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P102EWW Palm Pre 2 coming to Verizon in October? 160

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 28 Sep 2010 3:41 pm EDT

After the excitement over the weekend over the discovery of the Palm P102EWW and P102UNA in a certification database, we were reminded of the rumor last August that the "Palm Pre 2" would be showing up in the October timeframe. The two rumors line up quite nicely.

wellwellwell11 in our forums notes that device release tends to come out about 2 months after TÜV Rheinland certification, which further bolsters an October timeframe. Our own anonymous sources suggest that it is indeed likely that we will see something new in October and confirm that Verizon is getting something new from Palm, although given the earlier rumor dubbed this device the "Palm Pre 2" and the fact that this new device is the P102, we suspect that what we have coming is something along the lines of a minor spec bump to the Palm Pre Plus, not the breakout "Roadrunner device" many are waiting for.

If true, we dearly hope that Verizon doesn't hobble the device by "Binging it" or breaking the GPS - it could be the makings of a chance for webOS Verizon redemption after the lackluster Pre Plus launch.

More discussion in our forums. Thanks Anonymous!


It needs to come to Sprint. I'll leave them after 11 years for Palm, even for crap service.

Is that "crap service" Verizon you're referring to? Because they're widely regarded as the best network available. They're just very impersonal and monopolistic.

Maybe he meant service as in customer service?

unless you want to use GPS on your VZW Pre. Haha.

if you are only on sprint what know you of verizon gps issues? i happen to have never had any except for a few second lag but it pinpoints my phone pretty well tyvm :-p

there are those that have experienced issues with both Verizon and Sprint... I left Sprint after many years went with Verizon and I was very disapointed. I went back to Sprint 10 years later I am still with Sprint. Case closed.

"Crap service" is spot on! I switched this month from Sprint to Verizon to get a Pre Plus... Love the Pre Plus compared to the Pre Minus I had on Sprint but the Verizon 3g service is considerably worse than the Spring 3g/EVDO service.

I don't understand all the "best coverage" claims made by Verizon. It's certainly not the case from my experience.

Now Sprint, can we get a new device on your service so I can switch back?

I completely agree I have sprint and my wife has verizon and my connection speeds and service are almost always better on sprint than verizon. The only thing verizon has is more 3g coverage not even close to better.

In fact it is. I rather like my unlimited data plan,cheaper bills and service that works damn near anywhere I happen to be, which is just about anywhere as I drive an 18 wheeler and use my Pre for everything.

Actually, all four companies are notable for crap service, with the best and the worst being marginally separated in crapiness.

The key is your location for the quality of service. Where I live, Verizon DOES have better quality service, but is such a horrible company that I refuse to give them my money, so I go with the next best in my area, AT&T.

In different areas, you will find Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, or T-mobile to be the "best" provider, so the real key is which provides the best service for the places you will be traveling to. Sprint for example has many more holes where I live in their coverage map, so I CAN'T go with Sprint for that reason. Verizon just has the worst attitude, AT&T the least communication between departments(customer service doesn't know anything that has not been announced yet), and T-mobile has a lot of areas they just don't offer service in.

Most people do not understand this. Also, people like trends. Verizon happens to be a trend that want. I prefer to use Sprint because the coverage is much better in my area.

it's irrelevant what their "regarded" as they both have crap customer ser. And as far as their service goes it just depends on where you live. they use the same tech with their network towers so your cell service is no diff, unless you live in BFE it's 6 one way a half a dozen the other

Have fun with that. Personally I'l go back to my old Centro or a Android device before I switch off of Sprint (as the carriers currently stand).

I concur sir. Me no leavy de Sprint!

ATT, never again.
VZ? Sprint would have to chase me away to pay that much and watch them disable functions and hold back updates.
TMobile, tried them, nice pricing, but they only really shine in urban markets.

There is one particular troubling fallacy that I'm seeing.
People use anecdotal evidence (i.e., service sucks for them) to make a generalization about the service as a whole.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
If the absence of logic still isn't seen here, I'll use an analogy.
It's as if I met a white person (or an Asian, African-American, or whatever) and found out he/she was a jerk. Then I concluded that the rest of the people who share this person's nationality are jerks as well.
It just doesn't work that way. If the service is bad for you, that's super. I can't dispute that. What I can dispute is people immediately concluding the rest of the service is bad for everyone else.

For the record, I get and always have gotten great service from Verizon. But I'm not saying that Verizon has great service simply based on my experience. This is an opinion based upon the immense amount of observations I've made based on internet comments/videos/articles.

On another note, I wouldn't be surprised if it came to Verizon, simply because Verizon has more people than Sprint. Arguably, the Pre could have had a very good chance at selling more units if it had been released on Verizon instead of Sprint first with an ad campaign to match it.

Used to be a Verizon customer and was reasonably satisfied, but their service local is terrible and would you believe the only good service in my small town in ATT. Thankfully though, Verizon is present since Sprint is non-existent and I have to Roam on V 2-bars or use my Airave when local and at home.

