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Open webOS OE booted on Galaxy Nexus by WebOS Ports [video] 71

by Derek Kessler Fri, 28 Sep 2012 7:42 pm EDT

Open webOS OE booted on Galaxy Nexus by WebOS Ports [video]

If there was one thing we expected to happen with relative quickness, it was that the industrious developers of WebOS Ports would get the newly released Open webOS 1.0 up and running on modern hardware. And deliver they have. Just hours after the release of the 1.0 version of Open webOS OpenEmbedded, the WebOS Ports team has uploaded a video of Open webOS running on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It's not exactly pretty, and it's not in any manner fast (we're told there's no hardware acceleration happening in the port's current state - i.e. this was a 'quick and dirty' proof of concept), but it still brings a tear to our eyes.

If you're wondering how WebOS Ports got this done so fast, don't strain yourself trying to ponder how they managed this in just six hours. Remember, even though Open webOS OE just hit 1.0 today, the beta version has been public for a month, and other parts have been available as open source for even longer. Granted, it didn't have a user interface then, but plenty of people - WebOS Ports included - have been tinkering around with the operating system over the past few weeks. And tinker they have, so getting the fresh 1.0 version of Open webOS OE to boot was something they were at least familiar with when the release landed earlier today. The Galaxy Nexus was chosen by WebOS Ports back in August as the first target device, thanks to its fully open source nature as one of Google's Nexus devices.

To give you an idea of where the Galaxy Nexus port stands right now, in tinkering with the beta build they were able to get the device to boot and Wi-Fi to work (with the addition of some open source Android bits), though parts like Bluetooth, telephony, and the camera are still works in progress.

The WebOS Ports team clearly isn't done here. They're going to working on this port and likely several others going forward. WebOS Ports isn't just planning to port and be done with it either, they've got plans for making necessary modifications via the addition of a separate layer that will improve Open webOS for the hardware and added needed functionality. What exactly they're going to do is unknown at this point, but if the modifications made as part of LunaCE are any indication, they've got some talent and imagination on their sides to make things happen.

As you'll see in the video, this isn't quite ready for primetime, so the WebOS Ports team isn't yet releasing the code to do this, lest you muck up your own Galaxy Nexus. Rest assured, when it's ready, you'll be able to find it all on WebOS Ports' Wiki, like everything else WebOS Internals has done.

Source: WebOS Ports


so excited!!!! go webOS ports!!!!!

Excitement here too. I think HP will see how much of a demand webOS actually has when it's out on some good hardware...

51 excited responses here already in three day, they're prolly inflating balloons of celebration already! WebOS's third launch promises to be the best!


This is a niche site. A lot of responses were never expected.

However, this video has now nearly 80,000 views, which isn't too shabby.

Sorry don't order 80k pizzas for the party yet. Most of those views are Nexus followers that watched it up to the point where the screen swipe executed in slow motion then moved on to a fail video of skaters falling on their butts. Love seeing progress in this hobby, bit the underlying flaws are still unresolved.

This brings tears of joy to my eyes...

You gotta love WebOS Internals. You guys are awesome!

Never liked those big screen android devices. But seeing webOS on such a phone makes me want to have one. :D

Woo hoo!! This may seem like a baby step, but I think it's a momentous occasion! We're crossing the Rubicon. September 29th is our July 4th!

Don't forget WebOS Ports has a donation link:
-- Rod

I just did! More power to webOS and webOS Ports! Will try to find a Google Nexus phone here in Canada and see how it compares to my Pre 3

wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have Verizon gnex!

I always thought the GNex would be the perfect phone to port WebOs to because it doesn't have any physical keys on the face of the phone. Would it it be possible to make a virtual gesture area?

Open webOS has no need for a gesture area.

But that's what makes webOS awesome!


