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P102UEU specs revealed: 1GHz processor, Pre-like design 310

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 Oct 2010 11:24 pm EDT

P102EUE FCC Label

Ever since it was revealed that the P102UEU had gone through the wireless certification battery of the FCC, PreCentral’s forum members and the fine folks at WebOS Internals have been digging through the documents to find more details about the phone. Here’s what’s been uncovered:

  • The processor is clocked at 1GHz. Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals speculates that the processor may be the TI OMAP 3630 (1GHz, single core), which is software- and footprint-compatible (uses the same pins) with the TI OMAP 3430 in the current Pre. Additionally, Texas Instruments claims that the OMAP 3630 provides twice the performance as the older 3430, while sipping half the juice. Battery life gains, anyone?
  • The phone comes with a 1150 mAh battery, exactly the same as the Pre and the Pixi.
  • It is a slider device (as indicated by the SAR ratings for “open” and “closed”).
  • There appears to have been some internal antenna juggling: on the current Pre design all the antennas are hidden behind the battery cover (they’re the yellow-orange strips around the edge of the inside). The documentation notes a difference in distance between the GSM antenna and the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antenna when the phone is open and closed. Specifically, it’s a movement of 3.5 cm, which is almost exactly how far the current Pre opens.
  • The phone is not only Touchstone compatible (no surprise), but is uses the same back currently available for the Pre and Pre Plus. This means that the phone will have a very similar, if not identical form factor, though we have heard unsubstantiated rumblings that there may be difference on the face of the device.
  • Palm has requested 180 days of confidentiality from the submission to the FCC testing on September 8, 2010. Covered by the confidentiality granted: external, internal, and testing photos and the user manual. Shucks. One hundred eighty days gives Palm confidentiality until March 7, 2011, though we would expect to see this device on shelves and in hands sooner rather than later.
  • As this is FCC testing, the P102UEU is certified to not boil your brains.

With all this we can all but assume that this is going to be called the Palm Pre 2, in fact we’d be willing to bet money on it if we weren’t squirreling it away in anticipation of off-contract purchasing.

UPDATE: As many have pointed out, the FCC label reads 08F-ROAY. The original Pre was the 08F-CASC, as in the "Castle," so it stands to reason that this may be the Roadrunner device we saw pop up in August.

Source: FCC; Via: PreCentral Forums, WebOS Internals on Twitter


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I would like to point out 2 major things here...

First, how MANY times are we going to hear 'I just want a 1GHz+ processor, 4" retina display, 16GB expandable storage, yadda yadda yadda...'?? Do you all honestly think that after MONTHS of this SAME statement HPalm hasn't taken notice? Common Sense tells us they know how to research what the public wants, and this site is probably one of their biggest sources of information. Thus, calm down and relax... If you feel the need to get another device because you cannot wait/think they will let you down/just can't stand the Prenation, then stfu and go.

Second, can we all please realize how you can overclock the life right out of the Pre, and yet there comes a point where lag just cannot get any better due to the fact there is only 256 MB ram? This new device, and the 'Mansion' for that matter, need substantial gains in ram to be any competitive in the market. Again, I would think HP especially knows how to not under-do it.

Just sit back... we will see

After releasing the Pre Plus do you think they'd go backward to the 256MB they had on the original Pre for this new device?

I didn't say that... I said they need to make substantial gains in the RAM department


First off, they're not "HPalm". I have no idea what that company has to do with any of this. Sorry, that ridiculous community term is a big pet peeve of mine.

Second, I'm really glad Palm isn't bowing to ridiculous pressure to make their phones look "more HTC" or iPhone-like. The iPhone existed before the Pre, and still has the same thin brick form factor..and yet, people's heads were turned big time by the introduction to the Pre last year at CES. And HTC spends all their time knocking off Apple's design. The thing people didn't like about the Pre was that it didn't feel "solid". You cpuld twist it because it wasn't a one piece brick. It was plasticky, not heavy and aluminum.

Third, there's no indication that they're shorting the memory anywhere in this rumor. If anything, they'll add more since it's getting a lot cheaper to do. But dramatically increasing the cpu while saving power? Nice. If you've ever clocked your stock Pre up to 1Ghz, it makes a really big difference...but you notice the battery drain and have to back down.

thankyou, it's a pet peeve of mine as well. It's like if we'd called palm 'handspringpalm' because they used to be a different company.