Shocker about ATT...I guess I'll have to switch to a GSM Pre 2 when it comes out, but my Sprint Pre rocks in bigger cities and you can't beat the price (ATT and Verizon have nothing that comes close). Actually, Sprint has been scheduled to add a tower to my area for over 2 years and can't get through local, state, and federal regulation quick enough or in other words grease the right palms.

The free Airave has helped exponentially and everywhere else has been rock solid. Either way, thankfully webOS is now on all 3 major carriers and when my contract is up I can be more selective on who I choose. Sorli...

I'm a 12 year Sprint "Premier Customer" and have three phones only one Pre, hoping that when my 2 upgrades are due, I won't have to change service. Version is now Frontier where I live and they are upgrading all the local towers with all new equipment. So are they getting ready for the future?

This sucks. I mean I'm glad they are coming out with a new device but, what about Sprint. I have been a loyal sprint customer for 8 years they better do something quick.

What sucks?
the fact that the RUMOR is about verizon?

Until it's released on Verizon and not on Sprint, keep you head on man!


Wishful thinking: I hope the whole Verizon thing doesn't mean that Sprint is left out in the cold. I'd find that hard to believe. SPRINT!!! I agree.

trust me gang, if sprint doesn't get this, it's because they'll probably get something better.

i agree. Let the bs buggy verson drop on big red. Then let the plus verson of the new moble come out on sprint for once. Why should we be stuck with a weaker device again?
Typed from my epic..... 22 more days left on my test run. Praying for an offical word from hp.

Yeah, a new Android device...lol.

I really really hope so...I hate to say this but if the next device from Palm on sprint doesn't have a 1+ ghz processor, a front facing camera, at least a 4in. screen, and webos 2.0 rolling out with its release, oh and of course a release SOON (like within the next two months) I will be making the switch to Android either via the Epic or the Evo.

If Verizon gets another upgraded Pre & the original Sprint Pre (-) owners get left out again, I'll move on. Hate to give up webOS but this will really piss me off. Say it isn't true.

Say what isn't true?

OMFG people - this is a RUMOR and collection of tiny bits of data. So the RUMOR is about Verizon, last I heard there's a new rumor about the iPhone on verizon every 3 months and yet it's on AT&T isnt it...

Wait until it's released, then decide what you want to do. Maybe it's a simultaneous release but Sprint's just not leaked yet?

Man everyone in here is complaining about a falling sky (VZ instead of Sprint) based on the fact that a shadow just hit them in the face. Calm down!


Perhaps this is just a webOS device with functioning GPS on VZW, and not really the Pre 2.

goodbye Pre, hello EVO

EVO and Android are lightyears ahead of Pre and webOS. I was shocked after a week of using my new EVO about how much faster, smoother, and feature-rich the experience was. Android has so many features webOS is lacking, and the hardware and large screen offers a much better overall experience for me.

.. and you are telling a bunch of loyal and devout WebOS users this because...

I'm picking mine up at the end of the week. Like most, I love webOS but the mobile community is moving too quickly and Palm is being left in the dust on all levels. And when they do release new hardware, who's to say it won't be another 15 months + before they release an update to that?



I disagree with you regarding the EVO. It's software is clunky. Have you tried using your EVO for a phone call while surfing the net using WIFI? It aint happenin'. I admit, I love EVO's speed and the fact that it's a 4g phone with a really big screen, but it doesn't truly multitask. Have you used your Jogstat/GPS tracker while running AND listening to Pandora on your bluetooth headphones...Aint happenin'! I have a fully patched Sprint Pre clocked at 1gig and aside from the screensize and speed, the EVO didn't offer me enough to let my Pre go! I like most other Palm faithful am looking for up to date innovative software, but still can't get ready for Android. IOS is better and if I'm forced to switch carriers to get a new phone, then I will get the hottest phone out there, which is the Iphone on AT&T. To hell with Android's clunky, unintuitive, and fragmented platform! It sucks! WebOS blows it away!


Thanks for your opinion. Don't try to pass it off as fact.

I must say the epic is far better than the pre. The os only had a 2 day learning curve. Its clean if you make it so. Will only take the epic back because I want the newest latest, and really like being one of a few people I know with a palm.

Can't believe that Palm would release a minor spec bump to the Palm Pre Plus. That makes absolutely no sense at all to me. They have to have a form factor change coming very soon, and if they do, then why in the world a minor spec bump? I know that you guys have good sources, but I simply cannot believe it.

as a verizon user, I just hope they let us upgrade early.

although I have no faith that would let that happen

I seriously doubt they would do that as this is Verizon we are talking about... and Yes I'm with Verizon... never a dropped call but price is a tad ouch!

