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Paid Apps in the App Catalog Triple-Confirmed for Next Week, 1.2 too 73

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 18 Sep 2009 2:58 pm EDT

Palm is sticking to their regular schedule of unloading apps on Thursdays, but next Thursday, Sept 24th, will be extra special as, yes Virginia, you'll be able to pay for apps. We mentioned it Saturday and confirmed it on Tuesday, but here's one more piece of confirmation pie: a very-slightly-embiggened version of the pdf just posted at All Things D.

Developers get paid via PayPal on a 70/30 split. The ability to upload apps will cost developers $99 a year, but the lucky beta participants only need to chip in a token $5 for this first year. 

Also, say goodbye to public download counts in webOS 1.2. webOS 1.2, you ask? Yes, we're still expecting it sometime next week and you could do worse than guess it'll land on the 24th, same as paid apps.

Now, it's always possible that Palm could decide to push things back a week for some extra spit and polish - the hour-long series of App Catalog bugs that came with yesterday's batch of apps is definitely something Palm won't want repeated on such a big day. Either way, we think that Thursday morning would be a good time to remove those tweaks and patches.

Thanks again, anonymous tipsters!



Oh, someone broke their developer NDA...

LOL! I think "embiggened" may be my favorite new word. The mind boggles at what this word suggests outside of the proper context.

It's a perfectly cromulent word.

Is that 70% developer / 30% Palm payout?

If you have to use a paypal account then the developer will get less than 70% since paypal takes a percentage plus transaction fee out.

PayPal only takes a percentage if the money payed to you is from a card or on certain other conditions. I get paid for stock photography and videography through PayPal with no added fees. Usually the company will pay any fees to save money using PayPal as the distribution system, rather than the more expensive option of rolling their own.

you probably have a business account.


Why are we excited to have to pay for apps again?

Because paying for apps means we should expect a larger number of higher quality apps in the long term. When everything is for free, you'll only get so many high quality apps.

for some reason I was under the impression that these apps were from Palm or Sprint employed Developers only.

A majority of the apps even currently in the catalog are from independent developers. All have signed agreements with Palm, but very few are employees.

Buy on the rumour, sell on the news

Paying for apps means developers make money means more developers attracted to platform means more (and better) apps means better phone (whew!) :-)

I wonder if there are going to be more updates to 1.2, than what was posted on Sprints web site. I heard text forwarding will finally be added. BTW, I could really care less about ITunes support. Nevertheless, I love seeing the battle so I hope it gets fixed. I would rather see Palm add a small application on the Pre that would automatically install, and configure your ITunes library. Than try to spoof that it is an IPod just to get under Apples Skin (no pun intended).

I surely hope they expand the Apps partition, I won't have any room for new apps. I had to delete four last night just to put on the survivor app.

agreed. what's the use of having new apps if you can't download them...

Perhaps we will get a few extra features, but imo the feature list that was leaked + the app catalog coming out of beta + (presumably) more apps being released the same day as the new catalog, all within days of the Pixie announcement is pretty sweet. Palm is executing like nobody's business.

The App Catalog is NOT coming out of beta with 1.2 / 2/24. It's still considered beta but with paid applications support.

A full release (aka non-beta) won't be for another month or so.

Thanks for the clarification. I had incorrectly assumed it was the lack of payment functionality that was keeping it in beta.

Agreed. Interesting that people complain. Relative to other devices these guys are moving at the speed of light. Granted, it never appears this way as an early adopter. ;)

Hopefully sprint/ palm can handle the throughput that's going to be required to have both happen the same day. I would imagine that there would be a couple of days in between. You are going to have every pre phone user (at least a large portion of them.... how many follow this site alone?) not only trying to download the update, but checking out the new app catalog (and new apps... I'd imagine) at the same time. I would hope that Palm will be smarter than that and give the update before the new app catalog goes active. I was thinking we would have an update by the end of the day today (wishful thinking?), for a safe route to take in case of unforeseen problems.... Maybe Itunes sync isn't back yet.....

Hopefully the server farm providing WebOS updates is distinct from the farm providing application updates, and they have a nice fat pipe at their hosting provider.

i wonder why they will stop showing the download count?

so if an app is messed up someway on the 24th, there wont be an update until the 28th?

24th can come soon enough.

Yeah, I was surprised by that as well. Perhaps they do not want us to be able to calculate how much money they and/or the developers are making.

Usually they let developers choose to show download numbers when it comes to such stores.

its so you don't know how much money the app is making.

So two big things in one day! I love septemberrrrr

I'll believe it when I see it.

I'll believe it when I see it.

I'll believe it when I see it.
So far, except for multitasking, nothing but let-downs from Palm for the Pr?.
(and somehow my post keeps posting. it's not me, it must be some adapter modulator glitch) ..... or maybe it has something to do with the oreo on this Pr?.

I'm guessing you'll believe it when you see it.


believe half of what you see and none of what you hear

... and yep for that too. +1

Nothing but let-downs? You maybe aren't the best candidate for "early adopter." If you expected a fully polished and complete product, you should have waited until release 2.0, the second generation of webos phones. (The Pixi is still 1st generation. I mean one year later.)

Do u really think it should take a year or two to have such basic things as a notification nag or even some kind of customization? I thought this WebOs was so easy to program for.

A year or two? They're not even three months after first release, yes? If they keep up this pace of releases, then by a year from release webos should be very polished indeed.

Once they have nag what will you complain about next?

