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Palm Abandons Windows Mobile 55

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 18 Sep 2009 11:22 am EDT

Jon Rubinstein just made it official during their financial results conference call, folks: Palm is only going to develop webOS devices from now on. Say goodbye to Palm-branded Windows Mobile Devices:

Due to importance of webOS to our overall strategy, we've made the decision to dedicate all future develoment resources to the evolution of webOS. Which means that going forward, our roadmap will include only Palm webOS-based devices

Does this mean the end of the Treo line? Not necessarily, Rubinstein prefaced the above comment by emphasizing how well the webOS can fit for business. Will we see a webOS-based Treo?



That's welcome news!

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Now give us a word processor and spreadsheets editor!

the fact is that Palm is in a serious cash crunch and they cant afford to pay for the wm division any more. Losses for the first full quarter of pre sales quadrupled from the past quarter.

Hopes were for sale of 600,000 to 700,000 thousand units of Pre and it looks like it was more like a paltry 450 to 350,000 units of Pre with sales of Pre continuing to drop every week as opposed to growing every week.

Lets hope the Verizon launch is sooner rather than later.

Palm (and Apple for that matter) does not need processor and spreadsheets editor. Nobody in his own mind will use Pre or Pixie to edit text or spreadsheet. MS Word and Excel viewer - that's fine.

Also, the smartphone adoption started from the business users. Now it goes to the mainstream. I see Palm's strength targeting the much larger and fastest growing mid-range segment than trying to displace RIM from the business segment. If the mid range adoption is good it will serve as a backdoor entry into the enterprise market. Reference: Apple's Mac strategy.

Palm may not need it, But I DO!

Everybody has their own needs. I need to be able to use my phone to edit word-processing documents and excel spreadsheets. I'm tired of carrying around my Q alongside of my Pre just so I can do what I need. I have requested this a thousand times, and I'm going to keep requesting it. I don't care if Palm comes up with their own, DataViz hurries up their development of DtG, or another developer comes out with their own version.

Just because I may be one of a few people who need to be able to do this, doesn't mean I am the only one. Our needs are no less valid than anyone else's.

I don't criticize others for what they want, even when it seems completely off the wall to me. I think that when it comes to these things, it's best not to be too judgemental.

Sorry if you take this as an offense. I admit that there are people who may want this. But what PALM needs to do is:

- to ensure reasonable health and installed base to attract developers.
- to provide a decent SDK and a streamlined application distribution model.
- let the developers do their job.

For Palm, spending time and resources to develop Mobile Office in-house would be the wrong thing to do.

Also, Palm needs to get the lower hanging fruits first, or someone else will. If you really want Mobile Office and it is available elsewhere, go ahead and get BlackBerry or whatever. Palm will lose one customer. If they can get 2 onboard instead, it is a win for Palom. If they spend time and resources to displace others (much healthier financially BTW) from the enterprise market and lose the fastest growing segment, they die.

Palm isn't going to develop Word/Excel apps in-house. No point in that. They're better off handing that off to Dataviz (who's their long-time go-to partner for that anyway).

That said, Palm will need to work with Dataviz somewhat since webOS is a new platform. I'm sure that's going on already and I'm actually a bit surprised we haven't seen a release (or at least some buzz) from Dataviz yet.

And as for people not editing Word/Excel files on a Pre or Pixi--go ask Dataviz what their sales figures are on Docs to Go. I think there'll be more than a few people interested. Heavy-duty stuff? Maybe not. Ability to tweak a phrase or add a line--or cut one out--without messing anything else up? Absolutely.

I thought I heard him say that!

If Palm wants Web-OS to fit in the business world, they need to take the PIM apps a whole lot more seriously than they have to date. The calendar and tasks apps are toys. The lack of a solid backup solution is also going to be unacceptable to large businesses.

Maybe they should stop fooling around with iTunes sync, and concentrate on adding real functionality. Listening (or maybe re-hiring) some of the people who worked on the PIM apps for P-OS would be a good start.