First off, us Sprint customers better get some love on this. Second off, if the pre didn't do that well the first time, why would anyone think a little hardware upgrade would change that? I'm really getting tired of people caring about whether or not sprint gets the pre + or talking about a pre ++. Give us brand new hardware!!!! Just changing up the software isn't gonna have people coming out in droves to buy. Me included. I'm not gonna spend $200 on a new phone and lay it out on the table and none of my friends say a word, because it LOOKS THE EXACT SAME AS THE PHONE I ALREADY HAVE!!! I love my Pre don't get me wrong and I'm sold on Palm and webOS and will stick with them and continue to evangelize about webOS and the Pre. I'm just stating after this long of a wait we should have at least some kind of new hardware, not just a piece of candy to try and hold those of us sticking it out over until something actually happens.

Wow, NICELY PUT! Thanks jlcamp7.

Minor spec bump = 1GHZ, that'll be funny if they start selling overclocked pre's lol.

Although, what could you overclock a 1GHZ Pre to? Maybe 2GHZ?

If the CHIP they put in the new phone is rated to 1GHz, that isn't overclocking. The chips used in the Pre Plus are rated at 600MHz, even though they run very well at 1GHz. A simple CPU update for a new model isn't a bad idea, but it won't do well if it isn't advertised.

what amazes me is Palm is getting ready to release a third phone in more then a year and HTC somehow releases like 6 or 7 phones every year.

That is kind of crazy when you think about it. Not all of their phones are great, and many are similiar, but still they give people choice. 2 Form factors over 16 months and counting isn't exactly choice.

amazing too i just saw another leaked htc device for veriozon on gizmodo http://gizmodo.com/5649674/suave-black-qwerty-android-from-htc-leaks-out...

Samsung too. And they will do the same thing next year too. Motorola is starting to do it. I'm also surprised the Droid came out after the Pre but the second droid i think will come out before the a second Pre.

i've never been enamored with the pre form factor. i know my next phone is gonna be a slab and if i did have a keyboard i prefer a horizontal slider.

Why would it amaze you? HTC doesn't have to maintain an entire operating system like Palm does. Additionally, HTC has had way more money than Palm has had in the past couple of years.

well ill give it till next year. i bascilly want a bigger screen pre..Everyone who switches to android says the only thing they miss is cards but thats the idea of the whole thing behind webos.. I love it but ive been waiting and im a launch day owner and might have to be in the rahual sood defectors clan if by next year im not hearing something with a bigger screen.

I really like the cards, but an accessory, the touchstone has me locked in the most. I don't really want to go back to plugging my phone in as lazy as that sounds. Also a touchstone mounted for easy GPS in the car is perfect.

And there are plenty of us who will move onto another phone is the screen gets much bigger.

hmph! sprint gets dumped on again?

YEAH! Sprint's getting DUMPED on!! I mean - these are RUMORS after all right?

Wow everyone's jumping to conclusions based on nothing. Not a single thing!

hence the question mark. selective read much?

my mistake

wow...a minor spec bump says "we are pretty much done, guys" to me from Palm.

I dont think Dieter knows what the @#$^#$ he's talking about. The NAME of the device makes him think it's a minor spec bump?

Seriously? yeah ok, the iPhone 4 is only one number higher than the iPhone 3GS - so that must just have been a minor spec bump yes?

This story is a causing a bunch of sensationalism and its frankly ridiculous the conclusions that the commentators are jumping to. Load of bull IMO. I'll await an actual press release and specs before I make any stupid statements...

Welcome to the internet.

Edit : I agree with you btw.

I know Verizon has a larger customer base than Sprint. So releasing the next device makes sense from a sales stand point, but not a marketing stand point. Verizon is completely devoted to marking, and selling the Droid and Android powered devices. Once again employees at Verizon would probably trash webOS to leverage another sale for Droid. In the meantime Sprint customers would now have a Pre minus minus.

I just don't see how this helps market webO in a positive way while trying to increase sales of a new webOS device. Sprint should be the first carrier to sell the device as we have been waiting the longest.

I hope it comes to Sprint. I hope it is better made and not so "plasticy". I'm on my second Sprint Pre. Headphone jack went out on my first one 2 weeks before tha Palm warranty expired. The sent me a new phone. Good customer service. Love the OS. 10-year Sprint customer. We've held out the longest. As we've been masters of our domain the longest, we should get the new hardware first :)

Not talking software here, but the best phone I've ever had from a design standpoint was my Nokia E71. In fact, I think it could be argued that it remains the best built, best looking, and best-feeling in the hand/pocket smart phone of all time. It even had a front-facing camera. On the software side, it had all of Symbian's warts. It also had a lot of features on it that the Pre doesn't have even today. It was fast, stable, had a great Exchange experience (after I purchased RoadSync), had best-in-the-world on device navigation, working desktop sync via a cable, and even rudamentary flash support. It could also log onto my network at work. Moreover, I could go a couple of days without charging it in a pinch.

