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Palm and HP both to have presence at CES 2011 62

by Derek Kessler Sun, 03 Oct 2010 9:11 am EDT

HP and Palm at CES 2011  

File this one under, “Well, yeah.” It’s no surprise, but we’ll let you know anyway: both HP and Palm will have a presence CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show, which will take place January 6 through 11, is the biggest in the United States (if not the whole woooooorld) and the home of numerous major product announcements. In fact, it was CES 2009 that introduced the Palm Pre and webOS, and CES 2010 brought the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, along with the PDK and webOS 1.4. Nobody knows for sure what Palm will bring to the table for CES 2011, but with the cash and resources of HP behind them, we imagine (and hope) it’ll be something impressive. PalmPad, anybody?

Source: CES (HP, Palm); Via: Worldwide Tech





I wanted to remove my post above, it was a typo, but now make more sense

We are going to steal the show.

Sniff..Sniff I smell tablets: PalmTab? PalmPad? pPad ;)

My upgrade is in October. Can I wait till January for an anouncement, and then another six months for a release?


I'm in the same boat unfortunately. However due to O2 (UK) forcing limited data plans on their customers I am entitled to walk away from my contract. I might do so and go to a rolling monthly contact (which I can cancel with 30 days notice) to tide me over until I see what Palm has planned.

Are you sure? I don't think it voids your contract, is that the official line from O2 themselves?

My update was back in June but I am waiting for the webOS 2 baby!!! :-) I work for HP and hope I can get sore of a discount ;-) Saving for a webOS tablet too... CAN'T WAIT!!!

Bummer. My update is actually in January with Sprint. Hope Mr. Roadrunner is available by then.

Seriously doubt they'd pull another six month wait after an anouncement. It was obviously not good for sales and I'm sure they've learned their lesson. You'll see. But still, if your upgrade is in October and they don't announce anything new before CES, then they probably won't release anything at least by february. But who knows...

I just hope that the gap between whatever is revealed and the release date is a hell of a lot shorter this time around.

I hope they release a phone by the holidays and not at CES. I can understand if they introduced a tablet but I think showing a phone almost two years later.C'mon! I'm tired of ppl saying it takes time.The way adroid phones are being rolled out! We all know the technology is there and it's not like the hardware is something revelutionary.It's all bs to me how Hpalm is holdong off.

I'm with you, I want a phone like... say before Thanksgiving or Christmas? I can buy me a webOS tablet by February 1st? Wishful thinking... :-) I LOVE MY WEBOS PEOPLE!!!

It would make sense to work out this way. And I sure hope it does!

Not waiting till then for a new phone Ho hum... Zzzzzzzzz

need new phone before then... or if the new phone is announced then, it needs to be a simultaneous release...

It is only 13 weeks away, why not wait before jumping ship see what they bring out, you never know over the next few weeks we may hear/see about a 2.0 update, some leaks/screen shots of a new device and then at CES they announce a brand new range of phones running 2.0 and that they will be available end of January or something.

Seems odd people are leaving just as things are moving along, and what about the apps you have bought? Stick with webOS and see where it takes us we don't all need to be sheep and follow the herd!

"...just as things are moving along"

Your definition and mine sure are different! I would say "just as HP is dragging it's heels"...

I think they should call it the iPalm. I hate the stupid 'i' everything that apple's got but if you can't beat em join em. The rube's in this world will eat that up like iSteak!

Finally, they will announce a Pre+ coming to Sprint in June, im so psyched, cant wait! :)

lol @ heburashka.

gde Gena?

hahahaha... That would piss me off so bad!


I don't care when or what, just bring WebOS devices to the Netherlands! On the other hand, now I'm one of a verry small user group with an exlusive Palm Pr? in a Android and iOS world ;-)

Dude gief WebOS in the netherlands :P. Because no WebOS was availble (through the easy way) i bought a HTC Desire. I like it but i like WebOS.

(Me wants WebOS tablet in The Netherlands) :P

I'm sorry, thats just too long to wait for a new phone. I cant wait so long

idk but for some reason I just feel like I deserve SOMETHING for holding out for sooooo long... All the damn arguments I've gotten into defending webOS, the ppl I've introduced and became new webOS users and of course the numerous Pre's I've gone through and deductables I've paid.. Sigh HP is just really setting a high bar for ppl like me and especially Sprint users to be satisfied for all this time.. #imjustsaying

well stop the indecisive biaaatching and go get a android HP will still be a billion dollar business and when they make a hot phone you like . Come on back and jump on the bandwagon..... Damn sheeps lol

Who are the real sheep though? The people who are doing things like using VoIP, video conferencing and high quality apps on Android? Or the ones who desperately cling onto a dying platform?

no thanks, i'm not interested in a printer or tablet.