Not me. All the core functionality of a modern smart phone is there. Email, calendar, contacts, web, music, streaming, navigation, text, and some neat apps that help you out with random tasks. I am not really let down by any of the features so far. They are all up to par with what I expect from a smart phone these days and then some.

So far a good week. I've had my sparkling new Pre for all but 2 days now and loving it. Miss some functionality I had with my Samsung Instinct like automatic contact back up, video, message forwarding, but I am liking my Pre a lot. Love the search function. And to hear the news that 1.2, more apps and paid apps support is coming in a week. Sweeeeet. By the way Rubi handled himself well on the Engadget show. Loving my Pre.

Your contacts are already mirrored on Google or Exchange or wherever you store them anyway.

Palm Pre question to all you who have had your Pre for a while.
How does the Pre handle text messages and phone conversation of your individual contacts?
Are they listed under the same thread or are they seperate?

I've only had mine for 2 days so I am still learning the functions of the phone.

What do you mean by phone conversation? How could text and voice be in the same thread? Did you mean text messagung and chat? If so, my understanding is that they appear in the same thread (I don't use chat on my Pre so I can't personally confirm but I recall reading that was one of the features)

In regards to phone convo, I meant will the thread show your contacts phone number and time of the call?

Assuming by phone convo you mean phone log. If so then yes, you can see in reverse chronological order a list of each contact name, number, time of call, whether it was incoming or outgoing, as well as a tiny thumbnail of your contact's photo if available. Tapping on the number will call them back. Tapping on their photo or photo placeholder will launch the contact app with their contact page. You can also filter by all calls or missed calls.

Take this to the forums please. This has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

bring on the cracked apps for the apps from the big companies!

bubbles on the otehr hand and the other respected indy app creators, take my money, double the ammount of your apps.

So it is OK to steal Apps from the big companies? How big is too big to have people purchase Apps honestly? Just wondering, because I want to keep my company under that size, so you actually pay for the hard work I do.

But you are right, screw those other programmers. They are totally different. [How do you do rolled eyes on here?]

Seriously...I hate how people justify stealing from companies just because they employ a lot of people.

I can't wait to get 1.2, based on the leaked features.

Does anyone know how 70/30 stacks up to other app stores?

i believe it is the same as Apple and WinMo's coming store.


Same as Apple's AppStore

First of if palm is paying developers via paypal then that sucks as the developers will not be able to get their 70% since paypal charges a transaction fee and keeps a percentage of every transfer.

Second, I for sure am not going to upload my apps to the catalog if I have to pay a fee to develop applications for the community. F* That!

Homebrew FTW!

Other companies pay me via PayPal and I am charged no fees.

Apple charges ~$250 so it's cheaper than iPhone development. I sure as heck also hope that an app makes more than $100 dollars (150 downloads @ .99) if Palm took the time to review it and add it to the catalog.

You only pay a fee if you want to charge for your app. So if you're going to make free Apps, the AppCatalog is the way to go as you'll have a bigger base.

Where are you getting this info? I do not see it in the posts.

embiggened is a very cromulent word that i love and i am so happy that it has been used lately, i thought everyone forgot about it! oh yeah i want my coffee substitute grey with creamium

What ever happened to the old saying "don't use a 5 dollar word where a nickel word would do"? :-)

Just remember, "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man."

Will preware still work after the update?

Because the 1.2 App Catalog doesn't track downloads, Palm recommends keeping webOS 1.1 on one device.

Aside from making me jealous os those rich enough to have a dedicated development device(s), does this mean that the upgrade to 1.2 will not be forced upon us as the other OS updates were?

I bet it will still be forced. Otherwise it would mean that this update and everyone after this would not be forced. (Unless they add the download count back in)

I can't wait for Palm Pre to get FLASH SUPPORT and add a CAMCORDER feature! I can say if PALM would listen to PRE users and give us the necessary updates they could do WONDERS with the PRE!!! I really like my Pre out of all the other smartphones I've had. Forwarding text, more CAMERA controls, longer battery. Oh yes, a on-screen KEYBOARD would be NICE too! Let me know PRE USERS!!!!

Flash support is not a simple matter but it is in development.
Camcorder is in development. I do think this is kinda lame not to have.
Forwarding text should be an easy matter but I would never use it.
Camera controls...don't really care. I have a real camera for good photos. All they would really give you would be some fake digital zoom that looks like crap anyway. Crop your pics on the desktop and it will look better.
Battery is up to par with other large touch screen phones.
On screen keyboard...get an iPhone. They are freaking annoying and the proper keyboard is one main selling point of the Pre over the new crop of Android phones like the Hero.

I hear you but these upgrades would make the PRE a POWER-HOUSE. I can care less about an iPhone, but you can't deny the "lure" of the iPod. As for having both camera and camcorder, I've had several smartphones that have both, I js think the PRE could do more with this phone with the proper software updates. I really like the camera, its super FAST and with the right features, it could be great! I have a digital camcorder and camera, but having these features on my cell phone is even BETTER! ENJOYING my PALM PRE!

i hope they make a barcode scanner for the palm as they did for the G1. it would help out alot.

I really love my Pre. I'm sure people mentioned this already but my only real complaint is I think the sounds are a bit low. I'm wondering if that is even possible to fix through an upgrade or if that's out of the question.
I am looking forward to a flash upgrade. I'm also wondering as far as apps go, (again forgive me if someone already mentioned this) will the one's we've already downloaded no longer work? I'm guessing we'll have to pay up for those just as in any free trial.

Well it's the 28 and still no update or paid apps