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Overclocking kernels for webOS 2.1 now available; speed demons rejoice 65

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 01 Mar 2011 2:06 am EST

As expected, within just a few hours of Palm making the source code for the webOS 2.1 kernel available, forum member unixpsycho and others within the webOS Internals team have worked their magic. Multiple overclocked versions of the kernel have appeared within the Preware testing feed, along with the stock Palm 2.1 kernel for recovery purposes. (The older versions of the various kernels will remain available as well, but unixpsycho tweeted that there will be no further development work done on them.)

As with all previous such efforts, only users who are comfortable risking having to redoctor their devices to original spec, potentially losing saved data and possibly bending or breaking a warranty should experiment with these kernels. Read all the relevant warnings and instructions in the forums as well.

Source: webOSInternals


Homebrew rocks!!! 2.1 is flying @ 1 gHz on my Pre+

I would totally try this, but I'm on 32 bit Windows 7 and I cannot get WOSQI to recognize my Pre Plus at all (tried all of the various methods in the forums, including alternative novacom installation and copying Palm, Inc to the x86 folder). If I doctored to 2.1, I would be stuck without homebrew - and that's not okay! :-)

Ubuntu via liveCD or liveUSB or in Virtualbox or on its own partition if u have the space? Lots of options.

Ha! I wish! I'm married with three children and a dog and I'm an assistant principal. There is certainly not enough time for THAT...

1/2 hour and Ubuntu is up & running from a livecd or usb. it's quick & easy. all instructions on ubuntu.com . I'm married with kids & work 12 hour rapid rotating shifts.

I certainly appreciate the help offer, though.

Tried using a different USB port? that's worked for me in the past...

Also - make SURE dev mode is on?

obviously this isn't the place for help, but all I can tell you is that something's wrong with your system. I've hooked my Pre+ up to 4 different Windows 7 32-bit systems, and haven't had any problem getting WOSQI to talk to the phone. Also, just so you understand, the WebOS doctor uses Novacom too, so if you don't have it working for WebOSQI then it won't work for the Dr. either.

You'd be surprised how many times I make this mistake, make sure you're in developer mode. I forget all the time.

i' on 32 bit windows 7 and it recognizes my sprint pre. i'm not savvy enough to help you but maybe something's buggy in you're install or your setup or something.

Whose number is that in the screenshot?

Mine, and it's actually publicly searchable if you want to give me a ring. :) {Jonathan}

And...blurred. The serial number too. Thanks for highlighting it. {Jonathan}

have you double checked that your phone is in dev. Mode? I had the same problem for a bit only to realize I overlooked that fact :)

Yes, I do. :-(

Now if I could only get 2.1 on my Pre (-) :(

Still - Nice work guys! I'd have never stayed with my Pre without Homebrew patches.

--------Warning - Off Topic ----------------
Quick - somebody talk me out of switching to a EVO Shift. My kid just upgraded to one & I have to say it would be my first choice if Sprint doesn't get the next HP phones. The UI is much better than the Droid on Verizon. But I just don't think I can do it.

Thanks, I've seen it. Waiting to see if any other issues come up. How's it working for you?

works perfectly for me (VZW Pre+), and there are plenty of Sprint Pre- success stories. The current outstanding issue for Sprint is PRL updates, but hopefully by the time you really need a PRL update it will be working again. I'm not sure about Sprint NAV though... check the big forum thread to see where things stand with that.

For all US 2.1 Pre+/-, the biggest issue is no access to 2.x-only apps in the catalog... but there are very few of those, and it's not like you have any 2.x-only apps now, right?

works gr8 on my Vzw Pre+

working awesome for nearly a week now vzw pre +

and it screams bloody murder with uberkernel

thanks.. im new to the homebrew world.

Why can't you get 2.1 on your Pre-? I have it on my Sprint Pre-. Can't wait to get overclocking going on it!

Haven't been brave enough to perform the virtual surgery. Based on these comments it sounds like it works pretty well. Might have to grow a pair and go for it.

please someone direct me to the 3 step directions on how to get 2.1 on my pre-... My wife has the evo, she loves it but after a while its just boring compared to the pre. Once u figure everything out on iy....... thats it.. No patches, no homebrew just money spent on apps that will also get boring...lol WEBOS baby!!!!

Its in the forums, I looked it over but its a tad bit more than I am willing to do. I will stay with 1.4.5... (for now)

"to many cards"-Bug with F105 *argh*


time to learn me a lil meta doctor it looks like.

I guess my question is : If the guys at WebOS Internals can do this, Why can't - or perhaps more accurately, 'Won't' Palm/HP do this????

Because if Palm/HP do it, then they have to commit resources to support it directly.

This way, we can tweak at our risk, and Palm/HP do not have to "help" if it acts a bit screwy.

it's got to be an issue with the carriers. once HP pulled the plug on the OTA updates and planned to offer the upgrade via computer download, the US carriers all screamed NO. The existence of the 2.1 upgrade, and how well it works, is proof that Palm/HP has done their work.

The irony of all this is that now the users who would be most likely to scream at Verizon/AT&T/Sprint about the WebOS 2.1 upgrade will be placated by the meta-doctor upgrade. So the US carriers don't have to do anything, don't have to support anytihng, and now don't have to hear about it either.

