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Open webOS ported to Raspberry Pi single-board computer, still needs a UI 22

by Derek Kessler Thu, 20 Sep 2012 4:44 pm EDT

Open webOS ported to Raspberry Pi single-board computer, still needs a UI

If you'll recall, late last month we at long last saw the release of the first public betas for Open webOS. Surprisingly, the open source successor to webOS came in two forms: a version that ran as an app inside Ubuntu Linux, and a multi-processor-compatible version enabled by OpenEmbedded. The only problem with the latter, which is technically capable of running on a wide range of hardware, is that it lacks a user interface. And that presents a problem for an operating system in 2012 - people just aren't as comfortable tooling around in the command line today as they were in 1982 (Mac OS brought the first consumer graphical user interface in 1984).

While we wait and hope that the complete 1.0 version of the OpenEmbedded Open webOS due out later this month comes with a complete user interface, the fact that it lacks one hasn't stopped enterprising developers from going full steam ahead with porting Open webOS to their hardware of choice. Case in point, today the Raspberry Pi blog called attention to the work of developer aaa801, who has successfully booted Open webOS on the Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

If you're not familiar with Raspberry Pi, it's a fully-hackable credit card-sized ARM-powered computer that sells for just $25. The Raspberry Pi includes a 700MHz Broadcom ARM processor, SD card slot (it has no storage of its own), 256MB of RAM, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, HDMI, 3.5mm audio, and RCA video out, and a handful of other ports meant for developer types to build their own hardware. Spec-wise it's practically an original Palm Pre, though significantly more hackable (and though small for a computer, still notably larger than the motherboard found in said smartphone). At $25 a pop and small enough in size, the Raspberry Pi has proven to be highly popular with hardware hackers, allowing them to build all sorts of contraptions.

It's not too surprising to see that somebody's already ported Open webOS to the Raspberry Pi, given the aforementioned popularity of the mini computer. We're still glad to have seen it happen, and expect that it's just the tip of the iceberg as far as what Open webOS can boot on. Though it'll really need a user interface if it's to be useful… video of the oh-so-exciting white block letters of a black background booting process of the Open webOS OpenEmbedded beta on the Raspberry Pi.

Source: Raspberry Pi; Thanks to Micah for the tip!


AWESOME !!! Apart from the fact that you CANNOT find these anywhere....
I had to cancel my order after 12 weeks of wait...

However this si great news for webOS !!! Means that we can port it on a lot of ARM powered devices !!!

If Open webOS ships with a UI for Open Embedded devices, I am so getting a Raspberry Pi. First "new" webOS device and it only costs $25.

Yeah, cool! I wish I knew WTH this is. OpenwebOS with out UI? How useful is that for me?

Open WebOS + Rasberry Pi + Linux Kinect Drivers = Ultimate Couch Computer. It would require some speech to text or keyboard but no mouse required!


HP can also make em' double the ram to 512. And EVEN if it DOUBLES the price, $50 is WAYYYYYYYY more less than what they built the TouchPad for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



EDIT: Obviously it'll need an SD card too, but with OEM pricing, even without it. 16gb is as cheap as idk ONE picture on original Time-Zero film ? no, it's cheaper.

MY GOD. WEBOS is saved.... it's saved............. i cannot believe it it's saved................ palm user since 2005. since i was a teen. so expect me to overreact a little. :P

overreact away

very understandable :-)

I think I may just buy one of those...

so the raspberry pi supports Linux 3.3?

and my Pre2 doesn't?

and we were told that the mobile hardware that supports open webos doesn't exist, yet....

I'm full of command line luv.

The pi doesn't really qualify as mobile hardware right now. Compact, yes, but not mobile.

Yeah, looking at the pi specs, it may not have enough ram for a webOS UI.

hmm...I'd wait for webos 1.0 to have the UI interface... this is exciting, but the fact is majority of consumers just want a working OS/ UI and use it...
For techies who slurp this up like coffee.. this is great stuff.. :)

If Specs of Pre- can load OpenWebOS, Then I surely am hopeful of seeing OpenWebOS on a Pre3.

Thinking about the possibilities with a cubieboard.
HDMI 1080p Output
10/100M Ethernet
4GB Nand Flash
2 USB Host, 1 micro SD slot, 1 SATA, 1 ir, usb BlueTooth/WIFI

It could very well become an entertainment hub/internet browser/storage hub...

This is exciting. Has anyone experimented with adding a hdmi port to their existing WebOS device? My wheels are spinning...

Not to get off topic but....

"Mac OS brought the first consumer graphical user interface in 1984"

Surely PARC deserves at least a little bit of credit, you know for developing it and all...

Still, webOS on Raspberry Pi is quite exciting!

I was waiting for someone to bring that up. I think the key word was consumer.

I have been looking to buy one of these Raspberry Pi boards for a while now. Now my Interest has more then doubled :)

This is great news now I can unbox my Pi.

Valerie, Valera! HP's webOS abandoning is partially justified by making it Open Source and sooooo hacky.If it runs on Raspberry Pi, it will run on anything from hedgehogs to TVs.