So I read a lot of people complaining that Palm isn't releasing new stuff on an annual basis like apple. Uuuummm, this article even pointed it out. 2009, Palm Pre announcement. 2010, Palm Pre Plus announcement. 2011....I think I see an annual thing here. Yeah, palm pre plus should have been on Sprint too. But that might have been Sprints fault, not palms. People complain too much.

I don't think I'm alone in saying that the Pre Plus counts as a "new" device. It was a spec bump over the original Pre, nothing more.

I agree. But something new is something new even if just a spec bump. The iPhone 3g was pretty much just a spec bump to the first iPhone. Why is Palm getting bashed for that? Even so, I foresee a new device soon.

Palm is being bashed for it because they didn't offer it on Sprint too. I don't understand that though, but oh well.

Thats what I said in my original comment. That might have been Sprints fault too. Not necessarily Palms.

Well, I disagree. I don't recall a new device being released through another carrier by a manufacturer.

As in Droid 1, 2, Verizon, G1, G2, Tmobile... Palm Pre never made it to Verizon or AT&T. CES was to annouce their partnership more than the device itself... No?

I'm still not sold on the PalmPad name...i think even PalmSlate, WebPad or WebSlate sound better..or TabOS or something. PP just doesn't sound right... =X

Well duh, if they didnt do anything at ces, id be moving on from a dead company. Its a given they are doing somthing there.

Well it is Oct and there rumors of some type of new phone that's suppose to come to Verizon (smh off all carriers).. I for one don't think it's going to be the new big Wow phone that everyone expects but most likely another spec bump from the Plus but that's not enough for me to switch carriers and leave Sprint.. Especially when I get 25% off my bill and don't even pay over $100 for 2 lines.. I've waited over a yr so 3 more mons aren't going to kill me.. I just hope that once CES come their releasing it on multiple carrier (especially sprint) by the end of Jan.. It's better have 720p, Voip, 2 cameras (on each side) and also to mics on each side as well.. 16GB storage or better and external memory would be nice as well. Better battery life and a slightly bigger screen.. No more than 4"

You just described the Epic 4g. Its everything you want, but with an os people other than this site know of.

Agreed. I don't think both HP and Palm are going to represent without announcing something. We've waited this long... I guess I would still hold out though. At this point what's six more months....

I dont know why they even have to put the words tablet or pad in the name. Yeah, thats what it is, but they should just give it its own name. Ive read in comments, someone suggested the name Palm Phoenix. I liked that. Maybe the next phone.

I have to agree with leobloom. We're all waiting on new hardware,but just because it hasn't been announced yet that doesn't mean leave. I agree that it would make sense for HP(not palm) to release new hardware(and software)in time for the holiday buying season to gain marketshare. It also would make sense to believe that Palm is now owned by a billion dollar company who doesn't have to rush any hardware to market for the sake of profit. I'm sure palm was prepared to release something new (hardware wise) this year but now that they have plenty of money and the extra man power. They can focus on making webos 2.0 killer. I also hope that HP is planning on using the soon to be released 1.2 GHz processors in their next phone(s) from palm.. Either way, 2.0 will be here in mere weeks. If we waited this long, then a little longer is nothing. Especially with webos 2.0.

one thing I'm curious of. Is the plam pad or whatever going to run flash even though we don't have it. If not, why would someone want it. I mean that would be one of the main uses for me. Watching stuff on it and visiting full websites unshackled.

When Epic 4G gets Froyo 2.2 and there is still no new hardware of even equal specs then the reason to not upgrade to a different platform for most Sprint Palm users is gone. Those are customers that will get used to the other OS and then Gingerbread and never look back. It is a complete mistake for Palm/HP to give up the opportunity to roll into CES owning it as opposed to wanting to be the I'M So Clever kids with a release of something far, far and away. Mature and professional is needed. Seriously, who deliberately gives up a loss of holiday sales for a few extra lines of press that will never result in capturing those lost dollars?

I don't know but most things I've read and people I've talked to all like the evo better than the epic.

Which one has the keyboard? It was an "For example" type of thing.

yeah, this better be to show off the palmPad and whatever new features they're adding to webOS 2.X. If there's no webOS 2.0 phone on Sprint by Thanksgiving I'm jumping to the EVO or whatever's better at that time. At least knowing Windows Phone 7 is gonna be AT&T only let's me remove that as one of my holiday options.

fuck you palm, we want new hardware now !

well said, palm needs to realize that us consumers are getting shafted by waiting for palm to get their heads out of their collective asses and not giving us one motherfucking shred of information.

My buddies evo is so goddamn amazing..... Oh and for the record epic and evo are #1 and #2 in pcworlds phone rankings. The pre never was. I definately should'nt have been a dumbass and got the pre in june of '09 when the HTC hero came out in october...... Definately not gonna make that mistake again.