I think the reason most people call it HPalm is because they don't know what the next phone is going to be branded as. It's like seeing a guy in a club dressed as a woman. Until you meet the person, you don't know if he's a transvestite and still wants to be referred to as a man, or if he's a transsexual and wants to be treated as a woman. Though if it comes out as an HP phone, they might not want to call it anything that starts with a P, HP Pre sound odd.

after reading through the whole thread, I think this is one of the better comments. :)

I don't know, i thought the whole Gay, Ageist First Hating, Pre Lovers thread was worth reading... :D

Your comment is German Transvestite.

Hahaha. Now that's the best obscure, but not so obscure, comment of the day! Bravo!

a 1GHz processor? I already got that on my pre... And the fact that the battery door is exactly the same size as the current pre isn't what i've been hoping for... I guess i'll be waiting for some of those other "phones" that are supposed to be released next year


Why in the hell would I waste my money and tie myself to a two year contract for a phone is that almost identical to my overclocked (old broke down) Pre? Forget it. That's like throwing a grain of rice to a starving person because you know they will take it. Not so fast cause this starving person is not jumping for your rice. Keep it because YOU may need to eat it when your new device fails like the Pixi and Pre Plus. I understand that you are giving us something quickly because we are so impatient. However the only reason that we are so impatient is because we see with our own eyes how fast the smart phone technology is moving. I think I will keep my overclocked Pre (even though it locks up and shuts down by itself) and hope the iPhone comes to Verizon in January.

wow. You think 1 Ghz is old hat? Look, if it sucks half the battery life, allows me to use the same 1350 mah battery I have, and improves a few things, I'm good to go on Pre Plus 2.

Now lets see if they can squeez a 3.7 inch screen onto the same formfactor, throw in a dual LED flash with autofocus 5MP cam, and external SD storage with vastly improved slider functionality, and I'm sold.

BUT.... Don't add at least one of those features and it will truly be goodbye Palm. Still though, March is what I guessed at a release and it looks like that's what it will be. I can get an EVO tomorrow and be good for 6 months. Looking forward to the middle of the month baby!

Current screen size = 3.1"

Overall dimensions = 3.9" tall by 2.3" wide

Looking at the phone itself and measuring things on the face, I think you -could- cram a 3.5" screen in there pretty easily (Iphone sized) - if you get rid of the gesture area. 3.7" would be pushing it - you'd need to square up the face a bit more and it'd be hard to cram the earpiece and microphone in there...

Getting rid of the gesture area I think wouldn't be a bad idea. Allow gestures anywhere, or continue with a "gesture area" but make it part of the normal screen. It's a slight rework but we really don't need a big black bar with a button on it in the bottom of our screen. I'd rather have more real-estate.

Squaring the face a bit more could also possibly give you a wider screen as well, but it'd cost some of the "river stone" form factor... I doubt they'd do it.

You could fit an iPhone4 3.5" 640x960 display on a Pre with the same tolerances on the left & right side as the iPhone but it may need a metal frame, like the iPhone, to avoid the Oreo-type of problems. Shift the speaker higher to keep a reasonable gesture area.

Alternately you could go for a 16:9 screen and keep the same width but take up almost the entire vertical height (1.7" x 3").

I personally think HP/alm would be insane to diverge from iPhone/iPad screen ratios because of the 3D gaming element. WebOS needs to make every reasonable effort to keep it easy to port iOS apps, and leaving the 4:3 screen format would be a hurdle for developers.

If they sell a 3.5" display on a 1Ghz CPU with 512MB RAM that has extra (or at least no worse) battery life while using all my existing accessories I would upgrade in an instant.

For the love of all that is holy, let this come to Sprint.

"...if you get rid of the gesture area." W...T..F?!? Have you ever USED a webOS device? Gestures are kinda' critical to navigating the UI. Yes sir...here's your new car...sorry it doesn't come with a STEERING WHEEL!!! :-p


um... you have a 500mhz overclocked to 1ghz. by the same logic, getting a 1ghz phone wouldn't limit you to 1ghz. get me?

Technically, it's a 600 MHz processor underclocked to 500 MHz, THEN overclocked to 1 GHz or even 1.2 GHz.

But you're right, the 1 GHz processor should be able to be overclocked even higher. However, it may not need to. If webOS 2.0 does indeed make use of GPU acceleration for UI animations and such it may not be needed at all.