Now, notifications sucked. The browser sucked badly. The PIM apps were better in some ways and worse in others. The screen was small and low rez even by that day's standards. And the keyboard, while a little better feeling than the Pre's, was also a little oddly organized. All in all, I prefer my Pre, but there are things I undoubtedly miss from my E71 days.

So, what I want is a hybrid. I think the Pre actually feels great in the hand while on a call or in the pocket, but not while you're interacting with it, as it is creaky and cheap feeling. Palm can keep the basic form factor, but they need brick-sh*thouse construction like that found on my E71. Also, the blend of metals and nice contrasts Nokia used were sexy, sexy, sexy. The next Pre needs to borrow some of that aesthetic. It also needs to gain some basic functionality, like usable CANT (PIM) applications, enterprise WLAN access, and a better email client.

It doesn't need the fastest processor or fanciest screen to make me happy. But it does need to be reliable and functional. And it should be something I'm proud to take out on the bus while everyone else is clicking away on their Blackberries, iPhones, and Droids. Maybe they could put webOS on the E7?

I'm curious. Do you live in the U.S. because Nokia smartphones barely exist here unless you go out of your way and go to a specialty phone shop. I don't think Nokia has any carrier relationships in the U.S. for smartphones.

Yup. Got it unlocked on Amazon. Ran it on 3G- (EDGE) on T-Mobile happily for about 18 months.

couldn't figure out where i asked this question. finally tracked it down to see your answer. not that's you'll probably read it. But i see. yeah figured you'd have to do something like that. That said not sure most people do that. i bought a tmobile phone off amazon a while back but it was the same ones offered on the tmobile site. that and i'd guess most americans don't buy unlocked phones cause they cost so much more.

Oh and one more thing: the fix for the headphone jack issue is WD-40. I did that to my Pre, which stuck every single time I put headphones in, about two months ago and haven't had the problem since. Just cover your headphone plug with a few drops, insert, swish around, and remove, et voila, problem solved.

This has worked on both my brother's and father's Pres, as well.

Sood made it sound like the good stuff wasn't coming until next year also.

I hope it comes to Sprint. I hope it is better made and not so "plasticy". I'm on my second Sprint Pre. Headphone jack went out on my first one 2 weeks before tha Palm warranty expired. The sent me a new phone. Good customer service. Love the OS. 10-year Sprint customer. We've held out the longest. As we've been masters of our domain the longest, we should get the new hardware first :)

somebody talked to a verizon rep,not a sprint rep,and shared info with us. Why many are getting angry and assuming it is not coming to sprint is beyond my comprehension. Lol chill people,chill. I am sure we will get sprint rumors,,or should I say, more sprint rumors also.

Message deleted

I'm hoping something is announced by the end of October, no matter where the phone winds up (hopefully Sprint). My wife had been clamoring for a new phone (she wants an EVO) and I've been pushing it off a because I have been waiting on Palm to say _something_ about the next phone. I don't how much longer I can hold out. It certainly won't be as long as January, next spring, next fall, etc. My wife definitely won't let me wait that long.

How long does HP expect us to wait? Really!

A spec bump would be a complete failure. HP needs to get a completely new phone out soon, or at least start leaking the Pre 2.

If it is a minor spec bump...i would be dissapointed, if it is a refined form factor, a bigger screen, thinner better battery and better camera...I will be happy.

I love the pre's form factor, If it was slimmer it could afford to have a bigger screen, and bigger screen means bigger body so bigger battery.

Something with a slab form factor, slide out keyboard and bigger display would be nice. (Eg, Droid running webOS) But, I'll settle for the current form with better build quality, a working keyboard, and working GPS. See, Verizon, by giving us so little for so long, we will be happy with crumbs.

Maybe this device is for Sprint. What in the certification database excludes Sprint?

Releasing a Pre + on Verizon with minor spec bump is such a bad decision that it makes you think if that what the Palm people are getting paid for. It just doesn't make any sense. And not on Sprint first?, I hope that when the phone comes to Sprint we get compensated for all the waiting and for helping palm with their beta project

Hopefully there's some hidden love on the Sprint side as well. As much as I'm dying for an upgrade, I'm not ready to jump to Big Red. Just feed me a bone, HP-Palm, my launch day Pre is falling apart and out of warranty.

Sprint is getting it also with WebOS 2.1

You cant blame the sprint customers for wanting to switch and not understand why the rest of us love our phones. They have had the older crappier Pres for over a year. The rest of us have had our Pre PLUSES for less than a year. Sorry Sprint people.

I love day 1 Pre - and I love Sprint - no problems with waiting here.

Good. More Sprit users need to be like you. It sucks reading comment after comment about people bashing Palm and saying they are going to switch to some other device. I love Palm and WebOS and will never have another device as long as they are making phones. Maybe if everyone felt that way, this would seem like a more supportive community. Enjoy what you have. Its just a phone. More will come.


crappy sprint phones?,,mine is still perfect,,after almost a yr I have 5 g left for memory,,over clocked,,so it's blazing fast. So what could I do more with a wonderful verizon,plus?,lol

If that was to my comment, you are the exception. Have you not read all these comments about sprint users complaining about their phones and wanting to get the Evo?

