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Open webOS OE booted on Asus Transformer Prime 36

by Derek Kessler Mon, 01 Oct 2012 1:22 pm EDT

Open webOS OE booted on Asus Transformer Prime

A month ago, intrepid webOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith got to tinkering with the then newly-released Open webOS OpenEmbedded beta, and managed to get it to boot relatively quickly on his Asus Transformer Prime tablet (a rather hackable piece of Android hardware). Today, with the full 1.0 version of Open webOS OE available to open source, Troughton-Smith went back to his Transformer Prime and worked a little bit more homebrew magic. We don't have complete details on the status of the port, though if it's anything like the Galaxy Nexus Open webOS port put together by WebOS Ports, there's likely still some work to be done. Regardless, we're glad to see it happen, and are already day-dreaming of the day when we'll be running Open webOS on whatever hardware we desire


Holy crap! I was literally thinking last night that someone should do this! and today I log in and see this on the articles page. Amazing!! I'd love to get one of these with Openwebos on it

Open Webos hasn't even be out for a week and its on two devices! Albeit not running to full potential but it sure is a start!! I'm excited!

The train picked up the speed !!!!!!!!!.

Can't wait for openwebOS to be on other tablets.

This makes me more excited than is probably appropriate for the workplace. We have the best devs! I'm infinitely jealous of each of their skills!

Its a little bit of light at the end of the shaft

This made me laugh...if taken out of context.


Now we need app support. Openmobile??? Hello????

GREAT!!! Please make a video!
On other matters; have you seen the HP ELITE PAD?! OMG! I want webOS on that BADLY! BADLY I MEAN!!
@_minego says the Elite-Pad uses an X86 CPU, so it's possible (with a lot of work for sure, but possible at last). Now, if the Homebrew community is up for the challenge (I feel bad even asking after all they've done), I say: open a thread and a donation link exclusively for this! You (HB) buy the E-Pad (prior donations off course) install Open webOS on it (when ready and based on our specific request and risk) and send it to any who has donated. So for example: the Elite-Pad cost $ 500. To put webOS on it is another $ 100. That's a total of $ 600 for the Elite-Pad webOS powered (plus shipping and handling). So I gladly pay that plus a donation. Lets say, I would pay $ 700 for it (free shipping); is it any good of an idea?! Anyone "up to the challenge"?! W'the heck! WebOS nations could very well do this as a business opportunity expanding its store! So, what do you say Derek?

Well, there are only three things wrong with what you are proposing:

1) The Elite-Pad won't be $500. The last HP Slate was something like $800 and it wasn't nearly as polished as the Elite-Pad. Right now, it won't even be offered to consumers.

2) Open webOS doesn't have anything near tablet functionality, lacking basic features such as wifi and bluetooth.

3) Ports of open webOS don't even currently do anything except for launch.

Other than that, you should be able to preorder your Elite-Pad with Open webOS any day now.

Ok Mr. Jgruber5; what out of "FOR EXAMPLE"!!! Didn't you understand on my comment?!

1.- Regardless the price, the ELITE-PAD -with some extra accessories- will have a UP TO 16 HOURS OR CHARGE!!! An 8 MEGAPIXEL REAR CAMERA WITH FLASH!!! METALLIC BACK (not finger magnet as the TP)! And looks SO MUCH SOLID THAN THE TP!!! When it does come out for consumer (which it will), plan could take place, right?!

2.- Yes, NOW it lacks some features. NOW!!! Later on, Homebrew will do their magic. That was actually the WHOLE point on my comment.

3.- Idem.

WHAT?! Order a Windows slate? Not out of my mind still; so I'll wait for a target device for Open webOS (my TP -even though it's not the greatest- still works and perform great with some patches and tweaks) to buy.


You know I actually would like to see OpenWebos booted on the Touchpad......

This is what I want to happen too.

But why? HP Touchpad's hardware is a piece of crap. Especially casing.

Uh, well, because many of us have Touchpads and think the hardware is just fine, but thanks for asking.