Who cares if you don't "need" to overclock it...the fact that we CAN would make me want to...hell, if I could run a Pre2 @ 1.5Ghz+ I would be there and I would be gleeful!!

I can overclock my 300MHZ Celeron circa 1998 to 2GHZ when I have it running in a freezer, but that does not mean it will perform like a 2GHZ processor of today.

I know for a fact overclocking much over 800mhz is basically nothing more than vanity on the Pre as there are other bottlenecks involved.

Clockspeed is only a tiny piece of the puzzle, bus size, kind of memory being used, etc etc all have major impact on true performance. Heck even something as simple as a bad NAND flash implementation (*points at samsung galaxy S users*) can hamper performance.

I concur...I'm already over-clocked to 1GHz and while a 1GHz processor would theoretically allow over-clocking to higher speeds, it doesn't sound impressive. Also, I don't want another phone that looks just like my current phone. Honestly, I read the story and I just think to myself...wow, is Palm really this lazy. They will have had more than 1 1/2 years since the original Pre released and this is what they're coming up with. I mean, they could've released this within 1 year after the Pre. /cry

Once again this logic is flawed.

If you think your current 1GHZ Palm Pre would be on par with the next generation OMAP processor @1ghz slated to be used in the next phone, you are sadly mistaken.

Heres to me hoping for a 3.7inch screen.. its sounds like a pre + +

Sounds like a Pre -

Especially when you think that we have been overclocking our Pre's for how long now?

Is it possible that Roadrunner is the Pre2 (Pre with better hardware hopefully) and Mansion will be a new device altogether?

Either the Mansion codename is also the codename for the roadrunner or the Mansion could end up being a larger WebOS device (I'm guessing [HOPING] its a 7-inch tablet). ORRR (idea!) since a castle is larger than a mansion it could be a slightly smaller device (new pixi??).

I'm just hoping that it's on Sprint first. Us folks who bought release day pre's need to be rewarded for our patience.

June 6th, 2009... God that was a long time ago. I had iPhone users jealous of me back then... i was somebody... sniff. sniff. Now i'm just another bloke with an obsolete phone and a dream.

we all are, man... but we all share the dream...


so a clocked 1ghz could mean it could be faster or?
or that it's already clocked?
hmm when it's a slider like the samsung galaxy it could even have a bigger screen what I'm really hoping for :)
and new year it is :) getting through my premier acount a new deviece not before feb anyway.. Yuhu patience is gold :)

People keep saying they are hoping for a 3.7 inch screen or bigger, but if the back plate is the same size, wouldn't that mean the screen is the same size?



Most likely, yes, but people have wondered/hoped that maybe they could squeeze a 3.5 inch screen into the same size device. And even if it is possible, it might now be worth it. Even if the Pre2's screen technically matched the iPhone screen's physical size, it would still appear to be smaller because of webOS' rounded corners and top bar blending into the rest of the device. As many have said, would love to be proven wrong.

I love the Pre's size. If they could fit a larger display in the same sized phone, it would be the perfect phone. I couldn't stand a phone the size of a book in my pocket that I would have to take out every time I sat down.

LOVE that the new processor isn't a battery drainer.

HATE that there isn't an increase in battery size.

Come on, really? I can't go for a whole day at work without my current battery dropping out on me. This thing had better last 24 hours with mild use.

But, the whole 102 thing from the beginning sounded odd. Why would Palm throw all their money on one that is one step up from a Pre Plus? Of course it's the same form factor. It's still holding the same numbering scheme. I'm not surprised by any of this, and those of you who are going to come out and complain about this not being a slab or what have you, you need to take a look at the numbering scheme. 100, 101, 102... Not that hard to decipher.

Just a little disappointed that this is the only model (so far). I'm hoping that will turn to plural soon.

Agreed on the battery bit. They seriously couldn't try to get this thing up to a 1500mAh battery? It's the one spot I'm really sore on and expected to see growth.

As for the rest, I love the form factor so don't really mind that it isn't changing much, if at all. And the specs don't need much of a bump to get things snappy, as the boys have mentioned in the PalmCasts. But for crap's sake, it better feel less plasticky for the next gen.

I think that the improvements to the backend of webos 2.0 will drastically improve battery life before the next Palm device comes out.

Meh, my battery life makes no sense.