Agreed x2. Gestures are what makes WebOS on the phone so much easier for multitasking and using with one hand. I just got the iPhone 5 and it just reminded me how terrible iOS is compared to webos when it comes to multitasking and one handed use. For phones, gestures make so much sense.
Apple agrees with this one their notebooks, which feature huge trackpads that allow many gestures.

well it might have no need for one but the gesture area is what really makes webos, at least on a phone, but I could also see it be extremely useful on a laptop with webos (not sure about a tablet). Not having a gesture area would be a minus for me.

Hi Derek Kessler

you sent me an email saying I won a promo code voucher for OrganizeMe. I replied saying as I'm from UK I was wondering if you could send me a UK version of the code?

However I've had a reply from you for several days?
No rush on my part, just wanted to check if you got my reply to your email?

Sorry I've replied to you under a different article in webosnation.

awesome! I decided a couple month ago that my next smartphone would be one that will run open WebOS, I'm happy to the first of - I hope - many devices

Rod you tease us so!!!!

Yes, all us diehards, donate, donate, donate!

I hope webOS Ports can work on a Sprint phone too!

Awesome...this is exactly what I was hoping for the day that HP announced they'd be open sourcing webOS. There's a new era in mobile computing right around the corner, and that's the one where you aren't bound to using the OS that came with your phone or tablet. If you know how to jailbreak an iPhone/iPad or root a Android device, you're a good portion of the way in computer skills to being able to figure out how to (well, eventually, when the community makes it a little simpler) install whatever mobile OS you want to use on your phone or tablet...just like you can install whatever OS you want on your PC (provided driver support in both cases, of course).

Oh! Gigity! I'm ready to dump my iPhone ASAP!

I just commented on the open webos touch PC demo to put it on my nexus already. Guess I got my wish!!! :)

"thanks to its fully open source nature as one of Google's Nexus devices".

Yeah, right.

Binary Blobs are a Fact of Life...

we just live with them and move on...

for it to be "good enough" it has to be redistributable. (or easily gotten)

Binary blobs are not a thing of evil, ofcource.
But to use them you're forced to a specific kernel version (or a limited selection of thereof).

The ones that start with 'Pm' in WebOS are. Fsck everything about the webos 2.2.4 bluetooth stack.

Woo hoo! I was going to buy whatever came out first, bb10 or a phone running open webOS. Thank you webOS community!

Since the drivers are binary, I wonder if we can run the webOS GUI on top of an android OS.

depends on how different it is from basic linux. The abstraction is there to accomplish just that sort of thing

I think htc should make a phone for webOS. Since they are a smaller company and they can own at least half million customers at a heart beat.
Too many loyal fans who would support this idea even if the phone is not a breakthrough design.

I will add that I love the Google Nexus phone design. The simple black face on the Nexus looks the most like the Pre series of phones of any current phone on the market.

This is awesome. So glad to finally see something like this! I hope webOS can branch out like Android (belch) and reach a ton devices.

Clearly, OpenwebOS was intended for a tablet, given the small sizes of the buttons. However, to get any webOS (ver.3+) on some newer hardware is pretty $hit hot, and I'm sure that some the kinks can be worked out.

Agreed, I hope 2.0 has a better phone UI.

I think it's because the higher screenresolution on the Nexus. Should be quite easy to fix by dynamically adjusting the icons size or by using different icon sizes for different resolutions....

Yes, you're correct. The Galaxy Nexus has a higher vertical resolution that the Touchpad, and is only 48 pixels narrower. Rendering the same images would result in exactly what we see here.

I love the PALM form factor... but this is just BE-A-UTIFULL!!!
Ok people, ok webOS lovers! Lets demonstrate to our community that their efforts won't be unappreciated... Lets donate and we'll see our beloved OS get better and better! There are 500,000 webOS Nations registered and I know there are not much haters (just a few keeping an eye on something better, webOS!) around. So, come on! They have demonstrated us they're in it for good, so lets back them up!

I agree, let's do it everyone! If there are that many members, or just a 5th of us, if we each just gave a dollar per member to see this come to fruition, just think about it!

