to spend over one billion
on things we won't use?

Bye leo, hi Meg!
bought touchpad, new webOS?
No? i'll buy Samsung.

I Love My TouchPad
Meg Whit Taking It Away
Palm Love Dies Slowly

Let us be honest:
What was to be expected;
A good decision?

now helps me through the dark days
Bolsters my courage

Forgetting the past...
TouchPad and Pre laid to rest.
No love from HP.

Bye Leo, Hi Meg!
Bought Touchpad, new WebOS?
No? I'll buy Samsung

Great software, unknown.
No hardware, little support.
Asleep at the wheel.

Leo betrayed us.
no ice cream sandwich headache
fruit rotten at core

WebOS never die
Still love pre3 and TP
Thanks HP killing dream

Open webOS
Sadly no Touchpad for you
Making Ruby sad

HP Touchpad webos tablet stills
HP is not running the mill in
Open webos should TouchPad on

Syllables, not words.

5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

Sorry, poetry police.

check your syllable count here and look for alternate words.

Unfortunately it only works for standard words, so Touchpad and HP draw a blank.

HP is insane.
HP is a disaster.
HP will go broke.

It's like HP said,
"We have a cure for cancer,
but you can't buy it."

The one cancer was
called Leo Apotheker.
Scratch that, there's Meg now.

Open webOS
Is really closed webOS
No one to use it

We have been faithful,
Dearly loved our devices -
This "Open" means "Closed".

Open webOS
Is more like closed webOS
No one can use it

People can use it
But that doesn't mean they will.

open webOS
is a sailboat on the moon
about as useful

Touchpad slowly dies
No future for webOS
Android occupies

When you throw it all away
Common sense be damned.

Touchpad slowly dies
No open webOS comes
Android occupies

Touchpad slowly dies
Open webOS is closed
Android occupies

Spurned by maker
Seeking hope for my future
Optimist TouchPad.

Derek Kessler's work,
Tougher and tougher oh my!
New job at iMore?

Loyal fans cry out
HP dealt us the wrong cards
We want webOS

path to eternal
damnation the HP way
a customer hell

Still love my TouchPad

I feel betrayed by HP

May need an I-Pad

*****Note to submitters******

Posts with foul language/swearing get removed, so please keep it clean

Haikus are based on 5,7,5 syllable lines. :) Have fun!

No entiendo, no,
Mirame a los ojos,
Que pasa HP?

webOS hit hard
so when life gives you lemons
you make lemonade

HP gave us hope
but then they took it away
big surprise...or not?

Have some loyalty
Support those who stuck with you
Open on Touchpad

no, no, no, no, no
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
no, no, no, no, no

Yes, in one fell swoop
HP killed a user base
Frontwards and backwards.

Why, oh why, HP

TouchPad fans have been loyal

And now you do this?

Bad Printer Mojo
Reverse Polish Notation
Billions Down The Tube

webOS did rule
Leo A. was a big fool
Now open well cool

thanks webOS nation
for caring enough to give
a device that works

A system for all
And yet not for the loyal
Brighter shores, ahoy!

Slap, slap, boom, bif, wham!
That's me pounding on Leo
Just a dream I have.

HP Lost Its Way
Disaster In The Boardroom
I Think There All Gay

Open not for us.

TouchPad, lived, died by HP.

New Hardware, New life.

Proposed death in fall,
Proposed rebirth in winter,
But not for TouchPad.

(And, I don't want to sound anal, but haikus are traditionally supposed to have "seasonal words" in them, so I tried to do that, and hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say in the haiku.)

(^^That was my inner Japanese soul speaking. Please pardon it.)

Used to vouch for you
And then I got an Android
Make me want you back

I want to move on,
but it's hard, because I own
so many Touchstones.

Open webOS
Forever Alone

Each day I come here
expecting the final blow
but it never comes

HP: "Bwahaha!
All your Open webOS
are belong to us."

