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Palm App Catalog browser to submitted to Apple App Store, we sit bewildered 53

by Derek Kessler Tue, 27 Apr 2010 11:35 am EDT

iPhone App Catalog browser We’d say the chances of this passing through Apple’s draconian approval process are slim, but we’re highly amused anyway. iPhone app developer tijo has whipped up something we never thought we’d see: a Palm App Catalog browser for the iPhone. And he’s submitted it to the iPhone App Store.

Audacious? Without a doubt. This wonderment of science is of course thanks to the 100% open App Catalog feeds that Palm has made available to all takers (obligatory plug: PreCentral App Gallery). Should this Palm Catalog app ever make it into the iPhone App Store, we’ll start taking bets on how long it takes for Steve Jobs’ head to asplode.

(and no - of course webOS apps won't run on the iPhone. It's just a gallery app, people)

Thanks to Colonel Kernel for the tip!


That's hilarious! I hope it makes it through


I'm very amused!! XD

Hahaha awesome. I want to see this happen

Cajones the size of "apples". lol

Perhaps it should be "iplode"

Come on Derek, Give us some good news about webOS.. like Flash is here or new device pictures leaked or webOS 4G device or something. Can't wait to hear something good .. I have been hitting precentral everyday to hear some good news. :-(

You are right hirenpathak. I really want to know what is next for palm. Please find us some about where is palm heading, what is coming in the near future and if we should still hold on or let go palm.

Be patient guys! Palm needs a solid launch on AT&T, and they're focusing on that. They can't have new devices on other carriers distracting consumers from a good launch on AT&T w/ the Pre Plus and Pixi

My bet? As soon as the AT&T launch is successful and the dust has cleared, rest assured we'll be hearing about what's next for Palm and webOS straight from the horse's mouth.

We'll just have to wait it out for now, but I think Palm has awesome things in store for us. They better have something that competes with the EVO because that thing is SICK!

Yeah WTF all these annoying articles like what our apps store has new or updated, who cares don't you think we know when we look at it everyday. And F***k FLASH don't care much about it we've never had it anyways. It's just frustrating to see nothing good is going to happen, everyone knows it but refuses to accept it. TIME TO MOVE ON SEE YA PALM

and the most pointless post goes to..... paestarr. Go away kid.

And the homo comment award goes to.....billybennet!!!
I know it hurts just face the fact palm execs are pumping the well dry. EVO is where its at for Sprint not speculations or what if's, get real dude nothing is coming out for palm.

bye paestarr.. Nice not knowing you. :-)

Pardon mr paestarr, but there must be a virus on you computer that FORCES you to visit PreCentral and read about daily additions to the AppCatalog.

I suggest that you download the Best Buy app and use it to find your closest Geek Squad location so they can fix that for you.

On behalf of everyone that appreciates the value and benefits we get from Precentral, I'd like to appoligize to you for the horrible anguish you have experienced from this malicious virus.

Until you can get it fixed, I strongly recommend that you disconnect your PC from the Internet completely. That is the only you can be totally safe from such a dangerous and destructive piece of malware. Godspeed and good luck in getting to Geek Squad before you suffer any further.

I wish we could rank comments on Precentral for this one alone.

I'm glad you liked it! I'll be here all week. Try the veal, and remember to tip your waitress. *rim shot*

OK guys don't get all upset, it was just moment of frustration and not with precentral. It was more directly to palm for letting the parade go by them so quickly. We all need something concrete to keep our hopes up not speculations or rumors about future phones. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

lol very subtle. I hope it gets through.

Well played sir...well played

This is truly funny. I hope it works!

Too funny!

It'll never make it past the iPhone censorship, but, I bet they'll laugh just as hard as we are, just as they put the ol' "REJECTED" stamp on it!

I eff word love it!!!

:) nice.

It will be rejected. You can not even mention other platforms in the app description much less the app itself. Browse the App Store. You won't see anything like "Available for Android and iPhone OS" or "An new version of the classic Palm OS game".

what's the point?. Unless you use both phones.

lots of palm users have an ipod touch and some have iPad. Especially given mobile hotspot

Another way to do this: Hack webos on to the iPhone... just reserve the lower part of the screen for gestures, install the on screen keyboard patch, and amaze people with REAL multitasking on the iPhone... lol

PS I know there's more to it than that...

I dont See the point...except to further convince iphone users how the palm app catalog needs help...