If anyone has an extra upgrade and would like to do this, I believe Phil at AC mentioned yesterday that the Galaxy Nexus is/is about to be $.97 at Walmart on 2 year contract

sure would like to see how the on-screen keyboard works. Or better yet, see it on an Android phone with keyboard, or, dare I say, in a BB!

Kudos again to WebOS Ports, and donation to follow.

One small step for WebOS. One giant leap for WebOS kind!

This runs faster than my Pixi!

Sweet! Still waiting for a replacement for my Pre- on Sprint... was thinking Firefox OS next ROFL.

Do I have to wait long? ROFLMFAO. :/


Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy!


I hope PuffTheMagic gets this working on the Evo 3d!

That's one small step for a webOS , a giant leap for webosnation.You guys are awesome good job .

Give me! I want one!

Or two!

Even though I've long since moved to Android, this makes me happy. I had the Verizon nexus for a few months before I got the S3, and I'm curious about something. When they do get the radios and other things working, will it be plagued with the same signal issues that a lot of people had, including me, on Android? Or was that just an Android problem? I live pretty close to a Verizon tower, and the nexus was the only phone I've owned that had noticeably worse signal than my other Android phones. I even got a new replacement (not refurbished) as well as flashing all the different radios available. Either way I'm tempted to go buy a nexus off Ebay for when things get a little more ironed out. Great job guys! My donation will be on its way shortly.

Unfortunately the radio drivers would have to come from a binary "blob". I do have a question though, what drew you to the S3 over the Nexus? The screens are nearly identical, and I've found no shortcomings to my Nexus (other than the operating system, something I've helped remedy by rooting). I thought about it, but looking at the specs I really didn't see a point to buy a new phone.

I did like the nexus quite a bit, except for the radios.. But, I was given the option to trade it for any phone Best Buy had of equal or lesser value that I had paid for my nexus (799.00).. So since the s3 was 699.00 I thought I'd give that a shot as well as get a hundred in store credit. So far It's been a better phone in every aspect, (for me at least) except hack ability. But if your happy with your nexus and it's working great for you, then it's not worth the upgrade.

Donated. This device should be an awesome piece of Open WebOS tech if/when all the bugs get ironed out. Not to mention my hat's off for all of the other projects they're undertaken. $10 = drop in bucket.

It's encouraging to see the efforts and fruits of labour that have brought us to this point.

The skeptical might say it took us this long to get here, and it's less then what was. Which seems to me, twisted like a Fox News poll that says 90% of online voters picked Romney ..... [so Obama should just concede right now].

Impatience is hard to swallow for some. Results become like some twitter post, or impatient Boss needing results like yesterday. But when you've experienced a 286 & 40 mb hard drive piece of technology - with upgrade to 512K of RAM (lol) - one doesn't have a problem with waiting. That would be me.

Obviously the key to real success for webOS is hardware, and who will fill that need. Will HP see an opportunity, and run with it? Or will they decide .... meh. Will it be left to some enterprising company looking to break into the Western market? Or are the infinite possibilities just like infinity - difficult to conceive.

Granted, the concern for hardware is certainly relative to webOS success. But where the real focus should be, is making this rendition of webOS, a souped up version that not only duplicates all things good with webOS, but brings it to another level. Making a stable version of such a beast, is the manner in which this OS can draw in the hardware.

As Kevin Costner heard over and over again ........ Build it and they will come . Build a phenomenal version of webOS, and someone will come. Where HP has the advantage - whether they see it or not - is that they can tie in a mobile system with a desktop environment (where I can type this comment so much more efficiently). Desktops ain't going away - they just have to learn to share the space. Finding a mix like this, is where HP has the opportunity to regain its' place as top dog in the computer field.


Eloquently said....

"As Kevin Costner heard over and over again ........ Build it and they will come . Build a phenomenal version of webOS, and someone will come. "

...yeah, they will come. All 20 of them.