Nope, there are plenty of us that love our original Pres.

And there are plenty of us whom are out of warranty, and have our Pre's on their last legs, and (I think understandably) don't want to use an upgrade to get the same exact phone that just died on us, only to see brand spanking new hardware coming out soon after. Some of us will indeed be NEEDING (not just wanting) a new phone soon; and without new hardware available, it's not going to be an ecstatic choice, either way...

What have you been doing to your phone that it's on it's last legs? I'm out of warranty too - got my phone on release day - and it's still working great. Sure i've lost the USB cover recently but other than that - I've been pretty damn careful with this phone (even after several drops and reboots).

Well I NEVER dropped my phone, or spilled liquid on it, etc. As a matter of fact, I have NEVER had to get a warranty replacement for any of my phones. My phone has a dedicated pocket; no keys, change, nothing shares that pocket with my phone. Thing is, I wondered for nearly a year what people were doing to their phones too... until it happened to me. Keyboard started malfunctioning. They gave me a refurb, now the power button is malfunctioning... after no more and no less than 91 days from exchange! One could almost laugh. Anyway, the point is, if yours is working fine, especially after multiple drops etc, consider yourself lucky. Sadly, many of us are not that lucky, and we're not necessarily rough on our phones.

Oh yeah, I see those complainer all the time. Thing is - I'm quite happy with my (overclocked, patched) launch day Pre and so is my wife. People dont come on line to post adamantly about how flippin excited they are about their trusty one year old device the way the hop on to spew bitter @#$^ because their ADD personalities cant possibly let an 'early' upgrade date pass them by!

Bitterness and spite brings 50x more posts than happy contentment... Trust me - there are PLENTY of us out here enjoying our Sprint Pre's while calmly saving $15 a month for the next Sprint Palm phone :)

(well ok - not many ppl save $ for it - they prefer to pay 20% interest on a credit card for a year or two, eventually paying $420 for a $200 purchase - but alas - the Dave Ramsey side of me is now exposed...)

Sprint is getting it also with WebOS 2.1

Sprint is getting it also with WebOS 2.1

This is ALL just SPECULATION. There is NO WAY a new device is going to magically land on VZW shelves without a TON of hype by HPalm (even if it is just a spec bump).

So sit back, get some popcorn (perhaps a LOT of popcorn, this could be a while) relax and enjoy the show.

I am not going to be one who says this "has" to come out on Sprint, if it doesn't I will move on.

But, haven't we kind of seen the market change lately, new devices may end up hitting multiple carriers at the same time? Like the Samsung Galaxy S line? I would hope that would continue.

Relax guys, if it is a small bump that goes to Verizon - wouldn't you want to stay with Sprint to get the next complete overhaul?

I got my Pre on release day, have a 2600mAh battery, and it's overclocked at 500/1000 screenstate. If Verizon gets the new Pre, who cares, I love my current Pre (never been replaced) and I can hold out until a completely different design.

If its not on sprint, they blew it...

I use verizon. love the loyalty of sprint to sprint company. but to be frank we are all users of the palm devices and webos. to me everything should be made available to everyone at the same time, albeit sprint users need newer device sooner perhaps? a thing that does bug me about the pre plus though.. no micro sd slot. lets all face it unless hp decides to allow htc and motorola to make webos devices we are gonna be the low man on the totem pole. one new device for millions of customers isn't going to make it. fingers crossed here than hp realizes this with all the different printers they have available.

I will be really pissed if Sprint can't get the Pre2. There is nothing in the world that would get me to go back to verizon!!!!

I have a source at Sprint who is 100% "in the know" said that Sprint had the Pre Plus in the roadmap for September but killed it since they didn't see it selling all that well except for Pre users upgrading. Unfortunately for me; my source is a good boy and only tells me about decisions from the past, but couldn't/wouldn't say what if anything is coming up or when.
I think though when we look back to the job posting for the Palm launch manager to work at the Sprint office in Overland Park; we can be sure that good things will come to Sprint; but the question is WHEN????

Unless that "launch manager" was for launching the Pre Plus on Sprint and he went the way of the Pre Plus on Sprint...

I mentioned the hiring and my source said this job that Palm was hiring for to replace an employee to moved on. So it's a long standing position and is likely to be in place as long as there are products on the roadmap for the two companies.

My source said that Palm is part of Sprint's future; but just a matter of when and what products he would never say a word.

ugh... HPalm, I left verizon to go to sprint. mostly because data was cheaper, and service was about the same. don't screw us early adopters!

Here's to hoping Verizon gets the speed bump.. and Sprint gets the "P200"

My Sprint Pre (not launch day, but launch month) was only replaced once under warranty. I say ONLY because that seems to be unusually low. Unfortunately it is now out of warranty and having hardware issues. I love webOS, but I can only hold out so long. The Evo is staring at me, begging me to take it home! Please HP/Palm, don't make me become an Android user!