TouchPad Abandoned
No hardware announcement for
Open webOS

sad suits rule HP
clueless a kind epithet
such a shame so lame

Love my Pre - ³ cell

would not change it with O - TA

o - pen web - O - S!

webOS Nation:
"This won't work on our TouchPads?"

Give us new hardware
Open webOS comes soon
Now "Make it Matter"

Love my touch - pad too

give some o - pen source care to

will get us both through.

there are lots peo - ple

ex - pec - ting o - pen source OS

web - O - S that is.

Leo’s a loony
Rubinstein’s genius needs life
Come to help us Meg!

From a pebble stone
To a big TouchPad device
HP please think twice

open to others
but touchpad need not apply
defines the word dumb

[ And thanks Derek for hanging in there, and giving us this excellent bit of ventilation therapy !! ]

last chance sadly tossed
decision solely on cost
cannot be more lost

So intuitive
Oh, webOS on TouchPad
Now, he is dead, Jim

Apotheker fool
Kick you in the testicles
"In the coming months."

Leo killed it all
"From hells heart I stab at thee..."
Tears fall on TouchPad

HP failed again
The real Palm would not do this
Oh wait, Palm is dead.

Please reconsider
We would actually pay you.
Upwards of five bucks.

Please just end it now
Not a slow and painful death
One quick final blow.

De - rek you're the man!

Hai - ku the - ra - py - ing all

web - O - S Na - tion!

webOS is good, open not for sale.
All devices are dead, no-one gonna to sell.

HP did not try
webOS is the answer
We still have a chance

We love webOS.

Our TouchPads must get it.

Or we'll go Android.

June 2009,
Palm Pre, webOS, and Sprint,
Hopes and praise are high.

Records were broken,
Promises never fulfilled,
Frustrations abound.

A savior appears,
Grand schemes of greatness are shown,
Time to Think Beyond.

February 9th,
TouchPad, Veer, and the Pre 3,
Eagerness rises.

Time passes slowly,
Pre 3? PCs? Printers? No!
webOS is shelved.

Those feeling betrayed,
Promise to boycott HP,
Revenue declines.

Is there a way back?
Meg says open source it is,
5+ years support.

Awaiting for more,
Old hardware is forgotten,
We're burned yet again.

Forgetting the past,
While sometimes necessary,
Still causes great pain.

Fast forward in time,
When Open webOS comes,
Dreams will be answered.

Working with partners,
HTC, Samsung, and more,
Hardware aplenty.

open webos out
and no hp tablets or phones
pre fan boys cry foul

You've got 6-8-6

Here's just one possible 5-7-5 fix :

open os out
no hp tablets or phones
fan boys cry foul

- - - -

a card lost in stacks
leo, meg, so much doubt and pain
webos can only fail

Dastardly HP
No open source for TouchPad,
Not even Pre 3

Like the Palm Pre phone,
Open webOS minus
Is what we need now!

Need for new versions!
Open webOS can cover
Much more than Android!

Go Community!
Update Open webOS to
Improve on HP!

if there are not good at webos
how can we trust there future projects??????????? and hp

Um okay? HP....
Why no NFC?
Thank you for nothing!

Who is Meg Whitman?
She looks 83! Leave HP!
We need Leo back!

What does Prē stand for?
PREhistoric OS!!!
Get over it HP

Get over the name 'Prē'
It's so 2003
Prehistoric specs

Smallest smartphone Veer
Without Open webOS
Smallest future too

Forgoing old customers
Dammit I'm mad. Grrr.

all the people ask you to
put this great thing on touchpad
come on hp make it soon

if I should know then
that you are not into it
shame on your dark soul

WebOS still rules
But it cannot have success
Without good hardware

Hypothetical success
Is the current state of our
Open WebOS

When good devices
Built now, then and forever
Portray it strongly

Then populus will
Fall in love with software ours
And success will come!