Sorry, but the game is loooong over, webOS is a hobby item and will remain one, and saying that HP has ANY chance to regain ANYTHING developing it further (much less so a "top dog's place"), is delusional - sorry!

What OPPORTUNITY you are talking about, that HP supposedly have with webOS today, that they hadn't wasted, beginning nearly TWO YEARS AGO, and finalizing in August, 2011??? That some able hobbyist folks (kudos to them) were able to run it on some random piece of hardware, did it opened the whole new world of opportunities, somehow, am I missing something???


If you've been around the computing world long enough, you would know that "Ridiculous" is a fact of that world.

Ridiculous is Apple going from "near dead" to becoming the Number 1 company in the world.

Ridiculous is HP - via Leo - offering a new phone (Pre3) and cancelling it the next day.

Ridiculous is Xerox letting Wozniak & Apple "steal" a great idea.

Ridiculous is me not sliding over to a degree in computers (at U. of Waterloo) - when the opportunity was thrown at new Math students (like me). "Who switches in the first week". Ridiculous is watching those computer "geeks" lead at RIM, Microsoft, Nortel, and IBM in Canada - with most now enjoying retirement (or could if they wanted to).

Ridiculous is suggesting webOS has no future - AT ALL.
And yes ... Ridiculous is responding to your comment.


Of course, webOS has a future - exactly the kind of the future, that I've described in my post above. Maybe couple of tens die hard hobbyist developers, maybe few thousands (but more likely, few hundreds) die hard hobbyist users. Which is equivalent to say "none", in the broader context.

And yes, I've been around the computing long enough, to have witnessed 286 processors coming and going (and 8086/8088 before them, and couple of others, 8bit ones, too), the death of Amiga, the birth and the near-death experience of Apple and on and on.

Somehow, the whole experience didn't made me delusional, though. MAybe that's because I am one of those "geeks", that you despise so much, and not living in a purely hypothetical, mathematic abstraction land :)

" ... MAybe that's because I am one of those "geeks", that you despise so much ..."

Not sure how you assumed this, but if I despised "geeks", I'd be despising myself. I lived and breathed computers - including punch cards, although it was more a history lesson if anything. Cobol & Fortran were my computing languages.

On a side note, the Amiga 2000 was the dream machine I wanted to own, but never did. And that 286 I bought - cost over $4,000 ... a pretty sum back in the mid 80s. Times have changed, and so has the Tech world.

webOS may remain in the hobby world, or it may find a place as a commercially successful OS. At this time it's hard to know what the crystal ball has in store for us fans. I'd imagine if you told someone back in the day - when Apple was hemorrhaging - that they'd become the #1 company in the future (not just in the Tech World), the term "Ridiculous" would qualify as one of the nicer ways to say you're crazy.


Yeah OK, surely webOS will fly as high, as Amiga does, since it's troubles began

come ooooooon guys, LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED... i'm hoping to log in tomorrrow and see some even better news. THIS IS GREAT. Hey, smart guys, what do you need to make this work, if we need to make donations, pls ask so we can start. This news has brightened my weekend so...

This is just incredible. Have been waiting and praying, well mostly waiting for any positive news to keep WebOS alive and improving. Luv my Pre 3 but it would really be incredible to use WebOS on a 4.5 inch screen with dual core processing etc. Keep it going people.


ok i want a gesture area :-(

I will gladly put webOS on my Gnex as soon as a dual boot option is available. Happy days!

Won't it be crazy when webOS Ports gets this port of webOS ironed out to a stable release for the Galaxy Nexus and all of us webOS die hard fans go and buy the Galaxy Nexus which causes Samsung to see a crazy peak in sales.

That should make a company take notice of us webOS fans!!

I bet we can even beat WP 8 to market share and they've been trying very hard for almost two years now with little results!!

I hope this finds its way to my galaxy s2.I love this phone, but Android sucks.


and to think I was thinking of upgrading away from my Gnex, I cant wait till this is ready to go; I truly miss webOS as daily driver.