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Open webOS open source branding competition winner 50

by Derek Kessler Tue, 20 Mar 2012 5:45 pm EDT

Open webOS open source branding competition winner

Unsurprisingly, our call for people to lay out their vision for branding for Open webOS drew a lot of awesome entries. Surprisingly, HP liked it enough that wanted to get involved, pitching in a TouchPad and a meeting with the HP design team for the winning design. And thus, a competition was born.

With so much awesomeness competing for so much awesomeness, it was difficult for us to pick just a few to stand up to compete for this prize. But, we did, and you voted, and now it's time to unveil the final results… after the break. Yeah, we're such a tease.

2nd Runner-Up



1st Runner-Up



Grand Prize Winner



Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everybody who entered. The enthusiasm that this community can put forth for something as small as an unofficial design competition is always amazing. It helps that the designs that come out of that are also pretty darn great too.

Our thanks also to HP for chipping in with the prizes for our winner. We hope you'll like what bluerq has to say about Open webOS branding on behalf of the webOS Nation community!


Is HP going to consider using the winning design as THE logo for webOS or was this just for kicks?

haha... of course not.

well - at least it means that HP reads THIS WEBSITE. Many companies underestimate how important it is to listen to consumer feedback. HP should just have started to listen earlier. They did not even listen to the reviews which always said something like - great OS - bad hardware.
Well actually thats not true. They must have gotten stuck with the great OS part - or why else was there almost no improvement since they bought Palm? :D

Wow these are awesome! Will the winning design be implemented in open webos 1.0?

Congrats to the winner... I didn't vote for it but that's because every time I look at it I see Jim Carrey saying "IT'S THE CLAWWWWW!" from Liar Liar

LOL.. that was funny! Now I too, see the CLAW in the logo. :)

thanks!! and hahaha, ShiftyAxel told me that too...


I see the arm of an emaciated Wolverine...of the Marvel Comic variety...never seen an emaciated wolverine of the Mustelidae variety.

But I like it best of those three. Good job folks!

Congratulations to the winners!

thank you so much!


@Zukny - that's funny. I actually first saw a silhouette of a square-headed balding guy with a combover

Congrats Bluerq! - Well deserved.

thank you!


Congrats bluerq!!! nice job, is a great design made by mexican fan of hp



For me immovablesoup 1ST RUNNER-UP logo is the best. I reminds me of Dead Space armor helmet. That is why is so great!


I like it even better than the ones I submitted. It's simple, clean, true to our history, and helps to evoke the card-based, multitasking benefits of webOS. I don't want to over-analyze, but it's a logo that actually helps with marketing.

thank you so much!


Nice stuff!!

thanks, glad you like it!


Hey bluerq! I briefly considered entering this contest... but then I saw what you produced. I concluded that I could not create anything that did a better job of encapsulating webOS than what you already exhibited in your designs. GREAT job, and very well deserved.

thank you!!



A very simplistic design, that along with the card aspect, truly defines webOS. Elegance and minimalism at its' best.

thank you very much!!!



first, thanks everyone who supported my logo!!!
thanks to webOS Nation for the support to the community!
thanks to HP for sponsoring and supporting the community!
thanks to MrElSkat / skat_et_dieu for posting this crazy awesome idea on the forums!

i really, can believe it!!!

thanks again to all!!!


Although it's hard for me to say - congrats!

Maybe you'll come back to the forum and document what ever happens between you and HP? I'd be really interested. Especially if they talk about a useful way in which us designers can contribute to the project?

i will, i promise!!!

and thanks!


Congrats, from one finalist to another!

I'm glad a clean, well thought out and "-open" design made it. :D



I liked this one but the open on the O of Isandunk was a good detail. Any way, good choice.
Congratulations to everyone.

Yeah, I liked that one the best too ;)

Congratulations bluerq, I also voted for yours!

thanks, and thanks for your vote!!!


Congrats on winning bluerq! Hope you enjoy visiting HP and gaining a Touchpad. I'm glad just to appear somewhere on this page! Congrats toappstache too, your graphic design skills are amazing. :)

thank you so much,
i really liked your "open"... haha...


I voted för bluerq congrats on winning! :)



congrats bluerq - I was thinking -with your permission- I'll put the logo on the back of my TP! A little promotion for WebOS can't hurt.

Someone who is trying to stand out against all the iThings while commuting on the train

thanks! and go ahead..
i will upload requests, vectors , alternate versions, and more stuff later..


Grats, very nice logo.

Clean and simple and shows the cards.

The logo will also work for a webOS toaster as the cards could be slices of bread. ;)

hahaha, definitely... i want my webOS Toaster...



Congrats to the winner...

Initially I really liked this logo then all of a sudden I saw three gravestones lined up instead of stacked cards and it made me sad :(

With all this talk of webOS being dead etc, I don't want gravestones in the future logo!

i saw a clinging leg of a webSpider there :-(
appstashe's looks best

I'm sorry, but the winning logo is pretty silly. Take the current webOS logo and put cards around it, but just so vaguely that only someone who knows what WebOS is could understand that its a logo for a Mobile OS and not something that deals with Birds of Prey or Lions due to the claw?

I apologize for being critical, but there were other better finalists, I think this got the most traction because it was the first on the boards. Hopefully if HP's design team does get involved, they can dress this up considerably. Enjoy your touchpad!

P.S. Isn't it called Open WebOS now?

It's as the "designer" said him(/her)self - unbelievable.

I know webOS is about cards, yet I still see a snake taking a chomp of the S every time. I have to remind myself what it actually depicts, and then I'm thinking about what people having no clue about webOS will think/see. Probably not cards ...

if you're using Chrome, go to the app store, and download the free game Entanglement. compare that logo to the 1st runner up, Appstache, and tell me what's up.

Very minor differences that would not have any decipherable similarities if they weren't both hexagons.

I assure you I've never seen this game previously, and frankly, I like mine quite a bit more. They have a flat hexagon with strings. I have a box without a top with the nearly universal network (web) imagery.

That said, congratulations RQ. Clean and simple wins again.

There are going to be a lot of logos out there using similar concepts. Just a cursory search found the one you referenced, plus another game in the market that uses a similar logo, Rockmelt's logo, and the .Mac logo. My assumption was that the design was a combination of the concept of the .mac logo, Enyo logo, and the concept of an open box.

Regardless of the accompanying graphic, it would have been most appropriate for "Open webOS" to be in the system font, Prelude, or its webfont successor, Apres RE.

Winning design looks like webOS Toaster to me.