I can barely use my phone (I'm talking very light usage. Maybe send/receive 10 texts, no phone calls, and like 10 minutes of data usage, 10 minutes of other "on" time). In 8 hours, I've dropped 70% battery.

on the other hand, i've also had the phone with very light usage (let's say around the same as the above, maybe a little less) drop 7% in 7 hours.

wut? i think it has to do with signal strength. the second place i had very high signal strength. the first place it's low, but not "searching for signal" low.

It definitely is the signal strength. The radios use the most power. One time I forgot to bring my charger with me over night and I need to use my Pre as an alarm clock so I put it into airplane mode. When I woke up in the morning it hadn't even lost 1%. The CPU is pretty efficient as it is, it's the radios and screen that suck up all the juice. Last weekend I was up in NH in an area where sprint has no towers so I was roaming on Verizon the whole weekend, and even their signal was weak. A few times it would go to searching for signal. My battery life was terrible. When I have a good signal it lasts quite well. It's a good thing we have the touchstone, it's such a pain to open that USB door and plug the cord in. With all the charging the Pre needs it's nice to be able to just drop it on the touch stone.

yeah, I have my Pre run at 250mhz when the screen is off, but my battery still drains faily quick because my office has low signal. The other day I was at the movies with 0 to 1 bars, and it was melting my leg in my pocket. In that situation I just turned off the radios.

I've found it to not even be the radio as a whole, seems to be the data.

I've been having to travel to remote parts of Arizona for work where I bounce between one bar - roaming - no bars a lot and if I have data on, I'm done in 30 minutes. If I turn off data though, I can last 24 hours.

My only gripe with this phone is the battery life. I'm scared to use it too much. All they need to fix is the issue with the service sucking life too much. Never had such a problem.

so a clocked 1ghz could mean it could be faster or?
or that it's already clocked?
hmm when it's a slider like the samsung galaxy it could even have a bigger screen what I'm really hoping for :)
and new year it is :) getting through my premier acount a new deviece not before feb anyway.. Yuhu patience is gold :)

Must say... not what I was hoping for and I don't know if it is really worth the upgrade... As said by Brett... I already have a 1Ghz Pre form factor, in fact it runs in screenstate 125 mhz to 1 ghz.

Unless there are some additional bells and whistles.. I might as well hold on to my Pre and hope that a little farther down the road... IE a couple months... a better phone will be released.


Maybe I will spend my money on the PalmPad instead.

Of course, I just blew, (er, I mean, lovingly donated) my Premier upgrade to my wife to get her the Epic 4G. (which she says she's giving to me if she don't like it within 30 days)
I like the size of the Pre, by the way. it fits nicely in my pockets, it feels good in the hand, etc.
I hope they put WebOS 2 out soon.

Funny the same thing happened to me. Magically my wife got my upgrade for a move from the Pre to the Epic 4G (She loves the hardware but does not really like the interface much). Now I have to wait until April for an upgrade!!!! So I've become really patient all of a sudden. :-(

Haha I just did the same thing! Well I cant upgrade till March 7th now but awesome timing for me!!

I love the size too, I think it seems a bit over kill seeing these EVOs that barely fit in peoples pockets. The Pre now is sleek and pits nicely in jeans, work pants, and dress pants without causing a disturbance!

The people you know must have really small pockets...

Exactly. Large slate phones are a passing fad and we're going to see a migration back to practicality and/or to tablets.

where did you get this info from? All signs say otherwise if you ask me.

color me unimpressed.

palm fail

edit: watch that this is the sprint phone, and the other carriers will get the super phone....

This is a GSM phone. There's no way this specific model could be on Sprint, a CDMA network. Only the P102EWW is for Sprint and Verizon.

Ya know in the podcast the other week you guys debated would a small spec bump be enough? Look at the responses in this thread? From people that like palm. I read a ton of "not impressed." i think you got your answer. I think Deiter loses. You guys repeated "go big or go home." Well they went small. If i was a betting man i'd say they'll go home too.

That fact makes me very sad. I will not switch to Verizon or ATT. Just too expensive. I will officially go Evo for a year and see what Palm has in store next Summer.

Maybe this is a dev/world phone, perhaps its a 'Hurd'/Business model ?

You guys haven


Build quality could be the biggest improvement of all. No more cracks from the USB port. Maybe the USB port is moved to the bottom of the phone. Sturdier materials. Glass/metal?