I hate to admit it, but you have a point.

the app catalog needs help? I see alot of useful stuff there. What do people want thousands of useless apps like a picture of a mug of beer that empties out as you turn the phone sideways? Ha apple can keep their thousands upon thousands of ridiculous useless apps like this cluttering up their app store.. Now this palm app gallery.. Useless... But damn funny.. LMAO

I used to really hate the ''any press is good press'' but I got to admit, that is freaking great! Lol seriously, I love it. Lol

I love palm but this is kinda funny. Its like throwing a pebble at a giant and it doesn't flinch.

Just the fact that he submitted our humble app catalog, I respect that!

It wont make it but nice try.Come on Palm step up your game!

Ironically if it were the other way around we'd probably get the "too many cards open" message upon trying to open it!!!

Love it!!!

Just to prove you wrong, I would like to request that one of the homebrew developers create an app for the Palm App Catalog that browses the iPhone App Store.

I'm sure that those APIs are totally exposed and it would be simple to build for the Palm Catalog...

After all, there is nothing about the iPhone environment that isn't totally open and addressable through an API and with Apple's encouragement.

Who will write that app for us and prove jose wrong?

DON'T DO IT! The shear size of the App Store catalog would slow WebOS to a crawl. The device might even overheat and explode. LMAO

just the fact this comedian submitted that shows that palm users and people behind the brand have senses of humor.. Need we forget our dev mode code (upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart)? Lets break down how most people are on the other platforms Apple: users: trendy sheep, think their poo don't stink, and believe Steve Jobs is the messiah.. Company: megalomaniacal, egos the size of the moon (which they hope one day to carve into the shape of their logo).. Blackberry: users: business people needing corporate security and most don't care about apps cause they power use it as a business device.. Younger crowd just knows the name gets it then are let down but stuck in contracts. Company: nothing but business (kinda respectable) with white collar business comes lack of sense of humor..3 guys walk into a bar 4th one ducks.. They don't get it... Ok Android: users: have a dislike for apple and alot of them were persuaded by a sharp dressed employee getting paid a bonus from google to sell their OS.. So kinda weak minded and easily talked into trading their cow for some beans.. Majority of them don't realize android is the mobile version of google chrome.. Um which last I checked is still crashing home computers.. Oh well they are happy like a mentally challenged child and a red bouncy ball. Company: come on it's google enough said if you google search funny it must be.. So their senses of humor is based around if funny is tagged to the joke.......... So that's my stupid run down of things. Us Palm users and the company have a sense of humor we know how to take a joke.. If anyone finds my joke here offensive go find another platform and we will find more users that do have a sense of humor.. Probally at AT&T to add to our growing family.. Go to EVO and that awesome fragmented OS..dont care.. A device is only as good as it's Operating System.. That's why the majority of Palm users we know the hardware has issues..( It is a first gen device of it's kind) but the WebOS is second to none and makes up for some of the shortcomings.

And the iPhone fetish continues.

This is great. Anything that tweaks The Mighty Apple is a good thing.

lol @ Jobb's head 'asploding'...come on guys..lighten up a little. This is just another jab at how much better the Pre is than the I'm curious to see how many AT&T'ers jump on the Pre bandwagon when this beauty hits..


Balls of steel !!!!!!
They should allow it cause they have a ton of useless apps they have no excuse to drop it...

will it be able to multitask as a background app on the iPhone?

...just askin'

This sounds like a truly magical app. Let's hope the author will port it to WebOS so we can get a glimpse of the magical experience people get if they are fortunate enough to be admitted to the exclusive iPhone Club.

...maybe someday.

Haha this is funny

there's an app for THAT?

Fantastic... My app is the first in that screenshot .... means I have to get the update released ASAP now!

this app just goes to show how weak the palm catalog is compared to iphone app store. This isnt a jab at apple. This is a mockery of palm. once people see the "oh so many apps" on the palm catalog they will just laugh and be convinced to never switch platform. How will this help palm? It wont.

I read a while back that it was becoming fairly easy to "port" an iphone app to the palm pre, and so I bring you this:

1. Get the Palm App Catalog Browser approved for the Apple App Store.
2. Port that App Store version back to the Pre, so that Pre users can view their app catalog on a program ported from an iPhone app, just to add to the pointlessness and confusion

Hey, yoshiaka13
Clever and to the point, in a roundabout way. Entertaining read - thanks.

anytime alphawolf.. I try to bring humor into some of the things I write. Should of seen some of the product reviews I used to write for this one web site when it was still around. The editor offered me the position and I said expect wacked reviews cause I believe in order to enjoy life one needs to find time to laugh at least once a day. And this app that was submitted is funny.. Even my Iphone friends were laughing thought it was awesome. They said it would point out not how fewer apps we have but how fewer b.s. Apps we have. Lol