@ stock speed, it doesn't run very well. & Flash is almost unusable @ stock speed. OC'd to 1gHz, flash plays "moderately well"

To force you to buy new hardware...

off-topic a bit, I'm taking a look at the new moto zoom with android 3.0

Anyone else think it seems crazier and crazier to release the information for their product 6 months to launch when this is out?

Has there been any upgrade on 2.0 to the native applications, Is Google maps improving? I can't imagine having the new tablet and having only the very basic features the WebOS currently has. Still say at least one of those phone need a dual core processor even if its 700 mhz or your not going to see major improvements as one should.

By the time these are released 3.0 should be out, but who knows it just seems like their trying to extend people transparency of the standards other companies have produced. That's about the line where we say there a little too much pretending going on.

The software next to a blackberry is obviously more dynamic the issue becomes their nearly making it seem like each developer has to code their own software and making it just about that difficult otherwise.

Google maps seems to load alot faster. Email is faster & smoother. Voice dial works well. Just Type is pretty cool. The OS needs patching like before though...

any chance of a "2.1 automatic upgrader"? Pre - is my primary phone and I don't wanna murder it on accident...

The scripts that webOSInternals is distributing for the various carrier/device combinations aren't quite an "automatic upgrader," but they're pretty darn close: they download and merge the right versions of webOSDoctor and present you with a single new webOSDoctor that you just run. {Jonathan}

Unless HPalm releases it; you will not see it

Generally speaking, the meta doctor script is made using released (not leaked) HPalm info et al. and its output is within legal bounds for personal use. HOWEVER, it is not legal to distribute the resultant doctor you make.

building the meta-doctor is really by far the easiest part.

on windows:

step 1 - install cygwin, make sure you include the 9 or so needed packages

step 2 - git metadoctor, cd meta-doctor

step 3 - ./scripts/meta-carrier-phone-2.1.0

that's it. the script does the rest and launches the dr.

it's some stuff you have to do before and after the dr. itself that takes more time.


The guys at webosinternals really know how to deliver. They add such value to my pre. Overlocked my sprint pre minus and it is awesome!

yeah it really makes the phone "usable"

What about 2.1 for the Pre 2? It's absolute nonsense that the older hardware is running a newer OS version than the new hardware. Only Palm would **** it up like that.

Or maybe Nokia.

just type.. FASTER!!

Does anybody know if this method can or will be in the near future presented as a beta pp, or a patch or something through preware?? might be a dumb ?? (talking about webos 2.1)

This method will never be a patch in preware. You have to do it yourself. Or, you can mail your phone to WebOS Roundup and they will do it for a fee, and a percentage of that fee is donated to WebOS Internals.

Help.... i have looked on preware for the kernals and all i get is that they are in the placeholder phase. i have even added the internals testing feed and nothing has changed. Am i doing something wrong?

you need to add the kernels testing as found on the page with the regular testing its just located on the bottom of the page.

thanks for the info. i got it working before i read your response but what you mentioned is what i did so now my pre+ O2 UK is lightning quick once again. :-). Also a big thank you to the guys at internals brill job as usual. First 2.1, then Flash and now OC. What more do i need.

Getting an error about the kernel not being in factory condition. I have doctored 2.1 on my Verizon Pre+ with the flash fix (which doesn't work). Any thoughts?

install palm recovery kernel first,then complete reboot, then try uber or f105 or whatever

I'm not too familiar with the recovery kernel, but if I install it, will I lose 2.1?

ok would this in anyway work with the leaked version for sprint I know it's bad to ask but I'm sure others have the same question ... Cuz that build has everything from voice dial to flash so annny advise on that ?

not a chance...the new OC kernels are built from the released 2.1.0 kernel source, not any 2.0.1 source, let alone any built from an unreleased, illegal copy

I have Voice Dial and Flash on my 2.1.0 Pre Plus . . . don't know what the heck you're talking about.

I am unable to get doctored 2.1 on my Bell Pre- phone. I have done everything to create the doctored version and have it open up after Cygwin is done doing its thing, my phone just won't allow it to load. Any ideas?? I would like to have it on my phone now that I can overclock the kernal.

excuse the easy question but which exact kernel's are compatible with 2.1? I have installed the test feed...thanx

when u click on the kernel it will give you info including it's compatability with your current OS(assuming you have done the masquing process correctly)

well that's a bummer since your so alled illeagle version of webos is wayy better then the patchedtogether version haha but meh il stay with my 1.4.5 flash and stacks and voicedial are kinda lameee anyway haha :) good work though :))) love to see all this is finally workable gues this is how hp is making things right ????

maybe we can use the meta doctor to patch together the leaked files for sprint with the os ? To make prl updates happy ?

Will this Kernel work on a Pre(-) if I install meta-doctor 2.1????

The only thing holding me back is if my pre totally blitzes & I have to bring it in to sprint. I'm afraid an overclocked & patched phone would void my insurance. Anyone know about that?

So, when are we going to see a 2.1.0 overclocked Pre vs. a Pre 2 video?