I don't want one of those huge phones coming out now. The form factor is very nice, IMO. Combine refinements in the build with webos 2.0 and it could be very good for me. Will it bring in a lot of new users? Don't know. maybe that's what the flash of 2011 will bring?

Another +1
Build Quality MUST be priority one with the next HPalm phones. Having a faster processor that is better on battery, more RAM and more storage are all great, but without a good rock solid build, the rest is all worthless.

Build a rock solid phone with some increased specs and WebOS will do the rest to bring them back to prominence.

This thing is going to run as smooth as butter. Lagging goes bye bye.....

i just hope they dont use plastic, if this thing has the same build quality as the current pre then it will be a flop. I am going to hold out for next year when my contract runs out, looks more like some thing palm was working on before the aquisition all that R&D why put it to waste.


thats exactly what i was thinking. So my idea is that this phone could possible be out sooner than later considering it is only a slight hardware upgrade (sounds very iphone-ish in their approach).

really sad not what I was hopping for

I don't care for it if it is just like my overclocked 1GHz Pre with a bigger screen, I am looking for MORE RAM... give us a 1GHz processor with 1GHz of ram... then lets play

I think you mean 1GB of ram, and yes that would be sweet. No more too many card errors.

1 Gb of RAM?

Yeah, I meant 1GB... im doing college work at the same time and cannot think apparently

Thinking and College rarely go together.

Me fail Embedded Control?

a = 0x08
b = 0x88

(a && b) = False

(For those of you who do not get that, I'm saying its um-possible)

UEU, not EUE.

I wouldn't be surprised if this WAS a Pre upgraded. And actually not a bad strategy either. Release the Pre with an updated CPU, and push it down to low-midrange. Though this could mean the end of the Pixi since this will take its space.

And the FCC ID tells you that this is ROAdrunner. Previously spotted, along with Roadrunner HD, which I doubt this one is.

DOH. You'd think I'd have known that, considering that I wrote the other post too. :-/

I think that I will wait for the "Mansion" I don't think this is it - My current Pre is on life support... My bets are that this phone is what Palm was working on before the purchase by HP. The Mansion hopefully will have dual cameras, we already know a higher resolution and possibly a faster processor and no keyboard - Looks like early next year for me - I'm just glad to see any new hardware coming from Palm/HP

that's my guess, this is a iterative devoce started by palm (already testing "roadrunner" in august... too soon to have much HP input. I agree with Dieter, better to get some improved device (any device) oit before Pre/Palm/webOS completely fades from Tech World and after CES, early 2011, release the super pimped OMansion" that is probably better designed to interface with the PalmPad. I bet that device will be impressive. Add that to Verizon's LTE devices (including Tablets too) in early 2011, and that could be the "go big" moment fr HPalm. A man can dream, right?

I'm undecided. It's good to see new stuff in the pipeline, but I am hoping for something a little better at CES. I'd like a bigger form factor. This seems like a stopgap phone. I'll wait to see what it really is, but it seems like a real waste of time to retool the same thing.

My guess: This phone will be released a few weeks after CES. The Mansion in late March.

There are always going to be people who like portrait sliders. Why not keep the line going? They did mention multiple phones, so you will get your wish. I'm sticking with a keyboard though.

Well, if the ideas follow like games do, the 'hd' means pixi, so perhaps two kinds, just double upgrades....

I REALLY hope they managed to squeeze a bigger screen and a better camera on it (not to mention compass on top of the current pre and I could be ok)

I don't expect a difference in screen-size though unless they shrunk the swipe area under the screen (Since it has the same backplate / battery / cpu pin-out)

not sure how you got "HD" means smaller...

fail... The same back means the same form factor. Hp is on the flopping like they've done with there smart phone line. Hope they get that web os printer out that no ones cares about.

OMAP 3630 means:
512mb Ram
720p Video
HDMI out
8 MP camera w Auto ocus and Dual Flash
Micro SD Card (up to 32gb)
FM Radio

hahahahahahahahaha we can only hope!

but I have really been hoping for a larger screen to go with all that...

The Pre is about 1mm wider than the iPhone4 so it is possible cram a 3.5" iPhone4 display onto the Pre. The gesture area would be cut roughly in half vertically (assuming no changes to the speaker location) but since the only vertical gesture extends onto the screen that's not a big hit.

