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Paid App Catalog now available in Mexico... if hack it up with webOS 1.4.5 32

by Derek Kessler Mon, 13 Dec 2010 2:02 pm EST

Paid App Catalog in Mexico Paid App Catalog in Mexico

¡Buenas noticias, México! It is now possible for you to download paid apps from the App Catalog, they’ll even take your pesos at a very generous exchange rate. Bad news: you have to hack webOS 1.4.5 onto your phone to get it to work, because for reasons that we cannot fathom Telcel’s Palm Pre phones have yet to receive the update to enable the ecommerce App Catalog. They’re still stuck on webOS 1.4.0. Mind boggling, we know.

PreCentral reader Juan let us know that he had managed to get his Telcel Pre running 1.4.5, and up until last week he’d been able to view all sorts of apps in the App Catalog, but had never been able to complete a purchase. But now if he tries to download one of the paid apps that shows up in the Mexican version of the App Catalog, he’s prompted for credit card account information and then permitted to buy.

So far each app he’s tried to buy (iGPS, Internet Radio Pro) has gone through successfully. Additionally, the exchange rate for Mexican pesos to US dollars has been fairly generous, running at 1.00 USD = 10.00 MXN, whereas the current value is more like 1.00 USD = 12.40 MXN.

Is the Palm expanding the App Catalog to support more countries, even where App Catalog support is lacking (or where Palm technically doesn’t even have service), or just a glitch? We don’t know, but we’re glad to see more people getting access to the full App Catalog, even if they have to hack their phones to get there.

Thanks Juan!


Telcel users have never heard "in the coming months".

Oh but they will.......soon.

This has been true since the pre release of a 1.4.5 webOS Doctor on the Dev forums, I've been able to buy apps since then :)

Of course, the Doctor is Palm's Intellectual Property and we're unable to redistribute it.

I could really care less about cell phones in mexico, but WTF H/Palm... can you not do anything in a timely manner?

This is on Telcel, not H/Palm. Obviously, since this guy can do it, the 1.4.5 Telcel doctor is out there, so the update is there, but for whatever reason, Telcel chooses not to update.

Man, this needs to happen for real. It's tough for developers that we can't support every country where Pres and Pixis are available.

Hey Juan -- try and see if neato! can be purchased. You know, for research :)

From Juan brother to another. Good job.

p.s. I know it was a crappy pun. Trying to cheer up the "in coming decades" mood.

Mexico never got 1.4.5 because of Telcel. It is not a new.

Thanks Carlos! (Slim)

Are you able to purchase apps directly from App Catalog? Or like me you need to locate apps using PreWare?

only using preware... so I am thinking it is a "backdoor" to the catalog

You have to use Preware, the app catalog for Mexico does not have Paid apps no matter which webOS version you are.


I have the hack webos 1.4.5 for telcel palm pre and I can

This is not new, it has always been possible to download paid apps with webOS 1.4.5 in Mexico. The bad thing is that you can't search for apps directly from the App Catalog, you have to use Preware.

By the way, here it is the guide to update Telcel Pres to webOS 1.4.5: (in spanish)

how many mexicans do you think read this and were like "sweet, let me go hack my phone". i know it's slow around here but guys, you need to understand that normal people don't want to hack their phones to get the basic features that should come with it out of the box.

+1 Hell Yeah!

This site should not bother posting another article until they have one announcing new devices. Nobody gives a damn about app catalog in mexico.

And why do you take the time to post if you do not give a damn?

Shut up Yankee.

Do they still teach english down there, choncho? I obviously would give a damn about a new device - how do you not see the difference between that and an app catalog hack for users in mexico? So far, you have made 4 of the 20 posts on the topic so I think my point is spot on - nobody gives a damn. Stop trying to fill the pages with this nonsense and admit there isn't jack s**t going on...

Hahahaha, you make me laugh. Yes, they teach but i learned because I wanted to.
You are saying that others should not pay attention to this post because not so many people write on it, right?
So you are saying that if everybody says ''i'm gonna shoot myself''you are going to do it just because other do?
I see how intelligent you are.Congrats!


Well, Mexicans do. Not everyone is american in Precentral and we are delighted to see international Palm news.

??? nobody = wackO

Any chance that Juan who did this webOS 1.4.5 hack onto his Telcel Palm PRE could POST simple instructions on HOW to do it for fellow Telcel Palm Pre users who don't know how???

you need to follow the instructions at then download and install preware, once it is running just type the name of the app you are looking for at Preware's main screen. If you type the name of a paid application, then it will ask you for your credit card details, and then you can purchase whatever is available (it seems not all the catalog is). you only need to type your credit card details once, and according to the messages received whilst doing it, they are not stored in your computer
good luck

I, for one, can search apps in the catalog, purchase and download, and even restore on another device... There are several methods, but most of them involves a hacked webOS Doctor.

In my case, I use a pre release 1.4.5 Doctor on my Telcel Pre, this specific doctor version was configured at Palm servers to allow the full app catalog to be shown.

As for the other methods, I don't think they can search apps in the catalog, maybe they can search them with preware/appscoop, and buy them directly, but the catalog shows almost empty, only with free apps designed for webOS 1.0.

And no, I will not post the Doctor, it's Palm's property and I'm not allowed to share it.

i'm with you mexicans and thanx to derek to post these international news (even if this one seems not so new). As a user from the EU i can tell how it is to have no access to paid apps even if others have for month. On the other side the US boys also whined (justly) as we got 1.4.5 some weeks before you. So take others problems serious.

Sadly Mexico used to have a lot of loyal Palm users, but now lot of them have lost hope in Palm

sigh... australia's still waiting...

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This is really sad.... First, yes, not all users are from USA, and there are lots that love webOS.

Second. Really sad what Telcel does, I had the original Pre and I loved it, but the lack of apps and updates made me jump to android. I'd jump back but I really doubt that telcel will improve the support for webOS, if they continue selling any webos device...