I have one 16Gb HP Touchpad. Many of Touchpads have cracks near usb-plug, speakers and headphone jack. USB host is unpowered. No SD-card slot. And we already have webOS CE.

How is the hardware a piece of crap? It has a dual core 1.5 ghz processor. The problem is the software is not optimized causing it to run like crap. That's the case of webOS since it came out.

Isn't that what webOS Community Edition is supposed to be? Except, it already has a bunch of added extras Open webOS 1.0 doesn't have...

There handful of touchscreen computer out there
for myself i wish seen this on my eeetop or an eeekeyboard !
Really can be GORGEOUS!!!

WOOO! Can't wait to see this booted on the ORIGINAL Kindle Fire!!!

I guess I may be too negative, but still... What are news like this worth? I mean, will it really change anything for the path of WebOS? As long as there is no hardware that comes preinstalled with WebOS I fail to see a future for WebOS. HP isn't going to do it and I seriously doubt that these hacks (albeit impressive) will lead to a brighter future for webOS.

I don't know, but all of this sounds eerily similar to what has happend with the Amiga. People who desperately try to make a system survive, only barely masking the fact that the system itself is dead and neglected by every important software- and hardware-developer.

Think the future of webos is entirely as a device for the tinkerer set; something that can be hacked onto other hardware but not bigger commercial success, and many people that will be just fine.

So why are you even here? Why aren't you on iMore or Androidcentral? They have lots of successful products, yes?

Those of us who are here actually like webOS and are excited over little things like seeing just a boot screen on another piece of hardware! So, what's it to you? :/

if webOS was "dead" there would be no webOS Nation. And HP wouldn't even have tried to open scource webOS. I hate when people say its "dead" because if it was "dead", there'd be no mention of it in the blogosphere. And as you can tell by this site, there is more than enough fans for it to be alive.

Well done, I love the sight of that! I'm dreaming of the future in which webOS will be installed easily on whatever mobile device... Thumbs up for Steve!

I think Open webOS will be like Cyanogenmod, they dont sell hardware but build roms and patches for many devices. Now even OEM's are supporting them because there rom are so popular. I glad HP open sourced webOS at least it will continue to grew, after the fire sale I knew many who wanted to try it but have no hardware, Now they can, android Phones and tablets are not expensive. Just give it some time we all know it takes 2 weeks for updates :)

This brings tears of joy to my eyes...

I agree. If Open webOS exists with no hardware, I hope CynagenMod 11 is based on Open webOS so we can all flash it on our phones/tablets.

Why stop at an Android device? What about getting it on an iPad? Didn't I read once that HP ran webOS on an iPad and it actually ran faster? If only those engineers were still around so they can tell us (actually webOS Ports) how they did that. Wouldn't that be awesome?!!

Anybody know who those guys are or if that really happened?

No, that was a gross mis-interpretation that was repeated ad nauseum.  They tested ENYO on an iPad, not webOS.

whether it's feasible or not i don't know. i know nothing about programing. But as a practical matter there are way more ipads out there then any other tablet. To me i've always thought the number one piece of hardware you want your open source on is the massive number if ipads.

It's just a numbers thing to me. try to appeal to the biggest number of people, by hitting the one most popular piece of hardware.

WebOs shines for phones
I am looking forward to seeing how it will do on my Galaxy S III
Android is loathsome

I have to tolerate it on my TP just for Netflix, when I go back to webOS, it's always such a breath of fresh air. Why do programmers bother with it? It isn't fluid at all!

webOS is fluid? Almost everything about webOS is the opposite of fluid. I can actually see the lag when typing on the touchpad.

ipads are not succesful because of the Hardware, but because of the OS. And this OS is optimized for the Hardware. Webos can not be better for the ipad than iOS. We need Hardware that will make webOS shine, that is not neccessarily the most sold piece of Hardware.

looking forward to a Top notch phone with webOS.

Another part of their success is the fact that they are the Kleenex of tablets. Many people refer to the tablet as just an iPad. Subliminal advertising.