I agree. Where's the guy that made DateBK6?!

The datebk guy has been working on a new program called Pimlical that is now in beta for Windows and will be porting to various mobile devices (he won't say which one yet) in the future. See for all the details.

He was never contacted by Palm, which is really stupid of them. Many of us are sticking with our old Treos and Centros (and older) for now just to keep running datebk.


I'm tempted to violate the internet meme and make the karma bigger than 1 to create emphasis. But I shall restrain myself.


I have no problem desecrating the meme!!

Definitely 100% wholeheartedly agree!

I'm still using my old Winmo 5 phone to alert me and wake me up...

I couldn't agree with you more.

+1 Agree wholeheartedly..

About time! Glad to see them putting their effort behind webOS in all areas. I hope that means webOS devices such as the Pre will get business apps built in like our Treo's did.

Buh Bye Winblows!!!

Eggs are officially in one basket.

I hope that this does put some focus on the needs of business users. Calendar, file manager, document support, yadda yadda.

This is a pretty bold move. I hope it turns out to be a good one.


Good news! The last thing we need is for Palm to turn into the US version of HTC....crap.

FYI, I'm semi-livetweeting the call via @PalmPreLawyer. {Jonathan}

Windows Mobile is pretty lame.

I disagree, I think WinMo is arguably the most mature and customizable platform out there with thousands of useful (and in some cases damn near indispensable apps).

If it weren't so frickin' STALE I would have stayed with WinMo.

Yeah, Windows Mobile sure is great. Having to reboot my cellphone several times a day, and format/reinstall every month is AWESOME.

But isn't it worth it to be able to waste so much screen for old Desktop widgets that NEVER worked on a smart phone screen size.

I have to say as much as i hated windows mobile, Palm made it very enjoyable espicially on the pro model

I agree that Palm definitely did a good job on the Treo Pro, but you're crazy if you didn't see this coming.

Why would you think it crazy for palm to keep a diversified portfolio? I thought it might be a good way to insure a certain amount of income from the business class of users who (even if WebOS matures) may not be ready to take on a new system.

I know my company migrated totally to WinMo (even above Blackberry) to use the included free exchange and myriad of business applications.


The CFO stated that the Centro and the Treo Pro will remain active in channels for at least the next 2 quarters.

Yeah, but they stopped production of the Centro in June. What's out there will be gone soon.

We cant be surprised with this. The Treo Pro is a bad-ass phone but Palm keeping WinMo would just vouch a confidence issue and lack of focus for the webOS.

As for a new Treo?? My money is that line will die out with the Treo Pro. Treo/Centro is old Palm which is no more...

Well, how does Pixi Pro look? Maybe a stupid name, but a device like the Pixi but with bigger screen and a little faster/more storage would compete well against the Blackberry Tour et al.

good. never liked it. sorry.

Why would someone want a webos treo as opposed to a pre? The weaknesses of the pre are just weaknesses of webos so why would a webos treo be any better?

Form-factor and beef under the hood. This is the device I'm waiting for.

Basically a candy-bar Pre, the Pixi is a real pain for me because I was hoping for the high end model candy bar.

Though I can see from a business sense why Palm has gone with the Pixi to achieve the lower entrance point and therefore higher sales potential.

very bad decision. many people i know are still using their winmo treos, because they are not ready to move to webos, and they have no problem waiting for webos to be fully mature. however they are in need of updated, newer and faster devices, once they drop the palm brand, there no is automatic advantage that will bring them back. how much resources did palm put in to the treo pro anyhow? it is basically a re-branded htc device, many of the extras that palm added to the 800w didn't make it into the pro.