I guess verizon deserves a bit of a bump considering most of there pres keyboards don't work right and there gps don't work either.

I puchased my pre+ from Verizon on launch day. Didn't have gps issues until I installed the UberKernel/Govah overclock patch last week.

A spec bumped Pre? I can't see the carriers buying into that or wanting to promote it. HP and Palm marketing know better than that - it would have be a new form factor and better performing phone to get the attention it needs with webOS 2.0 coming.

Yeah - this is entirely Dieter's fiction. He thinks that a single number name bump means that it's a minor update.

Ok - that's just like how the iPhone 4 was such a little spec bump from the iPhone 3 right?

All I have to say is by the end of Oct there isn't any news on what the new phone has to offer or if it will be on sprint soon, it will be time to move on. Android or Iphone will be around for some time to come and I can count on a new phone or improvements from Apple every Sept and Android will always come out with something every 6 months haha. HP stop jerking us around and just tell us what's coming and around what time.

I like how everyone keeps saying "It's OK guys, Sprint will get the new device. Just be patient."

-Palm Pre/Pixi Plus goes to Verizon.
-Palm Pre/Pixi Plus goes to AT&T.
-*Cricket Chirps on Sprint*

"It's OK guys, the next device will be for Sprint, you'll see it was worth the wait!!"

-P102EWW speculated to go to Verizon.
-*Cricket Chirps on Sprint*

"Guys relax, it is probably just a small bump in spec for Verizon. Sprint is so getting the new device, you'll see!"

-*Cricket Chirps on Sprint*
-*Angry Sprint users look at original Palm Pre in hand*


All this about the CDMA version.. who knows who will get it first, but I bet both Sprint and Verizon will get it soon enough.

What about the GSM version? AT&T and T-Mobile?

Then, lets talk about this "bump=up" in specs... what does that mean?

A metal housing for better sliding capabilities?

More memory?

Faster processor?

Better keyboard???

Much too vague to guess at, here.

MY guess is it IS the next version of the smartphone we have been waiting for ... they sku's don't really mean that much, really, however, IF Deiter knows something that he can't talk about.... ;)

But, I could be wrong.

Like many others here, for palm to go with verizon, I feel it as insanity considering how palm has been treated on verizon's ropes. Crappy Rep, and Crappy Adverisments; I can only hope that verizon is the only one with the leaky plumbing at this point.

I do believe however somthing is coming to verizon and it is a palm device. But is it ONLY verizon is my question.

Palm will loose alot of its following from sprint with angry customers, regardless of all you naysers. It only makes sense to do a wide release rather then limited.

And im sorry, but after being a launch day pre buyer, if I get shut out again, ill be getting another phone, and waiting a year to get the next whatever.

wow,how fast people forget that like a month ago there was inside info on a sprint release in october,november. Now because someone talked to a verizon rep today,,not a sprint rep,,sprint users are hanging themselves and sprint haters are dancing in the street. I never seen anything so amusing in all my life.

I don't recall seeing any inside info on anything other then the forums about joe smo talking to his sisters best friends cousins friend who works for sprint said so and so will be out next week.

I suppose that's the better stance to take - amusement...

I'm trying not to get frustrated with the 100's of commenters who are insisting that since its a verizon RUMOR there's no hope for Sprint...

Oh, and not getting mad at Dieter for making up sh~t about the "minor spec bump" thing too - that's just some made-up shite right there...

If you follow all the ups and downs of the Pre community, it becomes pretty apparent that Pre users are very gullible people.

sprint users are doing all the hating to be honest reread these posts. i have had sprint as well as verizon at the same time sprint works better in some areas verizon works better for me in general. but if you read all the hate its sprint users firing away at verizon. to each their own. perhaps palm shouldn't have done an exclusive deal in the first place and then sprint users wouldnt be on some high horse we did all this first... yea no kidding it was an exclusive contract for devices. ok enough sprint hating... oops i don't hate sprint or people that choose to use em haha

Verizon as a COMPANY is the problem, not the quality of the cell phone service. AT&T quality could use an improvement, but the cell phone customer service is fairly good. Sprint is a good company, but with too many holes in their network where I live.

Even with Verizon having a larger install base Sprint has more ppl waiting for the Next Pre nuff said

if it is just a spec bump...i wouldnt mind, but if it just went to verizon, cause i'd rather wait for something more coming to sprint...

I have also heard the same from a source that works within Verizon.

After Verizon has treated Palm so poorly, that would be very disappointing to see a new Palm device released with them. Unless they promised something major to Palm.

I just moved to a BlackBerry Bold today after the last year and a half on a Pre. I am really glad I did. best keyboard, not too big and every feature I had to hack the shit out of my Pre for BUILT INTO THE OS.

