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Paid App Catalog going international on March 31st 59

by Derek Kessler Tue, 23 Mar 2010 5:56 pm EDT

Euro App Catalog

Europe, Canada, and Mexico, hold on to your hats, because in one week you’ll be able to buy apps from the Palm App Catalog. Palm has informed developers that March 31st is the go-live date for the international App Catalog e-commerce program. Developers wishing to distribute their apps in other countries are encouraged to resubmit their apps with an update that will provide localized content and/or meta-data. But if you don’t want to do that, Palm’s cool with that too.

In order to get as many paid apps in the various international App Catalog incarnations as possible, Palm’s Developer Relations Team will expedite the review process for apps tagged for international distribution (so expect plenty of updates in the coming week with no version change for the app). Apps submitted for sale in the United States, Canada, and Mexico will receive payment in US dollars, while apps submitted for Germany, Spain, the UK, and Ireland will receive payment in Euros (and from Palm subsidiary Palm Global Operations Ltd). Additionally, Palm is now accepting applications submissions for the upcoming launch of the webOS on SFR.

Developers: start your submission engines. International webOS users: start chilling the bubbly, for next Wednesday we celebrate.

Thanks to anonymous tipsters!


I hope they can add more countries, including India and Australia. Wonder when they will come out with in app purchases and app gifting.

Awesome, Canadians will be happy.


Thanks for my birthday present Palm :)

I knew it would be the last day of March..

lol.. "sometime in March", and it's the very last day. But it's coming, and us Canadians are added into the mix as well. Good news indeed!

I assume the UK will pay in pounds sterling (by the look of the screenshot above) and not in euros as stated above.

Either way, my credit card is ready!

Nope, the article says that developers will be paid in Euros. It doesn't mention what currency users will pay in.

Whether its in $,

Nice. Hopefully this will start a trend where the useful apps start to outnumber the useless spam-like 'quotes' and center-fold apps...



as expected: not users outside "the Palm zone". It's sad to see when one's prejudices come true.. Oh, well..

Wuv u palm

What about Switzerland?

Still no official launch of the Pre here :-((((((((

I don't believe i'll get paid apps

Anyone knows??

Does anyone have information on the options for people who don't live in countries using those currencies? e.g. Switzerland, Australia?

Would one need an actual european credit card, or would it just get converted (like amazon, eby etc)?

There are many, MANY of us that would be dying to know this information.

Don't know. Considering that Palm doesn't currently sell devices with the App Catalog in those countries, I wouldn't count on having an answer until next Wednesday.

Thank god!! Now that the rest of the world will have the same functionality as the US (minus the GPS/Music store) Palm has a much better chance of getting out of the hot water they have been in as of late.

This is just awesome news! For me the biggest nuisance isn't just the lack of access to most apps, but being relegated to using the "lite" version of some. I keep looking longingly at those little "This feature is only available in the full version" notices and replying, "Why won't you let me buy you!? You're only 99 cents! I'm good for it, you know I am!"

Also, this will actually be a pretty good deal for us Canadians when the Canadian dollar goes above par. Maybe we'll even get an honest-to-goodness GPS application that needn't be pirated!

really? I didn't even realize the paid apps were US only....kind of reminds me how young webOS still is. Lwts hope it brings in some cash for palm

This is cool palm, and much needed. But if you want WebOS to grow, WE NEED MORE DEVICES! Sprint just announce the new HTC EVO 4G, and its specs are INCREDIBLE! you need to convince HTC to load WebOS onto this beauty and add a Keyboard and get it out by this SUMMER if you want to live. what good are apps if no one has your OS?

App prices best reflect the exchange rate or Palm can f-off.

Palm doesn't set the prices, the developers do. Schmuck.

You clearly don't know much about money, do you?
Developers set the price for their country, then it's converted, should palm obey the exchange rate, into the relevant currency for whatever country the app is purchased in. This means that everyone gets a fair price, instead a

Usually the prices are set for the respective countries. By the developpers... There's no real 'scheduled adaptation' to the exchange rate going on, as they are usually quite stable. What do you expect, the prices based on USD and fluctuating continously with the exchange rates? Hardly...


So, American cousins: What are the best paid-for apps that we in the old countries should start saving our pennies for?