How are you being shafted? Does the Pre no longer meet your needs? If so, why haven't you moved to a different device?
For Palm to be shafting you means that the need to somehow be holding back from you something that you have earned or otherwise deserve. Palm is a company, they owe you nothing more than to provide the products and services for which you have paid.

Then I will simply not pay for any more palm products and make a hilarious video of destroying my pre in an outlandish manner. Like the guy with the beer, that was way funnier than the ski mask idiot.

Sorry, I find this point of view rather lame. I think the majority of those here that are vocal about a new phone, or at least a hint of something from HP, are the dedicated early adopters of the junk phone that was the Sprint Palm Pre and have a vested interest in sticking with the webOS platform. I'm part of that group. We all know that Palm owes us nothing; however, we've stuck with an OS that was slow, incomplete, and buggy early on and have suffered with dealing with some of the worst hardware created for a smartphone. Pre #4 that I picked up two days ago is already starting to show glitches, but I'm not going back for a 5th. This is it for me unless HP will give me some sort of clue as to what's going on. And no, I don't need a printer or a tablet. So be careful not marginalize those that are "complaining"; the fact that they are still here and haven't left to Android speaks to their level of commitment to webOS.

well if that is how you feel do it. It's interesting you are still around bashing palm. It is your right but since you are constantly singing the praises of android why haven't you bought one yet. Or could it be that most people on here who bash palm probably don't own a pre at all. I don't see pre owners on any of the other sites talking about the other phones or os. It's just this site and usually it's an android user. Lets be honest nobody is twisting anyones arm to stay. But why piss in someones elses cereal to make a point. You have two choices to stay or to leave. Noone would hold it against you cause if you left and never told anyone you did noone would care. So Palm is dying and HP is mistreating it's customers. Just a few months ago there wasn't going to be webos at all. We are barely three months into the merger and people are expecting major changes. It is time for common sense and patience to step in. And if you have ran out of both than the choice is a clear and simple one. See ya and enjoy your Android, Blackberry, Iphone, or Trakphone what ever turns you on.

Yeah I agree it is odd attitude some people have. I think for some people it's a spec war. Is your phone faster, with higher resolution, more cameras, etc. than the other guy's down the block. (have you looked at car forums- same views. My bmw is faster than your lexus or MB...)
If you really don't like Palm, leave and come back if the situation gets better. Most if not all readers at Precentral are smartphone savvy enough to switch phones without a hitch. I've had in the last 3 years BB, Palm Treo, and now Pre+ and Iphone 4. What do you expect from the phone that you use? As long as it is fast enough so you're not waiting around (stock Pre is slow and overclocking is much better), runs the apps you NEED (not bragging rights for 100K apps that you may need), and is reasonably stable in hardware and software then it's a good phone.
There are holes in webOS apps which hopefully will be filled soon. I'm on my 3rd Pre+ because the microphone died on the others. Pain but I still really love the day to day experience of using webos. Formfactor still works for me and I need a keyboard. A significant spec bump would be good enough for me for my next phone. WebOS is a niche market right now. Even if HP executes it will remain a niche player for several years. If you can't handle that then this isn't the right platform for you.
VOIP would be fun but really adds nothing. I don't make international calls and is it reliable enough to replace your carrier? Videoconferencing is a gimmick for now. When tiered data plans are mandatory, are you going to want to use videoconference all the time? I don't see any mandatory feature on other smartphones that I NEED right now so I can afford to wait. There's a difference between a tech enthusiast and tech addict looking for the next fix.

* yawn* - January 2011 announcement and then october release (for us users in the UK) ...... 9 days until HTC Desire HD.....

You make a good point. If the release dates unfortunately follow the recent pattern then I could upgrade in a couple of weeks and then pick up the next Palm device on launch when my NEXT upgrade comes around. Hopefully things will be different. Some information, however vague, would be nice.

"January 6 though 11"? Maybe January 6 THROUGH 11.

Mid January is my RELEASE deadline for new hardware. If there's only an announcement by then, I'm gone. I'm seriously tiring of the Pre's inadequate hardware.

The natives are getting restless, HP. Heed us.

CES 2009 - Palm Pre announced
June 6 - Palm Pre released for Sprint

CES 2010 - Palm Pre + announced
January 25 - Palm Pre + released for Verizon
May 16 - Palm Pre + released for AT&T

CES 2011 - Palm Pre * announced

makes sense, no? every CES they announce new hardware? look at the history!

also, as you can see, the Pre + was announced and released in the same month, so it only makes sense they'll do the same again this time. announce and release simultaneously (or a few weeks apart)

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