OMAP 3630 does not mean everything that the Droid X has. All it means is that it can support more. The only thing the processor is guaranteed to bring to the table is 1GHz power - everything else is "I can support it, but it's up to the manufacturer to put it there." Which means that HDMI, super-fancy camera, microSD, and FM radio are probably out.

Derek now that we know how this pre 2 would look like, is the ''Mock-up the next Palm device'' contest still on :)

Is it lame that from that list of possible inclusions, the FM radio piques my interest most?

+1, I'm with you gimme the FM radio.

About a quarter of my radio listening is AM, how come no AM radio love from any modern device???

AM antennas are too big and clunky for something this size.

Not really; you could do all of those with a 3430 too.

Not joking here...this is what it is

really? how do you know this?

How do you know he knows anything ?

Sure HP is not oblivious to the fact that some people want a larger screen size. I would be willing to bet anything HP will be releasing a Pixi 2, Pre 2, and a new slab form factor with a 3.7 to 4 inch screen.

The HP exec did mention phones, plural. Also Rahul Sood had mentioned how nice a slab form factor WebOS phone would be (wink, wink).

iphone 4 has same size screen as the previous models but it's waaaaaay nicer. I would love a pre with the same res as the iphone 4 but even smaller. Retina display be damned! :P



...And iP4 is basically the same form factor (same screen size) just a little thinner and change in mfg materials.

/think people think

yes but a LOT of people actually like the iphones form factor. The same cannot be said for the pre's.

if it's not broke, don't fix it... But if it is broken.....

where did you get this info from? All signs say otherwise if you ask me.

ummm palm had to sell itself because it was in financial trouble because its flagship phone didnt sell well enough and had way too many returns

The problem with the Pre isn't the form factor itself, but the durability. They just break too easily. I'd be fine with a Pre with a faster CPU, more ram and a better keyboard.

"yes but a LOT of people actually like the iphones form factor. The same cannot be said for the pre's.

if it's not broke, don't fix it... But if it is broken....."


Hmm...You mean the SAME portrait slider style JUST adopted by RIMM (Torch) and now Motorola (Spice)? Yep, NOOOO-body likes those portrait sliders... O.o


Trust me....I know.

Shame on you Hpalm. This can't be what it is! A pre two why don't they combine the pixi and pre.

Pre+Pixi= =Prix

Bigger screen
Physical Keyboard
Virtual Keyboard
Faster processor(faster then 1ghz)
Longer battery power.
Two cameras (with flash)
More Ram
More gbs
AMOELD screen or Retina display
Custom back covers like on the pixi.

I already have 1.2 Ghz on my Pre.

how do u have 1.2 when everyone else has 1?

He's running sr71... 1.2ghz if you have a chuck norris pre.

I'm running the f104 at 1.1ghz, nice and solid-as-a-rock stable...

Good times :).

how do u have 1.2 when everyone else has 1?

So you're not buying a new phone until they have 1.3 Ghz or more? Have fun with that logic.

It will have Virtual Keyboard as it will be a Webos 2.0 device.
It will have a longer Battery Power as the 3630 is twice as efficient than the 3430.

This will totally make me happy and keep me with Palm. I've never bothered overclocking my Pre. If it goes faster, that's great, but no big deal. Battery life is much more important than mhz and number of pixels.

This needs a micro SD card slot, and a better camera, and better build quality. TV output would be good for powerpoint, etc.

If we get good visual voicemail, voicememo, and improved calender views with the HPWebOs 2.0 update, then this phone will be totally awesome. A gaming-oriented slate phone can come later.

But the questions of course is: WHEN WHEN WHEN? The rumor is that the Blackberry Torch is coming to Sprint on Nov 16.

If the new Pre isn't out by then, I may need to jump ship to the Torch--a phone with lower specs than the Pre 1--that does the things I need a phone to do.

webOS 2.0 definitely needs Visual VoiceMail built in. It's embarrassing to recommend the Pre without it. It's not something we should need an app for.

wow must be an adriod owner

Overclocking my Pre to 1GHz has shown me that any new hardware needs at least this chip speed to demonstrate competitiveness in the market. If the battery life hasn't improved, however, then neither consumers nor businesses will embrace it. Obviously, I'm referring to mainstream. We put up with it because we know how awesome WebOS is and iOS, whose ecosystem we avoid getting stuck in, is the only current elegant and gaming competitor.

damn ADRIOD owners.... :-)

1ghz...nice to see they're catching up with phones 6 months old. Let's hope the hardware is so good that 1ghz actually works a ton better than what's out there now. Otherwise...wow not impressed. Same phone back (so pretty much same phone)? Come on! At least a little bit bigger screen!