Wobble Words 2! (shameless plug)... Paratrooper, Bad Kitty, Timepiece are the paid apps I use often these days. The App Catalog has a lot of good paid apps now, and the ratings are fixed (just watch for "5star" apps with only 1-2 reviews). Enjoy!


We have about 290 apps in the german catalogue now. So what do I expect to see Mar. 31.? Well, about the entirety of the 1700+ apps currently available in the US. But something tells me I shouldn'd be disappointed if it is just about a 1000 apps. But I know I will be disappointed then. So, I don't know, but I'd like to be confident. But why am I not...?

where is the ability to search. It does not work

where is the ability to search. It does not work

When I see it.........

The title is misleading. Its NOT INTERNATIONAL!

Its only US and some European countries. International should mean any or most countries in the world. That is international.

Sound like the world is only made up of the US + rest of the world (don't really care who they are).

For pete's sake, relax. That was Palm's wording, and it's going to be our wording.

international. concerning or belonging to all or at least two or more nations; "international affairs"; "an international agreement"; "international waters"

Your comment made my laugh, it's not often that you guys (the writing crew) retort in that matter, I like it.

You can think that's what international should mean all you want, but that isn't what it means. International is between any two nations. I.E. international travel doesn't mean you travel to every country, it means you travel from one country to another.

I'm broke. Sorry Palm.

i'll just wait for flash for games.

but I sure could use some useful apps. :)

Wow, anonymous tipsters work fast.

It would have been nice if they did this at least a week earlier before Bell's $10 off per month deal ends on March 30th. With some awesome games and apps I'm sure I would be able to convince several people to pick up a pre.

hope 1.4.1 lands before paid app store. would be nice.

also, the people saying 'i'm broke' - um, are you serious? at 99c-$5 per app? You're spending more by having the computer connected to internet to type 'i'm broke'!

Get a grip pennypincher!

Just skip the dollar menu fries next time you're at McD's and badda-bing! You've got an app right there. Most apps will give you more enjoyment over time than the fries, so seems like a good deal to me.

Great news! Just got my Pre (yesterday actually), so this is coming with perfect timing. (I'm from Mexico BTW).

Great news! Just knew it would be the 31st...
I already saved some pennies for some apps I want. Now bring on DocsToGo Dataviz!

Also hoping developers will have their apps available in Germany. There's already some free apps only available in English speaking countries.

What are our payment options gonna be like? Credit cards only? Does anyone know?

I was wondering that, previously if you ordered things like games via O2 the cost was added to your bill. Hope so as I don't and never will own a credit card.

I sure hope so too since I'm also not gonna get a credit card anytime soon!

I really like my Pre, and I hope I'm not being a troll! but for me in the UK, this is to little to late, I wanted to develop for this platform as I do for iPhone and Android, but now would not invest the time just incase! Its a shame as when the Pre was first released in the US, it was a ground breaker, they just left us behind in Europe. I hope it is successful, as competition is a good thing, and maybe I will revisit this platform when its matured in few years.

Isn't it possible or will be possible in the future to easily port apps over to WebOS from different platforms in a short time frame. I'm not a developer and have no idea how any of it works but if that is the case surely it would be wise to invest the time in doing so.
I can feel your frustrations but Palm needs more developers on board for the platform to be a success. I don't know which apps you have written but please bring them to WebOS (unless its a stupid quotes app or worse another fart app)

so does this mean we (canadians) pay in USD? And I would love to be able to add the costs on to my bill. That's how I did it on my samsung phone..

Its taken its time but at last.....!

It will however only make a difference if there are the apps that people want and need. Going by what i have seen i won't be rushing to buy any unless of course there are a bunch of UK developers waiting to push out their apps next week but i doubt it.

finally, now if only tomtom and documents to go would actually release their apps...


It was definitely there yesterday!
Is the Beta- and Web-feed (e.g. thru AppScoop) working for you?

Sorry, but I did not get your message. Any weblink to the Beta- and Web-feed?

I foud the weblinks for Beta or Web apps, like distributed thru AppScoop for the latest submissions no longer working (e.g. for GiantBomb v0.1.0). Older ones work though.

there was an issue at Palm's end with certain apps not being available. It seems to be better now. You might want to AppScoop try again.

WOOOOOHOOOOO App catalog for my birthday :)

For me there more important when the App Catalog will accept cards like Visa or MasterCard not issued by banks in UK or Germany? For example, cards from Latvian banks...