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Pair a webOS phone with the TouchPad 22

by Adam Marks Wed, 27 Jul 2011 3:24 pm EDT

One of the great features for owners of both the TouchPad and a webOS phones is the incredibly easy way to pair the devices together in order to use the TouchPad as a Bluetooth receiver to make/receive phone calls on your tablet. In addition, the TouchPad will also be able to send/receive SMS messages from a Pre2 or Veer (after a future OTA software update for both devices) and all future webOS phones.

To pair a webOS phone with your Tablet:

  • Open up the Bluetooth app on your webOS phone and make sure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Open up the Bluetooth app on your TouchPad
    • You may see options in the Phone & Video Calls or Messaging apps to connect a phone, as well. Those options will just open the Bluetooth App to facilitate the pairing of the devices.
  • On the TouchPad, press the "+ Add Device" button
  • Change the "TYPE" to "webOS Phone"
  • After a few seconds, the TouchPad should find your phone. Tap on it
    • If you see multiple phones and not sure which one is yours, open up the "Device Info" app on your phone and look at the "NAME" of your device at the top. This is the phone that you want to choose
  • You may get a pop-up on the phone and/or TouchPad asking to allow the devices to connect. Allow access!

Once you return to the Bluetooth app, you should see your device added to the list of "DEVICES", with an "i" icon towards the right. Tapping on that icon will bring up another screen allowing you to set options on how you want the TouchPad and Phone to interact with each other, including auto connecting to the phone and determine if the TouchPad should receive either Phone Calls for SMS Messages from your phone.

While the phone and TouchPad should automatically connect in the future, if you notice that there are times wherethe Bluetooth connection is not active. First make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on both devices, and then swipe-down from top-right of the TouchPad to bring down the Connections Menu, tap "Bluetooth" and the tap on your phone to connect


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question remains: When will the update for this be found?

Definitely a useful feature, more so the SMS rather than calling.

yes.. the SMS feature was a huge selling point for the TP. Disapointed it wasn't supported out of the box... So when is this update?

The main problem with this is the audio quality. I can use the Touchpad as a speakerphone just fine, but anyone I talk to can hear their own voice echoing back after the half-second delay. It's just not usable, unless you've got mobile headphones (receive & transmit).

Ya, the person I was calling said the echo was unbearable! Not Cool!

Same here. That was the first reaction that I got when trying it with my Pre- and it is definetly not usable... Sad to see the SMS and the Calling feature turning out to be useless after months of marketing...

Make sure your webOS phone is several feet from the TP or the echo is bad for the person on the other end.

Doesn't the mic come from the Touchpad and not the phone? I don't see why having the phone near/far would have anything to do with it.

wish my pre plus could pair.
contract wont be up for another year :(

Why won't your Pre Plus pair? My Pre- pairs fine.

I also found the sound quality terrible - and if I'm going to use a headset it will just be paired to my Pre 2 rather than the TouchPad. Fingers crossed the SMS update really does come to the Pre 2 someday - that would be enough to get me to update my Verizon phone myself!

Yeah my pre- paired just fine and works pretty well... but why can't the SMS thing work with my Pre-? is there really a issue that won't let that work or just that they don't care about us original Pre users?

OP: PLEASE NOTE: All WebOS phones will pair.

My friend pairs his TP with a Sprint Pixi. I have paired with both a Pre+ and a Pre2.

Just because TTS only works on a Pre3, doesn't mean much. ALl the other functions do work. HP can't advertise this because the don't they don't want to be sued when people think TTS works on older devices. It doesn't and CAN'T because they don't have the second coil. IT's a hardware issue. But every other feature works AFAIK. I logged into my webos profile and got all the 'stuff'. I even got all my FB photos. and I am pairing with my pre2 and my sound is great. I was browsing the web and got a call on the TP and I didn't have to move. It was way cool.

Not sure what you are saying cause SMS doesnt work between pre- and the Touchpad.

I love this feature even though its still very buggy.

When i send an sms it seems to go through now, although it always tells me to pair my phone, it also always forgets my device for some reason.

Still its so awesome to leave this charging and just worry about 1 device.

Was Bluetooth optimized in the 3.0.2 update? I haven't had a chance to test it yet.

I disabled this because my phone was picking my TouchPad over my car while travelling-- when the get the SMS worked out with everything, it would be great to be able to pair only certain features, or at least to be able to set priority.

Does anyone know if there will be SMS compatibility with webOS 1.4.x?

That's what i'd really appreciate too! I don't really need to use the touchpad for phone calls, but recieve/read/write SMS on the touchpad would be THE point for buying a Touchpad!

I also hope that the update for the Veer will come soon. Pairing the phone and the tablet was one of the main selling points for me. I want to send SMS through the TouchPad and leave the Veer on the table somewhere.

I'll be very disappointed if HP waits too long to bring out this feature.

I have paired my Pre 2 with my Touchpad, but was wondering if you can also pair a bluetooth headset with the Touchpad while it is paired to the phone (so you can accept and make calls using the BT headset vs. having to use the Touchpad speakers). There has to be a way to do this or the utility of the pairing concept is pretty limited. I have tried doing this but the Touchpad seems to be connecting with my Pre 2 or my BT headset (Plantronics Voyager Pro+), but not both at the same time. When they are not connected to each other, I can be connected to both the Pre 2 and the Touchpad with my BT headset at the same time (i.e., can accept calls that come in via skype on Touchpad or on my Pre 2. Any thoughts on this front would be greatly appreciated.

I have an Epson workforce 600 that I can't pair with. I hope this update will let my printer pair. My wife IPAD pairs with my printer.

LOL I had forgotten all about this feature. Probably because I can't recieve/send text.