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Palm ad gives readers the business 50

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Wed, 30 Jun 2010 2:58 pm EDT


Palm is running a new ad, first spotted in CIO Magazine, which demonstrates how readily and efficiently webOS phones (both the Pre and Pixi) can be integrated into a business environment.

Palm Simplicity. It's good business.

Mobile doesn't have to mean complicated. Palm webOS phones integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange, so here's no need for additional servers or middleware." [...] Learn more about how Palm can simplify your infrastructure at

which redirects to a page on business use on Palm’s site.

We at PreCentral have been making this business case for months, and are not sure why it has seemingly taken Palm this long to start doing so as well, but we’re pleased to see it. We’re certain that, with the HP acquisition reportedly closing (finally!) this week, and with HP’s longstanding focus on business (and its ongoing mentions of webOS’ place in that strategy), this message will be more frequently seen and heard in the near future.

Source: Smartphone Fanatics Thanks to @Kitayo for the tip!



Business moves fast. Don't miss a thing.

Except for document editing...

OMG. Stop whining over flash! Go to Adobe Forums! Palm doesn't make flash nor does HP. Damn Whiners......


The flash whining is definitely getting old.

+2. Everything I have heard about Flash on mobile is that it isn't very good. If you need it to feel superior to your iphone friends, then have at it.

Would have more impact if it also showed phones that were not a year old.

.......too bad the plus is roughly six months old...o.0 not a year old...

Let's be real. The Plus is pretty much the same phone as the Minus. A little more RAM, extra storage & a button removal do not (IMO) make a newer model, hence only a Plus, not C40 or whatever. Love webOS but we need some solid hardware.

The pixi is pretty solid hardware, is less than a year old, and is featured in the ad above. Does that meet all your criteria?


..So the difference between the iPhone2G & 3G was what? a new radio and more storage?

...oh wait, that was a groundbreaking upgrade.


ya but the Palm Pre as a whole is actually 18 months old from introduction, 6months later release date and a year later here we are...... However with the right knowlage of your phone and a couple tweaks my Sprint Pre can still run with the newer phones..... If yours isn't then I must have a magical Palm Pre.... And if it was a magical phone I'd ask it to make all the Flash whiners vanish...

What is so important about flash we can't wait a little longer.. Smart phones have gone years upon years without it and we survived. We can last another month or 2... Hopefully sooner so I can stop seeing " wheres flash" comments on EVERY article posted... no f'n joke.. EVERY article..

once flash is released I fear we are gonna see more comments stating why is my phone slowing down when I'm online and stupid flash is draining my battery... so it will go from complaining about not having flash to bitching again on how Palm needs better battery life so I can watch my porn with my flash player... lol

I think the reason it is so important is that ever since Adobe implied that Pre would get Flash first, Pre fans have been using Flash to beat up on the platforms, and by extension, the users of other phones (namely Android and esp iPhone).

It's bragging rights is all.

why? BlackBerry shows older models and they make a killing in the business world..

and this makes a point I said a year ago when the Pre was first released.... People kept asking could this be the iphone killer.. I made a comment to a lot of people saying judging by how this phone works I don't think Palm was looking to kill iphone but looks more like they are after making a BlackBerry kiler...

basically the Palm Pre if you think about it is more like a BlackBerry with iphone like features... Then the pixi came out and I said hey look a blackberry pearl kiler.. Lol

I know a few ITs that really would love to try using the pre because as they said with true card flipping multitasking they could do multiple job duties at once.. They are just a little gun shy because they have used a blackberry for so long.. There needs to be more approaches like this and literature on more details how WebOS devices could work on a corporate level.. Especially educate I.T.s with faqs and stuff because there's a lot that are looking at the Pre as as a Blackberry alternative in their business.

Screw Flash (for now), Where is my office/doc editing app or apps????

I like that they are going to target the business angle but what are you supposed to do with that attached document or spread sheet that you used to be able to edit on your Treo?

I've always felt that the Pre feels like a business phone because of its compact size and serious but stylish look, and so it's great that Palm marketing has begun targeting business people. I'm not sure about the Pixi though, because it feels like for people who are just starting to familiarise with smartphones.

To move ahead, Palm can increase emphasis on apps and functions business people would love, like improving on the calendar and to do list, and pushing ahead with Documents To Go.

+1 on the look and feel of the Pre for business. I use mine for business, however, the inability to create a meeting through Exchange means i still have to carry this gawd awful BB with me as well!!