As a business phone, the pre just doesnt come close. Pity, as I loved it, but too many errors, it STILL can't keep the fucking time after six?? upgrades? Come on.

This actually makes me feel relieved. The same form factor with a spec bump? That was already done for them with uberkernel. Dead in the water I'm afraid. Beaten to the punch with the PlayBook too.

you just made me laugh with that lol.. I just returned BB cus that phone and OS is trash.. Web browsing trash, apps trash, speed trash.. It drove me crazy and the only reason I had it was b/c I cracked my Pre's screen, used my upgrade to get the BB for free to give me time till I found a Pre on Craiglist (didnt want to pay the $100 deductable) so glad I got my baby back

Same here. Coming from a BlackBerry Storm, I nearly cried after getting my VZW Pre Plus because I'd been using the smartphone equivalent of donkey dung for a year and thought it was actually a pretty decent user experience. The Storm's build quality is significantly better than that of the Pre Plus, but that's where its superiority ends. BlackBerry OS 5 (the highest Storm can run) is a joke, and the Storm was excluded from the devices on which OS 6 would be offered. In just a month and a half of use, I've been able to do so much more with my Pre Plus than I *ever* was able to do with the Storm. That said, I wanted to stay with RIM and eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Torch...and then it was introduced as an AT&T exclusive. That was it for me.

I wasn't using a Storm, they are crap - hence the "full Qwerty" comment in my post. The Bold is superb for mail and getting work done, mail is immediate - no getting a mail and waiting five minutes while the Pre tells you "retrieving e-mail text" - super Calendar and guess what - as simple desktop sync option!!! How hard was that??

If IO want to play games or surf the new I have an MBP, why piss about on a 3"screen?

I know, you said you were using a Bold. Have you upgraded to OS 6 yet? If not, I fear your experience is just as crappy as that of a Storm, save for the superb keyboard which I acknowledge is a hallmark of the BlackBerry experience. If you're on OS 6, then you may have something with your arguments.

Just because you're all work and no play doesn't mean there aren't others here who want to use their phones for more than just mail and business. In fact, I'd wager the majority of users use their phones in a more dynamic manner than you do. Additionally, I'd also bet the majority of users here would cite the ability to patch and overclock as pros instead of cons as you do. I understand, however, that you probably don't have time to dabble in all that, as you're apparently working all the time.

I have a MacBook as well and sometimes it's just not convenient to use, for instance when I'm in the car waiting to pick up my kid from school and want to check out a website or two, or I'm in line at a bank or restaurant and want to kill some time. A BlackBerry running OS 5 makes you want to keep it in your pocket in those situations thanks to its atrocious web browser and overall sluggish performance.

As for desktop sync, who needs it when the Pre Plus effortlessly integrates with my Gmail and Google Calendar? It's refreshing to NOT have to depend on a cable to make sure all my contact information and appointments are synced between my computer and phone.

Different users have different needs, obviously...just because yours don't match mine or those of others here is no need to curse at us and call us fifteen year olds.

I'm not sure which phone you were using but I was using a BB Bold 9700, and it was far faster than the Pre, stock or overclocked. Plus I didn't have to spend 200 hours to make it into a workable phone from a piece of erratic shit with a nice interface. Battery lasted more than an hour too.

I could give a shit about apps, I have work to do, which I couldn't get done on a Pre in a week.

You sound like you are fifteen.

Yes, you're much more mature than we are, given your frequent use of profanity.

I dont feel the need to surf the net, play a game or whatever else if I"m standing in a queue or waiting in a car, how short is your attention/boredom span? Have a look around and interact with a few humans, it's good fun. Honestly.

I don't work all the time, no-one does, and my comments were more geared towards the previous poster, so apologies if you through they were aimed at you.

I am using 6.0 to be fair, and the browser and interaction is much much better than 5.0, although I didn't mind 5 either. Not everyone uses Google (I do as well ) but I also have an Ovi account, Exchange account and a MobileMe account. Only BB can provide me push mail for these without carrying separate devices. I also like the desktop sync option AS WELL as the cloud, it gives a level of security and to be honest its often quicker, and a shedload easier to fix if something goes wrong. Battery is also a huge factor, even with the Touchstone, which rocks.

I enjoyed messing with patches at the start ( a year ago for me) to add a few extras, just after i got the pre, but by last week I had about 40, just to add functionality that should have come from PALM THEMSELVES, and been properly integrated, what have they really updated since it came out? Calendar improvements? Mail improvements? Tasks that sync? Network time that actually keeps the time and doesnt mean you have to install a SEPARATE APP for the phone to keep accurate time??? No, they added video instead, and relied on the community to do the rest.

I just got tired of doing so much work to a device that I championed to my friends and family, only to see it not even tread water, but fall behind every other phone out there. Imagine using a stock Pre now, seriously. Just consider it. What are you looking at over the last year that has improved it? Just the stock now. (Angry Birds aside, I will miss it)

What about a Document editor? ANY document editor? What about voice memos? I'm not asking the world here - no i get nice card animations and promises of better batter life. Smartphone? I (sadly) cannot agree.

