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Open webOS Project brings back the VirtualBox emulator 13

by Ryan St. Andrie Fri, 01 Feb 2013 11:03 pm EST

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The end of another month brings yet another update from the Open webOS Blog giving us all a heads up on the most recent achievements related to our favorite open source OS. This month the gang dropped quite a bit of interesting information, probably the biggest of which was the revival of the VirtualBox emulator.

Back when webOS was shiny and new, the emulator was an useful tool for developers to test device-specific features if they didn't have access to the appropriate hardware. As you can imagine, this is very important as developers want their end product to work as intended on all the devices it is available for. Since Open webOS stands to be ported to multiple devices from various manufacturers with all types of hardware configurations, the return of the Virtualbox emulator will likely prove to be invaluable.

Next up is an achievement that is admittedly a bit over our heads: an upgrade to Yocto 1.3. What is Yocto? The Yocto Project provides open source back-end tools so developers can create their own custom Linux distributions, and that's for any hardware architecture. How exactly developers will take advantage of Yocto integration in Open webOS is an open question, but that's kind of the point. Couple with thinks like the integration of the Linux Standard Kernel and OpenEmbedded, Open webOS is looking at a wide array of potential hardware platforms on which to play.

Last, but certainly not least, both nodejs and Enyo are getting upgrades in the coming month. The nodejs platform is currently getting a small upgrade to 0.8.18 and should be hitting available in its GitHub repo in "the coming days". In the meantime, the Enyo 2 team is working feverishly on the 2.2 update which will add both BlackBerry 10 and Windows 8 support.

Yes, folks, Open webOS is still alive and kicking, and the team at HP isn't resting on their laurels now that they've completed the open source process. Progress is happening on all fronts, and while it might take some time, remember that all good things do.



node.js rules!

Let me know when there's a current version of webOS for my TouchPad that I can tolerate using for more than 10 minutes.


3.0.5 + LunaCE 4.9.5...

Make those cards dance like the Rockettes.

Is LunaCE in Preware?


This will never come. The most sensible decision one can do is using CM10, and btw also removing all webOS-related logical volumes (yes, this can be easily achieved!). Means at least 1.5GB more for Android applications, and we don't have to look back at this unfinished trainwreck, that even an usable browser haven't been made for. Only reasonable way to actually USE those older devices now. A great task-switcher alone doesn't cut it when there's actually not much professional-grade stuff to switch, so better have productive tools and then learn to cope with Android's architecture (evil lessened by webCM).

Everything else is like living in la-la land, fully retaining the blind denial patterns that are so established here.

Send from my cm_tenderloin using Firefox and Hacker's Keyboard :P

So, why do you bother coming here, to trash talk people's choices of operating systems?

The emulator is awesome. I remember using it on my Palm Centro before I got my Palm Pixi

Bring it on!

How can we get it and download it?

You can build openwebos (it's easy) and after that Open webOS is available in VirtualBox.

Thank you for the info! I will give it a shot!

Bring us Open webOS with Virtual Box !!!!