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Palm Announces Hot Apps Winners 37

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 28 Jul 2010 9:23 am EDT

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Palm has announced the winners for their first Hot Apps competition, where they gave away a total of one million dollars to webOS developers based on download count, split between paid and free apps.

The top winners were Pandora and PC-favorite YouView visual voicemail, each receiving $100,000.

After that we have a bunch of developers we know and love at PC taking $10,000 prizes: Absolute Fitness, Crosswords, Flashcards, FlightView, Golf Caddie, GolfPinFinder, IM+, iStayFit, jVault, My Home Keyboard, MyQ for Netflix, Paratrooper, Pink Pad, Safe Box, SMS MMS Emoticons Pro, SplashID, Twee, Tweed, What's for Dinner, and WiFi Media Sync.

Free apps winners, who also won $10,000: AccuWeather, All Games Free, Backgrounds, Balloon Pop, Block Breaker Lite, Bubbles Free, Destroids, Dictionary, Emoticons Free, Flashlight, Guns of War, Kamasutra, Mazer, Paintr Lite, Party sign, Photo Effects, RadioTime, Helicopter Game, Weather Channel, and Topple Ball Mini.

That, friends, is a lot of apps and a lot of winners - pretty much all of which we think are great apps. The list of $1,000 winners is even larger. Congrats to all the developers who won cash in Hot Apps.

Right now we have another one million dollar competition, the PDK Hot Apps competition for apps with utilize Palm's Plugin Development Kit for 3D gaming.



awesome love youview!

... i forgot.... first~!

You forgot James Harris for the app Free Music Ringtones !

Hey pulled out one or two days before the deadline...he was in 2nd place...

Why? Was there some obligation that winners had to meet?

Apple was probably going to sue him.

I publicly posted my reasons to avoid all the hoopla, conjecture, and questions.

This is cool, but none of these competitions are bringing in more apps as anticipated by Palm(yes it brought some...). Maybe we will continue to get some more quality apps soon.

Great work to all the winners. Please feel free to hit the "quality over quantity" button as hard as you can and help the WebOS devices evolve beyond their original purpose and capability.

He did win 10K for Flashcards so it really did not matter to hot apps if he pulled out. He could not have won multiple awards in the top two tiers anyway. Congrads all!

Maybe now with that extra 100k, Pandora can finally refresh their UI.

It's very hard to read certain things on their display.

Օ dbd

Maybe YouView will get a nice update now....

OK, so here's the big question. This "competition" was meant to entice developers to developer apps for webOS.

How many of the "winners" of this competition did NOT exist prior to the competition? In other words, how many were created based on the competition alone?

Looking at the list up there, all I see are apps that were in existence prior to the competition. Good job Palm, you rewarded people who already developed apps for webOS!!!

shhhhh... they don't want to hear that here

IM+ got $10,000? For what? That app is pure crap at best! Sorry Palm. You got that "winner" totally wrong IMO.

Yep, isn't that awesome!! Palm developed a contest that could be rigged.

Here you have a product, IM+, that has only 2.6 stars out of 5. It got downloaded by tons of people who got it based on the description, but then didn't use it based on functionality.

If Palm would have instituted the ability to "return" apps within 24 hours, IM+ would NEVER has walked away with $10,000.

To me this is the biggest problem with the App Catalog right now, let me try it for 24 hours for free (or heck even charge me), but then allow me to decide if I want to keep it or not.

I couldnt agree more! I purchased both IM+ and Mundu with the thinking that they would be like the Centro and Blackberry versions both of which I loved in the past. Sadly they are not. Granted they are only a few $'s each but really those few $'s spent on crap apps add up and make me very unsure when I go to purchase other apps in the future. Let me either try then buy or have the option to delete and get my money back within a set amount of time.

Mundu actually ends up being at least a respectable app. It could be better but at least it is functional and has a team developing on it. IM+ is complete crap and their dev team I'm pretty sure has NOT even looked at the webOS code since their last actual update.

IM+ is my paid crapapp of the year and they go home with 10k dollars?? What a shame!

is that true?

Wait wait... So why didn't Brighthouse Labs, or Appbookshop get any prizes? :D :D

Why? I think it is obvious, no?

They misread the rules and thought it was those who "posted" the most apps in the App Catalog, not apps downloaded.

Upward Mobility did, can you guys cut us some slack now? : )

Okay... congrats.

I use one (1) app of the paid apps (Tweed) (would be two if I had Windows, go figure).
I use two (2) apps of the free apps.

Wow, this is great. Actually, I think the "I love homebrew"-app should get some kind of special price. Like, 1M. Or so.

"Right now we have another one million dollar competition, the PDK Hot Apps competition for apps with utilize Palm's Plugin Development Kit for 3D gaming."

How about some PDK apps that AREN'T related to gaming?

+1 ... I don't want all PDK apps that are games. Can we get api access instead of hot apps bull.

I agree with this! If the PDK can allow gaming applications that are written in C++ to WebOS, why can

So glad to see that WiFi Media Sync won 10 grand. The developer is awesome. He worked with me forever to get my computer to try and talk with the Pre. Rare to see that kind of dedication to customer support. That man deserves every penny.

Wonder how many of the "big" companies (say, the weather channel) that won were not really following the contest and will be surprised when they get a check in the mail.

Actually, I can picture some guy having the check land on his desk saying "what the heck am I supposed to do with this!"

Hopefully it will wake some of them up so as to submit more apps or update what they have.

Oh yeah, and kudos to YouView that stepped in to give a really great App that works with Youmail. YouMail did free apps on their own for other platforms (who shall go nameless) but declined to do the same for WebOS. Wonder if they are rethinkng that decision now :) Also nice to know that the guy with biggest paid App in the whole WebOS universe is a very active participant on the PreCentral forums and actually communicates with the customers!

That's a lot of app developers that got $10,000! Even $1,000 top prize would have made a good contest.

Does Apple have contests like this, or is their Saint-like generosity that they LET them in the appstore more than enough reward?

Oh, it's kind of a shame that people won awards based on downloads, and not on quality :(

A lot of awards were given for mediocrity and luck, me thinks.

That's great. $100,000 for an app that not everyone can use. Thanks Pandora.

I'm happy to see that I have about 80% of the winning apps, and purchased all but one or two during the 50% off sale. I'm not happy with the lack of apps, but I am clearly getting value from the apps that are available. I hope the developers are seeing profitability from the visibility of not having 200,000+ apps to compete with...

Go devs, go!!!

So many people work so hard for very good apps (flashcards, iVault, fitness, etc) and $10,000 bones goes to Flashlight... a $(#&ing blank screen with the brightness turned up.

Meanwhile, my phone is an integral part of my day because Homebrew makes it user-friendly, and they get nothing.

There is something seriously wrong with Palm's thinking

Yeah, they need more categories and advertising I think. How about if you have an app in the top 100 for Apple/Android, and you port it, we'll give you 25 grand? That sounds like a more surefire way to compete in the period before webos 2 launches with new hardware.

how in this world did splashID win? No sync still and they win? BS