People will still be able to get the Treo Pro as I doubt any of the carriers will be dropping it anytime soon. This way Palm gets to focus on webOS, which does indeed need some attention to get it ready for business users. It would be foolish to spend resources in upgrading the Treo platform when those resources could be put towards the Pre/Pixi and webOS in general and remember Palm isn't exactly bustling with cash so I imagine their resources are somewhat limited. Dropping Windows Mobile will allow them to cut unnecessary fat and get webOS ready for business that way we may eventually see the Treo again combined with webOS and ready for those business users.

Oh, indeed new Treos will b no more, but the PRE must better b as good as the best current Treo and MUCH MORE !!!

Yay!!! It is about time! They should never have gotten sucked into that stuff in the first place.

Of course, Treo/Centro is dead now, anyway. So it is not like this announcement really means anything.

They needed to get 'sucked into that stuff' to stay afloat when Palm OS development got complicated. I'm happy about this announcement though.

I'm on Treo Pro. would be happy to upgade to Pre when it comes to Asia if Palm brings back its PalmOS PDA power. Amazing how a company can choose to drop their competitive edge for the bells and whistles just because they want to be an iphone killer.

YES!!! Man-Pixi here we come!

spelling error "webOS devices FORM now on." should be FROM

The new Treo based on WebOS could be called treOS!! Thank you. I'm here all week folks.

Good thing it's friday!

Less focus on WinMob and now all eyes on WebOS. Nice, we now have a low cost entry Pixi, the Medium level Pre and now give us the high profile Foleo with WebOS running. With WebOS needing the Palm Profile, your phone and the WebOS book will always be in sync, the feature I kinda liked with the Foleo and its smartphone. Palm was right with the idea, that people wanting smaller notebooks and look at how the netbooks are doing, its just the execution was bad. Hopefully they can fix that with the WebOS notebook. I would be excited to see that :)

focusing on webos is a good idea. One they really should have come up with a long time before coming out with the pre they and dprint could and should have spent more advertising the pre and not with a bunch of lame creepy commercials that did not start until after the release date. If they had they likely would have hit their sales projections on the pre and made a profitor at least been closer to a profit than they came in the most recent quarter report. As someone stated they (Palm) are not out of the woods yet. And neither is Sprint. I think Sprint is closer to being out of the woods than Palm.

honestly if Treos were getting the job done Palm wouldn't be in debt. I'm sure the phone has it's merits but in the big picture, Treos were not moving palm forward.

Here's the negative. If you think they are focussing all or even just a majority of the effort from Windoze mobile to the WebOS you are wrong. This is a cost cutting excercise and they are betting he bank on WebOS.

I think this move was innevitable but it is way to early WebOS is not a viable alternative to what was a constant and profitable revenue stream.

You have to wonder why a company that is in need of profit is actively reducing it.

The Treo Pro (I am reliably informed) was a well respected and regular revenue stream from the corporate world for Palm. Now those folk will either go to other Windows mobile providers, some will go to crackberry and a few will go to Apple.

I also suspect that we will all be blown out of the water when Apple announce the sales figures of the 3Gs.

I would not mind updating my Treo Pro with WebOS. Of course it would mean a few compromises but I think I could live with them! I never really accepted WinMo wholeheartedly on my mobile as I did Palm OS.

microsoft people are like psychotic girlfriends, now that they feel dumped you probably won't see live messenger on a phone

I'm not an Microsoft hater, but I think Win Mobile is and has been one of their worst products. I always thought it was a big mistake for Palm to embrace it in the first place, rather than investing in improving Palm OS. I hope this announcement shows Palm has regained its focus.

Great news. I want as far away from M$ as I can get. Apple too these days.

Palm Needs to come clean about the location and application tracking and allow users to opt out. Palm has a patent on file for use of the tech to SPAM you as you are walking around in your daily life. Just imagine driving down the road and every coffee shop or fast food place you pass that has signed up for Palm's advertising SPAM campaign will send you a message whether you want it or not. I will put WebOS phone at the bottom of my list until this is done.

Right choice in my opinion... WebOS is much better from the point of view of functionality HYIP monitor