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Palm Accepting Final Batch of Developers into Early Access Program 9

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 12 Nov 2009 7:29 pm EST

Developers, if you've downloaded Palm's Mojo SDK and haven't been accepted into the Early Access Program yet, you should check your email: it's your last chance to try to get in early and get in cheap into the App Catalog. Palm has announced in an email sent out to folks who downloaded the Mojo SDK that they're looking to bring in a final batch of developers to help with final scalability testing before they open up to the general public next month

The perks of being in the Early Access Program?  Palm is waiving the $99 annual and $50 per application fees they'll be charging when the program goes public, you'll be assigned an account manager to expedite feedback for any technical program or issues, get marketing incentives, and have the opportunity to provide feedback to help shape the program.

Hit the break for the full email.


Dear Developer,

We are excited to be heading towards the public launch of the Palm webOS Developer Program in December. Thank you for your interest in webOS and for downloading the Palm® Mojo™ SDK. In preparation for launch, we are now accepting a final batch of developers that would like to submit their applications via our Early Access Program and help us with final scalability testing. This is the last opportunity for developers to get in early, before we open up to the general public.

In consideration to developers who are helping during the test phase and participating in the Early Access Program, we are providing the following opportunities:

  • An assigned account manger to expedite feedback for any technical or program issues and manage your application through the review process

  • We will waive all program and application fees. Only requirement is a $5 fee to verify your PayPal account, currently used for payments to developers.

  • Maximize your application's visibility and be considered for inclusion in Palm's marketing activities:

    • Featured placements in the application catalog

    • Direct marketing campaigns to device owners

    • Palm's website, blogs, and newsletters

    • Palm's launch activities for new device, country launch, etc.

  • Opportunities to provide feedback to help shape the program.

Developers interested in participating should reply to this e-mail with the following information:

  • Your contact information (include name, e-mail, phone)

  • Username for webOS developer portal

  • For each webOS application you plan to submit, provide the following details:

    • App name and description
    • Business model for your app (free; paid; ad-supported)
    • Palm webOS services with which your app integrates (e.g., location based services, calendar, contacts, notifications/alerts, etc.)
    • ipk or representative screen shots of your app

 Please review the following recommendations : Human Interface Guidelines, Application Design Checklist, Top Tips for Designing Great webOS Applications



I just got this e-mail this morning. However I am not technically inclined to produce anything worth while. I hope other people out there give it their best!

Maybe they'll get back to me this time....

Ok, so not only do I have to download the SDK, but I have to submit a working app before the deadline? And if I don't I have to pay $99 per year and $50 per app? Even if it's a small freeware utility? The WebOS is doomed if they are going to crush small developers that write simple (but useful) apps. The only developers that will survive will be the big companies, and who knows if they will even have the interest to develop for the WebOS

I think you only have to pay the full the fee if you want to be in the app catalog and get paid. I think there's still a fee for being in the catalog but not getting paid, but it's less. You can also be part of the official Palm sideloading distribution system and not pay anything.

The fee is only for apps that are being sold. Free and open-source applications (I think) aren't being charged the $50 upload fee. There's another article on it on this website.

um so say im working on an app and havent started making the app. so like no screen shots yet.. could i still be able to sign up for this?

I almost hate to say this but the thing that stands out to me the most in that e-mail (I got the same e-mail) was the directed advertising. Hopefully that's just an add in the app catalog or perhaps a snail mailer. I really don't want texts, e-mails, etc with adds for certain apps.

I think they're referring to emails, in app store ads and on Palms site where they have listings of "top apps" in each category.

No. You have to have a full working app to get into the program. How else are you going to help them shape the catalog if you do not have an app ready for distribution?