It's is complete and total joke that palm would market its phones to business customers without the capability to edit docs and spreadsheets. Any corporate purchaser would laugh a palm rep out of the office.

Sadly, there is truth in what you say. For some of us, business phones need to be able to perform remote access (VPN, VNC, RDP, telnet, etc.) and file transfer (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, etc.) which webOS does not currently support. I am not sure if these types of apps will require the PDK (native or hybrid), but I hope we seem them soon.

[BTW, I realize the hardcore among us are using Terminal to access Linux and perform some of these functions, but this will not satisfy everyone.]

Finally - they are starting to promote the Pre to the business market. Makes a lot of sense.

I know this is off-subject - but I wanted to share my thoughts regarding the ever-changing app submission program. We all know that Palm/HP will need the developers of the good apps to bring their stuff to webOS - and we also probably need the spam stuff as well so we can say - we have 50,000 apps and counting (like Apple and Android does). We all know there's plenty of crap there - but the # is impressive and it helps sells phone unfortunately.

We all know which Apps we want to see on webOS and Palm is doing some great things to entice them. My thoughts are: instead of this fishing expedition - (now that we'll have the power and $$$ of HP behind us), isn't it feasible to aggressively go after the top 20 apps developers? Make it worth their while! I mean - how about giving them sweet deals: pay them to port it to webOS! Dedicate Palm staff to work one-on-one with developers to quickly get their app up and running on webOS. Heck, offer them higher % of the sale (but be discreet about it - LOL).

Get some momentum. Once these guys start making serious $ from the Palm users via the App Catalog - all of the other developers will quickly jump at the chance and you'll see an influx of great/quality apps.

Doable or silly?

Sometimes I wish Palm sees the simple ideas that we all see, wish they see things for what they are - SIMPLE. Your idea is simple but very powerful. Send an Agent, if you will, to speak to those developers so they can port their apps over make it happen

Doable, not silly at all.

I started a forum discussion on this very topic yesterday entitled:
"Should Palm Buy Their Way Out of the App Situation?"

Check it out:

shortened URL:

I think HP's strategy should be to try to decimate Blackberry. First off, Blackberry's success has come as a brand, not as an OS, and second, there would be far less emphasis on the quantity of apps. There's an article I saw in ZDNet that mentioned how Apple is not pursuing the Enterprise, even those there have been many Enterprise adopters, and Android's fragmentation, open-source OS, and apparent difficulty with Exchange and security make it unlikely to be adopted on the corporate level. A Blackberry competitor that can actually be elegant and fun but still sere productivity needs--this can win as a strategy.


Go buy a Blackberry and tell me how good their document editing is in is horrible! Use your laptop or Google Docs on the Pre.

While I totally agree that WebOS is prime-time ready for business use, since it does NOT have an editable office document application yet, most enterprise users will not want to make the switch, especially when the iPhone, Android, Symbian, and Nokia's Meego already do.

Its a fundamental need that is missing, which is a shame, because, WebOS's exchange integration appears to be top notch..

Kind of like putting the cart efore the horse -

Perhaps PALM has something in the works for this, though, near term?


Links with your business's exchange account IF your business doesn't use a self-signed certificate. Then you're screwed. I love my Pre, but the inability to sync to my work's exchange because of the cert issue is super frustrating. Especially when the crummy WINMO phones will do it without a hitch. Grrrrr.

Have you tried copying the certificate to the USB partition, then importing it via the Certificate Manager dropdown menu under Device Info? Works for me. {Jonathan}

Thanks Jonathan, but I've tried. Pre will not accept my companies self-signed cert and they aren't willing to use another verified one. I thought when we upgraded to 2010 server that it might help. No joy. Oh well, thanks for trying to help.

I love my Pre and use it to help me with my businesses every day. It really has some wonderful and practical uses (Exchange, Synergy, multi-tasking to name a few), but without some real document editing program, it makes it tricky to stick with this all day. I know I am beating a dead horse, but it would be that helpful to a lot of us!

Document editing would be a help. Also, I'm dealing with around 200 e-mails a day, some of them with attachments, that tend to arrive in bunches. The pre is pretty sluggish when it comes to managing e-mail. I haven't used another smart phone and have nothing to compare it to.

I'm with the other readers who so obviously point out that business customers NEED a document editor. I for one would love to open a word, excel or ppt document last minute and edit it just a little.

On a side note, with Palm putting this out so close to the merger, it looks a little like the Palm brand is going to remain in tact, even if it is under the HP umbrella.