I think it definitely will. The samsung moment clocks at 800 MHz and a pree with 800 overclock absolutely blows it out of the water, so I don't see any reason why a 1 GHz processor built to run webos will out perform android devices at 1GHz.

There's a simple answer to this. Not all processors are created equal. Just like the Power PC processor berried the intel equivalents of the time and the i7's demolish the Core 2 Quads, so does the OMAP run more efficiently than the ARM processors (Snap dragon and Hummingbird) that are in the Evo, Epic and the like (The Samsung moment and intercept are ARM processors as well).

They're all ARM processors actually. There may be some tweaks that make some better than others at certain tasks, but they are mostly the same. It's not nearly the same as the difference between x86 and PowerPC. The Pre runs pretty good at 500MHz and a 1GHz OMAP CPU will at minimum DOUBLE the speed. I think 1GHz plus more RAM will be plenty.

What the guy above said. The OMAP 3630 is also an ARM architecture, like the Hummingbird. It's manufactured by a different company (TI) on a different process and may have different bells and whistles, but the general architecture is the same.

I for one am quite excited about the new processor.

Sounds like T-Mobile is getting a Pre Plus no biggie Sprint will have the Palm Mansion out for us, just be strong!

well if the new cpu is twice as efficient as the current one, then a new battery really isn't needed. the new cpu will be twice as fast and will last twice as long. with my current sprint pre (1 Ghz) i can go about a day. so with the new one i should be just fine.

Welllll, I dunno about that. The CPU is only a piece of the power-slurping puzzle. The screen and radios also eat up juice. I'd guess that even if the processor uses half the power it used to, that only means maybe a 20% battery life improvement overall.

But hey, maybe that's just enough to make the difference.

Awesome, a 1 ghz Pre! Oh, wait, I already have one of those. Damn!

Uh...no you don't. You have a...

-Far pushed beyond it boundries
-Shortened Life Expectancy
-More unstable
-Highly susceptible to heat

...Palm Pre.

This phone will run forever at 1ghz (just like (iP4, Evo, Epic, Droid X, you know...CURRENT phones) And if you like (once WOSI releases it) you can OC to... 1.7ghz and be way out in front. See?


not to b a dick but.... the iphone runs at like 830 mhz (an underclocked 1 ghz to save power). when it comes to the pre overclocked to 1 ghz; i recently got mine replace with a refurb and i overclocked it. it runs very stable, never overheats at ALL and the battery actually last a good amount of time. i bought one of those 1350 batterys on ebay for $10 and it works great. my phone lasts longer now than it did b4 i think. its all about knowing how to conserve. i turn my 3g radio off when i know im not going to use it for awhile and that saves A LOT of bat power. try that.

My Pre is overclocked with Uberkernel @ 1GHz and it runs better than stock ever did. I have no isues with instability or heat whatsoever. In fact is runs much cooler and battery life is better than my experiences with stock speeds. 500mhz struggles to run webOS creating more heat and battery use.

I'll be waiting for a device with a larger screen.

Disappointing if this is the only device.... But I suspect it's one to keep those that like the smaller form factor happy, as well as wanting a physical keyboard.

If we do get something in spring 2011, I would have expected dual core. But this doesn't seems like it will happen. And it will again be behind the curve as the iPhone 5 will probably be a dual core unit.

This is the phone that should have been released this year. But I'll hold off on full judgement until we get some actual confirmation.

Im going to make a prediction here, that this is not the new "amazing super awesome" Palm phone we are waiting for, but just a more improved Palm Pre Upgrade for Sprint. Like the Palm Pre ++, this will just basically be a stopgap product to tide people over until the much more capable and more advanced devices come out.

So basically this is just the device that was already being planned at Palm before the acquisition, and the newer more amazing devices that are being made by the HP/Palm partnership are still in the works.

Just a guess by moi.

I accept


Sounds like HPalm is trying to get an upgrade to the Pre + in prior to the new devices next year. At least I hope that's what this means. I unfortunately can't upgrade until second quarter (wife stole me upgrade) so I will be waiting on what happens next year and making my decision then.