Slighted, short-sighted
Willy-nilly silly fools
Seek pistols, think duels

Hardware-tied OS ?
Hardly tried to be the best
What is going on ?

Open-source in trunk ?
Such dreck ! What the heck ? Barf blech !!
Wow ! Unlock it now !!

Summer come again
I lose hope Webos near end
Sad Android only fate

I was filled with hope,
trust HP to snatch defeat,
from victory's jaws.

Still resolvedly,
I love my Touchpad dearly,
obsolete or not.

Windows Phone falters,
third player undecided,

Raised Hope in Open WebOS,
Dashed our Dreams in a Second,
TP - WE Make it Matter!

Open source couquers
More WebOS to play with
Friend for my Pre3

The Palm of your hand,
Corporate decisions flawed,
Internals save us.

The Palm of your hand,
Corporate decisions flawed,
Internals save us.

Nice !!

The Palm of your hand,
Corporate decisions flawed,
Internals save us.

oh, can someone remove these duplicates!

Leo's legacy:
Open WebOS that's closed
To fire sale pads

(Le-o's le-ga-cy:
O-pen Web O-S that's closed

Had a Pre, too slow
Tried 'Droid, iPhone, just not the same
Back to webOS

8 syllables in line 2.

Just remove the 'just' and you're Golden !!

Drat you're right, forgot iphone was two syllables, thanks!

Version 2:

Had a Pre, too slow
Tried 'Droid, iPhone, not the same
Back to webOS

Like Jerry Seinfeld
The webOS nazi strikes
"No Open for You!!!"

How could we piss off,
Our last remaining fan base?
I know! No open!

HP sucks big balls
My Pre 2 rocks the school halls
Long live webOS

Define irony:
HP's tablet runs Android,
But not webOS


Excellent !!


An " Apple " a day makes you " Think Different "
Although, you were very " fruity " to disolve the Web OS products.

Jim P

Regarding the various failures at achieving the 5-7-5 form, often by one syllable, sadly sometimes by more :

OBOBs abound, eh ?
counting syllables not tough
please pay attention

[ OBOB -- Off By One Boo-boo ; possibly THE most common error in computer programming ]

HP please hear us!

Our loyalty to WebOS

is unparalleled!

Kudos on working
"unparalleled" into your

NOT coming to your TouchPad
Not really surprised.

make webOS run
on any current device
fast and reliable

love my tiny Veer
it is my current device
shall stay up to date


What the hell is this?

Who even is Meg Whitman?

Leo in a wig?

bwahahahahahahaha !!!!

Leaves turn brown and fall
Bury mounds of dark touchpads
And the dreams of users

Excellence !!!

Although: line 3 is 6 syllables. One possibility for that:

Dreams of users die.


Leaves turn brown and fall
Bury mounds of dark touchpads
Shroud dreams of users

HP's bad choices
listen to community
we're the ones who care


Any company, and any CEO, that can read this thread, and NOT GET IT, is in such a state of Deepest Fail that there are few adjectives or analogies that suffice to describe that status.

Hello ?!? Wake the Freak Up !!!!


HP does not listen
to us the community
soon, mass exodus

Open WebOS
Is software without a home
I say good riddance

I love my white Veer
Without Open webOS
It's a paperweight.

I dual-boot Android
Using my HP Touchpad
Open source does this

Open webOS
Still hope for unknown device?
Don't screw this up too!

Pre3 and TouchPad
will be used until they die.
Whats next? Time will tell.

Why? Because we stayed.
Why? To reward loyalty.
Why? To make it right.

We have asked enough.
We have begged you way too much.
Time to deliver.

HP's humble pie
open source ice cream on my
Raspberry Pi? yum.

Android or iPhone
HP why you make me choose
The Droid or a fruit

Did i hear hiaku?

Is Derek calling me out?

Can I win again?

unfair is unfair.
no support or new device?
sinking with this ship.