I really hope the next palm phone isn't just a palm pre plus plus with more memory again. If so, I'll see you guys over at the Android Central forums. I will miss the webos, but maybe palm will get their **** together in another year when my contract will be up again.

Why Palm would put out another phone on Verizon is beyond me, didn't they bastardize it enough to prove a point. Its obvious that verizon only wants to sell droids and down play the palm phones to do so.

why do people keep calling it the pre2? i don't want another pre. i want a completely different phone.

Until an actual name is released, maybe we should just refer to it as the "Preplacement." ;)

"Preplacement" for the WIN!


I dont understand where you folks are reading where Sprint is not getting the phone? i just figured it would come to Verizon first then to sprint a short while later.

Wasn't there two plam phones that popped up? What about the other one? I think palm better do better then a little spec bump! They are like a year late in everything. I wish people stop calling it the pre2 I want a new device that leaps the pre.Not something that slightly does better.

I've been eligible for an upgrade on Sprint for a few weeks now so I'd like an announcement of all new hardware at a MINIMUM soon. Palm really needs to get it's act together or they'll lose what little market share they have left and it will be all over for webOS. I love webOS but it's future at this point is uncertain. I'm getting really annoyed at the silence. They should just be honest with us and let us know when if ever the next phone is coming out.


All these comments about Palm needing to get their act together are, for lack of a better word, stupid. The Pre is barely a year old. The Pixi is not even a year old. Where do you people get the money to spend on a new smartphone every year? Do you want to be like Apple fanboys that badly? WebOS 2.0 is enough for me. It will be like getting a new phone for free with an OTA update.


What do you mean barely a year old? They first showed it off at CES in January 2010, that was 21 months ago. The hardware is ancient compared to the iPhone 4, EVO, EPIC, etc. It's not too bad after a year but there's no way you could convince a new user to buy one of these and be stuck with it for 2 years on Verizon or AT&T. Apple may release a new iPhone every year but AT&T only allows it's customers to upgrade every 2 years. Would you really want to buy a 1 year old phone and be stuck with it for 2 years. By the end of your contract it would be 3 year old technology. There is also the fact that the Pre hardware is simply not durable. I'm on my 3rd Pre and soon my 4th. I had the stuck headphone jack on the first one then the refurb that replaced it developed a crack on the internal screen that rendered the touchscreen useless. The 3rd Pre has some sort of grease or something on the inside that makes the screen foggy. It's like when it's covered in grease from your fingers, but it's on the inside so you can't wipe it off. I'm not blaming this one on Palm, it was like that when I got it but I didn't notice until I left the store and I was too busy that day to take it back. The Sprint store ordered a replacement for me that should be in the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

My friend's Pre is falling apart mechanically and he can't afford to pay the $100 deductible to get a replacement phone that will probably fall apart in a matter of months and require the payment of another $100 deductible.

Who is stupid? You're right, Palm only needs to satisfy its current customers. Who cares if a device is only a year old, they can wait until 2 years because that is the time most people would think of upgrading their phones.

Geesh, how about attracting new customers? Take a look at the recent release of numbers for smartphones. Palm is only adding a trickle of users to it user base while Android is growing by leaps and bounds.

It is because of people like you at HPalm that may mean webOS is going to crash and burn...

Sorry, but webOS 2.0 on POS hardware isn't goint to cut it for me. My 4th Pre is on its way, and this is the last time I'm dealing with a Palm phone unless something new is released soon. I don't understand what's taking so long for a new phone...Palm's entire business was based on the sale of 2 products! Surely when the Pre was launched they had to have started planning the next device. I would think that strong competition, a rapidly growing market and low, single digit market share would dictate a much more rapid development cycle. I'm trying to hold on but rapidly losing faith, especially after spending quality time with my wife's epic 4G.

They better be unlocked !!!

we get the money from work stupid and since we work for our money we want something better and not be left with the shit and call me a fan boy then!!!!! new device hell yeah

No way palm releases a minor spec bump phone. They can't be that stupid. No way, or are they?

palm will fall off the map when it comes to phones if they send this one to big red only they better send some copies of that phone to sprint also!

I was not a subscriber to any nationwide carrier until the Pre launched on Sprint. I will not switch carriers if Sprint does not ge the new Palm device but I will be heartbroken. I may even have to use my Pre Minus forever! I have way too much money invested in the App Catalog.

I'll be happy to see a device with a better battery, slightly better proc than the pre/pre+, and a keyboard closer to the pixi's quality.

I was not a subscriber to any nationwide carrier until the Pre launched on Sprint. I will not switch carriers if Sprint does not ge the new Palm device but I will be heartbroken. I may even have to use my Pre Minus forever! I have way too much money invested in the App Catalog.