I thought there was VPN telnet FTP etc option out there already I know I see people talking about doing that stuff might not be in the app catalog but it doesn't have to be to make it available. Also I thought the fixed the cert issue like several OS updates ago. I remember reading stuff I the forum indicating they no longer were having the issue quite some time ago. The only thing I can agree with is the lack of document editing though I don't understand why one would want to on a smartphone. Don't all the business users also carry netbooks or laptops as part of their business routines. Why use a smartphone for it instead of a netbook or laptop?

bla bla bla

Talking about business BT transfer is more important than flash....


doc edit and exchange appt pls

Is anyone else anxious to hear the acquisition news - tomorow- with possible anticipation that there could be news regarding new phones? I know I am.

I hear people talking about document editing in their comments. Nobody has good document editing out there. I carry a Blackberry for work and viewing documents on it SUCKS. I wouldn't even dream of editing a document on the Blackberry. If I get a doc on my Blackberry, I forward it to my Pre so I can at least view it properly. RIM is the king of the corporate market and their capabilities suck, so quit using this as an excuse. I hear people saying the Pre calendar sucks. Blackberry sucks even worse with the exception of meeting invites via Exchange. Yes, the Pre isn't perfect, but come on people, Blackberry is 12 year old crap technology. If you want to complain about the Pre, complain about how it gets bogged down with e-mail. Just my 2 cents.


That's great,But it's the last day of the first half of the year Where is my FLASH 10.1 Come on already My bad I thought adobe distributed the FLASH 10.1 player to the carriers last week I must try to get my facts straight Heavy Sigh!

I have a business phone and I absolutely never ever (eva eva eva) edit a document on my phone (viewing yes). I work on Computer Systems Quality documents all the time and there is no mobile word processor that is going to be able to handle the job like Word. I see all these messages and wonder how much editing people really do and is it really conducive to their daily workflow. To me adding two words here or changing a sentence there once a week does not warrant the amount of emphasis this has gotten. Maybe it's me but I'm fine with working on my laptop to author documents.


Do people really edit spreadsheets on their phones?

My 40 column, 5000 row data entry tabs along with 10 dimensional pivot table reports would be a nightmare to edit on any smartphone.

For simple lists with a few filters I just use Google Docs on Palm's awesome browser.


On the actual subject of this post, Palm really needs to focus on some of the annoying bugs in its implementation of Exchange before it would become widely adopted by IT departments. I've written extensively about this elsewhere, but in a nutshell, there are fields in the Contacts application that don't sync properly, the Calendar app does not include the ability to invite others to a meeting, and the Email application doesn't handle forwards properly. Apple may not care about the enterprise market, but they managed to get Exchange working properly on the i-thing, including full html email from Exchange server 2003, which isn't even supported by Microsoft.


In addition to the ability to create meetings on-phone and edit Office documents, as mentioned, the thing I think the phone really needs is the ability to connect to enterprise LANs. Right now, while it works in some cases, most big-time WLANs (or at least mine!) use PEAP with MS-CHAPv2, and there is no way to configure that properly.

This is the biggest thing missing, in my daily life, from this phone other than good, local CANT sync.

By the way, now that Office apps are headed online, how long until browser-based editing is possible? I can at least load Excel sheets in the browser, and edit the little bit I can see, but I can't scroll around...

Check out the section entitled "Connect more securely to your network" at

"Protect data over a Wi-Fi network connection with support for WEP/WPA/WPA2 and authentication protocols (EAP-TLS, PEAP v1/v2, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, and LEAP, sold separately)."

As far as I can tell, "sold separately" means not sold at all. There ain't no way to do it.

Even though I don't think I should have to, I'd gladly fork over a few bucks for the opportunity to connect to the domain at work!

While MS Exchange holds the lead in corporate email at ~55%, Lotus Notes is a fairly close second at ~40%. As much as I hate Lotus Notes, I have no choice at work and Blackberry is the only serious mobile option with Lotus Notes. Palm needs to work on a Notes solution to be viable for the other half of the corporate business email world.

Way back before the Pre launched, Palm demoed it to Howard Stern. Stern liked it, but couldn't use it because his work email client was Lotus Notes. 1.5 years later, and Palm still faces the same issue for many, many corporate users.

Docs to go Please.

I'd be happy if palm would simply thoroughly support open standards they already use.

My company IM service (jabber server)? Can't use it cause palm CRIPPLED the libpurple-based im client.

Company e-mail based on IMAP? Can't see shared folders because they're not subfolders of my inbox. Pretty lame.